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  1. That kind of games will only be seen by the end of this gen. Some games does looks somewhat next gen like Stalker 2, Forspoken, Ride 4. But can't say true next gen yet.
  2. hmm even @Assassins Creed said this.. This game on my radar now.
  3. I have, it's quite a long journey. It took 145 hours but I've also completely build my roads and all of my buildings were lvl 3.
  4. Heaven Angel


    a genuinely good game giving more reasons to get into the game.
  5. The trailer had be like 'woah' from 0:30 to 0:55 .. They know how to make trailers man.
  6. People saying it's very similar..
  7. If gamepass keeps on giving day1 games like these and upcoming STALKER 2 .. I'll be a satisfied costumer of xbox.
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