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    Got the Versys 650 a few days back
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    As a south indian myself and a proud hindi speaker, I find this post offensive and disgusting. So, keep such retarded logic out of this forum. Consider this as a warning.
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    I think you are overanalyzing things, we don't download big files from playstore daily, they are usually small files. Once in a while if you do have to download a big file, just let the screen be on. Dont ruin your overall experience with being fixated on one issue, have fun with the rest of the new neat features. This will anyway eventually get fixed.
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    Don't really care. I'll always be salty that the theatre near where I live gets 3 movies from South over a new Tarantino movie while these f**kers call Hindi a foreign language.
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    [FREE] 1 year Premium VPN account Coupon: BF2019
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    Technically the game is still poor. I can say this with confidence that this is the worst performing Sony game since shadow of the Colossus on ps2. The actual game however is pretty good. I'll just put some positives and negatives down below + The game looks amazing, characters and environments both. Sometimes it's right up there with the best of the bunch. + Well written and good characters. St John is very likable which honestly no one expected. Boozer, Rikki Patil, Mike and even colonel are all well written. Even that line "ride me like your bike" is there as a there with a context unlike one of the video reviews (100% sure they didn't finish the game) + Good story. Again it's St John's personal story and except for the last 1-2 hrs he doesn't even care about saving the world and sh*t. + One thing I really liked about the game was that it starts out like a survival game (for 10+ hrs) and then slowly transforms into a full fledged action title. + Bike is fun to drive and customize. The refuel and repair mechanics make sure that you don't drive it like crazy. I hope they don't tone it down even in the sequel. + Excellent open world. Lots of variety, and good verticality. Not extremely huge and the broken road concept is done well. + Gameplay loop is fun. Stealth is fun right from the start, shooting is not. Once you upgrade your skills and get better weapons, shooting gets a lot better. Melee combat is excellent. + And finally the hordes. Wow!!. Taking down some of the big ones is some of the finest gaming moments this gen. + Clearing nero checkpoints is also well done with enough variety amongst them. Negatives. - while Hordes are introduced right at the start, the first encounter with them is after about 85% of the game and most of the fights are optional. - game design from 2009. The game's major flaw is the quest and narrative design. So basically this plays like an open world title from last gen. I'll give an example without spoiling much. There is a point in the game where you need to start a dam. So it goes like drive to location - cutscene - slow walk - cutscene - explore something for a couple mins - cutscene - climb to top of the dam ( hardly 2 mins) - cutscene and it goes on. What makes this bad is that before every cutscene there is a small load and it's not your modern day cutscene that is done in- game with you controlling the characters like how naughty dog or rockstar does but the traditional fade to black method. - another quest design issue. Sometimes some quest just require you to go and meet someone and quest over. I can understand if this is right at the start but stuff like this towards the end ... there is no excuse. - not using the Hordes in quests. There is hardly any quest where the Hordes are used. Scripted sequences or some on rails section would have been sooo good. - technical problems. The fps drops to single digits at times. Textures don't load etc etc - filler content. The game is badly paced with filler content in the main storyline. Atleast one of the camps you visit is a complete waste of time. Quest like find an iPod in the last few hours of the game ruin the pacing. Overall, for a team that started with only 40-50 ppl and made their first console game (open world too) in decades, days gone is a sucess but there are a lot of problems with too. It's one of the few games where within playing for a couple of hours you will say to yourself how did they use such outdated mechanics in both storytelling and quests. I would personally rate it a solid 7 and expect huge huge improvements on the sequel.
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    Nice.Every Saturday I play regular club matches with white leather ball. Since last 3 months we are playing day-night ones which are really fun under lights. This is the one we played yesterday. And I was Player of the match Sent from my SM-A505F using Tapatalk
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    Welcome to Ubilol's copy-pasted crapola. Everything starts off well till you reach a certain point where you get burnt out because of their copy-pasted boring stuff.
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    Are you talking about Dragon's Dogma or Greedfall? Also, it would be better if you don't compare Greedfall to Dragon's Dogma. Rather, best to compare it to Dragon's Age Origins, Mass Effect 2 and other early Bioware Games or even Witcher 1. DD is a very combat focused game with tons of options for gameplay and completely open world but a poor questing system. That is not the case here. Here, the World is divided into "Hubs". Each hub represents a map with things you can do. For example, the very first place you are on is Serene, your hometown in the Old World. This town is the entire map. Here, you will have tons of side quests and story related quests (Both very good quality mind you, unlike the latest Bioware Games). You will finish your activities here and go on to the next place - where again you will have quests to do. Dialogue is good and story is intriguing. There are multiple ways to solve the quests, and many ways in which you can avoid combat altogether if you want. Only some quests require you to compulsarily fight. You can otherwise get through by negotiation, sneaking in to the required place, bribing someone or even disguising yourself as a part of the faction, depending on what the quest entails. The World is populated enough, but you will primarily be dealing with only the quest givers, wherever your quest takes you and/or merchants and blacksmiths. There is also a reputation system - both with the various factions (whom you can make friends or enemies of) and your party members (with whom you can actually talk, unlike DD, who will give you quests, you can form friendships with and/or romance or even disappoint them or make enemies of them - much like the Bioware games). Also unlike DD with it's pawns, here you cannot create or customize your companions, other than changing what they wear by giving them armor/equipment. You can create and customize your main character (appearance, gender, starting skills etc.) only once at the beginning of the game. You cannot change your main character's appearance after the initial customization other than changing clothes or armor what he/she has equipped. As far as combat is concerned - you can go either full melee, trap + firearm or magic builds or even create a hybrid builds. Equipping equipment also requires investing in certain stats which you only get a couple of levels. For example, equipping armors requires endurance, magic rings requires willpower etc. This is the attribute tree which is different from the tree where you get skills (such as increasing sword damage, getting new techniques etc. - for which you get points to invest on every level). You also have a separate 3rd tree where you can invest to get skills in crafting, lockpicking, charisma to influence dialogues etc. Also as I said previously, graphics in environments are good, but character models are bad and lip syncing in cut-scenes is bad. Another negative I'd like to add is that there are re-used assets (For example, the embassy of 2 different factions look absolutely identical, just with different NPCs and ambassadors inside), there are still some minor bugs (Like during one cutscene where the NPC I was talking to kept his eyes closed during the entire conversation for some reason - this only happened once for me) and there are spelling errors and typos in the subtitles during cutscenes. AFAIK there are no mini-games or side activities (Unlike Yakuza), and the main game only has main quests, side quests, random fights and an arena under the tavern. That's all the side activities I've encountered till now. Hope this helps
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    Just sharing for fun.
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    This game was just eating dust on my shelf since 2016 and now just can't stop playing it One more main quest...one more secondary mission... one more Witcher contract.....and before you realise its 3am!! Over 25 tasks in my journal currently if I combine main quest, secondary quest and Witcher contracts. Other than the ones related to Gwent and horse races, I am planning to go through them all...add to that all the question marks and I've not even explored any big cities yet You know the devs did good when you prefer to walk/ride rather than fast travel. Best open world game I've played!! This is my first Witcher game and I was expecting a very serious tone looking at the trailers and settings. I am pleasantly surprised to find that the writing is much more humorous and witty than I thought. Johnny is the best character I've met so far in this world Edit: Thanks again @Mr.Copyright© 😊 Might not have tried it otherwise because of open world games fatigue.
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    can't login - Sorry, you are visiting our service too frequent, please try again later.
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    Jesus f**king christ. Cringy sh*t like this is why no one trusts previews from anyone. I know there is a really good chance this movie will be fantastic. But come the f**k on man. I am actually surprised he didnt call it the Citizen Kane of comic book movies. O.o
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    Check out these as well, if you haven't already. The Wailing The Handmaiden Age of Shadows Three other great Korean movies from recent years.
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    So I figured it out, after getting a clue from a fellow sufferer on the internet. Anyway, once this part was over, I wanted to see the end yesterday itself, and it took me quite some time. Finding 15 was a task, and solving 16 took me like two hours. But once I did that, boy. What a feeling. ----------------------------------------------------------- There's not many games that can make me feel attached, or involved. I was immersed in this one. I can now confidently say, without a shadow of a doubt, that this is the first time I've played this game in its entirety. Which was shocking for me. In my mind, I'd finished this game when I'd played it for the first time on the PS2, which, coincidently, I only bought because the seller told me this would be similar to God Of War. (He possibly looked at the cover art and thought, hmm, small guy fighting big giant -> GOW!). I may have only played till Colossi 4 or 5, if that. Imagine how goddamn lucky I am. So most of game was new to me. What a time, and what a way to have played it in. One, who I am today enabled me to appreciate this game at a much deeper level, a much finer level. I was a child when I played it on the PS2. Two, I played this with an awesome HT set up with a giant screen. The effects, the sound, the feeling that a Colossus's entrance invoked every single goddamn time was incredible. Those goosebump-y instances made me forget the various problems with the game, the biggest of which was the camera. If you want, you can run through the game, hunting one Colossus after the other, but, relax a bit, and take your time in this world. It has so much more to offer, and there are so many little details added that it feels rewarding just to be in that "cursed land". For eg: while in a large body of water, if you keep the direction stick pressed to a single direction, Wander swims faster. I only discovered this while trying to reach 15. (I got lost). If you go back to where you'd fallen the Colossi, you'd see their tattered remains fully absorbed, owned by nature. There'd be plants, algae etc. growing over them, using whatever nutrients it could find in their remains. If you've used your bow and hit any exposed part of the Colossi, those arrows remain stuck to their bodies, even after they've fallen. There's really no (mammalian) life on the island. So, it could aptly be described as desolate. This emptiness, loneliness makes this game so, so precious. It makes you want to savour everything. And it makes it all the more impactful when you fall the Colossi. It's like whatever little life is there, you're taking away, ironically, to get another life back. Highlights: The game looks jaw-dropping gorgeous. I don't think I've have not taken as many screenshots in any other game. Ever. The soundtrack. No more words necessary. Sense of scale. Colossus 15 will remove all doubts, if you had any The island itself Favourite Colossus: Colossus 13 Favourite puzzle: Colossus 16 Most irritating: Colossus 11 Favourite moment: after everything you realise that this was created 15 years ago. Just... wow. Problems: Camera Colossus 14 bug Thank you Japan Studio. Thank you Bluepoint Games. Thank you Sony. (More than f**king worth it) / 10.
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    Short clip of me headshotting some rando in an Arms Race match. I know it's not exactly the best of headshots but the way the body got flung sideways, hit the wall and then fell limp on the floor seemed cool to me
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    Just finished it. Couldn't stop playing. 😌 Would have been the perfect Borderlands game if it was not dragged down by the performance. The characters aren't strong nor super likable compared to previous games but okay. The twins were weak to Handsome Jack. So if you switch them with BL2, this will be best BL game. The pacing is very good. The story keeps moving forward for most of the time. There are a bunch of missions where you need to go to X, clear, find X is closed, take alternate route, clear, proceed. Though thanks to amazing gunplay, it didn't feel like a chore doing it. Characters - nothing beats Jack but it tries very hard. The twins were weak for sure with some okay lines mainly from Troy. Tyreen was cringe fest. Overall they were weak and no problem accepting it. Maybe BL2 standard was slightly better than usual BL game. Not a fan of new characters compared to old bunch. Too much nostalgia/memories and the humor is not for me. Returning characters were nice to see. Story - usual BL story. It stays on track for most part with good pacing. The boss fights are cool albeit a bit easy. Maybe better with Mayhem mode/TVHM. Enjoyed playing the story. So many memories and ending was tear-jerking. GUNS GUNS GUNS! Didn't come across same gun twice in my entire playthrough. Really a lot of thought has been put here and they have absolutely nailed the gunplay. It feels so so good and there is one for everywhere. From crazy pistols to launchers to smart weapons. Even Vortex weapons. Just fantastic. If you felt bored of one weapon, you just have to move forward, kill a bunch, and boom. You got a new weapon. The game showers with loot without ridiculing other loot. You are always progressing forward. QoL changes - fantastic changes. Might as well just make old Borderlands game feel dated after playing this. The movement is so smooth. The sliding, jumping, melee, etc is super responsive. The driving is still kind of same but otherwise great minor changes that elevates the gameplay. Locations/graphics/other stuff - excellent. Maps are big and beautiful. The open world isn't dull/empty like recent ones nor filled with markers like Ubilol games. You can go wherever you like and do whatever you like. You will find something everywhere without getting forced into doing it. Post game - True Vault Hunter Mode unlocks. But you can stay on same normal and make use of Mayhem settings. It's very neat. You can explore and do other side missions. There are trials which you can find and clear those. The rewards are nice. Standard BL stuff. The guardian ranks pretty much replaces Badarse rank with infinite leveling up. There are also rewards to X number of points spent. It's good. Performance/EPIC store - it's garbage. I wouldn't recommend buying the game now regardless how good it is due to performance and for PC the abysmal EPIC store. There were few points where I had to run at lowest of low to get a decent frame rate. Sniping felt so hard with stupid stuttering and it got worse somehow with every new location. The inventory was a mess till end and still is laggy. Sanctuary is a laggy mess too. EPIC store is just garbage. No way to spin to make it look good. It is just bad. I pretty much quit EPIC store after launching the game. The ending and credits puts a smile and a sad face reading all those comments. We have been one a such a long ride. Family and kids were formed since then. My Steam friends list got big because of Borderlands 1 co-op. 10 years later and some of them still active and best part was playing together again. Overall - couldn't have asked for a better Borderlands game. It has everything a BL fan would want. 7 years was worth the wait and I hope they make another one. The game/series has a unique charm to it and it still manages to keep it alive.
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    Since EPIC has no support, people using Borderlands 2 Steam community for help and solutions. Borderlands 3 is suffering from a raft of technical issues at launch And players are turning to the Borderlands 2 Steam page for help
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    Watched Section 375. Pretty good non masala courtroom drama.
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    That's 6k Chair if you buy directly from ANT-E. Buy It from ACRO directly in your city. I bought mine Banglore shipped to place. Payment was made through NEFT. 10K for their top of the line Model. I advise you to stay away from this brand very bad chair. Only looks good nothing else.
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    Buy stainless steel. After sometime aluminum starts flaking mixes with what ever you cook. Sent from my BLA-A09 using Tapatalk
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    Seriously, he goes on and on and on like a corporate record.
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    No. Not even close and the settings/texture is running at medium-high setting. Actual native rendering resolution is adjusting regularly during gameplay, producing results on X such as 1584p, 1728p, 2160p and the like.
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    Flat ₹500 off on Next Flight Booking Code FLYAUG500
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    On Sony Liv, a sleeper of a series ... A Discovery Of Witches. Really liking this one.
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    Steam: Free DiRT Rally EPIC: Free Celeste / Inside
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    In-case anyone missed
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    And here's IVG's review in case you missed it. https://www.indianvideogamer.com/reviews/remnant-from-the-ashes-review/31475
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    Anyone else here play Cricket on a regular basis. Started playing after a years and loving it. It's been 10 months and we use hard tennis.
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    Lol at Sony fanboys here defending Sony as expected lol. Just watch Sony runs Spider-Man into the ground with their shitty Spiderman movies. Disney had major hand in making recent Spider-Man movies box office success. They have full right to ask for higher cut. Only Sony and Sony is at fault here. All Sony Spiderman movies sucked except Spiderman 2 by Sam Rami. Hope Marvel takes away video game right away from Sony as FU to Sony to do take such a anti consumer decision. After all the build-up Marvel did to make Spiderman core part of MCU, Sony ruined everything by denying Disney their right ful cut.
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    Hr to be blamed... Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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    RCB’s problem is captain, not the coach.
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    Stuff of legends which needs to be listened to till the end of time.
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    Dude I am 4 episodes into Mindhunter and I am already bummed out because I know its about to end soon and its gonna be an excruciating wait till the next season. This show is so goddamn good. And that cinematography. <3
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    Days gone ₹2099 on mcubegames with code mcube20
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    Bought this a few days ago . Really excited to play it Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    New purchases!! Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    Bring arts Sora (Kingdom hearts 2) -:
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    Finslly an announcement of some interest from Gamescom (At least to me) Yakuza 3, 4 and 5 collection announced for PS4 Western release. Gameplay at 1080p/60 fps. Although you can buy the collection as a whole, game will be released one at a time - Yakuza 3 - Slated for today, so any time now Yakuza 4 - October 29, 2019 Yakuza 5 - February 11, 2020 Collection is already available to purchase on UK PSN, so I expect Indian PSN to put up the store page soon. Game will be available only digitally for now, but Sega has announced a physical version that will contain all 3 games. The physical version will release on Feb 11, 2020 alongside Yakuza 5 release and will cone with 2 discs. One disc for Yakuza 3 and 4 and the 2nd disc for Yakuza 5. The physical collection will also come in a Steelbook case with 2 disc holders. It will also have a PS3 Yakuza 5 case to complete your PS3 Collection (Yakuza 5 was a digital only release on PS3). The trade-off of course is that you will be waiting till 2020 to play Yakuza 3 and Yakuza 4. Source: https://www.thesixthaxis.com/2019/08/20/yakuza-remaster-collection-3-4-5-ps4-europe-us/ Now Yakuza 3 original on the PS3 had cut content on the Western Release (For ex. The Hostess Club, Mahjong, Japanese History Quiz etc. was cut on PS3 Western Release). We have no idea whether the cuts are still there. It should not be as all later games had no cut content. But still it might be prudent to wait for repirts to come in. Also hope they translate the mangas (actual real life ones) from Yakuza 5 comic book shops. This was in Japanese on the PS3.
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