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  1. I am talking about trailer. They were kinda like promotion video.
  2. Yeah, was gonna say that. But about 6 million dislikes! that's kinda harsh
  3. Ohh and yeah, trailer was not that good, I was expecting some dark psycho type movie, I liked NH24 so was expecting something like that. If that is the reason to dislike it, then not a problem. https://www.hindustantimes.com/bollywood/alia-bhatt-s-sadak-2-is-the-most-disliked-trailer-on-youtube-as-fans-demand-justice-for-sushant-singh-rajput/story-iEvKT1u4XhRDsM9RvtN8CJ.html
  4. Retarted Nepotism talk bullshit. Even after all this, if a movie with big names release on theater and a movie with never seen before talent releases, guess who wins? And guess who will watch the one with stars. Yup, the same people who disliked the trailer because of Nepo BS and are taking advance of this station to get attention and call out Nepotism. And all of that when we don't even know what caused his suicide in the first place. f**king hippies and their sham love for people!
  5. Also. It is easy to miss those subtle 'Ahhhh' sounds in any laptop speaker which is absolutely necessary, but if you have a monitor with speaker or a good headphone, then it doesn't matter. No laptop is gonna give you good speaker in this range, or any range for that matter, so don't look for those!
  6. I am using Asus Tuf. Although that model is 2 year old now. I suggest you to buy this series, it now comes in less bezel design. Highly recommend it. Just buy whatever tuf series offer comes in this range. Please wait for BBD, insane discounts on gaming laptops at that time! I would advice to stay away from acer despite them loom better on paper and at cheaper price. MSI is decent option too, my friend bought it last year, no problem so far but don't know about their service, lol.
  7. Pushy. Y u so dumb. Tell us your requirements? You wanna watch hardcore porn only? Or gaming too?
  8. Missed it please post here next time it comes on sale! Thanks!
  9. So from PS store itself it can go as low as 2100 well then I'll wait, wasn't gonna buy this month anyways! I won't be playing online games, just want free stuff they put every month!
  10. Just because I don't see any good game on PS plus at the moment. So maybe buy at discount now and redeem later?
  11. Birdy!!! Congrats man!!! I hope everything was smooth. You know these Corona times can be tough with these hospitals and all!
  12. Where did you gett that 10% discount? Also, guys if we buy a 12 month PS plus sub from Amazon or from anywhere, can we redeem it any time or is there expiry date?
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