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  1. Yep, Got a message from Xbox towards the end of last month that the price of gold is dropping to 2799 from 15th Jan. Got 1 month of gold to wait it out because my subscription was ending on the first. Can stacking be done from the Xbox store itself? How'd you go about it? Got the Firestick 4K 👍
  2. Any good bookshelf monitor speaker recommendations? Preferably with Bluetooth connectivity but primarily to be hooked up directly into an Xbox one Looking at something like this - Edifier R1280T Bookshelf Speaker (Brown and Black) https://www.amazon.in/dp/B016P9HJIA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_hK.5DbTKVR1HK Budget - 8-9k
  3. Is there another Amazon sale coming up? Want to get the firestick bundle.
  4. ^ this. If you,'re unsure which version you have - the Bluetooth controller has an entirely matte black face plate. The OG and OG + headphone jack version have a glossy bit around the XBOX button & menu buttons.
  5. Samsung T5 500GB is going for 5999, decent deal right? Or should I wait for the sale?
  6. Missed this, 8k now. Will keep an eye out during the next sale. Thanks!
  7. Any deals on portable Hard disks (2Tb) and SSDs (500gb)?
  8. Yep. Holding off till there's more info on this. Mostly will go for a VU 55 or 65 inch as recommended above because news on the OP TV is that it's going to be priced in the premium TV range. Have little hopes that it will fit I this budget but if it's great VFM then will consider stretching For people with the VU Android TV, how's the UI? I've read on some TVs it get very laggy. Would it be better to get the Linux based version instead?
  9. The Boys on Prime video is one hell of a show. Just got done with watching it, it's one refreshing take on the superhero genre.
  10. Any recommendation for 47 to 55 Inch 4K TV in the 45 to 50k range? Was considering the one from Xiaomi but the reviews on Amazon aren't great at all.
  11. Was sad to see him leave but Luiz's defensive errors turn out to be too costly and Arsenal is paying the price for them this season. No wonder he would have been Lampard's third or fourth choice CB.
  12. Against a referred account? As I understand it - If they can show that you have referred someone (friend/family) to open an account with HDFC then they can give you LTF against that. If you don't have anyone that you can refer then you can open up a joint account with a family member/friend which still counts as a new account. It's a way to bump up the account opening numbers I guess for them.
  13. That opening track got burnt onto my brain. Didn't know what to expect going in, it's such a bizarre feel good show. Was quite surprised.
  14. So I filled the form for Regalia today, it has 4 options for LTF - linking utility bill, against insurance taken, against an EMI, and against an account you've referred to them (you can open a joint account with a family member). 1 & 4 is the most common offer going around. The 3L a year for fee waiver term is another option in the form where if you don't have any of the first set then it will use that I guess. Yep had to do this as I don't have an active account with HDFC. The RM said they'll be able to upgrade it in 2-3 months
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