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  1. Seems to be a good tank, gameplay coming soon.
  2. Congrats CJ, now play in GMGOW
  3. And then you press triangle
  4. It's a next gen update for consoles, it's going to be playable at high resolution with stable 60 framerates. It's not a remaster and apparently not for PC folks. -PS5/XSX: 60FPS performance mode or 30FPS quality + RT -Real-time global illumination + RT ambient occlusion -FSR 2.0 implementation -DualSense haptics -New up close camera options -Reworked foliage, improved textures and LOD -Awesome QoL changes
  5. Only few days to release, anyone know when embago lifts?
  6. No warranty that's it, you can change the cable or use adapter. Works either way! Agreed to most but HFW best story? .. lel Chad and Legend Miyazaki, FS have delivered in everyway and created a f**ckin benchmark for open world games.
  7. That first impression looks amazing. Like proper nextgen. Can't wait!
  8. I don't understand why some skills that I have learned earlier have to be learned again. This a sequel right!!
  9. Berserkers are faster comparatively Yea, sad as they could've done so much with it. Next GOW maybe
  10. The haptics are good while traversing and at some points of combat other than that you won't feel major difference than normal. Triggers are none. That's about it.
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