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  1. Lol, he got roasted by an Insomniac dev and also a crystal dynamic dev, maybe more..
  2. Hol up, there's a separate plat for legacy of thieves collection and owning one game and upgrading with 500INR gives access to the other game as well...that's pretty good. Also, sounds like another fun plat challenge.
  3. Come to think of it, they'll have a pretty good start if all these rumors were true. If current PS+ subscribers are automatically made part of this (as per leak) , they'd have 45+Million subs on day 1. Ofcourse it's a different question how many would stay subscribed after prices are revealed.
  4. gecko89

    Death Stranding

    I used to think that maybe, just maybe Kojima is a lil overrated. Never again, only he can turn a cargo delivery simulator into a fully fledged game with a unique world, a weird but interesting story, and make simply walking around so much fun. The network features are incredible, just logging in everyday and knowing my structures have helped thousands of porters traverse the landscape, or knowing structure I half built was completed by some strangers, and best of all the choice selection of tracks that play every now and then as you traverse and soak in the environment. Just reached the farm, concentrating on standard orders and taking the campaign slow. After the first 2 hours, game just got better and better, lots of mechanics to understand. And so many small details, be it Sam's interaction with BB and other NPC's or just the harsh environment and his present physical/mental state, it feels natural, plus the animations are smooth and seamless too. They've really polished this game to almost perfection. I see why the initial reviews were a bit polarized, wonder if the reviewers played the game as it was supposed to, or just finished the main story to give an opinion asap. Coz it feels like you're supposed to take your time to breathe it all in. Definitely gonna plat this, I bet even the expected grind for some trophies would be fun.
  5. Who hated on gamepass?! Let me know so I can join you in laughing at them.
  6. PS Infinite Gold and Platinum are fine, but PS Infinite Ultimate just sounds weird Could have used a more expensive metals name, like Palladium or Iridium
  7. Unless I missed it, don't think zhuge mentioned anything about console market share in the US.
  8. ^^^Could be Deep Down, announced like 8 years ago but went into development hell, then there were rumors it was back in production some 2 years ago. This was 8 years ago, skip to end for battle.
  9. Once Spartacus launches, I expect PS+ to get worse. Just like XBL is right now, just give crap away month after month and push people towards GPUltimate.
  10. Ohh, wouldn't be surprised if that's true. The documentary I shared earlier, in it Hermen mentions GG provided their inhouse developed(for HZD) memory management tool to KojimaProductions for Death Stranding.
  11. I just realized hermen is the craftsman guy in Death Stranding. Leveling up his station shows Aloy, Tall neck and raptor hologram next to Hermens hologram. Pretty good nod from Kojima.
  12. You're right, the estimates. Apologies, didn't see that earlier.
  13. Who is this?! Never heard of this person. Even our sir has more followers than this dude.
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