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    Came home yday to a surprise gift from wifey:
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    Got these both sealed pack for 1700 rs.
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    you need to understand the workload before you throw random numbers based random metrics. The geekbench numbers are useless because the forum isn't CPU heavy, it's IO Heavy. I looked up CloudWatch metrics, the average CPU utilization is less than 15%. There's a reason we have separate managed database and compute instance: the compute instance is quite cheap (less than $8 per month) and the heavy work(and expense) is done by the managed database. The forum is extremely database heavy and the IO workload choked the web server and as a result we ended up with 500 errors. And IVG was on a dedicated server(which IIRC cost 2x our current monthly bill), not a shared host. I don't know how "plesk 3 domains" will be easy to maintain security wise, please enlighten me. And like I said, if you're interested in taking over running the servers and maintaining them, I'd be more than happy. Funfact:, IVG does 150k+ views daily with half of it being absorbed by cloudflare with over 2Gigs of bandwidth.
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    Just run the forum on a few potatoes connected to a AAA battery. Its what Sony does with PSN.
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    Here is what you do. Make it so that no one can block Zodka's posts. And all his posts show up multiple times in large fonts. Then sell a "Premium package" called IVG+ that lets users ignore Zodka's posts. Boy, you would make more money that Google.
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    Got it for a good price on the Prime Day sale Ignore the Chemistry in the background lol [emoji23] Sent from my Mi A2 using Tapatalk
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    Oh thank god you are still here. ❤️
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    Finally caved in and bought it! The box seemed to be factory sealed but the game download codes inside have already been used. f**king sony So I'm left playing demos for now and holy fcking sh*t my mind is blown.....especially by Astrobot and Thumper. So much so that I'm actually considering picking up the almost 3yr old Thumper at full price.
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    Posting again. For giveaway is this steel book for the game Prey(steelbook only, game is not included). This is still sealed. - Make a post about your favorite video game level.(Please ensure there are no spoilers) - Winner will be selected using random.org. - Any member can participate. - Will take care of the shipping cost too. - Will select the winner coming wednesday.(I hope IVG continues to work till then 😛) @GunnerY2J @abhinit90 @adity let me know if you guys are still in.(You can post again too, if you want)
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    Lagta hai tshirt wapis karna padega.
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    ^Since you already have an IVG account that is used to pay bills, we can credit directly to it. Money coming in, as long as it is spent for running the website and is used as an expense for IVG, there should be no tax implications, as you won't be generating any income. Excess money: use it for longer renewals, or, the "crowd funding" thread can be updated to reflect if you've reached your monthly/yearly requirement, and members can stop contributing till the time the thread is updated again.
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    Bought nothing but won 3 games this Steam Sale event.
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    Got the echo dots. Very much worth it for what they cost. Even the Syska light is pretty decent. Bright enough although lack of music flow is disappointing.
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    Visible deals right now are incomplete. Better deals are unannounced, so be glued to Amazon and check this topic for epic/steal/grab or gone deals.
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    This thread lights up after a sale
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    Got the Amazon Echo. Surprisingly good with the free syska led. Thre sound quality is surprisingly loud and good. It catches what we say pretty well. Overall id give it a 9/10 for the price. I.e 5400rs.
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    Next giveaway sponsored by him [emoji14] Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Tapatalk
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    welp! my all likes and posts gone. I had more than Zodak and Joe Cool.
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    There's no way to move the old emoticons to the top of the list, so for now I've disabled the emojis and just kept the old ones. Lets see if people miss the emojis.
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    Nokia 8.1/Poco F1/Samsung M40/A50 are better options. Don't buy Vivo phones unless all you want to do whole day is take selfies only. Audio-Technica SonicSport ATH-COR150ISBK in-Ear Headphones with Mic (Black) 57% Off ₹639 Choose Black model to get the deal
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    Slim is so quiet. Love it. Og ps4 was jet engine
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    People all over the interwebs making fun of it that it cannot be "Switched" anymore.😃 Personally, I would buy one but I have to see that screen in action first. Waiting for reviews! Kind of excited about it. I did see vents in it so maybe it still has a fan inside?
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    I think this was Dhoni's last game, He will announce his retirement maybe today or in coming days.. I feel we Indians think we will win the WC easily forgetting that other teams are as good or bit better than us in some departments.. You can't win World Cup every time. Imagine SA-NZ-ENG never won a single WC in 11 World cups. We all are lucky to have witnessed 1 World Cup, 1 Time runner up & 2 times semi-finalist. Team played well maybe today they did take NZ lightly along with the rain helping the new ball swing. Anyways this was probably the best WC in past 2 decades losing only 1 game, Hopefully we will win it next time in 2023 when it will be hosted in INDIA..
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    Instead of adding ads I suggest to setup Monero Mining Pool for donation. We have lots of members with high end gaming pc. They will mine monero for IVG which can be used for paying server fees
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    Seeing as we went back to 2018, I would like to remind people that Liverpool has won the Champions League, Hazard now plays for Real Madrid and Man Utd are still 6th 🤣
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    Can admins manually increase feedbacks? If so people who have lost their feedbacks can ask to reinstate their feedback on giving a proof ( email, tapatalk notifications, etc.). This is just a suggestion. Also can the forum be rented for a longer period of time? Members can contribute a little and we can rent it for a longer period so it doesnt crash in future. And also there is no reason for a single person (HPS) to keep paying for a service all of us are using.
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    Best part of it all, it's like GoT final season never existed
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    PLAYSTATION 5 Everything we know about PS5 as at July 17th: The famous PS5 load time reveal: Link to the Mark Cerny interview: https://www.google.ae/amp/s/www.wired.com/story/exclusive-sony-next-gen-console/amp XBOX SCARLETT E3 2019 reveal: Link to official MS website page for Scarlett: https://www.xbox.com/en-US/project-scarlett
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    I'll also be there!
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    Fast forward. Samoa is wasted. Corbin End of Days was awesome and then ending... oof.
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    You will get instant discount at checkout for this offer.
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    I mentioned the final price after using Amazon Pay ICICI CC, like I always do.
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    Nintendo is definitely not as popular as Xbox or Playstation in India. There are few gamers who still love lighthearted, fun gaming that only a Nintendo game provides. I like my gaming on both Playstation and Nintendo but both are very different experience. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with open world games so I go back to Good old Mario. AAA Nintendo games launch at 4000 Rupees in India. Perhaps even 5000 Rupees initially. They rarely go down in value for the first year. It would definitely be easy on wallet to get games from US. They don't have sales like Amazon.com, Best Buy, Gamestop in India, not for Nintendo games. The distribution or import of these games does not have a good flow. If you just want to play Pokemon then definitely get a Switch along with 1 or 2 games. It's a great investment if you enjoy Pokemon. Good replay value.
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    https://www.cricket365.com/2019-world-cup/australia-v-england-match-report-using-only-jofra-archer-tweets/ hilarious
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    Use it before they fix it. It won't work for long.
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    Well it's always good to have options. It's not like they're going to discontinue the regular one or not release a Pro model. For someone who wants to play just 2-3 games or for someone who like to play handheld only, it's great having a smaller form factor and it's cheaper too. Now if only the Switch games weren't so expensive. For people who've lived in the US, how does it differ paying 60$ vs 4000 for a game? I've always read the PPP to be around 1:20. So does that mean buying games outside is much easier?
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    Drop skull town solo, away from your team. Get downed before getting a weapon. Open team chat and type - "gg sh*t team" Quit before you bleed out or can be revived. Within a few games you will catch up to how 95% of the community plays. 👍
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    BCCI called up the Weather Gods and ordered them to bring the rain back on... and they opened the taps again!
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    Fitkit Premium Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack (Black) 88% Off ₹499
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    Played football this weekend after more than 18 months. Still Don't know if I can/should start again but felt happiness after a long time.
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    For NATO Straps: AliExpress. Here is a link for a store I use to get my straps for my watches: SeaTopTon Store - AliExpress If you want Seatbelt Herringbone weave NATO straps then search for "Seatbelt nato: on AliExpress and you will get them. These are better quality and comfortable. You can also try Amazon India but straps there are very low grade as regards to quality, barring these ones: Seatbelt NATO Straps For Leather Straps: AliExpress Again. You can also visit a World of Titan showroom in India for Hirsch straps. These are excellent quality leather straps. Other straps available in India aren't really good quality and often times just far too stiff to wear comfortably. If your only looking for 18mm straps in particular and would like to get them from a seller in India, let me know. I will PM you a contact number of a person I have bought straps from. He has both NATO as well as leather straps. Cheers!
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    I dont know how to break this to you but those custom servers you browse in Battlefield, UT, Quake, CSGO, etc have always been paid. Here is a custom server browser in CSGO. Guess how many were paid by Valve? Zero. Same for L4D2. Same for every other game ever made. Just because you can play on them for free doesnt mean they were given for free by the devs. Someone is still paying for them. A sponsor, a team, a website, often players contribute the money to host one etc. This has always been how it works. I know this site is console centric but trust me, asking a company to foot the bill for custom servers is a laughable idea. Especially if your game has a large audience. Nobody has that kind of money. This isnt a console 5v5 shooter that can run on a PvP basis. Its a 100 player game that has an 8x8 km map that NEEDS A DEDICATED SERVER TO WORK. Now imagine you give people the option to host custom games on them. Some guy locks his custom game to 5 players. So you have an entire server which is capable of hosting 100 people running just for that guy's 5 friends. Multiply that by thousands of people who would do the same and you should understand why custom servers arent given away for free. I mean sh*t even Teamspeaks asks you to rent a server and that is 1/10000 of the bandwidth of this.
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    Chelsea want £200m. It will break Neymar transfer fee of €220m if RM agree.
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