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  1. kmkaks


    I was going to load a save file when I noticed I have put in 141 hours into bloodborne. Completed two runs one NG run with C.D and 2nd NG+ with dlc and no C.D. Current Level 180. Also used beckoning bell to help people slay Laurence, Shadow of Yarnahm, Vicar, BSB, FG and Martyr Log. Have nothing else to do but try PvP. Anyways, how many hours have y’all put in? What level are you guys at?
  2. https://www.amazon.com/stores/page/07A20468-F527-4562-8FB4-23F8ACBCD3A8?tag=georiot-us-default-20&ascsubtag=laptopmag-in-1025109538319171800-20 Amazon has updated their site to include this PS5 listing. I am not sure if this listing is old? Only price is remaining to be disclosed. WTF? Edit: Amazon India is updated too. Does this me we can expect Indian launch to be in line with global launch?
  3. A fun plat I got a couple weeks back(My 4th plat) was “A plague tale innocence”. Not too difficult or time consuming but not overly cheap like telltale’s, Just 100%d blood borne yesterday. Took down Maria, Failures, Kos and Laurence in one night🤒🤒. BB was my first platinum in 2015 and is the game which has the perfect trophy list imo. Surprised to see 10% platinum percentage on BB now. It was less than 2% back in 2015, Sony even send me a mail with a gift theme for getting BB platinum.lol.
  4. kmkaks


    Hmmm.... I had the opposite experience, I killed Laurence second try but took 13 tries to kill Ludwig.lol. He has this wide projectile attack with the moonlight sword toward the end which was almost impossible to dodge and was one hit kill. Herewith lies the beauty of Bloodborne. However, the shark giants gave me more trouble than any other boss or enemy😬.
  5. kmkaks


    Even though I completed the base game is 2015, I only got to playing the DLC now. Got to say the game is still miles ahead of any other game released this gen. I even replayed and completed the game again in NG+. Miyazaki is indeed a great one. Does anyone play Co-op/PVP here? If yes, pls let me know.
  6. IVG is better than ever. I think this is the smoothest it has been since I joined. Thanks and Congrats!!
  7. I am just a noob. Just have 4 platinums, saw some members like @jak3072 who had over a 100 plats.
  8. I have recently gotten into PlayStation trophy hunting and felt we can use this platform to share our achievements and to help each other out: 🏆Share your PS platinum trophy’s, 100% and other trophy related achievements here. 🏆Discuss your journey and rate your experience wrt difficulty. 🏆Use this thread if you need help with multiplayer trophy’s. Happy Trophy Hunting🏆🏆
  9. I also read that ps4’s launch window was especially dry because of the delay in devkit handout(final version with 8gb ddr5 was handed out less than a year before launch). Whereas PS5’s devkit was already out 20 months in advance. So, we might get an improved launch window.
  10. I think PS5 is a must buy within launch window, if you are a non PC gamer and you want a proper cyberpunk 2077 experience. lol. I expect the ps4 port to be like Witcher 3 switch port after last weeks reveal.
  11. @kittoo https://themakoreactor.com/news/ps5-release-date-india-price-sony-jim-ryan/13521/#PS5 Well it seems likely we will get ps5 here at launch. I mean, the ps4 sold pretty well here.
  12. Lol. I went to pick my sister up from near Kerala border at 2am. The cops in the only checkpost in the national highway en route back were actually asleep when I drove by. I am not criticizing them, but I guess nothing matters anymore. We just have to live with it. Use mask, gloves and sanitizer and go about life. Take special care to protect the elderly.
  13. Guess I get my 2099’s worth in a month and a half, not bad... Also guys, I was wondering if we already have a platinum hunters thread or if I can create one, as a thread which can be used to share tips, experiences and to boost people who need mp boosting?
  14. It was only avl till Friday.
  15. Gameplay was fine, animations were a bit wonky maybe? I mean the stats, spells, armor and portions actually mattered, if you played In death march or blood and broken bones difficulty. I mean, I haven’t played the last of us 2 but imo Witcher 3 is the most balanced game of this generation when considering all aspects (I.e graphics, art design, music, mechanics, questing and open world etc) in total. Many other games did some aspects better than Witcher but as a total package, tough to beat Witcher 3.
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