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  1. Damn, I logged in to IVG after a busy day and saw this! WTF? Just when Sony was starting to get arrogant? Gamepass will have all Bethesda Games, Xbox Exclusives and EA Games? Now even I am thinking about postponing PS5 and locking in XSX. We were all complaining MS has no games and now they have DOOM, FALLOUT, ELDER SCROLLS and WOLFENSTEIN. 4 IP's that carry more nostalgia and value, that too across platforms and generations, than most Playstation IPs! Effin MASTERSTROKE! If the XSX is as well build as the X1X then we must fear for Playstation.
  2. Man, just passed last November. I could hardly do 8hrs a day! No wonder you got through so quickly! Massive respect man.
  3. Yeah. Even if a disk is sold for 2,000rs, that 2,000rs mostly goes to profit/recoup development costs right, since development costs are fixed. Can any company make a loss selling games(unless physical copy is sold below printing/import cost)?
  4. kmkaks

    Hogwarts Legacy

    I(we) are not justifying her, we are only asking for balance in perspective.
  5. kmkaks

    Hogwarts Legacy

    Sums up all communist and nationalist happenings of the past! <damn> hypocritically political. Sorry.
  6. kmkaks

    Hogwarts Legacy

    Yup! Twitter bullies(and people labeled as SJWs) just want to feel good about themselves, else they won’t go about blocking people with a different view and banning them from forums. Their agenda is not to make the world a better place!
  7. kmkaks

    Hogwarts Legacy

    Did you read what Nixon and Kissinger said about Indian women? It was disgusting and super racist, yet, I do not hate him and the world has judged Nixon for all his bad Karma. I guess we can trust people without using hatred as a tool to unite? Hypothetically asking, What if JK Rowling was abused as a kid by people of a community she grew to hate thereafter? Things are complex, not binary! @Big Boss Pls don’t label any group snowflake, soy etc. You are doing nothing but validating their claims!
  8. kmkaks

    Hogwarts Legacy

    Nope we are not political here. Philosophical maybe?
  9. kmkaks

    Hogwarts Legacy

    This is the type of response that I expect from people, Walker. Now you(and everyone here in ivg) make me think and develop a perspective instead of shooting me down with hollow statements. This is what I expect. Yes! Teach the kids to question her, ask her why she feels this way, not to throw shade and destroy her peace. We can not take away the right of people to love or hate! This is dangerous for humanity. We will all but become husks then. IMO, the worst thing we can teach our kids is to respond to hate with hate. Is it wrong to expect this?
  10. kmkaks

    Hogwarts Legacy

    Reprimand yes. Hatred no. Make these people coming up with dumb hot takes understand that they are wrong. Deconstruct their arguement. Statements like “She is garbage” doesn’t feel right. If you say I hate JKR, she sucks, then maybe you are becoming just like her? What gives you this right to assume moral high ground?
  11. Lol. I have never seen any but I don’t know for sure. Will be fun to play one of them games on PSVR with HAPTIC Feedback and 3D audio.
  12. When you're playing one of those Anime titty games and mom walks into the room Wait such games exist on consoles? 🤔
  13. kmkaks

    Hogwarts Legacy

    Yup we are all forced to wear masks! What’s the point in this? All this pent up frustration from hiding is going to build up and turn to rage. Disagreements should not turn to hatred. Labeling people based on 100 character statements must stop. We must try and understand every perspective, then deconstruct and then debate! Edit: I do not agree with everything JkR says, but I can never hate her. I will always be grateful to her for creating something special. Something that allowed me to escape from the harsh realities of growing up in this FD up world.
  14. I just watched Moothon - I must say I am mind blown! I think Nivin Paulo deserves more recognition for his performance here.
  15. kmkaks

    Hogwarts Legacy

    LOL @ the movies after POA. The first 3 movies are good, the rest are bullshit. All the books are great though. My favorite harry potter game(so far) is Qudditch World Cup. All kids in our society used to get together and play Qudditch WC for hours together, fun times!
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