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  1. Sorted fir. I've been giving this advice to folks just opening up trading accounts after seeing the hype. Bunch of folks in the circle losing money in silly ways and then putting others off investing.
  2. Don't buy off recommendations, learn how to analyse companies and why you're investing in them. If you don't have conviction in what you're buying, you'll sell at a wrong time when it drops 5-10% or hold on to it for too long. Both ways end up making a loss. That said, large cap bluechip companies like Reliance, Asian Paints, HDFC, etc are good ones to start of with. Understand how much risk you can take psychologically and then go for more riskier bets.
  3. Candy Crush on PS5 with Dualsense ball sensing haptics via xcloud. Ye shooters mein kya rukha hai.
  4. I've had both wd and Seagates drives die on me. It's luck & lottery of when these ones will conk off. I've considered setting up a NAS / RAID setup with some redundancy for drive failures, yet to get around on that though.
  5. Thats what they said about the Bethesda games too. Only time will tell about exclusivity. Unless other consoles start selling Gamepass as a subscription too. I would imagine anti-trust business would kick in at some point with these acquisitions though right? Especially with the US political climate of wanting to split up conglomerates currently.
  6. I don't want to pay for the battle pass though 🤔
  7. It's all cosmetics man, pick what looks best to you and go with that. It's subjective. That said, the cat ears improves your skill by atleast 20% is what I've heard.
  8. https://www.reddit.com/r/HermanCainAward/ - An entire subreddit of these stories.
  9. Man. Having fomo about not picking it up during the sale now. Story & dialogue wise GTA4 is my favourite game in the series, had characters that you actually liked and cared about. If they ever make a remaster then I hope they won't jack it like the current collection.
  10. May want to blur out the address on the label. Congrats on the purchase!
  11. Donut County is super chill. Raji has a next gen version coming out, may want to wait for that. The current version is solid too though. Give Artful Escape a shot too, that game is a proper vibe.
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