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  1. I want to stay melee and be able to use the fancy attacks that all these fights have. Just got the Rivers of Blood Katana which looks interesting too. Don't have a specific build at the moment. I think it's 40 vigor, 50 strength, Dex is in the high 30s I think. Rest is just allocated here and there. Will check out a couple of in-action build videos of the ones you mentioned, thanks.
  2. Completed Niall, no cheese and pants-less finally. Had to use the dummy though. Quite split between continuing with the current build or respec-ing. Health wise I'm just getting one or two shotted now and barely even doing as much damage to be a glass canon.
  3. Nope. Started GotG finally and it feels like such a well made game. The dialogues, music & world design is just on point. Combat is so-so but everything else is just a beauty. It's such a shame that the Avengers game shat on it's parade, this one is so nicely done compared to that.
  4. Depends what kind of specs you're looking for but would be upwards of 1L surely. Graphics card will take your biggest chunk of money with 3070s and 3080s going for around 1-1.2L. @Assassins Creed built a rig for around 1.5L I believe & @SaiKO recently upgraded his. Can check with them
  5. Same. If there's a better & more basic app that just reminds me pay when & how much then I'll jump ship. The point hold no real value any more sadly
  6. CRED Coupons are all scams. Told me I won a free audible book, link took me to the 1 month trial page of Audible which you anyway get if you're not subscribed.
  7. I'm going to go explore for a bit before trying him again. Will do a bit of Altus Plateau & Capital clean-up. Will try to level up another 10-15 levels before heading there I think I can get him if I spend enough time on it but need to be really focused for that. I feels summons throw of the moveset and timings and make things tougher but will try that eventually if the needle doesn't move.
  8. PlayStation langar is looking tight! 🤔
  9. Commander Niall, Fire Giant, that frost dragon. Barely doing any damage to them, while getting one shotted from their hits.
  10. What level is ideal for Mountain tops? I'm a level 100 and getting absolutely slapped around by the bosses there.
  11. Halo was surely a lot of fun with the noob gang last night. @TRMNTR join with other Nator when you want a change of pace from the pro leagues 😄 Are there any smaller maps added btw? The new map in the tweet above is damn confusing and massive even for a 4v4
  12. It's decent for the money. The active noise cancelling is not as strong, if you're planning to use it without anything playing. Would suggest going to a Croma / Reliance Digital and testing it out before buying if you're new to ANC headsets.
  13. Two point campus and Sniper Elite 5 look interesting but apart from that time to go back to Flight Sim after Hitman & Gaurdians of the Galaxy seems like.
  14. Same I think. Was a FFA where you had 5-6 lives and had to deplete others lives
  15. Played one game the other night and got absolutely wrecked. Need to reunite the noob gang to be anywhere close to competitive.
  16. Why bring that debate to the workplace though? Unless the company is taking a stand or is going do something about it, you're just sticking your metaphorical penis into the hornets nest.
  17. Why even bother sending out an email if you're going to be on the fence. Going to get pitchforked from both sides to take a stance now.
  18. Has that even been announced? They still have 2 expansions for Horizon which have to be released. I wouldn't mind a solid track racing game though
  19. It is a scam. Some times we scam Spensu, sometimes Spensu scams us.
  20. To block the ground attack he does. Without that it was an insta-kill attack for me. My point of giving up armour is chutzpah mainly, I find no real benefit out of it Bloodhound fang has been my primary. I was initially using the poison katana on Fortissax but amount of hits required were too high because I was pretty much blind guessing when his attacks were coming in. Finally brought the mimic dummy out and got done with it in one run. Dragons are really not enjoyable fights. Here's the VOD of it, it's quite a blah battle though.
  21. The heck. It's trash without that. My precious somber smithing stones
  22. I went and spent all my somber smithing stones on it after the fight. What the what.
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