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  1. Gorgolith and Archonact also makes things a bit difficult, not just Severed. But hey, you got to do all of them.
  2. Always glad to help my fellow gamers! Although it'd take a blessing of a master to motivate one of the member called @Jigsaw Isn't it.. even tho being an Indie developer for years they have done much better work than any other experienced studios. Extremely talented Housemarque is. I've never came across a single player shooter who got me this addicted. Working on to complete the game with pistol only, still at biome 4 all bosses and challenge rooms, no deaths yet. Willing to complete all the way! Then to next challenges we discussed
  3. Firse wohi randirona. I'm the one with no time to play and still managed to complete the game like 5 times and keeps on playing. Game ka design aisa hai ki you don't need save system.
  4. Heaven Angel


    Yea, that's what I feel.
  5. Heaven Angel


    I doubt but let's hope for the best. Next year said to be GOW year so this maybe by the end of this year or beginning of the next year.
  6. Heaven Angel


    Arkane rarely disappoints. No other game after this so why not get it day 1.
  7. Patch Notes: Platinum: "Atropian Survival", "Welcome Home", and "Sins of the Mother" Trophies can now be unlocked by replaying the Act 3 ending Daily Challenge: Fixed a rare issue where players might be unable to complete a Daily Challenge in the Fractured Wastes Daily Challenge: Fixed an occasional issue with incorrect loot spawning in the Daily Challenge Fixed an issue which could cause save-game corruption in rare circumstances Fixed an intermittent visual issue when scanning new items PATCH LIVE
  8. Bhai isse zyada prep kya chaiye? .. mere RNG itne acche rehte toh isme puri game khel lena hai maine.
  9. Lol, kaun hai yeh log... Kaha se aate hai ye
  10. Once they gained favors by giving great MP mode for free. Now they willing to rob us with just few controller updates and throws crappy DLC. They seems to be on high horse indeed.
  11. That's why it called "Dunkviews"
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