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  1. These ultra unique type of fanboiz have classified introvert identities and even their PSN ID's are 'its classified' .. any women in this world won't have this kind of insecurity. And they can call others noob.
  2. It does bro, I completed biome 6 and the second last cypher I got from a locked door. Yet to figure if it was RNG or intentionally..
  3. Apart from being a 3041 stoneage model, she doesn't even act like a gal in hfw. @Aloy
  4. It's totally based in RNG. One might find the right room doing continuous runs while some might take 30+ runs to find that perticular room. If you're in the room where a cypher has to be it'll 99.9% shows up. Some are hidden behind locked doors while some on top of puzzles and platforming. There's nothing to do with online or offline. But if I take that into consideration I was doing co-op with CJ and I found 3 cyphers in a single run where I couldn't in my 40+ runs. It's baffling to me as well. I'd have got my platinum way back but my RNG is quite brutal it seems.
  5. Good luck resisting and avoiding it.
  6. I had better luck with online than offline... LUL
  7. The slugshot trait with explosive spit.. ooooooooooo
  8. I streamed with this youtuber It suddenly showed me on my recommendation, asked him if he wants to join. Guy was struggling since few days. Starts from 1:23:00 Phrike 2:20:00 I was sleepy AF but did my job.
  9. No, he had a parasite or the artifact called emergency repairs which heals when Selene's health bar goes below 25%
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