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    Loves shooter and action adventure styled games e.g Gears of war , Call of Duty , Halo, Mass Effect , Uncharted and everything American.
    Proud owner of Xbox360 Arcade and 320GB PS3 Slim.

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  1. Mysteryman

    Doom Eternal

    Doom Eternal is an upcoming first-person shooter video game developed by id Software and published by Bethesda Softworks. The game is set to be released on November 22, 2019 for Google Stadia, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It is the fifth main title in the Doom series and a direct sequel to 2016's Doom. Players once again take on the role of the Doom Slayer, an ancient warrior who battles the demonic forces of Hell, from a first-person perspective. The game continues its predecessor's emphasis on "push-forward" combat, encouraging the player to aggressively engage enemies in order to acquire health and ammo. The player has access to various firearms, such as the Combat Shotgun, Super Shotgun, Heavy Cannon, Rocket Launcher, Plasma Rifle, and Ballista. Melee weapons such as a chainsaw, the "Crucible Blade" energy sword and a retractable arm-blade can also be used. The arm-blade provides the opportunity for a larger variety of quick and violent "glory kill" executions. The Super Shotgun is now equipped with a "Meat Hook", which slingshots the player towards an enemy, functioning as a grappling hook in both combat scenarios and environmental navigation. Armaments including missiles, grenade launchers and flamethrowers can also be attached to the Doom Slayer's armor. New movement mechanics such as wall-climbing and dash moves will also be introduced. Edit: Duplicate thread - Delete it. Apologies
  2. Developer: Respawn Entertainment Publisher(s): Electronic Arts Release date: November 15, 2019 Genre: Action-adventure Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is an upcoming canon single-player video game being developed by Respawn Entertainment. It is set to be released by Electronic Arts on November 15, 2019. The game will tell an original story about Cal Kestis, a surviving Jedi Padawan, shortly after the events of Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith. Edit: Duplicate thread. Please delete Apologies
  3. Developer: Infinity Ward Publisher: Activision Platform: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One Release: October 25, 2019 Genre: First-person shooter Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is an upcoming first-person shooter video game that is being developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision. It will serve as the sixteenth overall installment in the Call of Duty series as well as a "soft reboot" of the Modern Warfaresub-series. It is scheduled to be released on October 25, 2019, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game is set to take place in a realistic and modern setting. For the first time in the franchise's history, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will support cross-platform multiplayer. Activision has also confirmed that the franchise's traditional season pass had been scrapped, enabling the company to distribute free post-launch content to all players. The game will feature tactical-based moral choices whereupon the player is evaluated and assigned a score at the end of each level; players will have to quickly ascertain whether NPCs are a threat or not, such as coming across a civilian who is believed to be going for a gun before grabbing her baby. This collateral damage score, referred to as a threat assessment, is based on how many civilians the player injures or kills and ranges from rank A to F – rewards are introduced to those who score higher. Dialogue will differ depending on the choices the player makes in the game.[6] Tactical decisions involve using a sniper rifle in a large environment to approach objectives in a non-linear order, and shooting out lights in favor of using night-vision goggles during breaching and clearing. For the first time in the series, the game will allow the player to reload weapons while aiming down the sights of the gun at the same time. Modern Warfare will be the first game in the series since 2013's Call of Duty: Ghosts not to feature a Zombies mode, instead featuring the co-op Spec Ops mode present in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The Spec Ops mode shares its narrative with both the campaign and multiplayer.
  4. @HundredProofSam Thank you for shedding light on the outage and data loss. May I ask if getting the funds for the hosting rights is an issue? As I do not see any revenue stream for this site. Also, can we expect it not to happen again by setting up reminders before the due payment date?
  5. Seriously something needs to be done about it. 1 year of data lost, feedback lost and therefore overall trust. It has been happening quite erratically over the last 2 years. I believe that a public apology is required and solutions/redressals need to be made. If nothing is made, then we can expect it to happen again and IVG will definitely be history. It’s sad that IVG is the only and longest running forum for Indian gamers and I was expecting it to grow after the Xbox360/ps3 era but it seems to be declining since there is little to no promotions or giveaways. Sam seriously needs to find a backup partner and open a donation thread if money is an issue.
  6. Impressive story trailer. More and more characters shown. The SE is stunning too.
  7. Well you can say that it is more of a filler. It will be hard for Marvel to churn out universe threatening villains like Dormammu/Thanos for every upcoming non avengers movie. They have been in this superhero business for 10 years therefore becoming stale like call of duty for the die hard fans
  8. Well, I mean to say most people not everyone. You seem to have technical knowledge of the ps3 complex architecture. People especially those without a computer science or engineering background assume only improvements (with no sacrifices) for every console iteration. Therefore they assume that BC has become the norm.
  9. That is true and obvious if you look at the percentages in the trophy list. Since most games have at least one extremely hard to get trophy that is either extremely difficult or extreme grindfest it is not worthwhile to get the rest of the trophies which is why most people like me forget about platinum and just play for the story. But still trophies are an added successful entertainment feature that was brought from the previous generation. I think that easier trophies would add a nudge to the sales.
  10. That’s what everyone thought for this generation consoles.
  11. Another thing, it is quite easy to platinum this game. I think that it is done intentionally as it is an additional selling point. I mean most single player only games are having trouble meeting sales benchmarks therefore forced to add MP or cancel their sequels. Looking at Wolfenstein 2, only one trophy “mein Leben” where you have restart right from the beginning if you die only once. That must have hurt its sales. Right?
  12. And that how Maggie survived for 30 years without food and being isolated. There are many assumptions about that lab where they have worked out all kinds of circumstances. You have good points from a serious critic point of view. I would not say that it is an excellent and well made film worth remembering. Just saying don’t watch it if you have high expectations or a perfectionist who points out all the flaws.
  13. Is it possible if we can add a calendar listing the game release dates, the major gaming expos/press conferences and gaming related events? Also the tagging and search engine are useless, hence I suggest a form listing all the details like name of developer, release date, platforms etc in place of tags when setting up a new game thread.
  14. I see...I have a quite a backlog of unfinished games to finish so not moving back to GOW for a while.
  15. Saw Antman and the Wasp. Worth watching. If anyone wants infinity war quality you will obviously bound to be disappointed hence you need to change your expectations and avoid saying something silly like meh when we know it’s not gonna be huge.
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