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  1. Re2 was super fun. This looks even better. Can't wait
  2. Combat looks fantastic, platinum games always make best hack n slash gameplay. Coming on PC and PS4.. what else you need
  3. Heaven Angel

    Destiny 2

    I like this game but this is savage
  4. Excellent, 2021 it is. Gladly wait for this.
  5. Ashen now available on STEAM. https://store.steampowered.com/app/649950/Ashen/
  6. Yea, Rockstar should focus on Singleplayer DLC's rather than putting efforts on useless multiplayer. I hate the fact that there's almost half of the achievements are connected to multiplayer. I think it dosen't work like that, all NPC's act differently, if you scare them and they belong to a gang they'll come to you and show up anywhere with more gang members, if you kill them and spotted (you always get spotted) you get all the negative honor for each kill.
  7. Careful though, if you keep following an NPC for long he/she might start to shoot you and your horse. Happened to me just now
  8. Indeed it's the best looking game I'm playing till date. I can't imagine how rockstar will do when next generation arrives.
  9. Got the Arabian horse, damn that was a tough one to tame, took in game months to get her. But it was worth it though, such a beauty that horse is, great stats and being a war horse makes it harder to kill. The horse is getting all kinds of compliments when pass through any NPC. Such a good feeling. This game is great.
  10. Yea, also the little details are just blowing my mind. Hats off to Rockstar. Is there any zombie mode like RDR had?
  11. That's one fantastic looking game. Like no other till date.
  12. The reviews says different otherwise. People are happy with the performance and game. Matchmaking is fast, getting matches in no time. I'd have tried myself but my hands are full with RDR2, Genesis and SWJFO
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