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Hello Gamers, What is your profession?


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9 hours ago, dylanjosh said:


Dad money:bigyellowgrin:

20 hours ago, chops10 said:

In an IT startup, lots of 20s people who game. There’s a ps4 which is always occupied with fifa/mortal kombat

nothing better than local 2 player games

22 hours ago, Heaven Angel said:

It's same here. lol

same means youre in architecture field too?

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shipping. personally wont call myself a 'gamer' anymore now, those days seem to be gone (:cry:) though do always yearn to find time to play. nevertheless..like @chops10 mentioned, on ships too there mostly always is atleast one PS4 (and earlier PS3; but never seen an xbox AFAIR), with FIFA, mortal kombat, NBA etc. being the staple on all...and then there are a few more like CoD, resident evil & other non-team games which mostly the crew dont usually touch :D sometimes do they organize or get down for some good fun LAN multiplayer gaming though on laptops.

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On 12/23/2022 at 11:32 PM, 0verlord said:

Venture Capital fund, we invest in Fintech startups

Ah interesting. Ex IB here, currently in M&A consulting. 


Can I ask a few questions about the fund? What's the size and tenor? New or old? And the name if you're fine to share.?

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