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  1. The maps and general vibe is much better in BF1. Also, the gunplay in BFV is super lethal, with a super short Time To Kill, which may you find to be better or worse (I personally like it more) ,so the moment to moment gameplay can be very different between BF1 and BF5.
  2. Have gotten in touch with @funjabi, shipping it to him ASAP
  3. I received it yesterday. @rushaboswalsirji message kardo bhej dunga within the week
  4. I'm hoping they bring back Titan Mode (from 2142) or Carrier Assault in some form.
  5. Highly recommend getting AC7 deluxe, the Indian store secretly still contains a copy of Ace Combat 5 HD
  6. If you did I already finished that, and never got to play Last Behind. I'm happy it is available separately If you did that on PS4, your copy already contains Last Behind. It's cool if you did that on PS3
  7. I'd recommend refunding Last behind, just get normal TLOU:REmastered, that contains this already. Playing Last Behind without the main story of TLOU1 is a bad idea
  8. Have fun ! Apologies to the mods and staff if I created any inconvenience for the existing queue by lending a game without making a thread.
  9. Finally got this, kaafi struggle ke baad.
  10. If any of you are in delhi and can arrange delivery, one of you can take my discs, they are lying unused and have no plans to play them on the ps5 for the foreseeable future
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