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    Compared to people in Italy and US, our people have 1000 IQ if we go by the public response to this pandemic. Its just that the religions add -900 IQ like always.
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    My thoughts: - India can defeat it, if literate elites don’t behave like buffoons. I can’t describe the scale and numbers if we have US like spread. US closed their borders around the same time we did. Though we have much lesser traffic from China, we have been picking people from everywhere. - Uddhav Thackeray MUST not yield to demand of getting 26K people from Gulf. That will be catastrophic. Most of these workers in Gulf are Blue-collar guys and will take the spread right into interior villages, like what is happening in Kerala. Quarantine jumping is very likely cuz no one gives a f**k, educated or illiterate alike. - Today it was good. Janta curfew was a precursor. They decided wide-spread lockdown even before announcing it, they just didn’t want to create panic. This is going to affect poot a lot and with sliding economy, we can’t offer like US/UK did. I think there would be bit of chaos for sure. - Only thing which is going for India is that majority of population is “young”. So no comorbidities anyone who is infected stand 98-99% chance of recovery. The bad news is, we still have large population in middle age. And death of that guy from Patna changed everything. - US is going to pull something miraculous, that country has been ordained by gods to save this planet. I’m pretty sure they would do something. The catch is they have to find a cocktail with approved drugs, like they are suggesting the anti-malaria meds. If there is anything new, it won’t get through FDA. - China has been lying about the numbers. Italy has more deaths with lesser overall cases. While surprisingly there is hardly any spread beyond Wuhan. Now if that cell phone data theory is even 10% correct, China alone has 1m dead and that’s very likely possibility. - More bad news is from Bhutan, though there is only 1 case, this woman found positive in her third test. We need to get the DIY kits which Korea is making. We are way too short on testing. Ideally, everyone who came in India after Feb 15 should get tested, and that would be several lacs. - Finally, we are at grave situation, never thought our lives would be at such a high risk. This pathogen is a great leveller. I have been quite anxious from last few days, trying to unsuccessfully hide it from the family but today had sense of aliveness at 5pm. There has been no greater moment of empathy for others or inner euphoria for just being alive than what I felt today. I truly hope that we come out of it, we deserve to win this.. We must.
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    I bet he was shocked that the virus didn't care for his father's powers.
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    You sound like someone who huffs camphor on a daily basis.
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    if only she had kapoor in her hadnkerchief and not just in her name
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    msi Tomahawk B450, Zotax RTX 2060, Ryzen 3600.
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    He made everyone sit at home. to stop the spread. that is what most of the countries have done to control this pandemic. what more substantial thing should he do? maybe you should contact PMO if you have more concrete measures that you wanna share?
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    ^^He could have asked his party workers not to drink cow urine Somehow they have weird festish for gaumutra
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    Update: He's absolutely recovered now. Symptoms are gone as well. The doctor has given it in writing that no further tests/investigation is necessary. He just advised rest for another day for him to get to 100% and he can resume work, too. Thank God, it turned out okay.
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    Kiryu saga complete. Only Y7 left to complete PS4 RGG games.
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    Moratorium is totally shite. In stead of EMI amount they are charging interest on Principal itself, so basically interest would go 1.5 -2x of EMI. So when you start paying back, monthly EMI will increase + 3 months will be added to your tenure.
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    Just saw a video of doctors being chased with stones.. Dont wanna post and incite more people.. M really happy with the way things are done in Bangalore.. Its so well organised. There were few buildings under construction in my area. Around 20 - 30 wokers were there. They have been asked to stay in those buildings. Every day police come and hand them food packets. 2 packets per person per meal. They have taken really good care... There is a very old and popular vegetable & fruit market near my place. Basically its just 3/4 roads where people get vegetables and fruits in carts and sell them. All these carts were close by and social distancing wasn't followed by people or the sellers. Those carts and the whole market has been shifted to a nearby field and proper arrangements have been made. Its very spacious and proper social distancing is followed. All the grocery stores have boxes drawn near them, people have to stand in those boxes and buy groceries. We are very quick to blame the authorities. Should appreciate when they have done a splendid job..
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    Came here and see people posting China conspiracy theories. Someone needs to ban such clowns please. We are already dealing with a lot of misinformation doesnt help when people post sh*t here while there are actual people dying around the world. f**king morons trying to generate hate.
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    Legit goosebumps. Everything from coonch, plates to even drums. No sirens though Started at 4.53 and still going on. And I live in an area which didn't elect bjp (civic or state elections) even during the modi wave. Basically sabki G fati padi hui hai.
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    He thinks today is Ram navami. Actually sums up what exactly is wrong with the opposition. To sum up the political situation in this country right now in one line is "Andhon mein kana raja".
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    You are a clown
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    Half information isn't really facts. Issue isn't about the meet, which happened before ban was announced, issues is that at least 1,500 people continued to stay put even when the meet was over. This is the timeline and facts March 13: 3400 people gather at the Nizamuddin markaz as part of a religious gathering. March 16: Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal announces that no religious, social, political gatherings of more than 50 people are allowed in Delhi till March 31. People at the Nizamuddin Markaz still continue to stay put. March 20: 10 Indonesians who attended the gathering in Delhi test positive in Telangana. March 22: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Janta Curfew is observed across nation. No public gatherings were allowed for a day. March 23: 1500 people vacate the Markaz. March 24: PM Modi announces nationwide lockdown for 21 days. No public gatherings, any kind of non-essential movement outside residences allowed. Only essential services allowed to remain functional. March 24: Nizamuddin Police asks remaining people at the Markaz to vacate the area. March 25: Around 1000 people are still residing in the area defying lockdown orders. A medical team visits the Markaz and suspected cases are isolated in a hall within the building. Jamaat officials go to the SDM's office. File an application for permission to vacate. Vehicles list was also given to seek passes. March 26: An Indian preacher who attended the gathering in Delhi is tested positive and dies in Srinagar. March 26: SDM visits the Markaz and calls the Jamaat officials for a meeting with the District Magistrate. March 27: Six coronavirus suspects are taken away from the Markaz for medical checkup and are later put in a quarantine facility in Jhajjar, Haryana. March 28: A World Health Organisation (WHO) team along with the SDM visit the Markaz. 33 people who were taken for medical checkup are isolated at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital in Delhi. March 28: ACP, Lajpat Nagar, sends a notice to the Markaz to vacate immediately. March 29: Markaz officials respond to the ACP's letter saying no new people were allowed to gather post the nationwide lockdown announcement. The current gathering had started much before the lockdown and that the PM in his lockdown speech said jo jahaan hai, vahin rahe (stay put wherever you are). 29 March night: Police and health authorities start taking out people from the Markaz and send them to hospitals and quarantine facilities. So, while the meet and its continuation was stupid, reckless and illegal, it is not really an excuse to target an entire religion as if everyone is guilty and all this was done with malice in mind.
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    Testing will not save us, only lock down will. There are two scenarios: Italy, South Korea: Italy also did maas-testing, but what happened is most healthy people got infected when they were at hospital for testing. South Korea made separate testing booths, one can drive-in and got themselves tested, next day they get message with result. in both cases, there were more than 15% positives when they hit 1000 positive cases. Ours were 2.8% it will be utter waste of kits when there is no community transmission and we deploy mass testing. What worse will be is that those who turn out negative turn complacent and then get infected. ICMR knows what they are doing.
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    Someone on Reddit made a site that lists only the positive news related to coronavirus. https://www.justgivemepositivenews.com
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    Background : I live in South Goa. We've been in essential lockdown since the 21st. Stocking of food items were pretty much out of the question since everyone was panic buying and from the 22nd cops were closing stores and lathi charging people. I've been at the receiving end as well. Our CM has been terribly childish in his responses, throwing tantrums and whining is not something I would have expected from our local leader, but it is what it is. He told everyone not to panic and we would have the essentials delivered but after 3 days of nothing and no information, its only natural for people to want to know what is happening. He relaxed the rules and opened the stores and as expected people began to gather (because they're underinformed about the threat levels. I still see people that do not understand what this virus actually does.) His response was on the lines on you are not willing to wait even one day so I am opening the stores, you can go die (summarizing). And then people went out and there was still nothing available. I reported yesterday that the local municipal administration had a meeting and we would have essentials delivered home. f**k alls been done till now. Zero communication at the ground level. I am in touch with people close to local politicians and the gist I get is figure our own sh*t out. OK then. I'll remember this when I vote. The utter failure of foresight and planning is astounding. Local update: Local vegetable store managed to get stock and has opened the store from the rear so that there isn't any disruption from the police. Hats off to him as he asked whoever was coming to write what they need on a piece of paper and told them to come back in 4 hours. No crowds, he's kept one of his guys outside to ensure people are not crowding. He's limiting every person to only one kilo of potatoes, tomatoes and onions. Everything else a quarter kilo. I seen one gentleman request for 3 kilos of onions. The vendor was very very clear and said "Sir if you want you can take this one kilo or you can take nothing. I have to think of the entire village right now. So please understand. (Oh my heart) Bigger stores have been wiped out. I found only 2 cans of pineapple slices and some toilet rolls. People (educated well off people) were crowding. Finally owner and his wife created some sort of queue system to prevent the crowding. Worked out a plan where no more than 4 people could be in the store at a time. Spoke with another mid size super market owner over the phone (he's my regular), aside from some snacks he has not received stock of anything and does not have permission to open either. So that's out of the question. People are still not taking the threat seriously because a lot of them do not understand it. I believe it is the duty of the local administration to reach out at the village level and educate people, but they haven't done sh*t yet. I've spoke with someone at the village panchayat and put out some pointers. Lets see how they respond or implement. Update: Unable to get in touch with the Council chairperson. Spoke with the Vice Chair. Said they are working on it and will have update soon. Let's see.
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    For anyone who believes in how planetary setup affects our lives, I have to say that it was not a favorable time on Earth. Since March 24th, that time has however started to change. I strongly believe in astrology and how it affects us. We could predict a lot through it. It's science too. I could go on and say that by April 20th 2020 (could be even before), we'll either have the vaccine or the spread of Coronavirus Covid-19 will drop dramatically. I know it sounds crazy to say this but I am only telling what is reflected on the charts. I didn't want to post it here but if it helps you cope up with this difficult time then why not.
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    Monument Valley 2 is currently free on the App store and Google Play
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    despite warnings and deleting unwanted posts this is the 3rd time this idiot is posting the same unwarranted comments time and again. his account is also locked down till the 31st.
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    Domestic help has been paid for 2 months and told to stay home till we know more. Gave gloves and 2 refills of handwash.
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    https://maps.mapmyindia.com/ Shows all the corona quarantine, isolation, testing and sample collection centres near you.
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    I believe some very valid points made by PM in his address, no false promises & a sense of urgency. It was for the benefit of the nation...not just the educated lot and ffs stop acting like medical experts just because you Googled a few articles. People in rural India will hopefully take it seriously now, it's stupid to think anyone is immune.
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    All PS4 games will run in legacy mode, most will run in boost mode but needs to be tested. Sony needs to get ahead of this narrative that's been spread around that only some PS4 games will work. The fact that entire 16GB GPU memory can be flushed in under 2 seconds and replaced with new data means you literally never have to wait for more than 2 seconds whether loading for first time or fast travelling in games built from ground up for PS5.
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    The biggest problem right now is not the government. Its idiots living in our country, behaving as if nothings wrong and the virus will not affect them. Refusing quarantine, ignoring other directives. Couple of friends of mine are going to Tirupathi in the weekend, as it was planned couple of months back. I tried to convince them to cancel the trip. But one of em said, the crowd is usually around 1 lakh per day. Now its come down to 60k. So its right time to go, we can avoid queues and waiting. With educated idiots like this, God save us.
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    Approximately 1.5 lakh people die in road crashes in India each year, on average 400 people lose their lives every day on the roads. If we really wanted, we could make a change today and could reduce this number by quite a lot. I used to think that it is really difficult, but the way govt. has been able to control the people in this crisis time, I am pretty sure that they could do it on the road during non-crisis time understanding the severity of road accidents. Corona will go after some time, but roads will stay and driving will stay. We should instead focus on improving the situation that affects us everyday. It is not as bad as it sounds. Every single day of every week of every month of every year 400 people in India (official figure) lose their lives to road accidents. Every single day. It is mind boggling, why people and govt. does not make a bigger deal out of it. I am very sure Corona has helped reduce the number of road accident deaths in India. (probably 90%). So, it has saved at least 3600 lives till today (360 lives/day*10days of lockdown). It has helped clean the environment and made us believe that we can live life without running all the time in maddening traffic. It is so quite and peaceful now a days. Enjoy it. I am pretty sure that we will never see it in our life again. 24 hour news channels are the biggest cause of creating fear in the minds of people. Sex sells. Fear sells 100 (or even 1000) times more than sex. Don't be a customer of the fear of these news channels. Our immune system becomes weak if we are stressed. So, if in the off chance that you catch the virus (or any other ailment for that matter), it would be best to be in a stressfree mode to enable the body to have the best chance of fighting the disease.
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    Testing Kit developed by Pune based Mylab. Gives results in 2.5 hours Cost 1200rs. Comparing it to imported kits which are 4500 rs and takes about 5-6 hours for results. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-52064427 America also did great. Results in 5minutes flat https://abcnews.go.com/Health/rapid-coronavirus-diagnostic-test-provide-results-minutes/story?id=69875037
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    To be honest. I am not here to make irresponsible comments. I am as worried as other people all over the world. Moreover , I am stuck here alone. Can't even go home. And if you don't mind me asking. I would like to know from what makes you think this is a mutation and occurred naturally all of sudden now. Before all these years people in China were still drinking bat soups. Why it didn't happen before ? Why its happening now? And as far I know. I am allowed to post anything on forums (regarding the topic) unless its not harming anyone or unless you prove me wrong. Thanks.
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    Even the strongest of us could develop issues if we stay confined in a closed up space. It elevates anxiety levels. Mental health is important during this crisis. I think such conducts would help us feel better about this situation, however little it may be, it raises our spirits and hope. No one is going out and most people are going to their individual terrace and balconies in my city.
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    Also while I know we have the well deserved notion that our cops are rather heavy handed we also need to understand that they are outside trying to ensure that there continues to be a lockdown. Some times without any of protections that we have like masks etc. They also have families are also human and are as easily susceptible to this.
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    Bought Asus 6z (Zenfone 6) [emoji7][emoji7][emoji41]
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    Literally none of that is actual concrete policy. None of it. Other countries leader are setting up basic income to support the unemployed, guaranteed healthcare, testing at home, freeze on eviction notices, guaranteed paid leave to the sick etc etc. We are being told to get on our balcony and clap. I cant even blame them really. Why make an effort when no one is gonna hold you accountable?
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    Look at this clown addressing PM like that
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    With the COVID-19 lockdown going on, we've been asked to WFH for the next 15-30 days atleast :/ Got the IKEA Markus and upgraded the table top to a larger one courtesy of 250$ work from setup offered by company. Moved the PC cabinet next to the TV so that I could make space for the laptop. The office desktop server will soon come home since we've been asked to take it with us till this pandemic gets better.
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    Not kidding, I Saw a guy today wearing a mask with " apna time aayega" printed on it. I was like.. BC kya ek se ek namune hai apne desh me.
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    There can be asymptomatic cases of Coronavirus but the symptoms do start to creep up in a week or 2, that's why anyone who actually goes for a screening test must already have clear cut symptoms based on which they made a decision to take the test. But mostly, people are going out of fear thus the only ones being tested asymptomatically are the ones with travel or contact history. Now the test works by taking a swab sample of your throat, might even have to cough up some sputum. Then they use a procedure called Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction in which they extract genetic material from the sample taken, mix it with other genetic material which is extracted from the specific virus which is Coronavirus in current scenario. Now if the sample has the same material as the Corona, the genetic material will amplify and will be reported by the testing machine. If it doesn't, then it's negative. No blood or any other body fluids required. The genetic material of Corona is not in a surplus supply hence the limited number of testing kits. But it's getting better, India had about 100,000 and ordered 200,000 more from Germany. Although it will be quite some time before it becomes ubiquitous.
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