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On 7/20/2021 at 11:27 PM, Rey said:

Also the site's mail server is dead too. I changed my email last night and was waiting for a confirmation email but didn't receive any even after trying to resend it numerous times. Got locked out of the site and contacted Joe at Discord today evening, he then manually approved me.


Another member reported the same, over at Discord.

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we seriously need the Feedbacks back man :unsure: ... how do we know we dealing with past experienced members who traded positive recently in trade section if all have zero feedbacks :/ Please do something about this . It would be good if we can get back . 


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Hi. There seems to be an issue with simultaneous sign-in with the iPad and iPhone. If I’m logged in from one, the other device will log out, and if I go back to the other device, will have to log in again which will log the first device out. The laptop is not affected. 
This does not happen with other forums. 

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