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    Time to Drooooooool, DAY 1 it is just in time.. Cancelled my amazon order also and picked up from Games N Gadgets [emoji7] Free poster Do Not Disturb !! Finally My first NOOB attempt at doing UnBoxing video, excuse the misses the content explanation, those are Bracelet and Pins (not magnets lol) Alright... Let’s fire up the game.. !! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Hanky with a good seal provides enough protection as I'm C category.
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    Brought these items last month (June, 2020) after saving my pocket money for 3 years continuously The Last Of Us Part II Limited Edition PS4 Pro Gaming Console The Last Of Us Part II Limited Edition Dualshock 4 Controllers (I have bought 2 of them) The Last Of Us Part II Limited Edition Game Drives and a charging cable for the controller, it came with a free controller grip
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    Redecorated one of my room walls with these frames.
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    Two series I m happy to have got. Sent from my ASUS_X01BDA using Tapatalk
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    This is what a real mask looks like. Made in America, loved by America..
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    I just love this game and hence decided to go for this Collector's Edition. One of those games, which can make you cry The art book is just amazing and colorful. Just like the game...
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    A few more photo mode shots.
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    I remember the two moments that made the Last of Us a permanent resident in my memory: first encounter with the clickers in that pitch black room, and the main theme. The main theme, to this day, remains one of the tracks I use to audition speakers. The ronroco thrums and that sandy background chhan-chhan are, together, emotive melody. The first game made me want to get the CE for part two. And this was delivered yesterday. I am blown away. The quality, and the size of the packaging and statue is staggering. It is bad-a*s. Top cover off Greetings That hollowed box is very sturdy Statue packaging Top view This thing is giant! All of them Size comparison Look at the texture on the guitar The steelbook finish is really quite cool. It looks like hand-painted artwork on metal canvas Bruh You know a team that cares about what they're doing was behind this, because this much attention to quality in detail wouldn't exist otherwise. Here's hoping the game doesn't suck too bad
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    That's fake. This is the real one...
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    Dude who made that tweet is (or was) the admin on Era, so shitiing on Xbox is not really exclusive to IVG
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    This is some hilarious bullshit. You are making wearing a mask into a f**king philosophical discussion. People should be moving out a minimum to keep exposure to a minimum. No one asked you to lock yourself in a bunker. Just wear a mask and sanitise sh*t which is the bare minimum. Seriously, it's still not late to cut your losses and behave like a sane person. You think you're coming off as really smart with these long a*s replies but you're only digging a bigger hole and trying to cover up your stupidity with more stupidity. Also cloth masks are masks the same way a spiderman mask is a mask. It's f**king fancy dress. It's not gonna protect you against sh*t.
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    Please stop the conspiracy theories. There is no "cure", no "treatment" which works. Clinical trials are on. Big Pharma cannot control this narrative. Anecdotal evidence of one drug working in 1-2 patients do not mean they will work in all. With a self limiting rate of upwards of 85%, only CTs on moderate/severely ill patients matter - since the rest will be limiting themselves. There is NO proven record of Tamiflu working (except one case report of 2 patients in April). One CT on a combination of 3 drugs, including Tamiflu, is ongoing as Phase 3, and results are expected by Nov 2020. Don't you think Roche wants their star product, Tamiflu, to sell more ? Favi has no large scale trials to show it is effective. Even Glenmark's trial data is not out. Again, anecdotal evidence is NOT mass level evidence. Such small evidences serve as a thought process to start bigger CTs. They aren't validated enough to change treatment protocols on their own. Please, please stop these nonsensical stories just because you are tired of working from home. We all are.
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    Update : Since I had already made up my mind on replacing it.. thought why not use it till the replacement was scheduled to arrive two days later.. Then donno why but decided to give the screen a small smack/flick at the dead pixel spot.. Voila! No more dead pixel, it started glowing up and working as expected But then one other pixel somewhere below the previous one turned off.. So gave a flick to that again and it got sorted while another pixel turned off.. After 2 to 3 more flicks now I don't see any more dead pixels Seems like the childhood days of smacking stuff like remotes to make it work still applies to modern electronics!
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    yesterday i let my kid go downstairs after quite a few days due to lockdown and all.. he was so happy about it... similarly sonu is out of his shame cave of last gen.. i can see the happiness... atleast my kids happiness was genuine though...
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    This game is freaking beautiful. I think the second playthrough is going to take way longer. Took me a good 29+ hours the first time without much photomode. I could just move into this world Honestly the first time I actually should have got a Pro too. And hello there -
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    A few more of my photo mode pics. They look shitty on desktop because of heavy compression but I think they look fine on mobile. Used the lens distortions app to add those silly effects in the last pic
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    Egg chicken fried rice. Sent from my ASUS_X01BDA using Tapatalk
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    Maybe its time to take a break from IVG instead of constantly sh*ting in and on the forum with zero contribution. See ya in 3 months, hopefully with better appreciation of the community. Should've been when you made fun of people taking Covid-19 seriously, but eh. Of course they don't need it, not when only 2% of the install base subscribes to it. But that's not what I said, did I (comparing the two)? They have a sub in place and its been there for a long time, if they want to compete in that space they can push for it.
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    You are f**king sh*t man. Shame on you. Sick guy.
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    Yeah, it's a photo mode screenshot. I've touched it up a bit on instagram though, which is why there's more clarity than what you get out of just the photo mode. ---------- A few more of those screenshots I took:
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    Demands from wifey continues, and the point that I am on leave helps.. Chicken lollipop Sent from my HD1911 using Tapatalk
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    That's why I prefer click and collect. The store is just 3 km away from me. Going to drop my son to school, collect the game on the way back. suddenly will be feeling sick from all that driving and take sick leave
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    He died and the reason for it died with him. Let's just stop it with the non stop theorising. First some f**ks looking for 15 seconds of fame create some theory around his death then some another f**k looking for 15 seconds of fame goes ahead to disprove it. It's disrespectful and we should not give our time to these attention whores. Notice how all people doing this bullshit have faded from the industry and lacking in work. The media "journalists" are attention whores anyways. Take your lesson from all this and care about your mental (and physical health) and take care of your friends and family. If you are sad about Sushant's death, remember him and talk about his accomplishments, watch his movies. Let's not use his death as a platform to talk about our own opinions of Bollywood. I really hate it that people have made it all about themselves. Kangana couldn't go 2 minutes without inserting her own sh*t into it. Now it's all about nepotism and Karan Johar and what not. Also, don't go ahead and start comparing lives to rationalise or delegitimise depression. It can happen to anyone for reasons that may be trivial to you. You can have a single negative thought in an otherwise great life but if you keep focusing on the single negative, you'll eventually spiral into depression. You can't say that the inner struggle of a movie star is invalid because other people are suffering more than him. That's like saying you can't be happy because other people are more successful.
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    That looks nice, meanwhile I worked on my biryani and this time it came up even better... Sent from my HD1911 using Tapatalk
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    Sounds . . . . kinky.
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    Reveal crackdown 4 and my money is yours MS.
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    Well, AIIMS, CDC and many other institutions have made guidelines on reusage of N95 by healthcare professionals in case of shortage, and considering the common man is not exposed to so many virus particles, they can work in our normal schedule too. If you have to go out for 5 days a week, buy 6 N95 masks - 1 extra for contingency. Use 1 mask on Day 1 for the full time you are out, keep it in a brown paper bag once you take it off (away from the sun). Repeat the same for a new mask for D2/3/4/5. Reuse Mask 1 again on Day 8. Some studies have shown that via this method, it takes about 72 hours for the mask to get disinfected. Considering you are using 1 mask in 7 days, you are allowing twice the time for disinfection, which should be adequate. Most guidelines agree that via this method, you can reuse the masks about 4 times. So that's a month of usage with 5/6 masks considering you are using them for most of the week. Not bad, eh ?! I personally use this at home. We have labelled masks for mom, dad, wife, kid, myself, and the day we started wearing it. P.S: There is nothing like a washable N95 mask. There is no NIOSH approved washable mask AFAIK. If looking at EU standards, buy FFP2 or beyond. Last would be KN95 since that's China standard, and well..China. Enough said. I would say most of it is correct, except I think that N95 should also be used by individuals (non-medical personnel) if you are venturing to a high risk zone (crowded place, no social distancing, hospital, clinic etc.) For those who would love to read and reason, some links: 1) https://www.researchgate.net/publication/340603522_Face_Masks_Against_COVID-19_An_Evidence_Review 2) https://bmjopen.bmj.com/content/5/4/e006577 3) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7191274/ 4) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7108646/ 5) https://science.thewire.in/the-sciences/novel-coronavirus-transmission-face-masks-goggles-protection-statistical-effect-studies/ (keeping biases of the site aside, it's a pretty good digest) Bottom line is that the jury is still out on the value of cloth masks. It depends on a lot - fit, layers, whether we are looking at ingress or egress etc. And these are not easy parameters to study since they will vary by individuals. N95 is definitely the current standard. Any mask is better than no mask, then you gradually move to surgical mask (which have zero fitting, and hence are not so useful in my personal opinion), and finally N95 masks.
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    When i used to play pokemon go, came across this near banswara rajasthan.
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    Finally got this, PSNProfiles says i got Plat in 4 years Of all the PS4 exclusives i have, excluding ND ones, this is hardest to Plat
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    If the Cook sneezing while preparing it into the food.. Corona or no corona that's bad lol.. Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
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    Baked after quite a while. Basque Cheesecake came out quite well.
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    Commoners of America are dumb af And wokes of America are dumber. this is pride month and I won’t be surprised if they don’t find at least 2 new genders and 5 more sexualities. but comes to Corona both are equal cucks. California has 69% rise after George Floyd protest, New York too. They have new highs.
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    Lol Sent from my HD1911 using Tapatalk
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    Wife had a street food craving and we spoke Mumbai, so you're truly had to get in action. Sent from my HD1911 using Tapatalk
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    Posted this pic on instagram and got a like from Alanah Pearce
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    Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition is FREE (to own) on Steam PSN US IN XBL
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    Such BS in this thread. Both "sides" thinking the other side is full of idiots. That's a good way to carry on a discussion. Why can't we all just get along? Aren't most of us proper adults now? I really don't understand why you guys don't even try to get along for such a small community. 😑 Rant aside... I personally don't really care for 60fps outside of FPS games and fast-paced platformers like Ori. I understand frame rate is really important for genres like racing and fighting but I don't play much of those anymore. Of course, it's always better to have 60fps but that comes at the cost of visual fidelity. I don't mind sacrificing frame rate for stunning looking games; case in point, Hellblade and most Sony exclusives.
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