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The Book Thread

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I really wish publishers would start splitting a single book into multiples to make it easier to read. 


I read Boer war a while ago and currently most of the way through the Rise and fall of the Third Reich and both books (while being pretty good) are just an absolute pain too read. The font is too small and the books are way to thick to hold or read comfortable. Both books would be so much easier to read if they were split into 3 books or so. You would even make more money from it. At least give us the option. 


I really dont wanna read on a kindle but this is a pain in the a*s. 

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Its been a few months but finally got around to going back to the Dariyaganj old book bazaar again. They shifted it a few months ago to a different location (half a km from where it used to be) and while I appreciate the convenience of having all the book sellers in a small location, I feel like its missing the charm of walking the road and finding something interesting. Still, at least its still there. One of the few places where you are limited on what you buy not by money but how much you can carry. :lol: 


Here is the haul, total cost 700 Rs.




On 12/20/2019 at 12:51 PM, Madmage said:

Nothing beats a Kindle man...my fave gadget of the last 15 years hands down..


Much as I love my Kindle, it is never as good as a book. The actual weight of it in your hands, the musty smell, yellow pages and dog eared covers, a bookmark you have been using for years.  :wub:

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