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The "Good" and The "Bad" News Thread :) :(


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As the thread says...post any thing which came to u as a good news or a bad news.



-- Good News



-- Bad News Edited by Ψ BarnacleBrainBrant Ψ
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I bought darkness today............ er.............. yesterday.


Although the demo of the game prepared me for it, I still cant get over how incredibly cool the opening sequence of the game is. And thereafter playing the game actually feels like you are of an interactive movie, mainly because of how incredibly good the story is.


Glad i picked this one up

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Got Metal Gear 20th Anniversary ~ Metal Gear Music Collection.




001 Metal Gear 20 Years History -Past, Present, Future-

002 Snake Eater

003 Virtuous Mission

004 Yell "Dead Cell" (VR remix)

005 Who Am I Really? -Memories of Hal- Reminiscence

006 Metal Gear Solid Main Theme - The World Needs Only One Big Boss!

007 Can't Say Goodbye To Yesterday

008 Zanzibar Breeze

009 Calling To The Night

010 The Best Is Yet To Come


Bonus Track


011 Calling To The Night (Piano Ver.)

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