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    Loves shooter and action adventure styled games e.g Gears of war , Call of Duty , Halo, Mass Effect , Uncharted.

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  1. You seem to play 3-4 games simultaneously.
  2. The same developer Massive is making Star Wars Outlaws, right? That could be a concern
  3. Unless he is a politician's son, why do admins care about his opinion?
  4. Too early to say. A win at least for female design.
  5. Not to sound racist but it seems that there are much more colored than whites.
  6. They certainly went all in the trailer.
  7. Full reveal (gameplay, possible release date) at Summer 2024. First trailer released way back in 2018.
  8. FFVII Rebirth, Stellar Blade, Wolverine, GOW/Elden Ring DLC, Capcom's next big game.
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