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    Just got it delivered 😁
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    Behold... More pics below
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    PS5 will have to wait till god of war arrives now.[emoji4] Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
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    Sent from my SM-G985F using Tapatalk
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    Arrived last night. Quite impressed... Thought it would be too big for my entertainment cabinet but doesn't look too bad. Now to wait next week for my PS5 to be. Delivered. Sent from my LYA-L29 using Tapatalk
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    And here it is. Amazon delivered.
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    Wooooooooooot Wooootttt!!!!!!!! Came in yesterday. FYI, The clips that hold the rotating piece to the stand broke/were broken. So for now just set it gently on the stand horizontally. Raised an issue with the support, and they will get back to me about possibly sending a new stand, I hope and not return the whole thing. As Piper said before, the stand in horizontal orientation is not the best thing, a slight movement can make it come off from the PS5. Last image shows the PS5 upgrade option for eligible PS4 games. Downloaded a bunch of games to it last night, Will be playing it today! Also, I will probably move all my PS4 games to external hard drive and plug that in to play PS4 games. This should free up some storage on the PS5. Hopefully they release the update to support extended storage soon.
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    So, today found another gem on OLX Enjoy the chat
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    Fired it up yesterday.. Surprised LG guy showed up on Sunday. PQ for movies and OTT is different level, especially on Netflix the once branded as Dolby Vision, those tags appear now for which earlier used to appear only as 4K HDR on my LED.. Totally mind blown. Game Mode still getting used to it as I have always played games with high brightness, light and color like the vivid mode, still fiddling around with settings to arrive at eye candy setting. TV speakers are surprisingly good, I had to use without choice as my sound bar woofer died same day..
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    Reposting here. The next generation begins! 😁
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    A few black and white pics:
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    Super excited as this is my new favorite thing i own. My friend sent me this from the US. She had two copies so I traded a few CE games for this. This is a Limited edition Uncharted Drake's Journal hand signed by Nolan North. Only 500 copies exist. Sharing a few pics of the 128 pages. Sent from my SM-M317F using Tapatalk
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    aaaaand, it here. first few hours' impressions: 1. Its petit. like, its much smaller than it appears in pictures. 2. Snappy af. Moving in an out of games is so fast that dropping in for even a 10 minutes session doesnt feel like an arduous task 3. Fingerprint magnet. 4. Whisper quiet. 5. Colors in photo mode are weird. Need to investigate further. 6. Snappy af. Yes, this needs to be mentioned twice. I ll be getting gamepass soon. Put your questions here and I can check for you and answer whatever you need to know.
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    Right... so first impressions 1.Super quiet 2.Controller is just amazing. 3.Load times are super quick 4.Have only tried NBA 2k21 so far it looks gorgeous 5.love the new UI 6.Download speeds have improved. Gonna try GOT for the first time, hope it's as good as everyone says it is. Will also try some Valhalla... Sent from my LYA-L29 using Tapatalk
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    For someone who likes PS so much, you spend awful lot of time commenting on Xbox thread.
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    Fun fact- Xbox controller's battery life is 0 hours 0 minutes.
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    Build done. Realised Mini ITX means fewer USB connections so had to order an internal USB hub. Until that arrives, no fan on top of the case, no RGB in the case, and no front panel USB ports. Other than that I love this case. Cable management is amazingly designed even with components being as crammed as this.
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    CST mumbai lit up for PS5 launch. it's for international men's day.
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    doston swagat hai apka typical hindi gadget "review" video par. doston, yahan par sabse pehle to apko mil jata hai ek spec-sheet readout. Thoda ghuma kar dekhein isko doston to yahan hamein diya gaya hai dus minute ki bohat hi generic commentary. Fir dekhiye doston yahan, aap isko dhyaan se dekhein to apko yahan mil jata hai ek bohat hi fake-a*s "technical gyaan". Aur end mein doston ek bilkul blatant tukka aisi cheezon ke bare mein jo hamein bilkul samajh mein nahi ayi. To doston, yeh tha hamara in-depth review. Like karein, share karein aur doston subscribe zaroor karein. Yahan apko ek bell icon bhi mil jata hai, jisko zaroor dabayein.
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    Dropped the BOMB ! My Deepavali and Birthday gift for myself Just casually stepped out today to buy lights for balcony, light store was closed.. Went to LG Shoppe to check price he quoted 2.2 Final..went to Girias on the way back home, he quoted 1.75 straight.. I was like wtf same guy quoted me 2.4 during Ganesh Chaturthi.. Didn't negotiate much and asked for 1.65 and finalized for 1.7. Went for a 18 month zero cost EMI so I don't feel the pinch, there was a 24 month too. Total landing cost estimate - 1.65~ Offer Price - 1.7L Instant Cash back- 2K GST interest on EMI - 4.5~ CC cash back - 7.5K Wait begins for installation, probably Monday or Tuesday.
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    What's even more staggering is the ratio of 0 PS5 console to the entire population of India.
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    Some images of my series X. Will be trying it on later tonight https://ibb.co/NxSC65b https://ibb.co/x167Y4z https://ibb.co/T162Grz https://ibb.co/grv8hBs https://ibb.co/3ktRmHs
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    The X95G is here ! Now let's see how fast Sony's installation is.
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    A next-gen console on Day 1 in India (along with the rest of the world). Credit to MS India where it's due.
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    The worst part of it all is I'm almost 40, married with a 9yr old, and for some reason I'm defined as that guy who plays games all day! Everytime we meet family the standard dialogue from my mom is "Eh! He is always busy with his games. Where he knows anything else!" And then all my uncles and aunts and their kids etc will have a good laugh about it. Once got into an argument at a family gathering because one of my cousins said what do you get playing those games. And then everyone unloaded on me. I finally had to shut them up with "I spend less time on video games than you lot spend time on FB, insta, whatsapp, shitty soap operas, yeah uncle you too with your idiotic saas-bahu bs. At least my hobby isn't excruciatingly stupid. I pay for my games with my own money that I earn so keep your opinion to yourself until you're paying for my hobby!" Safe to say I don't get invited much anymore, no complaints honestly
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    Finally, f**king finally. Pros: Compact, light, one handed use possible, seems snappier than P2XL (phone was usable while installing apps in background - which wasn't possible with P2XL - but have to check in the long run), fabric case is awesome as usual Cons: Screen is a massive let down from P2XL, it's less punchy, less contrast, less bright, phone refuses to charge via my laptop's USB C port (P2XL fast charges with the same port), volume rocker is a tad hard to press Have to check: Camera, general usability, speakers, call etc. Flipkart experience: Box comes with 2 seals, one was already broken, but it's nigh impossible to open the box without opening both seals, so I am not making much of it. Everything else was packed neatly, so unless the phone malfunctions, I guess it should be OK.
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    Bought these cool Katana Bookends from Amazon. Love Katanas even more after playing the Ghost of Tsushima. Sent from my SM-A920F using Tapatalk
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    Got this today. All set for next gen.
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    A lot of people may not know, but IVG began as an Xbox only forum and then grew to other platforms. The preference for PlayStation here over Xbox is just a general reflection of the way Indian consumers generally perceive and prefer game consoles. To this day, people in India who don’t know gaming refer to a console as a playstation. Like how all portable cassette players were called Walkman. Our country has a fascination with Sony. And so there is already an advantage that PlayStation has. On top of that, PS has been in india longer, and while MS has done a great job with XSX|S, you can bet that in the long term, Sony will support PS5 in India way better and way more comprehensively than Microsoft will the XSX|S (unless something dramatic changes on the Microsoft front or if Game Pass/xCloud adoption skyrockets) But even if you look at the numbers, PlayStation does sell a LOT more than Xbox in India, and the software numbers are even more skewed than the hardware numbers. Distributors who bring in major third party games here (Ubi, Activision, etc) bring them in a ratio of 100:1 (PS4:X1). So if PS4 games are outselling Xbox One games by 100:1, it’s only obvious that this disparity will be reflected online in communities like IVG.
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    Reporter - Mr. Ryan did you get diarrhea today Jim Ryan - Sorry. I've got nothing to say about that today Random Internet Dude - Clearly he got diarrhea today
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    Got mine last night... Tried a couple of games quite impressed. Quick resume doesn't work with gears 5 yet tho. Sent from my LYA-L29 using Tapatalk
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    Finally a console that's compatible with Steam
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    I feel you're directing your hate for Sony towards him. Fwiw it may be a big article but all the info is in the headline and the first paragraph. A very very small thing to get so worked up about. For a market as small as India, its good we even have a bunch of people passionate enough to report on the happenings. That includes Sam, Nash, gagan with their ivg podcast. These things are just driven by pure passion and I imagine it can't be easy for someone like rishi to make a living out of it. So really, maybe we can hold off the hate for rather minor annoyances.
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    Less funny than paying for a game just to avoid installing a new launcher though
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    Here it is! Xbox Series X! Can finally play Red Dead Redemption 2 in native 4K :’)
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    Remove this comment, you will regret this when you grow up in life..
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    PS5 India website updated again, but they immediately removed it. Luckily I managed to take a Screenshot.
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    My Mother Tested Positive for Covid19 on the 18th and I had to admit her. She is 71. Her symptoms started on the 10th with a sore throat. She then developed a cough and eventually lost her appetite, became extremely weak and from the 17th evening she developed a temperature (99-100.1F). On the 18th morning I checked her Oxygen Saturation Level (SpO2) via an Oximeter and it came to 86-88. She could hardly sit straight due to weakness and her breathing was very heavy. I took her to AMRI (Kolkata) and admitted her immediately. Thankfully, the doctors working on her administered Remdesivir along with other medicines and she was released from the nursing home on the 23rd without symptoms. I'm now solely taking care of her at home and slowly her weakness is going away. Hopefully with time she will return to good health with her diet and care. I'm trying my best to give her all the support I can.
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    Got these last week Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Xbox Series S&Gears Tactics - Xbox (Xbox One) https://www.amazon.in/dp/B08NRBNDPZ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_fabt1_gVOTFb1T06HQK xbox series s bundled with gears tactics... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ did Amazon forget there no Drive in xss
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    The X95G got delivered and installed today.
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