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  1. Review Embargo to be lifted on April 6th https://opencritic.com/game/8586/final-fantasy-vii-remake
  2. This is understandable since the biggest markets are in lockdown and the supply chains are put to a grinding halt. Doubt if it is popular in Japan. As for RE3 and Final Fantasy VIIR, Japan is still open. Till they are making a loss due to lost and delayed physical sales which will be discounted eventually.
  3. Another downside. Lol wonder if it’s Capcom’s ethics or Sony’s.
  4. Will wait for the physical version as always for games with huge file sizes. Have to wait longer this time due to the crisis.
  5. Agree with the added graphical fidelity. Just saying that some game engines ignores consideration for file sizes. It is proven that 4K requires huge storage space. A much needed move in the next gen to separate campaign and Mp installations. Seems that this remastered is available only digitally now for obvious reasons.
  6. Speedrun is no fun at all. It takes away the true meaning of playing campaign games. Doing it just for the record and not for the enjoyment of the game.
  7. Read somewhere that you can finish the game in roughly 3 hours in second Normal playthrough.
  8. Yes but it didn’t answer my question for the huge difference in file size for the PS4 version. Only models and environments are upscaled in the campaign and that’s it. Not a remake either. Many games with similar game length and current gen engines take roughly 20-30GB.
  9. Just noticed that the PS3 version has only 7GB with all features and the PS4 version has 48GB just for the campaign! Wonders of 4K!
  10. Mysteryman

    Gears 5

    Hoping for more story DLCs as Epic did for 1-3. Guess Coalition is not interested.
  11. Disappointed that it didn’t get the same love as the original. I see that it is made by a different team. I believe the team who made Resident Evil 2 remake is working on the sequel or spinoff. A new game is better rather than a remake.
  12. Preload moved up by a week so 100GB will be downloaded ahead of launch.
  13. 48.48 GB just for a 4-5 hr campaign is ridiculous. Activision is sure terrible at optimization. Shadow drop taking advantage of the working from home situation. (Less workload these days)
  14. File size - 48.48GB Available first on PS4 - Rs 1695
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