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Which Internet Connection is everyone using ?


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first i had a 256kbps BSNL data1 plan with 1gb downld limit which had a rs250 rent and i recieved a 3k bill which pissed of my pops, so i switched to 256kbps having 2gb downld limit but it had a pros coz it was unlimited frm 2am to 7am in the morning, but again the bill came 2k which pissed my pops further and due to that i'm having a totally unlimited plan now with monthly rental of rs1100.

yay ;)

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im using bsnl dataone 256 Kbps/Upto 2Mbps (dunno what the Upto 2Mbps means) free download from 2 am upto 8 am.

speedtest shows this


and other one shows this


why is my upload more than my dowload :unsure: ?!?

is this good enough for xbl ?

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bsnl speed is more than enough for live play but i doubt the 2am free thing coz my monthly rental reached 2k, so now i'm using the 1100 unlimited plan.

ps- keep a track of ur download history from the bsnl website.


am glad to know bsnl speeds are good enough for xbl. the 2 am is true. i have kept records of downloads and so far i've never been charged for whatever i download between 2 am and 8 am. i am paying 500 rs for this plan and per mb of download exceed from alloted of 2.5 gb is charged at 80 paise. been thinking of getting the 900 home unlimited plan. it offers unlimited downloads anytime of the day at 256 kbps and i've to pay monthly 900 + 100(tax or sumthin like that)=1000.

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