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  1. welp! my all likes and posts gone. I had more than Zodak and Joe Cool.
  2. Super 30, Excellent Movie. Cliche moments here and there but overall very well acted by Hrithik. Pro Tip - Don't have popcorn or any edibles after the interval. Yep, enjoyed it more than endgame.
  3. Can anyone suggest a high range Wifi router for home.. I presently have this router but it's not giving me proper range everywhere, should I get a new high range router or get a wifi extender? which is the better option?
  4. Heaven Angel


    Why kill him when you guys can be friends..
  5. Heaven Angel


    I still can't believe I platinume'd this game. And now I can't even complete God of War. Oh, those days and plenty of time I had.
  6. Devs are naive about fixing performance of this game. Even though it still holds a top seller position. with the amazing soundtrack and a sexy protagonist.
  7. Much better than without mods. Although there were sections where you get huge fps drops. This is before 6 months ago.
  8. I played this game on PC, shitty port but the resolution n fps got better with mods.
  9. Heaven Angel


    Really good game, deserved it. 800 bucks well spent.
  10. BF1 is 2 years old already
  11. Damn, we can do this in photo mode?
  12. nvm it got updated in the background while I was playing...
  13. Guess I'll have to skip this update :/
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