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  1. T2 is R-rated per age ratings. Yeah nowadays kids see anything with unsupervised and faster internet access which is a problem parents face.
  2. Hmmm. T2 is indeed the best one in the series but not something kids should watch. Still those kids are now adults so would not get bothered by the R rating.
  3. See men in black international in Prime. It blur and cut the part where the 2 aliens copied the poor middle eastern man before turning into a blob. Lot of movies with nude and gore content are removed from their offering. Request you to find any movie you found with nude or gore content and see if it is still there now. The self-censorship is just getting started. Google it.
  4. I recall how brutal the first Deadpool was cut in India. Deadpool 2 and Logan were less with some muted words. John wick 3 has 3 minutes cut (the finger cut is one example). The cuts are quite erratic. One thing for sure that sex, nudity and some words are removed. The gore is on case to case basis.
  5. Well it is significantly better than 4 and 5 in many ways. If you expect Terminator to have the same quality of Avengers or any Oscar movie then it is not going to happen. Not inspiring or memorable but it was a good time pass movie. when is the last time a R-rated movie was released in Indian theatres? The same is also happening in Prime and Netflix too. Any nudity or gore scenes are edited out. Other than language, they also cropped the butt scenes out (remember the trailer). Have not seen Joker yet so I don’t know how much is edited out. I never watch an R-rated movie in a theatre since I am aware of the censor nature here.
  6. Saw Terminator Dark Fate. Pretty good movie. Lots of awesome fight/chase scenes. Finally a good Terminator movie after many flops. Remember that the movies after 2 is non-canon. It is practically a reboot.
  7. Saw For investor/business reasons. Big budget movies are often announced early by big publishing houses.
  8. Watched Jack Ryan season 2. Very underwhelming. Everything is toned down. The villain is a joke.
  9. I see. The price is quite appealing. Guess I have to wait for it to come to EA access. Hope it will get a good price in PS this Black Friday though unlikely since it is only 2 weeks after launch.
  10. https://dl.flipkart.com/dl/star-wars-jedi-fallen-order-ps4/p/itm2a634703073c0?pid=CGEFKSDUQYZFZJGD&cmpid=product.share.pp Selling at 2990. Digital only from Flipkart. Can anyone confirm if seller Stucci gives legit codes for PS4?
  11. It’s true to the original game. Some people had higher expectations but it is a remaster not a remake. Look forward to play it again after decades. If it sells well. We might get a remake in the sequels.
  12. Oh God the Russians are review bombing the game in Metacritic. Pissed that Russians are terrorists.
  13. Mysteryman

    Death Stranding

    True. Kojima is a well renowned figure in the gaming industry. However it does not means that every game he touches is worth of gold. Can be said for any developer. I remember that the god of horror Shinji Mikami is now struggling to make horror games now with high critical acclaim he got in 90s and 00s. So far I have been hearing only good things about it graphics and not the game. Let’s see what the reviews will tell in 5 days time. Even they goes so well, people may not hold the same view considering how different it is from mainstream gaming genres or styles. What do I feel sad is that I would have been looking forward is Silent Hills coming out instead of DS.
  14. If you look at the history of preorders in India, very few made the delivery target due to logistic issues. You don’t have to worry if the game goes out of stock. They are too expensive for the Indian market. Only advantage of buying it early is a larger multiplayer base. If you wait, not only they will eventually become cheaper but also iron out glitches in some games for a better gaming experience. Digital and physical each has their advantages and disadvantages. For me I prefer physical since I can sell it off. Digital only when the game is cheap or not sold in India and hardly any money can be made.
  15. Wonder why people are so obsessed with Day 1 and quick deliveries. I have learnt the art of patience especially in the country like India. Delays and complaints are always bound to happen as infrastructure isn’t as good as in the West. Good things come when you wait and do research.
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