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  1. Get a maid bro.. I'm towards my second last island. Guess i enjoying it so much that I glued to this game all day long.
  2. You're very early in game. Just go to the marker it'll trigger a sequence, kill some enemies and you'll find who the guy is.
  3. The customisation menu is solid. If you got a good stat armor or weapon but don't like it's appearance you can just change it's appearance with the ones you like without changing the stat. Cool!!
  4. How can you even think like this
  5. BAGOOKKK! Ares is making me laugh.
  6. If the game had this kind of assistance then it would diminish the core part of the game that are solving puzzles. The design of these puzzles shows how careful devs were in their efforts. Each rift is different from the other. The gods 3 star puzzles are fantastic. Many would feel that a puzzle solving game could be tedious but here it isn't. The blend of combat and puzzles are well done.
  7. If you preload and there's a day 1 update scheduled it'll ask for a download before you begin.
  8. Xbox have the preload option already. Can they validate how big is this game so we'll get to know if the day 1 update is included. Also since the game is DRM free, they have to give these mandatory updates at the time of release. Otherwise game will be all over internet be it PC or consoles.
  9. There's this infamous dialogue in game 'dont be sorry, be better' and made it as a pun ..
  10. No doubt why Aphrodite was so fond of Ares
  11. Yep, everything on max settings. Still game barely giving any sweat to the system. Loading is fast as well, takes around 7 sec from main menu, installed in HDD. Well optimised. However, there are some very few tree shadow popins, a single patch would clear it. I think i got that armor as a gold edition bonus. Maybe there's a way to get in game. The armor name is Hubris of the one eyed giant. Good stats.
  12. @rdsarna How much have your progressed? You'll have a good laugh when you'll meet Ares
  13. Troy baker Gal gadot Bree larson Tis' gonna be good.
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