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  1. Never played bloodborne but its easier than souls series and combat is fun. This a game not to miss out.
  2. Sad for SA. De Villiers, Duminy, Steyn and now Amla. Not much fun in watching SA cricket now. Only faf is there A class batsman in modern era retires!
  3. Flipkart is also coming with a streaming service but I think with loyalty instead of money. Like fk+. f**k this sh*t!!!!
  4. I remember only first game being a little hard. Other 2 are not hard at all. 3rd one is one of my ALL TIME favorite game. Like top 10 all time!
  5. Exactly like I expected. A good summer blockbuster!
  6. I know man. I'll try to watch most of the series in my PC. Black bars on all four sides is unwatchable!
  7. I am only getting zoom, next up and exit playback. Zoom does nothing. Thanks though.
  8. That sucks. Anything I can do, any trick? Seems very odd. Every other goddamn show works perfect!
  9. Guys. The Boys on Prime running on my mobile screen (16:1) is only showing up in half of my screen like all four corners are cut. I can live with top and bottom black cut but this is annoying. Every other show is working fine. I tried zooming in but its not doing anything. Anyone else having this issue? Help.
  10. This looks excellent. Giving me The Prisoners vibe. Love mystery solving movies with twists and turns.
  11. Man. These guys did not age a bit! Can't wait.
  12. You don't even need to take backup of contacts. You buy a new phone. Login as part of setup and your contacts will be there. This feature is there for about 4-5 years now.
  13. I liked Typewriter too but mind you there are lot of clichés, if that doesn't bother you, its an entertaining watch. Just finished the season. Had me gripped the whole time.
  14. Marvel is done. No excitement now, although I liked most of the movies including End Game. Only Blade seems hypeworthy! Zombieland 2 is the real Deal!!!!
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