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  1. We felt the same way about Xbox before Nintendo as a Company puts too much weight though, showoffs. I hate Companies that exploit customer loyalty. Edit: I have never understood why Companies release subpar cr@p ports of awesome AAA games on switch though. Are Nintendo fanboy's masochists?
  2. "BRUH! Who will pay for kiddy games when we can play mobile games for free." This is the perception about nintendo here (in India). Right?
  3. Yeah! Even iv wondered about this! I hope some of the efficient gamers here can share some gyaan about how to manage play and work effectively. I am refusing knot by threatening parents but I don't know how long I can keep this going.
  4. Yup. I just started playing carrion. So far it is my 2020 goty. The blobby feeling you get when you control carrion is ingenious! Terrorising and tearing innocents feels more genuine than any other game iv played except maybe AvP 2. 10/10 stressbuster. And.lol. I used to piss on gears of war here in the forum but now chainsawing grubs is cathartic.lol
  5. Yes indeed but in that case, PC is an alternative but piracy sucks for people with time constrain.
  6. I envy people who have time. At this point in life, money is more easy to come by?. Time is the bitch. Can't even begin to imagine life after marriage?. This is where convenience of gamepass comes in for me. Browse-download-play. No frills. This is another reason why I see demand rising for xbox this gen.
  7. Loving the updated site so far. Awesome work! Clubs is killer.
  8. To me, this announcement is like the nail in Sony’s coffin. I dreamt of seamless and creative traversal between realms and actual next gen design but there is no way that is going to be possible in a cross gen game. I am not renewing ps plus. Edit: I don’t expect Sony to stoop so low as to make differently designed ports. That will be the worst thing, as it could lead to different experiences which is unacceptable for a behemoth like God of War but then again things have been downhill since their move to California.
  9. I cannot accept your arguement if you don't acknowledge demon souls!! No just no!! Demon Souls is better than any other launch game I know of! You must remember even breath of the wild was cross gen. You must note 4 out of the 5 mentioned games are first party developed/IPs. Don't know how much more you can expect.
  10. Demon Souls, Returnal, R and C, destruction all stars and Astros Playroom. 5 proper games in 7-8 months is superb, considering the times. Edit: Welcome mate! I noticed your username only now!
  11. Lol exactly my point. It’s in euros though.
  12. @rushaboswal Yes but prices were announced in SIE’s German Blog: PlayStation 4 games Death Stranding - € 19.99 ** Ghost of Tsushima - € 39.99 ** Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales - € 49.99 ** Predator: Hunting Grounds - € 19.99 ** Sackboy: A Big Adventure - € 59.99 ** The Last of Us Part II - € 29.99 ** A selection of PlayStation Hits games - € 9.99 ** PlayStation 5 games Demon's Souls - € 69.99 ** Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales - € 49.99 ** Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales: Ultimate Edition - € 69.99 ** Sackboy: A Big Adventure - € 59.99 ** The Nioh Collection - € 69.99 **
  13. This years days of play sale is pretty disappointing. Sony is pushing me towards Xbox again and again.
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