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  1. The She Hulk trailer is puke worthy. What is this Abomination I hope it gets cancelled before it's release.
  2. Rushab Oswal and KunjanPSD are same with different IDs.
  3. Regular FII's selling has become a point of worry. I know we are strong with Retail and DII's but I only see sell figure of FII from last year. Everyone thought it's just a phase but this phase is going on for a year now
  4. Wait for BBD sale.
  5. It comes down to 22k but I am pretty sure it will be even lesser this year since XM5 has been released. Same thing happened to XM3.
  6. Bug shout out to @b!T who helped get additional 5k discount on hotel bookin!!! Thanks a lot bro!!! It wasn't as simple as sharing order link. I had to share the room type exact price and all. He was very patient! Everything went smooth!
  7. Hey guys, @b!T has agreed to help me out. How do you guys usually deal with sharing CC details? @Bird Bird Bird @KunjanPSD
  8. Try Srinagar, Kashmir. I went there at last December. Summers are Green and has totally different vibe than winters. It is perfectly safe. Army is all over the place! Although, don't expect luxurious hotels and Ola, Uber and Zomato etc. But at the same time expect tourist prices (higher than usual) just like any other tourise zone. Gulmarg, Pahalgam and Srinagar. Make Srinagar as stay point and travel to other two places day basis.
  9. Query on hotel booking in advance. If I book online a non refundable hotel for few nights. Then in case of no show or cancel. The whole cost is gonna cut or just the one night cost? Asking because it is written in some hotel websites that they cut one charge while travel apps like MMT doesn't mention this explicitly. Like if I book for 20k for 5 nights non refundable, then in case of cancel or no show. Will the whole ammout be deducted or just 4k (one night)?
  10. Tried. It's just EVA. I ask that hot something, it gives me some form. There is call us option which only gives the number of customer care.
  11. How do I talk to a human customer care executive of HDFC bank regarding credit card inquiries? The automated process leads to nowhere and doesn't give me the option that I want. Basically I want to ask for Add-On card. Don't wanna visit the branch.
  12. I honestly can't say. Don't remember being mind-blowing but it could very well be my theater INOX. Now that you say it and vouching it so much. I am thinking of watching it on my TV in its full glory! Not sure if there is 4K version available. I didn't like it so never thought of rewatching. Will probably give your another shot!
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