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  1. Many old ivg members have gone, play games but don't come here. Ivg was known to be the best gaming forum in India.
  2. DF reports are suggesting it's bad on base consoles, PS4 fan at 100% and sounds like a jet engine. Heavy stuttering at 30fps is a big NO for me atleast.
  3. Yes the refunds on Steam, discounted keys from third party stores. All options available on PC.
  4. PS4 - The resale value might be good but it's the least in performance, If you're a sucker for physical discs and collections you wouldn't have to bother with resale (if you don't like that's the whole another matter) look at the gameplays first and decide later. Xbox - Yes best on console performance but you can have more details in DF videos, there are minor dips on cinematic sequences and intense scenes. PC - Now that you have awaited till now then wait for sometime, yes you'll get the best experience on PC without a doubt. Let the PC review flow especially by DF. I feel the 150GB or even a 100GB hurts more on consoles than on PC. I have 2 TB space so it won't matter much imo. For resale, you can share with multiple friends and divide the cost, it stays with you forever for replayability at-least on STEAM you can, the game is huge and won't be finishing it in 2-3 sitting. Also MODS will enhance the gameplay. Better download speeds and all but those are secondary.
  5. Heaven Angel

    Diablo 3

    Diablo saved Blizzard and Blizzcon 2019 Otherwise people would've destroyed them. Until they introduce a new microtransaction system in game.
  6. Heaven Angel

    Disco Elysium

    If you're into detective, realistic and heavily story driven games then give it a try.
  7. Heaven Angel

    Disco Elysium

    Damn, I've yet to start the game. D2 taking all of my time. Thinking of starting this tomorrow.
  8. Heaven Angel

    Disco Elysium

    One of the Steam review, it's a full-fledged detective game. Unique and well made. Quite realistic game till date.
  9. Heaven Angel

    Disco Elysium

    Got the game yesterday. The game is getting top reviews everywhere. Will post my impressions too.
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