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  1. Campaign is the only thing that can attract attention otherwise these kind of GaaS games are not worth a penny. I cancelled my preorder, being a day 1 person I can easily wait for this game to enter Gamepass.
  2. I'm liking the difficulty bump in FF mode, I still feel this difficulty should've been available. I don't mind a higher difficulty option in DLCs
  3. This looks way to good to be true. I don't think this is what we'll play.
  4. Man, this game is still so fresh in my memory, what a beautiful story. I still have to platinum this.
  5. Would love to see Cidolfus Telamon background when he was serving the Kingdom of Waloed and Jill Warrick and Clive Rosfield harsh teenage years too The years they spend in The Iron Kingdom and The Holy Empire of Sanbreque simultaneously.
  6. Let it be 2024, praise the lord
  7. Cancelling my pre-order, I had hope for Rocksteady but nothing can save this game. It's a DOA Never ordering any GaaS game. Dragon Dogma II here I come.
  8. The Alan storyline picks up after Alan Wake 1, so if you can play the first one before starting this then you'll get a proper picture. Game also tries to explain it via manuscripts and reading material in the world but many will not prefer doing that. Also, there are plenty of YT story videos for AW1 as I did.
  9. This should be performed at The Game Awards. What an awesome chapter that was, I've never seen anything like that in any other Video Game!
  10. Completed, It's a surrealist horror masterpiece, fantastic mature narrative storytelling. Visually one of the most beautiful games ever made. Every inch of this game is just oozing with atmosphere. Combat is basic but well managed, a crafting system would've been great but the inventory management system needs improvement, overall no major complaints. It suits the genre. The NPC expressions and lipsync are hands down the best I've seen in gaming, I'd love to see more like this in the future. It manages to keep us even more engaged with the characters. The twist in the end that left me anxious not to miss the future DLC's. Remedy Entertainment did it again
  11. This game definitely deserved more nominations, in sound design as well.
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