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  1. Sony accidentally revealing their play book hmm 🤔
  2. 2.5 😶 if you time it though then you can get it for around 2k with the monthly subscription. The experience is worth it though if you follow F1 closely. Had the main race up on the big screen and driver livestream on the ipad. Each of the driver streams have real time live radio chatter. Just following Alonso’s feed along with his back and forth with the team was proper entertainment. Was hilarious that the team waited till the end to tell him that Strolled whacked him at the start. He thought it was George and kept asking for action to be taken during the race
  3. Flight Simulator in VR off the xbox would be banger. GT7 in VR looks killer too.
  4. HI-FI Rush is pretty tight. Great audio and interesting art style. Parrying is a pain but other than that it’s been fun so far. Very enjoyable.
  5. I have a 7-8 year old kindle. Feels like a good weight to hold. The lighter weight may take some getting used because you’ve used the other one for years
  6. May want to edit / remove the screenshot as the address is visible in that
  7. Both Phil and Jim need to be whipped green and blue. Supply chain has normalised, gpu prices are crashing and these dumdums are going on increasing 2-3 year old console prices. Insane dumbassery.
  8. Not bad for the spends, about 1L worth of rewards on 4L of spends. What are the fees like on Magnus?
  9. What’s your ball park monthly spend like? If you don’t mind sharing.
  10. The ipads with usb c ports can do that, if that’s what you’re asking.
  11. The ipads with usb c ports can do that, if that’s what you’re asking.
  12. Keep the one you have if it’s working fine. The USB C port is the only real difference. Kindle are built solid.
  13. Play it on console or pc, the phone controls don’t do justice. Insanely addictive time sink.
  14. Unlikely, may have to wait a few months. Most of the big sales where they heavily discount Amazon products are done If lucky then there’s may be a Republic Day thing
  15. Vampire Survivor is one of the most addictive games I’ve played in a while. Up there with Cities Skyline. For what seems like such a basic game, there’s an insane level of depth to it. Spent the entire Saturday killing beasties
  16. Weeklong mourning of GoW’s GOTY loss at the Game Awards
  17. Nope. They have received a lot of flak for how trash even the floating want thing is.
  18. Ank also on a self imposed ban. All the veteran warriors jumped ship. Went from popcorn time to yawn time, evening entertainment down the drain.
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