• Review: Razer Chroma (Kraken 7.1, DeathAdder, BlackWidow) 18th March 2015

    Razer Chroma is a great idea, but it will really come into its own when game developers begin to adopt the SDK and use it in game to give gamers real-time visual feedback.Read More

  • FIFA players, here’s why you should give PES 2015 a shot 3rd November 2014

    After over a month of FIFA 15, Konami is set to serve up its own brand of football with PES 2015 this month. We had a chance to sample the latest preview build.Read More

  • Review: Xbox One 29th September 2014

    It simply boils down to what you want to play. If you’re looking for a (not so definitive) all-in-one solution to your media needs that happens to also have a solid roster of exclusive games, jump right in.Read More

  • Column: The Vita problem 22nd July 2014

    The Playstation Vita is in an awkward place right now. It’s the most powerful gaming handheld, but it’s struggling when you line it up against the Nintendo 3DS.Read More

  • Unrest: More than just an Indian RPG from an Indian developer 12th July 2014

    Unrest has a distinctly Indian setting, it takes place in a fictional city based on Jaipur, and it deals with complex socio-economic issues, many of which are still prevalent in modern-day India. This is not your average RPG. Unrest is heavily conversation-driven, with its 120,000-word script intertwining the lives of its five characters, who will […]Read More