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    Loves shooter and action adventure styled games e.g Gears of war , Call of Duty , Halo, Mass Effect , Uncharted.

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  1. Isn’t it what the Snitch was teasing right? Instead of a SOP
  2. May I know what major release from the Bethesda studios since the acquisition? The former PS exclusives doesn’t count
  3. Knew it was coming after years of mismanagement. Lots of layoffs at Microsoft, Ubisoft and most likely WB studios. The Microsoft AB deal might be dead at the end. Hardly any deliverables from the Bethesda deal.
  4. Buying it. f**k Resetera #cancelresetera.
  5. Thank you. Though 125/month is a good plan, there are limits like streaming quality cap. I have an OLED tv. Was hoping that there would be discount around Republic Day.
  6. Do any of the streaming services - prime, Netflix and Disney plus ever have discounts in their plans?
  7. Two heavy hitter Final Fantasy are coming in 2023. KH4 is definitely being delayed.
  8. Unsure about SS and Rebirth is technically a remake. For me Top 4 Spiderman 2 FFXVI Stellar Blade Star wars Survivor If I have to add remakes RE4 Dead space FF7 rebirth Will get burning shores, Suicide Squad too. May get the PSVR2 too. Big year for PlayStation
  9. Banning alcohol breaking contracts, jail for premarital sex, human rights violations, fake fans, corruption, deaths of thousands etc
  10. Yeah Graphics are amazing but you might feel disappointed. Good enough for one play through.
  11. Game the shop is offering a steelbook for preorders.
  12. Not worth it IMO. MW2019 is better. Doesn’t have the same scale as in the original trilogy. Some missions are interesting but nothing worth remembering or innovative.
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