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  1. I think one of the reviews mentioned that the Oneplus TV panel is from Samsung. Would is be better to get a better 4K UHD TV versus a cheaper QLED then or would the latter still be better than the former?
  2. How's the One Plus Q1's long term performance? Would you guys recommend? I think it's one of the cheapest QLEDs on the market right now.
  3. I think some are still awaiting DGCI approval to begin manufacturing & marketing. I'm not updated on this though, last I read was Jubilant & Cipla getting the go ahead in the last week of July.
  4. Dr Reddy, Cipla & Jubilant have the license to produce and distribute RemD to over 150 lower income countries. Not sure if the export is regulated or controlled in India, maybe that's where it is going if it isn't?
  5. Driver & constructors is locked, Mercedes, Red bull & Pink Mercedes taking the top 3 spots. Mid table is where the spice is with McLaren bringing it & Ferrari joining the league.
  6. Not aware of anti-bodies but COVID test in Mumbai can be done without prescription now. Metropolis has home testing service being offered.
  7. If only there was some kind of public contribution fund to help mitigate the need for this.
  8. Didn't the Texan governor initially play down the viruses seriousness and ran along with Dolands eccentricities? Very r/LeopardAteMyFace
  9. Safety car + the Mercedes weren't racing as aggressively because of the gearbox & curbs issues. Flat out Bottas & Lewis were +10 seconds clear of the rest of the pack in the first half, that car is in a different league. Bloody happy for Lando though. That last lap was insane!
  10. The guy is a marketing genius. The number of people who have linked Patanjali Coronil to homegrown corona cure will far out number the people who understand the actual reality of it being as good as another immunity booster. Just from the outrage against "intellectuals" criticising Patanjali's unproven claims being interpreted as an attack on ayurveda itself.
  11. Initially people who had recovered were testing positive again, later they figured out that those were false positives and COVID antibodies were triggering the tests. Afaik no credible sources has reported on a reinfection.
  12. Pure speculation - I think the double posting is due clicking the "Submit Reply" button more than once. The first time you hit it, the button freezes* but still continues registering the clicks. So if one keeps on clicking expecting it to respond, IPB keeps registering that as new posts and then submits it all together when the system responds. Like someone mention earlier, I click submit once and let the page do it's thing till the 503 CloudFlare error shows up. Then I just close that tab & open the forum in a new one / or retype in the forums address and load the page * - (Button Changes to "Saving" from "Submit Reply" but the page doesn't show that it's loading an action)
  13. This is bloody true. There are multiple positive cases in my building & probably hundreds more in the area but people have begun going on with their lives as normal. Thankfully most with masks on. Civic sense is the most important thing now. Expectation that the government, be it left or right will come in and wave it's magic wand is extremely naive.
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