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Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core - Reunion


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2 hours ago, gecko89 said:

As hyped as I am to replay a remade crisis core, I hope they've made some changes to the gameplay. I remember the battle system being 'meh' at best. 

The only thing I didn’t like in the battle system was that slot machine concept where u have to get 777 or something. That was ridiculous lol 

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I'm so happy they released this on the Switch; it's such a nice move because the game was designed to be played in small bits. There are many bite-sized missions and the portability of the Switch is just perfect.


Even better is the news that it will come out this year. Square is pretty meh for me lately but their release plan, I think, is very good. They have games like these to make waiting for the next part of FF7 more bearable. :D

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