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    Loves shooter and action adventure styled games e.g Gears of war , Call of Duty , Halo, Mass Effect , Uncharted.

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  1. Maybe not in launch. But could happen one day if Xbox is performing better and threatens PS position.
  2. Yeah, with a digital only future, the piracy concerns could be resolved at least for locked hardware such as consoles (similarly to Apple). PC is a harder nut to crack due to mods.
  3. You do know that a majority of the sales is digital so disappearance of physical discs is inevitable much like the PC games, movies and music discs. Console games are probably the only major software that still exist in physical form. As for me, I buy physical discs mainly for resale. if it is a cheap, out of stock or only available abroad then digital. Collector/special editions will just gather dust over time and have little or no value here.
  4. If the new PS service include a tier allowing day one games, it will hasten the end of physical discs. Just a matter of a correct pricing.
  5. They never said it was good. It scores less than 60 for the console versions per metacritic.
  6. Yes, they are the actual target market for the series S. We know Microsoft is not competing against Sony and Nintendo in no of sales. Also the chip shortage is doing favors for the series S.
  7. Can’t be possible. Many games especially SP and indies only last for less than 8hrs so that people would abuse that 24 hr policy for refund. Rather than keep calling sh*t refund policy, just don’t preorder and wait for reviews. It’s been called out for years yet people repeat that history.
  8. Practically the same. Should have been a free upgrade. Greedy for Sony.
  9. It is very much a FUBAR situation - stocks falling, 1000 employees walkout, senior departures, reprimand from Sony/Xbox boss and criticism from acclaimed news. Only one person I am aware of survive worse than that is Trump. Most hated US President yet he serves full term in office.
  10. Yeah, if it is a family owned business like Trump, then they would stay on as they own most of the shares. But this is different, this is publicly owned. By logic, Shareholders and BOD should have forced him out. The history of CEOs who weather out this kind of storm must be rare.
  11. Amazed that Kotick has been CEO of Activision for 30 years meaning he was only 28 years old when he took on that role. Wonder why he is staying on. His fortune should last for many lifetimes.
  12. Wait for the Black Friday sale next week. It will definitely be there
  13. Didn’t get any vibes from the trailer that it is like Starfield. Nothing is known about the game since the first trailer.
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