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  1. Guys, whenever I use buy now option on the market game/web app/companion app crashes. It logs me out. After log in I find the item in unassigned pile. Any one else facing this issue? Sent from my ONEPLUS A5000 using Tapatalk
  2. Hey could you please check if you can see the transaction history on your console?
  3. Guys with PS4, could you please check if you are able to see the transaction history on *console*? Thanks in advance. Sent from my XT1572 using Tapatalk
  4. When would we get the draft tokens that were free with the standard edition? Sent from my XT1572 using Tapatalk
  5. Is psn down for everyone?
  6. I have activated 14 day trial and have played fifa 16. So I cannot do what you suggested, right?
  7. So it is best to buy it from console only. Quite costly.
  8. Guys regarding psn plus membership... Can I buy it during Black Friday sales from US and use it here in India?
  9. Bought PS4 1TB and fifa 16. Do we need to keep the disc inserted always to play the game? The default ball is very hard to see in online matches in seasons mode. Any way to change the default ball?
  10. Does it have better community and connectivity than xbox? I have been using xbox controller with PC. Will I have any problem getting used to PS controllers?
  11. Guys I need an advice on buying a console. Asking in this thread since fifa is the only game I play. I only play seasons and fut. 80% times I play seasons mode. I don't care about legends exclusives in fut. I never play offline modes. So which console has better community and connectivity for online modes? PS4 or Xbox one? Whose subscription is cheaper for playing online?
  12. DMed you the invite. Use directly on Amazon site.
  13. Settings> installed apps> Default
  14. I think he's asking about OPO specific CM12S