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Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022

Tell how did you feel about XBOX/BETHESDA 2022 Showcase?  

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38 minutes ago, gecko89 said:

You know what.. This time around, I believe Phil. I know he says this every year but this time, my gaming senses tell me it will be the best Xbox event ever. The bar for which is quite low, but MS will surprise us, they haven't shown much in a long time, this will have proper gameplays for all expected titles(starfield, redfall, avowed, fable, ES6 and more) and updates on multiple games that 20+ studios have been working on. This will be a resurgence for Xbox... Well not resurgence, they've never been on top but this showcase will cement them as a serious player for generations to come!!

That's legit funny sarcasm 🤣

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12 minutes ago, Krazyniks said:

That's legit funny sarcasm 🤣

You're Krazy to think that was sarcasm.

Phil's gonna drop so many mics, a certain someone will open a shop to sell those mics to finance his next game.


Seriously tho, redfall, starfield, fm7 are pretty much guaranteed. Avowed, fable have been gestating for wayy too long, plus there has been no new information about what it's other studios are doing. And add to that, they'll probably announce new titles coming to GP, and if they announce ActiBlizz titles including all past COD titles, it'll be huge. 

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Since M$ owns so many of the talent pool in this field of creativity now. 
Success is not really an option now…..it’s a necessity. 



Long Live Gaming 




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1 hour ago, Horizon Days Dawn said:

Oo rt. This hasn't released yet.

How many upcoming Bethesda games are coming to PS? Wolfenstein 3 ik is coming to PS. Others?


This is an MS game made by Obsidian, the studio behind Fallout NV.

This gameplay was revealed before the Bethesda acquisition.


So now with Bethesda's TES6 and Avowed 



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