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  1. When I bought them, there was some offer, I got a 3000 rs card at 2850.
  2. kmkaks


    Bro be careful. Wear masks. Use sanitizer and don’t touch gates, lift doors, buttons etc. Don’t even go out of your house.
  3. kmkaks


    Coronavirus is an existing class of virus, its apparently nothing new, since the chinese have already dealt with an outbreak of SARS-corona and have prominent wet markets, it is also not surprising that films/books use the corona name in plot. If you watch closely in contagion, you can see virus name nipah on the computer screen when the lady doctor tries to reconstruct the virus constitution. Anyways my point is, nothing surprises anyone anymore.
  4. kmkaks


    This is absolutely the worst news so far. 900000 people per sq mile!
  5. kmkaks


    No point blaming Indians, same sh*t is happening in almost all indisciplined democracies. People have been pampered and pleased to an extent never before seen in history. This has resulted in the creation of pompous individualistic beings. Now we reap.
  6. kmkaks


    Kollam district sub collector Anupam Mishra jumped quarantine.
  7. Can someone advice how i can get the cheapest deal/offer wrt gamepass? I dont see many offers except first month at 50 rs? This is the first time i am going to be using gamepass or xbox for that matter.
  8. Was ivg out for a few days, till now?
  9. kmkaks


    Richer the dumber or what?
  10. kmkaks


    Then we should have reported deaths? This is a genuine concern but overplayed significantly by Karan Thapar in an interview with a doctor. Thapar makes you feel like 500 million Indians are infected and Modi government has failed.
  11. kmkaks


    Considering the high transmission rates and rising death tolls in developed nations, I wonder if our poor hygiene and our closeness to earth is what is keeping us relatively safe. Maybe we are more immune and our antiebodies fight em better.
  12. kmkaks


    This stupidity is not limited to countries. It has no criteria. It is just nature's way, to exterminate low iq people. Id say stupidity of low IQ human beings will bringing the entire world to doom.
  13. kmkaks


    We are all very sorry that you couldn’t sleep when the whole nation was standing in solidarity, irrespective of religion, politics, caste, creed to support the people who are risking their lives to keep all of us safe. Almost Everyone was clapping and drumming even here in Kerala!
  14. kmkaks


    My next door neighbor bought 15 kgs rice, 10 kgs wheat etc, we went out to get grocery today because he caused my dad to panic. Most people I speak to are confident nothing will happen to them. I am disappointed by this attitude of people too.
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