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    Loves shooter and action adventure styled games e.g Gears of war , Call of Duty , Halo, Mass Effect , Uncharted and everything American.
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  1. Why is Capcom still betting on MP in RE? Trying to be the next L4D?
  2. Mysteryman

    Gears 5

    Play it on Experienced since you know the feel of the gameplay. Also it’s the right mode to play Gears. Collectibles can be collected in any mode. However there is a glitch where the stats are not updated.
  3. Mysteryman

    Gears 5

    Maybe like in Wolfenstein TNC. You should mention major Spoilers ahead.
  4. Mysteryman

    Gears 5

    Finished the campaign in Experienced mode. Yeah, suffered some glitches and checkpoints do not work which I have to close the game and start it again. Hardest campaign ever. Lots of weapons/powerful enemies that kills you instantly in one shot even in Experienced mode. f**k I am scared of Insane. As for story, it is better than GOW4. The original trilogy remains the best.
  5. Mysteryman

    Gears 5

    I am aware of it. Just that there was no need to post such videos here considering when the release is so close. I think that we should create a general spoiler thread or they watch them via youtube. This marketing for Gears 5 campaign is pretty strange. Or maybe Microsoft wants more focus on the MP modes.
  6. Mysteryman

    Gears 5

    Please stop posting videos from the campaign. The game is out in just 2 days. Put up a spoiler thread if needed
  7. A game that no one asks for. Thought that Capcom got its game right.
  8. With all these retaliatory tariffs hitting the headlines these days, I am concerned if they would steeply affect the prices of the next generation consoles. We could be looking at $600 with $100 just for tariffs unless Sony manufacture the hardware in the US. What is your take? Where are the Indian consoles imported from?
  9. Mysteryman

    Doom Eternal

    Yes the same footage was shown at Quakecon.
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