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  1. Though the lost legacy is meaty and excellent game, it is still a side project by a B team. Naughty Dog made 3 games/1 DLC last gen and 2.5 games this gen. Less games are being dished out by these studios.
  2. The best time for sale on electronic goods is in Diwali. All other sales are essentially clearance of smaller stuff.
  3. Perfectly understandable why Sony is taking this step. The number of games out this gen is much fewer than in the last 2 gen due to higher costs, longer development times and risks of game development. Studios shut down after one flop. Last gen we had trilogies - Mass effect, Dead Space, Gears of war, 3 mainline Halos, and several sequels. Now this gen. we have one or 2 for big titles. I believe that it won’t hurt consoles sales if they are timed exclusives. Then I am no console or any fan fanatic like in some ps users or real life religions/cults and I am happy if more people have access to play such games.
  4. You need to have a minimum Rs 5000 in your cart to get the SBI discount. The minimum value and max discount are hidden for a good reason.
  5. Looking awesome!! Carlos campaign or segment confirmed!
  6. Mysteryman

    Doom Eternal

    Hope the release date is set in stone considering the flurry of delays. No big game till March 20.
  7. Yes. Xbox series X is pretty much confirmed. See the disc drive in the console. Hope you know how to google.
  8. Lower attendance is explained by Sony skipping last E3 and not a customer focused event like Gamescom. Agree with you on the viewership due to its timings.
  9. Avengers seem to be need it but totally unexpected for FFVII remake.
  10. Nothing to do with games. Sony and ESA are in disagreement regarding differences in their visions and strategy. Jason claims that it remains a driving factor since last year. For me I believe Sony is quite arrogant and over confident since it has no serious rival. Let’s hope that it announces its own presser to showcase PS5 instead hundred of small conferences.
  11. Though as not as great as it was, Zomato Gold is still good in Bangalore. Yes in some restaurants, prices are inflated. Also they charge for packaging/convenience charges which are free in takeway or dine in which eats into the small discounts like 50-80 like in Swiggy
  12. That demo is the same 1-shot demo without the time restrictions.
  13. Original outfit for Jill and Carlos as Preorder bonus. Which sucks. Should have be alt.
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