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  1. Git the Sofa cum bed from flipkart by Wakefit. A great deal at 15.3k https://dl.flipkart.com/dl/wakefit-amoeba-double-solid-wood-sofa-bed/p/itm170025525b72d?pid=SBEG93P3PZFPEZMZ&cmpid=product.share.pp&_refId=PP.5e2b7719-86f7-4116-a0a9-87e4bb1d11c6.SBEG93P3PZFPEZMZ&_appId=CL If someone is looking for a Sofa that folds out to a bed and easily sleeps 2 people. This deal is gre!
  2. dante77

    Elden Ring

    Leke beech do :p like I did :p
  3. dante77

    Elden Ring

    Why not pre-owned?
  4. dante77

    Evil West

    Movie was awesome! Sitting 6 on imdb so I guess it is overall a well received movie from audience.
  5. dante77

    Evil West

    You mean Van Helsing is generally disliked game I loved it back when I played it on PS2.
  6. Talking of Dividend. What are your guys thoughts on REITS? It only has 5% of dividend yield and I see no other benefit from stocks. But since it's real estate, it may not fall when stock market is falling. Although, historical data suggests it pretty much goes with stock market directly.
  7. This I agree. Since I am fairly new, I am more sad on Market up than its down. Mistake because I bought it at very high, if I had even a little experience back then, I would have at least waited for it to correct 10-15%. But no worries. I am buying more as always. Also, top up Sona Coms today. Neutral day today.
  8. It bees me already nuksaan. Average at 35. N00b mistake at that time.
  9. All time low already in red with this. Any particular reason for the fall?
  10. One of the cheapest phones vs the most expensive phone in the market
  11. Bali for 85k fir 2 people? Seems very tempting. I see the cheapest return tickets are close to 60k for 2 people. Did you go before covid? I think they hiked it recently.
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