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  1. This. She feels 'inexpressive' compared to the Ellie we've seen in the game. Hopefully we're proven wrong once a trailer drops.
  2. That's good, however actors in shows like sex and the city got 1Mil+ per episode. And we've also had shows with high fee actors that looked shitty. Here set design and CG looks great too, or at least what we've seen in teaser.
  3. Ooh, that was excellent. Looks very very faithful to the game. Also looks like it got the production budget it deserved. Very excited.
  4. Second this. Also, I call dibs if it's first come basis 😋
  5. I have a feeling FK has been bad for few customers and all of them are here in IVG. Everything I've bought from FK has been excellent including the PS5 and Day1 physical games for it. One time I got a PS3 controller instead of PS4 controller, they delivered a new one within 2 days. Also, with the FK Axis card, the cashback you get is money you can use anywhere else(usually deducts from next month CC bill) unlike Amazon where it's always Amazon credits you could only use on Amazon. FK Numbah Juan!!
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