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  1. Is this how it's gonna be for married gamers?
  2. Would this presumption be unpredictable for you guys? The crux of TLOU2 was a soup where as GOT was straightforward yet had that spunk throughout.
  3. Just better. I hadn't expected to be this good. As far as I've known Sucker Punch games has always been about gameplay and graphics. I feel their production value has increased with this game. Everything was well done, even side quests didn't feel like a fench quests but had some meaning into it. I hope this game get's successful so that we'll get a good sequel.
  4. This game had a better story than TLOU2.
  5. Deude, this game is actually fun.
  6. No body can compete with rockstar in open world games. Sucker punch is good but after playing these cutting edge games like TLOU2, RDR2 these games starts to look like second grade titles.
  7. Say that you're joking. Preorders must have been so high of Cyberpunk that it's noway to be compared with Valhalla as their overall sales too can't meet Cyberpunk.
  8. I don't know why people want TLOU 3 to be focused on Abby and Lev. What will be story then? Both are trying to find fireflies and their journey where they came through a bunch of psychotic cults/factions who tries to murder/loot/rape/torture or eat them? Then finding the fireflies who are all dead/disbanded or still trying to find cure? I'd say Abby and Lev may deserve standalone DLC like Chloe and Nadine (lost legacy) but not a full fledged game. ND should be focusing on their next gen project which most likely will be a superhero game and TLOU2 MP. they're done with this franchise, for now.
  9. Intro was good but after play a Naughty dog game the cutscenes looks so second rate. But it still looks much better than many open world games.
  10. There was an 350.9 mb update.. theme?
  11. Abigail is good and all but i feel she's not center of point type of girl. Ellie is as she has a unique gift and she's the main reason why this franchise happened. Making her the only player in tlou3 won't give as much of an impact as this one did. We saw her version because she killed Joel, else the things happened to her is norm in that world. Tear a bloater with bare hands, that'd be fun to see but very unrealistic for tlou franchise. We can see them blown to pieces tho.
  12. Did i miss these in game .. lel I still get enraged when i see Abigail kills Joel. It would've sucked even more if Abigail have killed Ellie too.. Man, I'll miss Joel. He was one of the most amazing video game character.
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