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  1. My email is updated successfully! Thanks for doing it quickly. KC is
  2. Can some mod help me in updating my email for IVG? I still have an old rediff mail I'd registered here. There is not way to change it unless I access rediff mail, which I have completely forgotten pass and security question. Please help.
  3. What the? Hope making sense? When did this happen?
  4. Aarti industry ne pharma demerger ke maar rakhi hai
  5. Guys, my HDFC Regalia points are expiring in next 30 days. 882 points 742 points in next 60 days What to do
  6. Demergers are bad for stocks in short to mid term. May or may not be good but not good for the particular from a properly investment view.
  7. So Left and Right both are triggered with this? Interestingl
  8. 2013 basically means a newbie you newbie!
  9. To me, the trailers did not seem interesting at all. Not sure why it is hyped, perhaps star power. It seemed like a Rich kid's biography with daddy issue. Something I am not interested in. The run time is not helping either.
  10. Lounge access is given unlimited amount of times by Scapia. Only 5k per billing.
  11. For HNI. Profit is around 3 lakhs. Block your money for a week and get 150% profit if get lucky. I know Retail has more chances since it has higher quota but HNI-S is tempting as hell. If course I did not get any allotment
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