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  1. I checked, apart from the smaller size it runs on WebOS, not really a deal breaker but I prefer the android option on Vu. Also that LG is 2018 model, with one year warranty and the 55" goes up to almost 60k. With Vu I get 3 year warranty for almost 34k. Plus Vu has some other nitty gritty features that I'd rather have and not need than not have and might need.
  2. The Half of it - Teenage comedy drama, but done right. Thoughtful and smart. Mission Mangal - Some scenes were straight up 'WTF?!', last 30 minutes really good. Overall good but glad I missed it at the theatres. 1BR - Psychological Horror, gets really unpleasant at times, a simple premise but told really well. The Hunt (2020) - Pretty much leftists vs rightists and some sane people in between, comedy, gore, thin plot, good times.
  3. gecko89

    God of War

    I'm going for the plat so doing a bit of exploring alongside the main missions, entered the lost city in the lake, 5 enemies pop up who look like regular chumps, everyone's life bar is purple, quick turn, jump on the boat and got the f*ck out of there. Kratos probably said, 'Aww hell no'.
  4. Hehe, good call. Anyone here willing to help a CC less fellow IVGer out? 🙂 Never got a credit card, worried I won't be able to control my expense.
  5. Dang, is that true?! Guess everyone I know prefers the CCs of banks with largest and second largest market share.
  6. Dang, is that true?! Guess everyone I know prefers the CCs of banks with largest and second largest market share.
  7. Hmm. There is one problem though, not a single person I know has an ICICI Credit card, not my family, not my friends or their families. Seems like this sale is only for the bank employees :/
  8. This one. It goes for 32-33k, plus 2.5k for the 3 year warranty. It should cover my needs and then some. As for the deal, I figured the price might go down during the Independence Day sale or the Big Billion Day later this year.
  9. Nolan is still going ahead with a July 16th theatrical release for Tenet. Others might follow suite depending on how that works out.
  10. Not exactly a TV decision question but rather a to buy now or later one. I have a TV in mind, but not sure whether I should go for it now or wait for any sales in August/October, If there are any sales that is. Also hearing rumblings about dealers possibly hiking the price of products or higher taxes to deal with Covid-19 impact on sales past few months. I don't want to pay more than it is now, also don't want to miss a good deal. What do you guys think ?
  11. It got pushed but to August this year. 14th I think.
  12. gecko89

    The Last of Us 2

    Dang, I remember playing my 8-bit games decades ago thinking how graphics might evolve in the future, how far have we come Also, impressive how the PS4 can push such gorgeous visuals, my pro will definitely reach decibel levels with this
  13. Platted Sniper Elite 4. Onto God of War and COD WWII.
  14. Call of Duty WWII to be free for PS Plus subscribers starting May 26th. https://www.polygon.com/2020/5/25/21269616/playstation-plus-may-june-2020-free-games-call-of-duty-wwii I'm assuming this is separate from the June PSPlus Free games. Just like we got a bonus free game CoD: BO3 back in June 2018. Edit: Yep its a bonus game, available to download from May 26th to July 6th.
  15. Completed SOMA, was lying in my library ever since it was free on PSPlus. Pretty good game, gets the claustrophobic and unknown horror just right.
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