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  1. We don't have Shadow Warrior 3 thread? @Joe Cool Such an underrated series.
  2. Strong rumors releasing March 24th 2022 Pre-orders might go live soon.
  3. I still remember serious sam 2 last mission music. Battle and sound was epic.
  4. I know but if you play on another platform you need ubisoft id for playing together.
  5. Yep, extraction made a good distraction till feb arrives.
  6. Work from home, some gamers i know have PS5/4 and Xbox's at their work place so they could work and play at the same time. Wish my line of work would allow that.
  7. As much as i liked inquisition and platinumed it (god knows how i managed that with my limited timings) i want this game to happen. But no multiplayer bullshit, proper single player game like it's predecessors.
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