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  1. dante77

    Movie Discussion Thread

    Dimple kapatia. Hmm. Now I am interested! Nolan Pattinson doesn't really matter to me honestly! Kapatia is the reason I am gonna watch the movie!
  2. dante77

    Movie Discussion Thread

    I wasn't even gonna ask that question. I was quite certain she's a dude! what the *bleep* is going on man. Where are here *youknow*
  3. dante77

    Movie Discussion Thread

    Middle one is the guy or a girl!?
  4. dante77

    Movie Discussion Thread

    I know its not much liked Tarantino movie here but do watch hateful eight again. I liked it as much as any other Tarantino flick. Re-watched about few months ago and it felt like a fresh watch!
  5. dante77

    Game of Thrones Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Don't forget guys, we waited 2 years for this masterpiece writing!
  6. dante77

    ~The TV Shows Thread~

    BBC shows available to stream anywhere? I like watching about planets and outer world stuff. Even like fictional movies based on space.
  7. dante77

    Game of Thrones Spoiler Discussion Thread

    There's a petition to remake season 8 [emoji38]
  8. dante77

    The Mobile Phone Thread

    Yup. Happy 5T customer here. Will probably buy only oneplus phone next. Don't care what they launch next!
  9. dante77

    The Mobile Phone Thread

    https://youtu.be/PVWLD3064Ng Its amazing!! Do check following video too https://youtu.be/vKnLCsxmAss WTF. I can only post one video!?
  10. dante77

    RAGE 2

    That sucks. I really liked Rage 1. Still remember the line 'Whatchuwao?' from that black market vendor.
  11. dante77

    Movie Discussion Thread

    Its fun no matter what. Someone just posted this for a change: Wow cool cleavage IGN, thanks for showing On that famous IGN anchor.
  12. dante77

    Movie Discussion Thread

    I don't know there are many theories, like getting top fan or random spam but I think people are now doing it fof fun now. Very funny to watch. I always check comments of every IGN post. Apparently if you reply to anyone he is gonna say. Wow, coo reply *youname*. Thanks for sharing.
  13. dante77

    Movie Discussion Thread

    Did anyone of guys catch " Wow cool post IGN. Thanks for sharing." its been going on for about more than a week now
  14. dante77

    ~The TV Shows Thread~

    You guys are ungreatful piece of sh*t. Try watching zee5. I don't even want to say anything about it, just watch it once. You will appreciate how good Netflix, Amazon or even Hotstar is [emoji38]
  15. dante77

    The Mobile Phone Thread

    3 months of youtube premium is already free.