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IVG FIFA WC2022 Scoreline Prediction Contest


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Rules for Knockout Stage predictions:
If a match ends as a draw after 90 mins, then the scoreline (and outcome) after Extra Time [120' + added/injury time] will be considered correct for our contest.
It means all three outcomes (Win, Draw and Loss) will still be possible during Knockout Stage.
Goals scored in Penalty Shootouts will not count.

Participants don't need to mention whether a match will go into Extra Time or not.


And, if you think I missed some point, please let me know and we will make changes if required. :)




Match Day 14, prediction deadline at 8.30 PM on Saturday, December 3

Netherlands vs USA - 8.30 PM

Argentina vs Australia - 12.30 AM


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Finally, the IVG is back up :)


We have missed 8 Match Days, let's resume our contest.


It's a bit late now, but I had made a Knockout Bracket as well.




Third place match:

Match Day 22, prediction deadline at 8.30 PM on Saturday, December 17

Croatia vs Morocco - 8.30 PM

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Matchday 22 predictions:

Croatia vs Morocco = 2-2




6 minutes ago, SarwaanM said:

Croatia 2-3 Morocco 


@bharat_SSthank you for your continued efforts bhai :hug:



Anything for my brothers :)



6 hours ago, Purana Khiladi said:

Croatia 5 - 0 Morocoo


Thrash the non football playing team


I hope Morocco score plenty of goals, ta ke tera gussa thoda kam ho jaaye :P



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Table Update:








Knockout Bracket



@Big Boss(who else? :P ) and @radicaldude hit 1 CSL each on Match Day 22. :thumbsup:



Match Day 23, prediction deadline at 8.30 PM on Sunday, December 18

Argentina vs France = 8:30 PM



Participants will earn double points for the Final:

Correct Scoreline + Correct Outcome = 20 points

Correct Outcome = 6 points

Incorrect Outcome = -2 points



All the best to everyone! :)




6 hours ago, Big Boss said:

Nailed it. Now tomorrow is a biggie.


Kaise karte ho bhai? :clapping:


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