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  1. History of 1928, repeating itself.
  2. Hasn't this been in effect already? I'm quite certain that I've seen articles admins getting arrested for politically critical messages on their groups. Not sure if a law actually existed which let the cops do that
  3. I think we will be at 4th position in a month and not soon after that 2nd position. At an average growth rate of 7,000 cases per day, we will in in top 4 in about 20-22 days. This is not taking into consideration the day on day rise in the growth rate, so we can hit top 4 even sooner. What's even more scary about that table above is our no. of tests per million versus the others in the Top 10.
  4. Nope, have WFH till the end of June with a possibility of extending it to July / August depending on how the situation around develops.
  5. https://www.gilead.com/purpose/advancing-global-health/covid-19/voluntary-licensing-agreements-for-remdesivir They seem to be covering their bases there.
  6. Gujarats testing numbers for the past fews day (Source), the daily test peaked at about 6k test per day and has been in downtrend since. Has there been any on-ground development in the past few day with regards to testing kits, etc?
  7. Man both those video, god damn. Saw that bodies video and in the evening I see people in the area going for their daily walks and half of them without even masks now. Can't help but feel that we are in a hopeless situation.
  8. More and more people I'm in contact with are starting to accept that this is the way it is going to be for another month or two. Standalone shops & shops in residential areas. Malls, parlours, salons & alcohol stores are going to remain shut. No changes from the current situation in the containment zones.
  9. Weren't they under lockdown already or did they reopen and are going back into lockdown?
  10. General lack of civic & common sense is a major problem here. Even now, educated people with at least some knowledge of how grave the situation is, feel to need to go for walks with their entire family, afternoon chat session, etc. During the morning / evening market hours - uncles / aunties are occupying the outdoor benches to read their newspapers and chat with friends. The "humein kuch nahi hoga" mentality is the doom of us.
  11. If you have a nature basket / Big bazaar nearby, trying checking there. I am told that they have stocks of mangoes.
  12. @Right - Not sure of your scene, but having to go down to collect stuff may be a building / society mandate. I have to go to our buildings main gate to pick orders up because the security won't let deliveries in. If your are unable to do that for whatever reasons (senior citizen, etc) the security takes delivery and gets it to you I think.
  13. Unlikely they are considering water or any other ingredient apart from what's in the pack towards the 60, but it could be an explanation if that is actually the case. What's strange is that they have varying facts for the same product. Will have to read up on this, but serving size is what's declared by the company about how much content of the package is appropriate to have in 1 sitting. For example Oreo's serving size that is supposed to be had in one sitting is 2 Oreos only. Not sure if this is a regulated thing or at the discretion of manufacturer. Anyway, I think we have digressed and gone quite a bit off-topic.
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