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  1. Detroit become human. The first hour or so was a snoozefest. I was half asleep until the disposal pit part, which was insanely well directed. The survey that popped up when I first quit was kinda cool. The results reflect our collective tech psych.
  2. Wow! Just got back from Ford vs Ferrari. One of my favorite star powered films of the year! James Mangold tussi great ho... Thanks to the film I am going to install and play NFS - Underground 2 and most wanted again.
  3. Na you don’t have to open the console up to access the hard disk, Sony has given us a separate provision. So you can swap Hdd without effecting warranty.
  4. Yes I agree! The Valkyrie fights started to get tedious, unlike the souls games, the difficulty spike made no sense. More importantly, I did not feel like I was playing as Kratos.
  5. No. I switched from hard to Normal towards the end game and still got platinum. You can plat it even on easy.
  6. Hi bro, hope you know you can get it replaced for half the mrp if you still possess the warranty card and invoice. Like Ngaged said above, once the console is opened warranty is void. It is clearly stated in the terms of warranty.
  7. Did anyone take on Sigrun in give me GOW difficulty? I died at least 30 times in hard. Phew. Played the rest of the game in hard but needed medium for Nilfheim grind and Sigrun.
  8. We Did it BOY.... Platinumed God Of War! My second platinum after Bloodborne! I think this is an almost perfect platinum design for a game! (Except nilfheim which was a little grindy)
  9. kmkaks

    Half-Life: Alyx

    No.... Just No....
  10. They focus primarily on the cutting edge, I.e the enhanced consoles. Their base console tests are mostly Impassionate.
  11. @Joe Cool I will not dispute the insane value that is XboX Game Pass. Hell I even thought about getting a one X for a moment there because of your argument. Guess I might try Xbox next gen(If they change their Indian hardware policy that abandons owners, one year from purchase) The only reason I don’t care for cloud gaming is because I value ownership/ possession. Isn’t that personal preference? Sometimes some things are more important than money. Moreover in many parts of India other than Mumbai, Bangalore etc we don’t yet have access to proper uninterrupted internet(like in my place). Also, I felt game pass is complex because of the constant discussions in the forum about games that are in/out, upgrading live etc....
  12. Did you play games n the base console or pro? If you played in base PS4, how did the game perform? Irrespective of DF comparisons, nothing beats first hand experience.
  13. Well. Thank you. Your response is so mature! It’s so heartening to see such bright and intelligent professionals. You are the kind of person who brings hope for the future of humanity. Cheers.
  14. I watched xo19, My 6 word description- Mobile game galore. Corporatey and dispassionate. I don’t care about cloud gaming and subscription. It won’t be long before they raise the subscription price like Netflix and all. The game companies will probably remove more content, release the game via subscription and then add in basic content as dlc. They will then start adding subscription tiers and whatnot and in the end when you take an intelligent account, you would have spend more than you were spending when you were buying disks. My biggest fear is that we might loose our power to choose and forced into subscription as the only option. I.e Subscription exclusivity. Moreover, here is another list I need to keep an eye on, don’t we have enough organizing and list keeping to do in life as is? I just want my AAA single player game disks.
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