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  1. It was quite evident from the ign gameplay video. The combat and mechanics just seemed very dated.
  2. Haha true, damn good fun last night. TvT takes some amount of team organisational skill too which makes things interesting.
  3. Looks solid to me. Net profit has been increasing QoQ and it at an all time high. I have it in my PF, currently it's trading below it's book value and I'll be exiting when it hits that to reduce my exposure to the banking sector.
  4. We should try Titan v. Titan at some point too. Someone mentioned that that's a possibility too.
  5. Yep ships from the UK. I'm not sure what the scene is on the duty front yet, will know in a month's time.
  6. Check the Chelsea Megastore website? I've ordered something from there which should get delivered in July. Will let you know how it goes.
  7. Course correction in the sense that I had made a lot of rookie mistakes in my initial years by using half knowledge. Had over diversified, invested in multiple funds with the same holding, wasn't paying attention to the expense ratios, etc.
  8. Same, except my MF portfolio went into deep red in 2020. Done a lot of course correction since, decent returns now thought and I've educated myself a fair bit too since then. I used to use stocks for blue chip investments but now I limit it to investing in smaller / non-conventional companies more that I feel have potential to give at least +25-30% returns over 6-12 months.
  9. Dmart is holding strong in mine for the day. 1.45% up.
  10. Red for the day or entirely down? My portfolio is down 4-5% this week, but overall still in the green.
  11. Killer stuff. I wished Flight Sim would have received a same day release but a month later is okay too. Rest of E3 was very forgettable.
  12. Good fun man. Public matches don't have the same feel without the live commentary that happens on VC.
  13. Solid company. Currently something like 70% of their revenue is coming from cigarettes though. Till that balance doesn't shift towards FMCG though it's going to stay around the 200-220 levels, steps are being taken in that direction but you have to be in it for the long haul. Had invested when it was down to 160-180.
  14. Safe play is to pick solid Nifty 50 stocks (which don't have any glaring red flags) that are down 20-25% from their 52 week high and do a staggered investment. The obvious COVID stocks like pharma will already be trading at a premium, so check the numbers before dipping in. Personally I just added to my long term positions during the previous dip to this level and I'm holding off for now. I believe things may get worse in the next couple of weeks going by the realities outside. Will be adding to my positions every time the market drops 5% from its peak. Other than that, my monthly allocations will be going on as usual.
  15. It's a mass purge at this point. I knew it was bad, but after hearing stories from friends whose family members are affected I can't even begin to imagine being in their shoes.
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