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    As ..... thrilling as this 2 page discussion on Indian taxation system is, could you guys take it to the Ask the experts thread? Keep this thread for deals.
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    Hey sure, I am running a 7.1.4 configuration and here's the set up currently. 65 LG C8 Oled Marantz 8012 11.2-channel home theater receiver McIntosh SL1 sub (It is old and have issues with this) DefTech BP9080x towers as L & R with Integrated 12" Powered Subwoofer and Height Module (I'm currently not using the upward firing Atmos speakers from the towers) DefTech CS9080 for center with Integrated 8" Powered Subwoofer and Bass Radiator (Currently not using the powered sub from the center) 2 x DefTech SR9080 Bipolar Surround Speakers for surrounds 2 x DefTech SR9040 Bipolar Surround Speakers for rear surrounds 4 x Micca 8C in ceiling speakers, 8 inch Few things, I have to get additional support for the towers to prevent vibrations going through the walls and pillars. So looking into options currently. I am also looking to replace my current old and dying sub, as of right now I am leaning towards the Rythmik F18, it is an18" sealed audiophile sub with 900WRMS amplifier. Also down the line, will be getting a premium 4K UHD player replacing my current LG UBK9 4K UHD. Here are some pictures. Sorry for the low quality and dark nature, I happened to take these randomly to send to few friends regarding the set up. This shows the towers and the center. The sub is on the far right corner of the room. You can also see the 4K UHD player sitting on the counter. Currently I'm using LG UBK9. That brick pillar is fake one that's been created to hang the surround left speaker and to make it seemless, also happened to get some fabric panels made as you see on the left. This is the surround right speaker on the wall between the two windows in the living room. Rear surround right speaker hanging from the ceiling, want to black out the wiring as well, so they don't look out of place. As you can see the ceiling has fabric across the living room to aid in the better acoustics. The same speaker. Both the rear surrounds are hanging from the ceiling as you can see the other one is on the far right side in the picture. All 4 Atmos speakers are in the fabric ceiling. 2 on the left of the seating and 2 on the right. The entire ceiling has been stuffed with rock wool on the inside for sound absorption and to prevent vibrations to some extent. The support hinges for the ceiling in the living has been made with ply to prevent rattles. Even with all these minor additions for better acoustics, I did get my first noise complaint last week . So I am looking to reduce the vibrations going to the floor through the speakers with some padding under the towers and the center. Anyway, that is all and should give you an idea of the space and the set up.
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    All you want is Switch Switch Switch, But all you really do is Bitch Bitch Bitch !
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    Got these. Thanks to @ngaged2005 and @GunnerY2J Sent from my GM1901 using Tapatalk
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    Some fried chicken today marinated in soy sauce, ginger-garlic paste, pepper and some garam masala for the added taste. Sent from my ASUS_X01BDA using Tapatalk
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    Peaky Blinders is very good. Good choice there. As for list of shows, there are really thousands of shows worth watching. It comes down to what genre you want to watch. These days I only watch comedy shows or re-run older shows. The ones that I have watched it many times and still watch: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - I know it is not 3-4 seasons. Not even 7-9 seasons but currently sitting at 14 seasons. Goddamn this is among pinnacle of TV shows that is running for last 14 years. Season 1 and 2 might take you some time to get used to old charm and characters but once you stick around, you are in for one hell of a crazy ride. This isn't some comedy show that turns into rom-com or drama or any such bullshite after few seasons, no. This is pure comedy gold. I watch this show literally every day. Yes, every single day of my life. I have seen and can recite every line now and still find it funny This show is that much fun and one cannot not get a laugh from it. All characters are crazy, the humor is toilet level gold, and there is no bullshite story and all. Episodes are random shite they do and it is amazing. This is a must watch for all comedy lovers. New season was very good. Gravity Falls - animation, comedy, adventure, heart of gold, family. My favorite animated show out there. Just 2 seasons but fantastic. The design is great, animation is superb and characters are best part. The comedy and adventure blend in extremely well. Mind Your Language - you cannot find or make shows like that now. This is from late 70s and is one of the most funnest thing I've watched. It is basically an English teacher trying to teach English to people from around the world. Hilarious stuff. Around 4 seasons and bit hard to find. You can however watch it on Youtube. Better Off Ted - just 2 seasons. Sadly it had a poor name and no marketing which killed the show but don't let that stop you from not watching it. Smart, subtle and sometimes vulgar humor. I miss it. IT Crowd - just 24 episodes. 24 hilarious episodes. This is UK comedy and so can be a hit or miss if you are not used to it. I would suggest watching it still as it is hilarious. Douglas is my among all time favorite comedy character and show gets even better once he arrives. Gortimer Gibbon's Life on Normal Street - probably very few have heard of this show but it is a joyful show and perfect for kids/family. Very well written. Simple, innocent, outdoor, friendship, adventure, comedy, emotions. It made me tear up. Love it. Only 2 seasons. I watch it every 6 or 12 months. Definitely worth giving it a shot. Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency - gone too soon. Another show no one watched at launch but lots of people tuned in when it got cancelled. Brilliant stuff. Just 2 seasons. Santa Clarita Diet - another one gone too soon. Just 3 wonderful seasons. Ever wanted zombie with comedy show? This is it. Olyphant is fantastic. Kids did their role very well too. The King of Queens - 9 long seasons but absolutely love Doug & Carrie. Their chemistry is so so good. Stiller is great as usual. Side characters play their part well too. I loved every minute of it. It is more sit back on couch and chill. Doctor Who - very long. very awesome. Reboot series on air since 2005. Original since 60s. Only new Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) and her seasons suck but that shouldn't stop one from not watching it. DW is for everyone. From kids to old people. It is a great adventure filled with all kinds of emotions. The show is so close to heart. Battlestar Galactica - 15 years and still nothing replaced it. 4 seasons and mini-series. It is more than just sci-fi. Star Trek: Discovery wishes it were this exciting. LOST - obviously saved my best for last. Best pilot. Best characters. Best OST. Best show ever made. You wouldn't believe the craze it set when it aired. I have watched 100s and 100s of shows and I still haven't replaced LOST. There is simply nothing there that can replace these characters. Changes your life perspective. It is more than just a TV show for me and I feel everyone should watch LOST once even if you don't (understand) like the ending. Other shows with few seasons mostly (or only few seasons good but good watch): Heroes - Watch season 1. That's all. 11.22.63 - mini series. Time travel with James Franco and Sarah Gadon. Beautifully made. The Mandalorian - 1 season. Good start. Mid meh. Good ending. Worth checking out. Six Feet Under - 5 seasons of perfection. The Shield - 7 seasons. Terrific writing with superb characters. Deadwood - 3 seasons. Olyphant's best. Daredevil - 3 seasons. Dumbarses cancelled best superhero show. Matt and Kingpin are best part. Karen and Elektra are worst. Billions - 4 seasons. Not much talks around here but show turned around so well. Solid acting from both Giamatti and Lewis. There are some inconsistencies and female actors are bad or annoying as show revolves around Chuck and Bobby. Lots of money, quality, entertaining. Not really a must watch but you will have a good time rooting for either guy. Schitt's Creek - 5 seasons. Subtle good comedy show. If you can get past or used to Catherine O'Hara, you will have a pleasant time watching it. Dad and Son are best. Community - 6 seasons and movie. Cool characters and easy to get in. Very chill show. Fargo - 3 seasons. Mysterious, intense, some fun, well written show. The cinematography is amazing. Did I mention the theme music? The Mick - 2 seasons. For all Kaitlin Olson fans. She is hilarious as ever. Rest of the cast did well but sadly got cancelled. Russian Doll - 1 season. I liked it. It was refreshing. The Umbrella Academy - 1 season. I liked it very much. Number Five oozes charisma and talent. Entertaining show. The Good Place - 4 seasons. Kind of a unique show. Lots of fun despite some not so great stuff in newer seasons. Still definitely worth checking out. Killing Eve - 2 seasons. Season 1 set bar high which season 2 couldn't beat it. Still a good show. Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - 3 seasons. Took me a while to used to it but Maisel is hilarious. Generation War - mini series. German. War. Very nice. Suits - season 1 to 5 lots of fun. Harvey is SUITS. Watch it for him. One Day at a Time - 3 seasons. Family chill comedy show. Not too bad. It's on Netflix. Good Girls - 2 seasons. Female Breaking Bad type bumb show but you want to keep watching. Just Add Magic - 3 seasons. Kids/family cooking magic show. Pretty chill and fun. The Chef Show - 2 seasons. Favreau‎. If you like food and Chef movie, this is for you. The Goldbergs - 7 seasons. Family comedy show. It was good but new seasons are drag. Fresh Off the Boat - 6 seasons. Asian family in America with kids. Good fun CW stuff: there is something about CW shows. They always start well, set up well but somehow everything drops and goes crazy and slowly loses charm. Smallville - still best Superman stuff on media. Best Lex. Was good till last season 5. Then slowly started moving in wrong direction till season 9 & 10. Supernatural - love Sam and Dean but show has had lot of ups and downs in newer seasons. Some are very bad that you would want to skip. Expected when you run a show for 15 seasons. Riverdale - good 2 seasons. The 100 - good 2 seasons. Okay 3rd season. Rest is just stupid. Jane the Virgin - this was kind of entertaining and cheesy. Okay start -> got better -> got meh. Wouldn't mind tuning in for a random episode. The Vampire Diaries - romance, vampire, cheesy, college, all pretty people. Somerhalder, oh god. 3 fun season. After that kind of loses charm. The female lead sucked. Salvatore brothers, originals, Alaric were best and their scenes/episodes didn't lose charm till end. The Originals - a spin off TVD which turned out better than TVD till a point there it started to suck. Klaus and Elijah were perfect. Too bad once again female lead sucked and eventually got meh. iZombie - 3 good seasons. Then meh. No Tomorrow - super cheesy. Something you could watch as couple. Only 1 season. Veronica Mars - very nice 2 seasons. Then meh. Returned after 12 years and it wasn't too shabby. All their superhero shows - couple of good seasons/episodes and dragged so long that you end up hating it. I skipped some of the obvious ones for obvious reasons and not really fan of those nor watched more than once. There are so many shows really. Anyways, think this should keep you busy for a long time. Most of the shows are available on Netflix/Amazon/Youtube/Hulu or your local provider. Enjoy. 😌
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    So bought a few things in the last few days. Bought the Samsung M30s for mom along with the necessary tempered glass screen and Spigen cover. A cheap Asus vivobook laptop as a daily driver. Also a mixer grinder cause mom complained she can't make coconut chutney for dosas :|
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    bas aise hi khush raha kar.. achcha lagta hai..
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    Hufff. Sent from my ASUS_X01BDA using Tapatalk
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    Comic...errr.. Merch Con buys: Jim as Dwight (all Dwight Funkos were sold out ! ) Demogorgon Funko: Batman and Wonder Woman VNYL Funkos: 1950 Batmobile: Some Indie comics, signed and sketched: Archie, signed by Bill Golhher: Delhi CC was pretty good. Better than last year.
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    Leak from reddit about PS5 event..
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    ^ 28:58 . That sounds glorious, rip n tear with that in the background, HYPED. Artwork 8k version
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    Breakfast. I like noodles with as much and as many as Vegetables possible and bare minimum of noodles. (The ones which are generally put plus the ones I like - sometimes even ladyfinger,peas, spinach, cauliflower etc etc) Sent from my ASUS_X01BDA using Tapatalk
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    Not this week but very recently upgraded PC components.. Old - i5 4690k + Antec a40 cooler + MSI z97 PC mate + Gigabyte gtx 1060 6gb + 16gb ddr3 1600mhz + Samsung 830 250gb sata + Antec GX500 case New - Ryzen 3600 + Corsair H45 cooler + MSI B450M mortar + Nvidia RTX 2060 + 16gb GSkill Tridentz rgb 3200mhz + Samsung 970 evo plus 500gb nvme + Ant esports ice 511mt
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    Today's dinner. Don't follow any particular recipe for anything, just keep adding what feels good to the marination and that's what makes this one of the most delightful things you could make with absolutely minimal effort/experience. Tasted sort of between tandoori and pahadi chicken and actually better than both. Sent from my ASUS_X01BDA using Tapatalk
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    So basically i double dipped. I have the Lite and this one too. Got this case as well for it.
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    Got the Playstation lights finally!!! Its got 3 light modes - steady icons, alternate icons blinking, and Icons lighting up based on music beats! Also got some stuff from Primark after a long time [emoji2] Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    Well couldn't resist that sexy looking console, and the second one is to see what is all the hoopla about. Now need to sell the old one. Sent from my HD1911 using Tapatalk
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    In tests too Saha has proved to be a better keeper so he maybe the first choice. Pant has only himself to blame. Shoddy keeping and braindead batting will be his undoing. Sent from my SM-A505F using Tapatalk
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    ^ very nice. The salt among ps fanbois will be glorious.
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    1.) Basically you should plan to arrive in Hanoi, try local food standouts and beer (if you partake), especially you will tons of pho outlets. 2) Then you can hit Sapa, it's a bit hilly area and used for agriculture but if you go at the right time, you will be able to see an awesome view, can also trek. 3) Followed by Halong Bay, think of it as a cheaper version of Phuket but still quite beautiful. 4) Follow down the coast to Hoi An, a bit of central Vietnam and you will find a lot of tourists but everyone being jolly, can check out Nguyen market. 5) End in Hoi Chi Minh city, it's a metropolis so just to experience vietnam. You can skip Sapa if you want and go to Phu Quoc Island after you visit Hoi chi minh, spend a couple of days by the sea. But again, keep in mind that you need to end near airport. Most of the tourists go from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh. So you can do it the other way around and save time on transit. Plus economy is in our favour over there, so everything will be cheap and for the price, it will be damn good.
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    [FREE] Darksiders Warmastered Edition, Darksiders II Deathinive Edition and Steep Standard Edition Valid till 9th January 21:29:59 IST
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    Since you consider yourself a "proper critic", surely you can come up with a better (and more objective) critique of the movie than just saying "storytelling didn't live up to the hype"?
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    Got my gifts :dance: Thank you so much for the amazing gifts SilentAssassin. Made my year. Live those chocolate, been wanting to try out project cars 2 and was in my cart for months. And the tee, killzone Thank you so much, wish you and your family a very happy new year .
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    For people who couldn't see my previous post..
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    Absolutely loved this gift So Unique. Never knew about this. Thank you so much for this gift Please reveal yourself my Santa Sorry for the pics. Size is getting cropped for some reason. How u guys upload.
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    Lovely gift. Please reveal yourself Santa.
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    The Rock in the Jungle should be a movie genre.
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    not sure who my santa is ...please reveal yourself.....was looking forward to play this! Thanks!
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    Received my gift. Will post the pics in the evening. Thanks @HundredProofSam
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    Studio Ghibli Films Will Exclusively Stream on Netflix Outside of North America and Japan Holy sh*t!
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    So boys here is the plan. 6 months is even cheaper at 1240 including taxes. Go to buy as gift, order it to your email id, go to redeem code and stack away. 2480 for a year sub, three years for around 7500, upgrade to Xbox ultimate and you are done.
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    First DLC Pack (Legacy of the First Blade) is very much worth it. It's heavily story and character focused and shows how Odyssey is actually related to Origins and the Creed as a whole. Story was decent and there is a new cult. So it was worth it. Haven't played Atlantis yet (Little burnt out of AC, plus Sekiro is taking more of my gaming time attention) but from what I've seen it's worth it - it gives beautiful new areas to explore, focuses a lot on Isu (Old Civiliations - if you like that stuff) and some bosses along the vein of mythical beasts (Based on what I've seen from the trailer, as I've said - I've not played Atlantis yet - though I have it in my PS4 library) Best of all - you get the AC3 Remaster, which by itself costs 2500 on PSN India/ 2000 Rs on Steam (While the Season Pass itself is Rs 1665 on PSN India currently, 2000 Rs on Steam) - so you are recouping your cost then and there. Whatever people say about Ubi, they did support the Season Pass owners with a hell of a lot of content.
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    This should work: EU/Asia - https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/campaigns/2019/wrap-up/ NA - https://www.playstation.com/en-us/campaigns/2019/wrap-up/
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    Lost is the only TV show where I remembered every character's full name by the end of first season. The character arcs and personal stories in that show are still untouched. Just ignore the silly overarching plot.
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    I just wanted to express my feelings towards the movie in a compact way, and not write a comprehensive review. scorsese is proud of his story telling which was not impressive. unlike you, who is a critic of members posts, try to stay relevant and not wander into unnecessary details try to understand before assuming..
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    Yooka Laylee and Impossible Lair free https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/yooka-laylee-and-the-impossible-lair/home#
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    I miss the yearly tri series in Australia with a Best-Of-3 final.
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    Yep, India Post. 🙂 Is the pic visible now?
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    Haha... even I had the same question and searched on Amazon. Found this: Paladone Products PlayStation Shapes Light
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    Merry Christmas ya filthy animals.
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    GT sport is absolutely fantastic. You might feel that it's a bit too tough if you haven't played simulators before and even otherwise some challenges might be way tough. But now I am at a point that I have gotten Gold in every race, challenge, circuit experience and school part and still it's amazing to try to beat your record on Nurgburgring especially with Merc AMG GT. Give it some time, you will like it.
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    Got all Mario Kart games ever released. Zelda related games so far. Not been actively collecting for this though.
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    Finished it. All those skiff driving sections make sense now. Cut that out and its like a 3 hour game. Seriously, what in the actual f**k. Act 1 and Act 4 are pretty good. Act 2 and 3 have a total of 1 hour of decent gameplay. Everything is just driving the skiff and redoing old locations (locations that have zero "personality"). I have no interested in Horde or MP. I am glad I Game Pass'd it. Cant imagine paying full price (or even discounted) for that campaign. 5/10.
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