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    Loves shooter and action adventure styled games e.g Gears of war , Call of Duty , Halo, Mass Effect , Uncharted.

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  1. Yes. See the first trailer. Hope we get the release date soon.
  2. Gameinformer issue releasing on May 24th
  3. Funny but seems intentional. Bush loves making jokes even at the expense of himself.
  4. The CGI seems iffy. At least they went with the sexy bod.
  5. The Boys Season 3 coming this June 3rd.
  6. India’s men’s badminton team wins Thomas Cup title for first time ever with stunning 3-0 win over powerhouse Indonesia in final Brimming with confidence, India took on 14-time winners Indonesia in the final of the Thomas Cup in Bangkok on May 15, 2022 and lifted the title defeating the defending champions by 3-0. Congratulations India!!!
  7. More of a gaffe which will be forgotten in a week or 2. Nowhere at Activision level. It’s all about using the right words, phrasing and timing to connect with his employees grievances without taking sides.
  8. Yes silence is golden most of the time. But not always the best solution.
  9. I share your point however we need to see the perspective from the business side especially senior management. Most major companies have policies in place not to have political stances. As we all know, political, religious topics are not permitted in our workplaces. Jimbo never made any stance. He was just trying to address the abortion infighting in his company. Let’s say that you are the CEO and you support only left or right leaning politics. You would lose out key personnel to successfully run your business. Heavy risk involved.
  10. He is a trans male but kept her ovaries and vagina.
  11. How did Konami achieve it where Capcom could not? Further evidence that SH is real.
  12. Both have the same outcome in today’s world, right?
  13. There seems be some discussion among Playstation employees and/or it’s partners on the recent Roe vs Wade judgement in the US which may have caused some discontent. It was his lack of foresight on the current mood in the world. People are more offended and angry now. Now it’s is “f**k XXX” who don’t share one’s ideology. Democracy and logic dies. Even my post could be reported because I am neutral. Lol.
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