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Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022

Tell how did you feel about XBOX/BETHESDA 2022 Showcase?  

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3 hours ago, triggr happy ss said:

Hellblade 2 ,avowed and contraband are next year too  ,i would wait for gamescom or game awards for those.


fable ,machines games unannounced ip and coalition unannounced ip are 2024 as per rumours .


next year gets the ball rolling as far as 1st party exclusives are concerned.

i hope so since we’ve heard this so many times now 

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I liked this extended showcase thingy. Twas interesting to see the developers talk about their games, the development process etc. 


Also, skip to 1:20:28 to check out Justin Roiland and team talk about High on Life. So excited for this game. Rick and Morty fans are gonna love it


They also had a hilarious "commercial" in some other video with extended footage of the last scene of the trailer. Can't find it now. 

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6 hours ago, gamer_adi said:


damn, respect :majesty: 

I really like that they didn't try to be dramatic and just made it very real. I ended up finding the separate Stalker dev diary on the Xbox YouTube channel and shared it on social media. Stalker devs have an official reason now for the game to be delayed and I hope they come through and the situation gets better.

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Forza Motorsport has been built from the ground up to showcase the Xbox Series X|S consoles. The accuracy of our overhauled physics, the beauty of our cars and tracks, our new dynamic time of day, advanced car damage, and real time ray tracing on track lead to a generational leap in immersion. The all-new Forza Motorsport is the most technically advanced racing game ever made.



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Parts i hated in Showcase were Riot games stuff and that shitty looking Obsidian game pentiment and Fallout76 and ESO parts were also sh*t.


And also few indies like As Dusk Falls. No thanks.



Games im gonna play and lookingforward to are Redfall,  Flintlock, Plague tale 2, Diablo 4 and Starfield. 



Games im gonna try is Forza and Overwatch 2. Im gonna check Forza out for eye candy and Overwatch 2 just coz its free to play. 

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