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  1. It has indeed been sent without a case. no worries
  2. aap kahi invited nahi ho toh itni khujli? p.s. im also not in this group, im only in whatsapp groups with radical
  3. I love Prey, it is one of my favourite games from the last few years. However, it does not hold any worth as an IP. The IP's history is one 2006 game that was popular, the sequel that got canned, and a reboot that has no connection with the original game. And aforementioned reboot did not sell well and mostly went "underrated".
  4. I am on spenders payroll. He gives me one box of Oreos every week.
  5. Agreed. Bade mazze aayenge
  6. Agreed. Bade mazze aayenge
  7. I love you but this is low quality bait. Better maal share karo.
  8. Good na. Do you really want the garbage rhetoric here to spread in other threads? Let it be contained here.
  9. Coalition is doing fine I think. Sadly it’s not their fault that gears was clearly designed to be a trilogy and now the newer two games definitely seem to be stretched from a story perspective. They are the custodians of the franchise and doing the best they can given the circumstances. In the technical and gameplay department, the new gears are pretty impressive and competent games. not blockbusters but I feel they set out to do what they wanted to do. Heck, I even enjoyed gears tactics
  10. Agree with this post but Spencer isn't responsible for this. Spencer approved Halo MCC's revitalization etc in late 17-18 after it fell off a cliff in 2015. I remember he is a part of the reason that Halo MCC came to PC at all, and also the general trend of MS games coming to Steam. Source: https://wccftech.com/gabe-newell-philspencer-halo-mcc-pc/ The studio management aka Bonnie Ross etc keep on continuously f**king up and making braindead decisions that make no one happy.
  11. night shift time !!!!!!!!1
  12. Hope they separate this from the Vanguard/BOCW/Warzone/MW Menu. Absolute clusterf**k hua hai. Space ki mcbc hojati hai
  13. No yaar, I only mess with him on this thread. Bhai hai apna
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