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  1. Games will become one kind of renting services if each and every developers/publishers start giving games on subscription. Ownership of a game will be gone for good. Not a bad thing but it will become very hectic to serve and maintain these kind of services on platforms. Maybe disks will become a thing of a past by the 10th generation of consoles. That's what I think, SEGA doesn't have a variety of games which people will prefer subscribing, outside JP ofcourse.
  2. Heaven Angel

    Days Gone

    ^ I'm playing this and I've also encountered quite a few glitches like these. Zombies teleport, Enemies popup..
  3. I, presume that they have planned something big if they are tagging it as industry changing as just for a new game launch this would be an exaggeration . Coincidentally Sony's PS5 and Sega's announcement clashes on the same day. For game announcement I'd like to see Vanquish sequel. ..
  4. MS buying Sega is a bit intuitive as compared to new Sega console because of it's amateur stand in front of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.
  5. What's up with SEGA? They said they will be sharing 'Industry changing' news on June 4th. A tie up with Sony maybe?
  6. People will loose their minds if BB2 is announced.
  7. Not console but controller as a prop would be shown.
  8. The wait for 7 days seems to feel like ages..
  9. Heaven Angel


    The foundation dlc will be out on 24th June for Xbox. Maybe all the future dlc are timed exclusive.
  10. Heaven Angel


    I started playing this game yesterday. The story is a snoozefest. However, gameplay is engaging, the particle effects and physics are great. The way protagonist talk with herself feels like the game is meant to have choices but doesn't. Let's see for how long this game can keep me entertained.
  11. I'm ctually learning to get the maximum effects out of materia. It wasn't bothering me but the damage I did on bosses was way less. Now as i'm understanding the concept behind the linking materia I'll be able to stagger enemies often and damage them a lot. I'll keep that in mind.
  12. Ofcourse I use summon abilities, without it Ifrit does not do much damage. Actually I'm getting rekt might be because I play after 3 to 4 days of my last session. No, I didn't knew about linking elemental materia I read you and remember that I have elemental materia but not equipped. I just read roun90's reply. He explained it well. With this I can stagger the enemies more often unless the game throws me different kind of enemy. Got it, I was actually using lightning spells on the boss. This will help me with future bosses. Access materia is helpful indeed in these situations. Issue is you can't swap materia when in combat so if a powerful enemy is weak to fire I have to equip the right materia. Reno is fine, not hard at all. He seems to be more like a mini boss.
  13. What kind of douchebag this idiot is proved by the way he acted by blabbering and ranting which itself says he is more gullible. keep your a*s seated douchebag.
  14. This game throws boss battles after boss battles at you. Airbuster was a pain in the butt but I managed to kill him. Took me 6 tries. The boss was so big and the platform was soo small to even breathe. Also the fight is timed, otherwise you fail by default , I used all of my phoenix down potions in this battle. The summon helped but not that much, he was just standing most of time because the platform was so small, unless you manage to spawn your summon on the other side of the boss. As soon as I finished this intense boss fight, the game said 'here have another one just after a cutscene' Gimme a break Now this Reno came out of nowhere, how the hell does he have Quicksilver abilities?
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