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  1. Gameplay wise standard is fine. There’s a fair amount of strategems, cosmetics and weapons that you get in the base game. The premium battlepass you get with deluxe can be unlocked in about 2-3 weeks of playtime
  2. tl:dr of last night’s response to weeklong pony dreams
  3. Personally I don’t care much for platform exclusivity. Release everywhere along with Game Pass Day One works equally well to me. Everyone plays and other console wallets keep funding the 57K Scam as well. Win win
  4. Absolutely cracking slap on other console’s pony faces. “hum forza horizon khelenge, hum halo khelenge, starfield khelenge..” Actual scenes from last night - https://youtu.be/JMSkOssiaKk?
  5. Damn, didn’t know they were part of LVMH How much did you end up getting it for?
  6. So crass, frustration of being served $60 DLCs & remasters is really catching up to ponies
  7. Flipkart sends me Out for Delivery messages 1-2 days after the delivery has happened
  8. That’s what my RM told me the first time I asked. Surprising that they strung you along for months.
  9. One full game priced DLC released in the year toh all this only they have to do na. 😢
  10. Look up regalia smartbuy > flight bookings > select the flight and pay with points
  11. Best is to use it against flight ticket bookings. 882 points means 441 Rs. off your ticket. Conversion rate of 0.5, which is the best among the redemption options.
  12. Innnsaaaaanneeeee 😭 Florida full on captured! R* really knows how to cut a trailer
  13. Same, DS2 is very possible considering Geoff & Koji’s relationship
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