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  1. You have to pay fckn 11,000rs to get a bloody digital axe. Where is the value in this world heading to? God help us.
  2. Its just a disclosure about the probability of surprise in the surprise mechanics. We are still going to get surprised.
  3. kmkaks

    The Last of Us 2

    Could this be possible considering the giraffes we see in the first game?
  4. Pirate caught.lol. I used to do this when i was at school and I used to pirate.😅😜 Just kidding. Pls take it lightly.
  5. It is always safe to not travel in this weather😜. We can be sure at least one or two roads will collapse. There is also the risk of disease. On a serious note, If you witnessed the stuff that happened in Kerala last year you will never travel in this weather. The speed at which water fills up in our unplanned roads is astonishing. My dad just got out when the rains started and in 10 mins he was almost stranded in hip deep water. Thank god the rains receded for a few hours in our area and he was able to return safely.
  6. Lol. It's............ Death Stranding😅 Hype.
  7. kmkaks

    Dying Light 2

    Its cross gen!! https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.gamesradar.com/amp/dying-light-2-ps5-xbox-project-scarlett-cross-gen-release/
  8. kmkaks

    Death Stranding

    #Metoo preorder. My first preorder.
  9. Lol. Spidey is on sale in india. 1999. US sale is almost worse than india.
  10. PS4 Burnout paradise remastered - India - 699 US store - 4.99
  11. KH 3 - 2399 MH world - 1499 Spider man - 1999 Hellblade - 849 for ps plus owners
  12. Mods/ persons concerned, when I try to PM it redirects to the server error page that used to pop up when Ivg was down. Pls take Morley if needed.
  13. kmkaks

    Death Stranding

    This video is pure gold. Hype building at its best:
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