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If a mod agrees I think we should just rename this thread to Great offers on Steam.


Because Half life 1 is bieng sold on Steam for 0.98 USD. You cant even find a pirated copy for that cheap. :(




Limited time offer. Go ahead and grab it, whoever hasnt played it should do so immediately. This is the game where I think smart FPSs began. Its the stuff of legends. Right up there with Deus Ex as one of the greatest games ever.


And yes its still brilliant, if you can look past the dodgy graphics the game play is still second to none. The AI is actually better than Half life 2 (go figure) and the whole game just drips with atmosphere.


Surface tension = one of the greatest levels in FPSs. EVER.

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I cant believe no one is interested in this. Half life 1 for 50 Rs. FFS people!


Edit Screw it. I renamed the thread. More sensible now.

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^^ brings back old + horific memories......i was about 10 yrs old when i played it and was scared to death.... :doh:


those damn head-crabs......


lol yeah brotha , i also remember being not able to put the resident evil disc in my PS1. was scared to death! :D

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New deals


Beyond good and evil, GRAW, Far cry and Slient hunter 3 at 10 USD each. Pretty good if you havent played any one of those.


I would particularly recommend Silent hunter 3. Its a WW2 Submarine combat simulator from German point of view. Very deep and absorbing game. Not for everyone though.

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