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The Book Thread


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Nice Thread Idea. Cheers Amey !!


Currently Reading

1) Shantaram (Non-fiction) (supposedly)

(some portions leave me incredulous. I dont think that all sections of the book are true.)


2) Blink (Non Fiction)

A nice book about the power of making split second decisions


3) The Children of Hurin (Fiction)

J.R.R. Tolkien's last book, recently finished by his grandson.



i finsihed shantaram in feb...it is a ficionalized version of david's life....

currently reading....

half of a yellow sun

recently finished....

the reluctant fundamentalist by mohsin hamid....

a thousand splendid suns by khaled hosseini....

teh inscrutable american by anurag mathur.....

above average by amitabha baghci

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guys has anyone read the wheel of time series by robert jordan....its my fav fantasy series(better thn sh*t potter)..its 12 books and each is 1000 pages wid small print...



Robert Jordan died three days ago.

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I couldnt find a book related thread in General chatter, if there is maybe a mod would clean this one up.


I am currently reading The cell by Stephen King.


A decent King take on the Zombie genre. Its no World War Z but then again what is?


What about you guys, read anything decent recently?

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this thread already exist. its buried somewhere in the stinkhole that is more popularly known as the general chatter section. but hey f**k it, im currently reading 'unaccustomed earth' and 'a prisoner of birth'. last week i was reading 'labyrinth' and 'right ho, jeeves'

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