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    We are in the endgame now. Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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    So.. Everything is in place. It was installed a few days ago. I was a little apprehensive if I'd made the right choice for speakers/amp combo as they came out to be quite expensive, and was worried if they'd sit well in the kind of room I've made. And. Phew. The first time the speakers were switched on, what a goddamn relief. They sound spectacular. The subs work great too. There's been no calibration, audyssey or otherwise, no sound treatments put in place etc. Just raw installation. And I friggin' love it already. Watched IW BD (thanks, @amigoatul) last night as I had today kind of off, and man. What an experience. Seriously, what a bloody amazing feeling to have this playing right in my room. I'm already blown away, and yet, I know that these can sound a lot better with calibration and mild treatment of first reflection points, specially since my room is a complete industrial bare bones shell. Also, a better amp This is almost everything I wanted, and in some cases, a lot more. I'm happy! But enough talking. Pictures: Amp: Emotiva XPA 5 Pre/pro A/V receiver: Marantz 7703 (will be replaced by 7705 next week, they got this one by mistake) Rack 4K 3K Screen installation The space The forum is auto-rotating vertical images. Gah.
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    Got ps VR with move controllers and a dozen or so VR games on Psn. Gotta figure out the cable management tho. What a f**king mess.
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    [emoji38] Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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    Holy sh*t, Mother of God... what an episode!!! That twist I was NOT expecting. Arya Stark that knife drop and stab was Some of the areas were so inky black it was awfully hard to see at times. The music in the last few minutes as the Night King made his way towards Bran... hard chills! Ramin Djawadi is a genius. Interesting thing is... Can't wait for the next episode!!!
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    Guy who changed his Twitter name to match the game finds the product he's reviewing amazing. definitely not an influencer..... more like
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    Got Kassandra statue last month and these DC Novels last week.
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    Got this delivered today. Not a very powerful machine, uses DDR3 and lacks a discrete video card. That being said, it lives up to its promise of being incredibly light and sleek. Just over 970g, runs core i5 8th gen with 8GB RAM and even includes two USB ports and an HDMI output. Oh, and the display is pretty good too with a full HD IPS panel (touchscreen).
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    I'd rather not be an A-hole.
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    Got God of war 3 Remastered in a very fair swap. (Wanted this back cover variant) Only God of war 2 missing from a long time now. The hurdle is need to buy at a very fair price as I have others. Total money I ve spent on this whole lot over the years (with ghost of Sparta being the first at the time it released) would be less than 2000 rs. (Some were trades - also counting the money I spent on the game I traded in) Sent from my ASUS_X01BDA using Tapatalk
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    It was fun. We had about 100 people in all. Wish more IVG members could have made it.
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    Off the top of my head, on Netflix you should immediately watch the following - 1) Erased (Japanese Drama) - This is quite short with only 12 episodes (of 30 minutes each). But the story is awesome. Can't tell you much about the story since anything I say will be spoilers. But it's an absolute must-watch. Start with this, as you can quickly finish it. 2) Stranger (Korean) - Watch this ASAP. This has an an excellent story. One of the best shows on Netflix. It's about a prosecutor who had brain surgery as a child, which dulled his emotions and a cop. It starts with a simple murder, but the plot explodes into huge stakes and power games which will leave you on the edge of your seat. Watch it as soon as you can. 3) Money Heist (Spanish) - Another absolutely awesome show. It's about a gang of criminals who hold the Central Bank of Spain hostage and start printing their own money. Beautiful planning and mind games by both the mastermind and the police. 4) Remember (Korean) - Another absolutely brilliant show. The lead guy has a condition that allows him to remember almost everything perfectly. He tries to use this to study law clear his father's name (who has been falsely accused of murder). But then he starts developing Alzheimer's (which over-writes his previous condition) and causes him to start forgetting everything. A heavy show - but absolutely brilliant. 5) Samurai Gourmet (Japanese) - This is a feel-good show. It's about an old man who after retirement, finds that he has nothing much to do. So he starts going to different places, trying different food and just doing whatever comes to his mind. The description I said might sound dull - but do watch it. It's brilliant. It will make you feel really good. And it's also something I would like to do after retirement. 6) Life (Korean) - A private comglomerate acquires a famous public hospital. This series shows power-plays between both the hospital and the conglomerate. Cannot tell much as it will be spoiler heavy, but this series becomes brilliant from the 2nd episode onwards. Another absolute must watch. 7) Live (Korean) - Another feel-good show. This shows the lives of people as police officers - from the time of the academy (training) to functioning at lower and higher levels. It's a feel-good show that you can watch at the end 8) Pan's Labyrinth (Spanish Film;2006) - An awesome movie that I'm planning on watching soon. It's already got oscar for best foreign film and 95% (Rotten Tomatoes); 98 (Metacritic Rating) and 8.2/10 (IMDB Rating of 567,947 votes). Can't give my opinion yet since I've not watched this. But due to high ratings - have high hopes for this film. The above are just off the top of my head. And on top of it - all have brilliant acting, characters and brilliant stories. All are absolute must-watch. Hope you enjoy it
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    Got a couple of Mighty Muggs And Final Fantasy X/X-2/XII on switch this week. Captain America Mighty Mugg is on its way. Also got Dying Light for the PS4 and Little Big planet for the Vita a couple of weeks back.
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    Excuse me. Its 4k60FPS in VR. Without VR it will be 8k 144FPS. It will come with 8Petabytes of NVMe. Have tri SLI 3080Titg.
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    Nice. I dont care about the res. Just need something that will work in the dark. Bruh between you and me I think she deliberately ditched it cause of jealousy. ☹️ Also lost her headphones along with my kindle. Then got mad at me cause she forgot she had lost them and thought I had lost them. Apparently I "keep losing stuff".
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    List of Deaths in Season 8, Episode 3: The Night King Melisandre Theon Greyjoy Lyanna Mormont Ser Jorah Mormont Lord Beric Dondarrion Edd Tollett (a.k.a. "Dolorous Edd") Viserion Dothrake and Unsullied Hordes List of People Who Survived in Season 8, Episode 3: Jon Snow Daenerys Targaryen Jaime Lannister Brienne of Tarth Arya Stark Bran Stark Sansa Stark Tyrion Lannister Sandor Clegane (aka "The Hound") Gendry Davos Seaworth Samwell Tarly Gilly (and her Son) Tormund Giantsbane Grey Worm and Missandei The tiny and defiant bread line girl from the previous episode Drogon and Rhaegal (Dany’s remaining two dragons) Ghost (Jon’s direwolf)
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    Saw this terrific documentary about how our deforesting and modern construction along with political corruption is pushing some bird species to the edge of extinction leading to some truly terrifying changes in our cities. And how robotics and AI is helping us neutralize that damage. You guys should definitely check it out. It is on Prime Videos. Its called 2.0.
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    Loaded. Now need to buy games Sent from my ASUS_X01BDA using Tapatalk
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    The apocalypse must come. Dark Season 2. June 21st, only on Netflix.
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    Post script: The first post on this thread was made on March 20, but I've wanted a great sound system at my disposal since as long as I can remember. Sometimes, I didn't have the space to have a good sound system (hello Bombay apartments), but most times I just couldn't afford it, till not very long ago. So, in a way, this system is a culmination of a childhood dream. A few compromises were still made, mainly due to affordability. Given a bigger budget, I would've picked a better amp, better surround speakers, and certainly a better projector. This one is quite last gen. I may still tinker with it and upgrade if I do feel, or I may never touch it and keep it as is, till I want to go next level, in an other room. We will see. For now, I just want to kick back, invite a few friends over, watch a few movies, play a few games, and listen to some music. It's been exhausting. It's been emotional.
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    You will never get the first 4 seasons quality again because GRRM is no longer involved with the show. It's now purely David Weiss & Benioff's story. You can't expect them to compare to the genius of GRRM who created the World in the first place. But you might be satisfied with the ending, because I heard that GRRM had revealed the ending to the show-makers. Right now it's a Hollywood checklist. Last episode was literally a full checklist as developed by Return of the King way back in 2003. People getting together and talking as if it's their last day on Earth - check; kid volunteering to fight - check; people having "last drink" - check; someone singing a sad poem as they feel everyone is about to die - check; horns blaring and defenders looking down on a huge army they can't possibly win against - check I was literally feeling that I was watching the remix version of just before the Battle of Minas Tirith in Return of the King, only with Game of Thrones characters ROTK and overall LOTR trilogy is one of my most favorite movies ever; and having watched it countless times, it felt A bit funny to watch GOT's take on it.
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    Ditched sprays and been using this for many months, very good. Not exactly like great smell all day but no odor either at the end of the day. https://www.cavemannaturals.com/shop/natural-deodorant-sublime/
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    New purchase! Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    And done Game of the generation right next to BotW and Bloodborne.