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    So good news is that Harjas is out of ICU and moved to general Covid ward. He doesn't need external oxygen now. Hopefully will be discharged in few days.
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    Thank you everyone for your kind messages.. Its harsh times everywhere for everyone.. Take care of your loved I am sure you all already but take extra care.. Please don't complacent... We will all get through this eventually.. You all stya strong aswell.. Again appreciate all the messages love you all.. I won't be active for next few days see you all soon.. Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
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    We have been discharged from the hospital yesterday. Forever grateful to the doctors, nurses and all the staff involved. We still feel quite weak, but hopefully it gets better. Thanks for your prayers and support everyone! They worked! PS: My father has already started doing his office work. I swear man, these boomers!
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    IVG gave me a career, to be honest. When IVG was founded (2006), I was working as a news journalist. It was the most depressing work I've ever done and I wanted to quit really badly. We used to have different shift timings, including a 10 pm to 6 am shift, which was very light on work, so I'd spend all night on IVG (must have been 100-200 members tops). Back then the founding members (myself, @CarbonCore , @KnackChap and a few others) would literally comment in every thread just to spark conversations and get new members more involved. Because of that I started writing more and more about games. Started with short impressions and then longer reviews, but just as posts on the forums. The kind of encouragement I got from guys here gave me the courage to quit mainstream journalism and focus on just games journalism in 2008. It was the first of many foolish (but ultimately very rewarding) career decisions I made, because there was literally no gaming industry in India at that time. But looking back now, not only has it been worth it, but had it not been for the people on IVG encouraging me and giving me feedback, I'd never have taken that leap of faith. It might seem crazy to many people to take encouragement and feedback from strangers on a forum and take major life decisions based on it. But they don't realise that a community like IVG is very different than people who comment on a Twitter/FB/IG post. Because here, we're basically stripped off all the labels that life (and social media) puts on you. It's not about where you live, what you do, how much money you have, what you surname/caste/religion is. Everyone is here because we have that one thing in common that's important enough that none of that other stuff matters.
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    Thanks to everyone who wished for me, each and everyone of you, finally got back home.
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    My quarantine period ended. My strength is slowly coming back. First few days even doing small tasks made me want to go lie down or rest. Smell is back on track. Taste is almost there but I'm not getting the taste of salt too much, thus food tasting a little bland. I had also developed two painful canker sores on my Tongue when I had fever but thankfully they have healed now.
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    Insomniac tweeted @Pacifier's artwork
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    IVG is where I truly discovered gaming, it all started with a TP post where a PS3 was being sold for a decent price, with that I started lurking around the forum and then eventually ended signing up. I was still in school when I joined the forum and seeing that most of the people here were older than me I started calling everyone bhaiya's (some exceptions like Alpha and all as he specifically asked me not to ) I am sure a lot of people shall remember this. Slowly and steadily IVG became a huge part of my life, I was already and introvert and this forum helped me in gaining new friends, sure most of em were older than me but we were connected via a common ground and that was gaming, then from lurking at forums at around 2-3 AM at night to taking part in Delhi IVG meetups and then hosting a few and meeting some of the incredible IVGians I have had the honor to meet in real life like @abhi90 @Blueelvis_RoXXX @DishuBOSS @Rashmeet @ALPHA17 @sagarjalvi @Sackboy Rishi, @HundredProofSam, @nash and many more (sorry if I forgot to tag you ) to having some great BF3 days with @kold_war @piper to continue keeping touch with much of the IVGians an playing with em ( I am looking at you @Snake @spindoctor forscience, @Big Boss @Tyler @rAgHaV @Sach4life @dylanjosh @Keyofx @KJD and all others from our IVG Group ) to last but not the least building my first Gaming PC, there are just a lot of great memories that I can never forget and it is all thanks to IVG While things may have changed, that bhaiya calling kid may have grown up, the fact of the matter is that those days will never be forgotten and shall stay with me forever
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    I've been a member here since about 2009, but I didn't really post much till much later. In 2013 my wife, kid and I moved to Goa, leaving all our friends, from our adult lives behind. We had family here, but no one to actually hang out with. To top it all, most of our savings were locked up, whatever was liquid was depleted in an unusually difficult couple of years plagued by extended sickness and hospitalization and death of close family in quick succession. To say it was probably the worst time of our lives would be an understatement. The one thing that got me through most of it was the awesome bunch of guys who bonded over our shared love for a most unloved little handheld called the Vita. While most have moved on and I don't nearly spend as much time gaming anymore, those days really kept me from going insane. It was my little get away from the darkness that was my life back then. I'd put my daughter to bed, message in the whatsapp group and a bunch of 4-5 guys at least would be ready and waiting with their Vitas to tackle some new co-op session or just chat about stuff in general. Those sessions were more important to me than anyone of them could know. It kept me afloat and helped me tackle one day at a time.
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    @Big Boss that image is sensitive and disturbing so im hiding it. guys, requesting you to not post pics of mass graves/pyres etc, especially the ones that are graphic in nature. We have a lot of fellow users & their family members who are covid positive reading and posting on this thread regularly. Dont want them to feel anxious and down esp in these trying times.
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    Been on IVG for 5 years now, so quite new compared to some of the oldies above. However, been a gamer for almost 20+ Years now. Joined IVG solely for the Trade section , and eventually became an active member, mostly thanks to the lockdown. Gaming to me has been a lot of things over time, from plain source of fun, to earning challenging trophies, to help with personal issues, to making friends online, to reminding me to not take life too seriously. Around 2013, new to a job, away from home and an event in life pretty much broke me, no interest in work, paranoia and insomnia. Was away from gaming since I was in a new city and barely making enough for rent and other expenses. That particular event kept ringing in my head all the time, this state of weakness went on for almost a year, which led to loss of weight, being 6'2" and weighing 68kilos after losing about 25kilos. Eventually, decided I can't live like this and that I should keep myself occupied, make sure my mind doesn't go to dark places, drank 2 liters of fatty milk every day for couple of months and started working out, gained weight quickly, fat as well as a little muscle I reached my weight goals, took on more work, but every time I was idle my mind would easily slip into all sorts of negative thoughts. Next time I went home, grabbed my PS3 and bought a decent monitor, and it helped . . . like a lott. Got my sleep time back, but the sleep schedule got f**ked up thanks to late night gaming Made a couple of friends online too. And just like that, I stopped having these thoughts, especially the kind that creeps on you when you go to sleep and when you wake up. Some time later, I was out there meeting new people and even if I reminisced the reasons for those dark times, it never bothered me, like a scar that no longer hurts. I knew maybe one person who enjoyed gaming a much as I do before IVG, he moved to Japan and we connect once in a while. So nobody to talk to or discuss gaming, until IVG forums. From being a lurker to just a trader to being an active member in IVG . . .
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    Costed around Rs 300 more than a regular 2tb external drive but damn this looks so good
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    Might be a bit uncomfortable for you as you will have to spend some time with the settings.
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    HV's letter to Manmohan Singh says everything. The central government is playing an extremely cheap game of politics, at the cost of human capital. I really really really really really hope people don't forget this, specially those who have lost their loved ones due to sheer negligence, complacency and incompetence of the governments, both central and state.
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    Your 3rd standard math teacher would be extremely disappointed in you.
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    Kuch Toh Sharm Karo: Nawazuddin Siddiqui Slams Celebs Posting Maldives Vacation Pics https://www.news18.com/news/movies/kuch-toh-sharm-karo-nawazuddin-siddiqui-slams-celebs-posting-maldives-vacation-pics-3673298.html
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    Joined IVG almost a decade ago.(time flies!!) Was just lurking around for the first few years and not much active again now after having a kid. But IVG is my main source of gaming info. My go to place to share my impressions of the (age-old)games I am playing and have lost count of the great deals I was able to grab because of the online deals thread. Other than the occasional discussions, dint have much interaction with IVGians as I am not into online MP games and havnt met any IVGian personally. But one incident related to this forum will remain forever with me. In Dec 2016, I faced a medical condition which was vision threatening. It was just a normal day, I was sitting in the office and then within a couple of minutes, I lost vision in my right eye because of it. Visited hospital next day and was told that the same can happen to left eye anytime which would have made me blind, at-least temporarily till I undergo a surgery(which wasn't a guaranteed solution too). Obviously, feeling very low, depressed and scared about the uncertain future, I came back home. Few hours later received this from my Secret Santa. This brought a smile to my face and I can't express in words what it meant for me on that dark day. Its a reminder that what can happen if I ignore my health and also a symbol of hope that no matter how bad it looks, that phase will pass. And most importantly, it taught me a life lesson, that even though you might not realise it, a simplest of gesture can mean a lot to a person in certain circumstances. This card is like a treasure to me and I am going to keep it safe with me as long as I can @Mr.Copyright©
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    Yes he is fine now. Not yet discharged but quite stable, oxygen rarely needed now.
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    While the last 2 tweets share true facts . The first one is fabricated . The AAP leader was seen distributing oxygen cylinders to people of his own constituency as per a post on Facebook . Seeing that many people questioned and blamed him for hoarding and a petition was filed in court . There he has been served a notice by high court to appear and explain his source of those cylinders . https://m.timesofindia.com/city/delhi/aap-mla-gets-high-court-notice-over-allegation-of-hoarding-oxygen-cylinders/articleshow/82469161.cms A man in UP ( not linked to any political party ) was caught with 638 cylinders and attested for hoarding and black marketing . https://m.economictimes.com/news/politics-and-nation/man-arrested-with-638-oxygen-cylinders-in-ghaziabad/videoshow/82337603.cms When you click on the bio of the person who posted this tweet it becomes clear it's a blatant attempt to spread misinformation by a member of a particular party . Btw the same party also posted a video saying one of their members died in Bengal violence and shared his photo . As it turns out that person is alive , working for times group living in Delhi and appeared live on tv that night . The spokesperson of the guilty party said they made a mistake in uploading photo He didn't share anymore details about the supposedly dead person and changed the topic .
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    I don't agree that doctors shouldn't be sued. Indian doctors are primarily anecdotal practioners, not evidence based. Just some days ago, came across a prescription for a suspected COVID patient written by a very senior doctor from Delhi (MD, FRCP, with 100s of positive reviews on Google, 4.6 rating) with 21 medicines - 3 pain killers, 4 antibiotics, steroids (with wrong dose), fabiflu (with wrong dose) etc ! The patient just had fever and dry cough for 2 days. I've seen similar prescriptions with extremely well regarded doctors (KGMC HoDs, PGI HoDs), with different drugs from the same class, one given in the morning, one in the evening, ensuring all medical reps are satisfied, they get their commissions, and the patient gets f**ked. In rural areas, such quackery is at a different level. When I was in Chhattisgarh in rural townships, we were primarily treating pediatric and OBGN cases. Would regularly see kids as small as 6 months coming to us after getting Ceftriaxone injections, for things which don't even need antibiotics. Sadly quite a huge chunk of doctors will fall into these buckets, and the current crop of prescriptions bear testimony to it (illogical drugs are given. Saw a prescription yesterday given to a work colleague with COVID+ diagnosis - HCQ + Oseltamivir). Many doctors don't update themselves with latest protocols, developments etc. Many are in it just for the money (you guys just have seen many many instances of doctors black marketing RemD and other critical drugs). Medical negligence should be grounds for litigation. And it already is. Not in consumer court. Most cases go through a special bench of doctors in the respective state council where patient petitions are filed (unless criminal cases come up). While the costs will go up (most doctors anyway should have indemnity insurance, and IMA also helps in such cases), patients have to be protected at any cost. Without a doubt many patients will try to abuse such systems, but that is why extensive documentation of all discussions, treatments etc need to be maintained. I've done many such webinars for multiple groups of doctors since malpractice complaints are on the rise in the sector I work in (much of it is patient abusing the system, but documentation is key in such cases). With the cost of treatment rising (heck, many a times a consultation costs 2000-5000 INR; treating patients as piggy bank), Medico-legal challenges are here to stay, and doctors need to be updated on protocols, and also need to learn the importance of documentation.
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    Guys scampering for vaccine, hold on boys, sit at home for few weeks. Its going to start showing up and in current scenario you are better at home then getting the first jab. I am sure 40-50% will return back with virus who go to hospitals now without proper protection. Break the chain, vaccine availability will only get better with time not worsen.
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    No he did it because he wants to absolve himself of any responsibility if something fails. If centre thinks health is a state subject the entire handling of the pandemic from last March should have been under control of the states. But centre took complete charge of all lockdowns, and even interefered when states were enacting policies they didn't want. Now they claim that controlling spread of virus is entirely states' responsibility. When did it stop being centre's responsibility though? Then when vaccinations started, centre again took all control and micromanaged everything. When BMC wanted to vaccinate disabled people who couldn't themselves come to vaccination centres, centre rejected it because 'they had no such policy'. Now when things are getting difficult they want to push all responsibility to states so they can play the blame game when things go wrong. Shameless buffoon wants to hog all credit when things to right, but whenever there is a difficulty he will quickly push responsibility to others and then later blame them when things go wrong.
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    I am an introvert and since the lockdown began last year, I haven’t stepped out of the house except for the essential shopping. Due to work from home, I have been working 7 days almost every week and my social life took a big hit. I am not a fan of doing group calls or video calls, so, my primary source of communication is now through texts only. Since, being stuck at home and fond of gaming and movies etc, IVG game me a perfect platform to interact with the fellow people having similar interests. I have been an irregular member since 2013 but became an active member in 2020. Over the years, IVG has helped in my purchasing decisions, in selling games without ever coming in contact with anyone and in recommending media stuff. I am thankful for this platform which has played a part in keeping me sane throughout the last year. I might not be sharing cooking pics but I do take inspirations from the Cooking thread. I listen to each song shared in Random Song of the Day thread. I check It’s Free thread for all the free stuff and keep an eye on the deals that are shared. I try to avoid clashes in Movie and TV thread but most of my posts are related to those topics. I can say that I won’t function well if something ever happened to IVG.
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    It's a matter of he said she said. No one knows the reality. Apart from her father's case, which we can assume she used for propaganda, whatever else is reported by her or other leftist media is truth. If people can't digest it and they think that reality maligns the image of their failed nation, then it's their problem and they are just setting up themselves for 3rd wave.
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    Got my PS5!!!! It has the day 1 certificate inside. Makes me wonder why they held onto these for so long since the first set launched. Anyway, Its here and it works!
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    You guys seem to do this a lot.
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    If you don't want people to sell physical copies or buy pre-owned copies, then don't do Gold to GPU conversion lol Support the devs and pay 700 per month
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    High Commission of India sends a rejoinder to The Australian:
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    IVG been second home on Internet for me too. 13+ years now, so many memories so many friends, it's been such a ride. So many friends lost who don't visit IVG anymore, but still speak a lot on whatsapp and we still meet. It would be a crime to name a few and miss a few, so not calling out anyone, but you guys know. True fact: I dumped my then girl friend as she thought i was spending too much time on IVG then with her No regrets!!
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    I remember IVG being the first forums I started browsing back when i was still in high school in Delhi only for the trade section and grabbed lots of PS3 games. Time went by and I shifted to Jaipur and then there was an IVG meetup in BBQ Nation in CP, Delhi. Specially went Delhi to meet IVG peeps like @harjas and few more I don't remember anyone else sadly. Made some really nice friends and met them like @ACIDICBRAT @godspeed4476 and i remember meeting @Bird Bird Bird once when he came Jaipur Sleepless BFBC2 nights with the IVG clan. Good old days
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    This is like the poor Indian soldiers fighting for Britain in the WW2. Except this time is voluntary
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    Snake with the reciepts
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    https://scroll.in/latest/993413/modi-is-a-super-spreader-of-coronavirus-says-ima-vice-president?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=news360 IMA aka Indian Medical Association aka the body all doctors including me, @[email protected] etc are a part of. Eagerly waiting for the new IMA VP.
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    As posted above, everyone is responsible, be it government for lack of being prepared with Infra, be it people partying, be it the poor roaming around without masks. The rich parading Maldives photos and flocking the country to post in Instagram giving false hope to millennials that since there chutiya role models are doing it, they can do it too. I am to blame too, going to Goa when it could have waited, seeing people without masks everywhere, sh*tting my pants out but still sitting on the beach. Somewhere everyone posting on this thread has been guilty, maybe an exception here and there. We f**ked ourselves, sometimes a thought crosses my mind of the people who are dying how many are responsible themselves, did they actually deserve it, a lot of answers would be yes. Yes the government opened up the lockdown, but they never said stop wearing masks, never said go party. The biggest mistake they did for which they are wholely and solely responsible are not postponing the elections and putting the step dpwn to stop Kumbh mela. Maybe if the focus was on the pandemic and seeing graphs rise, they could have tried to get things fast tracked, like now. The position we find ourselves in is 75% Citizens of this country (all of them) and 25% government. As always we will just pass the bucks, introspect for a minute and think about it how many times have you personally broken the rules, how many times have you been in crowded places, you will have 80% of your answers.
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    Corona was always there. Pune district cases never went below 200-300 per day. Then it mutated (double variant) and people came back from UK, SA etc and brought other variants like Brazil, UK, SA, Africa which are way more contagious. Also January onwards, people said f**k it and literally gave up on all Corona restrictions. Masks on chin, no social distancing, partying like idiots like there is no tomorrow, celebrating festivals like this is last year of their life, going to all tourist places in country like they will be thrown out of India next year etc etc. Election rallies, Holi started in March which further increased the numbers. Also, every single media channel and government didn't talk about Corona, and when numbers started to increase, the message was fatality rate is low (new buzzword in 2nd wave, like doubling rate was in first wave) Overall, Indian people, media and Government, everyone just ignored what's happening in the world with 2nd wave, and most of them even wrote articles about how India defeated Coronavirus. Its the result of collective stupidity, moronic thinking and utter lack of disregard for human life.
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    There's a lot of misinformation and now even propaganda flowing in this thread, strongly urge everyone not to take their medical advise on the forums.
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