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  1. We were talking about this tv and I bought it and so did a few more people here. Don't listen to this guy. Good FALD is expensive and seeing what people here with FALD posted with all those problems, I am happy that I didn't shell extra money for that. Even if were to get it, I would've gotten OLED. Brightness at least for bedroom is good enough to me. I personally don't need more.
  2. Mirror's edge catalyst is 180 bucks. Bought it right away. Can't be that bad!
  3. I am facing sign in issue on ps app. I usually get stuff from app only and this sucks. Never had problems in last version although it was shitty looking, now looks good but doesn't work. Wtf sony!!
  4. Anyone know where to stream these cc shows in India.
  5. Do check out Unboxing Therapy's cyberpunk edition unboxing. Looks very cool.
  6. Bought 2000 rs credit. From the link also, hopefully it is attached to ivg reference!
  7. Where? You're not talking about cam rip, right?
  8. Google mesh. Bought from US, brother's friend. My house is big, like I think 3 of the Mesh aren't going to cover up big!
  9. Ohhh bhai!!! Tum kaha se agaye Wait a minute! Afty came back thinking no one will notice!
  10. Nice. Damages? I am thinking of making something like this for future proofing and buying a 30X series later on.
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