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  1. will send it over the weekend, dm your address etc
  2. he has to moderate all the trash you spill here
  3. FF7 Remake PS4 was given out as a + title. Initially, it was not eligible for an upgrade to Intergrade. After sometime, the aforementioned ps plus version was made eligible for a free upgrade to intergrade. Do note that this version does not contain the intermission dlc.
  4. dono saath lenge bhai, bharosa rakho
  5. let this kachra thread die na, khud time waste karte ho apna
  6. Here is a sorta rare game for the PS4. The license is gone so I think the only way to play it now is through a disc. Good to blow through a weekend, lot of funny jokes, thoda time pass combat, but a good time. I'd like for more people to experience this sorta underrated fun time of a game. Whoever gets it, I would urge you to take thoda extra care with the disc. Will be shipped in a different case.
  7. Is there a way we can ban twitter embeds in the thread? Always absolute garbage, have the guts to make your sh*t and fight yourself instead of spamming crappy links that are absolutely useless.
  8. I know him since a long time. Mostly we are active in the same game collecting circles. Vaha bhi bhai similar baate karta hai kabhi kabhi
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