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IndianVideoGamer Review: Mirror’s Edge

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Who cares? A review is, at the end of the day, someone's opinion yes?


And no matter how much you try, an opinion will be biased, regardless of the final score people so unbiasedly give it.

drop the philosophical crap.....the fact is, as a reviewer, u just cant win :nerves:



the free games help though






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That's why you aren't reviewing and Sam is. :P


just for you brother ;)


completed the story mode at normal difficulty. points i noted during gameplay :


1) character animation + texture and graphix suck big time (other than faith) :)

2) 2d Animated cutscenes not so frequently seen so kindda cool ... :coolspeak:

3) breakthrough concept in FPS genre :coolspeak:

4) no background music apart from the same one that plays in the menu :thumbdown:

5) Environment sounds (footsteps,jumping,catching a ledge) sounds gud :coolspeak:

6) story < old bollywood movie on zee cinema :thumbdown: x 2


Borrow = Total Justice !!!

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No seriously. Show me an unbiased opinion and i'll show you a unicorn.


There's no such thing as an unbiased opinion, but there is however an informed opinion. And that's what Sam's done, he's laid down a review that gives us the power to make an informed decision.


Maybe i'm just a skeptic rambling but that's how i see it.


review can be biased or unbiased, but review = MOAR information on teh game, and it helps public to decide whether the game is for them or not...

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Finished the game last night in 2 sittings.


didnt feel nausea at all.


also i did it without shooting a single bullet :threatenlumber:


Time trials and speed runs here i come.


Also i can understand why the game got a 7-9 score.


I myself didnt like the cutscenes, not only cause they sucked but because it took away from the flow of the game.

Besides that it was great

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^^ this is an unbiased opnion dude :P ...


dont you think character textures sucked :surprise: ( you can call me a graphix wh*re :D )


and for the sound - the SFX > background music ( if any) so probably it went unnoticed - I know it can be changed from the options but defaults shud be a winz setting :lol:


Vik writes the reviews = confirmed !!! :first:

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