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  1. most from the PS4 user base worldwide will not be jumping ship in an instant. And the higher price for games may have slowed the adoption of the PS5. So give them at least an additional year before prices fall. Most of us are not crazy day one must have buyers.
  2. Aware of the obvious higher technical capabilities the PS5 offers but if we know the history, developers use full advantage of the console capabilities in the later stages of the its lifespan. As for nature of games like Horizon and GOW Reboot, the number of monsters will be as limited as in the PS4 but their sizes will be bigger and detailed. Don’t expect numbers from Dynasty Warriors in these kind of games or they will look stupid or impossible to beat.
  3. A bit too early to say that considering that we have not seen or know much on either games.
  4. Is asking for one extra year too much? They can’t ignore the customer base for PS4. Developers need to make as much money as they can.
  5. How does it helps if you know them now. India probably won’t get it until Dec or Jan. Though stocks will be low, I guarantee it will not be sold out in India as it is prohibitively high and scalpers won’t find a buyer.
  6. Dont know about lies or pro-consumer. But M$ is definitely not smart about its next-gen plans. Xbox is still known as a power machine and not a game machine. As for PS5 cross-gen issue, this is all about customer entitlement. upgrades cost money and developers time and should not be free. If they give it for free, it’s good PR.
  7. Well said! I believe that it is going to be worse next gen sales wise. India’s growth in per capita income is marginal but high inflation and weakening rupee add to its woes.
  8. Both sides? Mostly in Developing countries. Developed countries prices have more or less remain unchanged for hardware. Yes there are sales. Just the timing to get these games become affordable gets longer.
  9. Left behind is standalone too. Frozen wilds is part of a map in the base game so it is DLC. Hope MM costs Rs 2500. More likely it will be Rs 2999.
  10. it won’t be released until at least 2022. So of course.
  11. How come hardly anyone is concerned about the game prices? It appears that they offset the hardware price with increased pricing on games.
  12. Mysteryman

    Hogwarts Legacy

    Oh God all these threats and rejections. These people are so immature and have too much time. Opinions have become so dangerous these days especially if you are rich and famous. One unpopular opinion and poof you are Hitler.
  13. Mysteryman

    Devil May Cry 5

    Official box art lol. One of the worst box arts
  14. Of course, PS5 will have more features. Only drawback is the higher cost of games so people with a budget would have to wait for months. The size and design of the console is a minor drawback.
  15. Before people jump to the PS5 bandwagon, wait for comparison videos between PS4 Pro and PS5. Differences may be minuscule for MM but unsure for HFW.
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