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  1. Xbox / PSN id verification shouldn't be too hard and doesn't reveal any personal information that folks may not be comfortable sharing. That said it's surely extra workload for the staff, so I'll
  2. Should consider having psn or xbox IDs linked or verified before being allowed to post in here. Will weed out a lot of these trash / alt accounts in here.
  3. Really good community management game. Proper post apocalyptic sim. When things get dire you can choose to harvest organs, etc. Very detailed
  4. Oh surely, it's a game changer. Especially if you're doing IFR flights, there's so much clicking to do.
  5. Nice! Cut together this Mumbai - Pune flight from earlier today. Can follow my descent process from around the 20th minute onwards Also ended up getting the skin pack too
  6. It shouldn't be doing that unless you're trying to land at some really tricky airport like Paro. You're possibly not setting up an approach while setting up the route. Assuming you are picking High / Low altitude IFR flight on the world map page, once you pick the arrival ILS there should be option to the left of it to pick the approach. Go through the options and select one that gives you enough distance to line up your glide slope.
  7. I do this sequence - Get a lock on localiser (LOC) - Activate approach mode when aligned with the runway and wait for it to capture the glide slope - Go to Flaps 1 & 2 - Arm spoilers & auto-brake - Around 1500 feet lower the gears and work my way up to full Flaps - Disconnect autopilot and follow the flight director markings to land.
  8. Oh I would say get a hang of doing ILS landings then move on to programming the FMS I'll try and find the resource I referred to for it. If not I'll see if I can edit together the ILS landing procedure that I follow. It's quite simple once you get a hang of it Nice! The current A320 build is simple though, real challenge will be to pull of a cold & dead start on the study level A310 without a checklist. 10,000 more systems to boot up & check before even pushback 😂
  9. Woah. This is from the store? What's the pack called and what all liveries are part of it? Btw if you're into jet liners, I recently found out that the A310 which is coming as part of the 40th anniversary update in November is a study level build from iniSimulations. I'm damn excited, didn't expect a high fidelity build to come to consoles. Since the last time I posted here, I've figured out how to configure the FMS on the A320 so that I don't have to load in with a plotted flight plan anymore. Been looking into SimBrief to plot realistic routes now. I wish FS2020 broadcasted telemetry data, would have been crazy to track stuff on a second screen
  10. Chalo evening entertainment is back on the menu boys
  11. Simpu cuckbois when the versus thread gets shut for the weekend
  12. Linking to PlayStation / Xbox ID may not be as bad of an idea 🤔
  13. Congrats man! New usb charging hub Solid swap deal btw. I think @Assassins Creedsold his fancy collectors edition PS4 for that much.
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