Nitin Sagar

Nitin Sagar

It’s no secret that Nitin Sagar digs fighting games with a passion. So much so, that he’s often spotted walking around the more scenic locales of New Delhi looking for unsuspecting foes to practice his newly mastered Shoryuken. At all other times, he can be found in his not-so-secret den, where he uses the skills he has acquired in his time at IIT to finalise plans for World domination and play video games. Apart from IVG, which is his favourite haunt, Nitin has been associated with different gaming publications in both online and print media. His superpowers also include being able to reach into the deepest recesses of the Internet and pull out the best deal on any game or gadget he has set his eyes on.

Favourite Games: Shadow of the Colossus, Metal Gear Solid 4, Fallout 3, Marvel vs Capcom 3, Batman: Arkham Asylum

Favourite Genres: Fighting, FPS, Third-person action

18 posts by Nitin

  • Review: Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale

    ReviewsA casual, easy to pick up, competitive approach to the fighting genre that leaves aside the high skill prerequisite, thereby making it instantly accessible. Read More

  • Review: Dead or Alive 5

    ReviewsIt tries to cater to people looking for simple button-mashing, but the lacking fighter roster and overpowering fast striking combos fail to provide a deep fighting experience. Read More

  • Review: Tekken Tag Tournament 2

    ReviewsIt does little to bring about any innovation to the franchise, but fans will enjoy TTT2 for what it truly is - the best Tekken game till date. Read More

  • Review: Street Fighter X Tekken

    ReviewsHad there been no SF4, Tekken 6 and Marvel vs Capcom 3, SFxT would have been a beast of a fighter, but apart from the glitzy factor of having SF and Tekken fighters in the same game, it fails to provide a genre breaking experience even as a tag-team fighter. Read More

  • Review: F.E.A.R. 3

    ReviewsF.E.A.R. 3 does a good job of standing out from the generic FPS crowd, but series fans expecting the magic of John Woo’s “no wall left standing” magic would be disappointed by this rather intriguing outing. Read More

  • Review: Duke Nukem Forever

    ReviewsThe fact that its 15-year-old predecessor was a much better game says just about everything you need to know. Read More

  • Review: Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

    ReviewsA crossover game made in heaven. Capcom strikes all the right cords. Read More

  • Review: Modnation Racers

    ReviewsAlthough Modnation Racers has its fair share of technical drawbacks, it ends up as a fairly competent kart racer with one of the best track creators of all time. Read More

  • Review: Super Street Fighter IV

    ReviewsWith almost every change counting as a positive improvement and with very little to complaint about, there are enough refinements and rebalancing of fighters to give Super Street Fighter IV its own identity and not let it latch onto that of Street Fighter IV. Of course, this will lead to the death of the online community of the old masterpiece, but it is a worthy sacrifice, and one which has paved way for the next step in the evolution of an already legendary franchise. Read More

  • Review: Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition

    ReviewsOverall, even though the Mercenaries Reunion mode comes off as tad disappointing, the inclusion of the three new modes adds a substantial amount of gameplay to the original game. If you have yet to pick up one of the finest action games of last year, this is the definitive edition to get. Read More

  • Review: Heavy Rain

    ReviewsIn a jaded market ruled predominantly by guns, fast cars and extreme action, Heavy Rain ambitiously emerges as a refreshing change, encouraging both the gaming industry and its patrons to stop and smell the roses. Kudos to Quantic Dream for creating a well thought out, emotionally engaging experiment that is sure to pave the way for the future of gaming. Read More

  • Review: Tekken 6

    ReviewsThe legendary Tekken franchise makes its latest home console appearance as Tekken 6, a port of the updated arcade machine variant - Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion. A solid four years after its last iteration Tekken 5 was released on the PlayStation 2 system (not counting the HD PSN remake for PS3), Tekken 6 unbelievably contains an even bigger roster. Read More

  • Review: Brutal Legend

    ReviewsThe maniacal genius of Tim Schafer unwraps itself in yet another piece of pop culture art after a 4-year hiatus. However, his newest action-adventure tribute to the awesomeness that is Heavy Metal – Brutal Legend – is only a soul successor of the critically acclaimed Psychonauts in the vaguest of terms. The fresh IP surely […] Read More

  • Review: King of Fighters XII

    ReviewsSNK’s King of Fighters (KOF) franchise has been around for an astounding decade and a half, and with a loyal fan-following almost rivalling that of Street Fighter, the latest iteration of the long running fighting series has been anticipated for years as the rebirth of the series, which would finally place it firmly atop the […] Read More

  • This Week on IVG: Week of July 5, 2009

    FeaturesInspired by that of Rakhi Sawant on TV, IVG had its own Swayamvar show – Sati ka Pati – in full flow this week with the lovely contestant, Ms. Sati, on stage being the only 2nd gamer-chick to ever grace the forums (Sorry MT, Shahrukh Mirza does not count!) Our very own in-house drunkard Daroo, […] Read More

  • Review: Ghostbusters: The Video Game

    ReviewsFans of the Ghostbusters franchise would remember the 1980s movies with a broad smile on their faces. The films introduced some of the most memorable characters to grace the silver screen – the tech wizard Egon, the eccentric mad scientist Peter, the relatively sane Ray and the down-to-Earth Winston – who formed the original ghostbusting […] Read More

  • Uncharted 2: Among Thieves multi-player preview

    ReviewsThe sequel to one of the most highly rated games of the PS3, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, seems to be revving up for quite an impressive late 2009 release, as is evident from the mind blowing game-play footage shown at E3. However, the creative devils at Naughty Dog have blessed some of us mere mortals with […] Read More