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  1. Correct, same game from different region codes have different game IDs, which is used in game saves. Had the same problem with Bloodborne US disc save.
  2. Yeah, that intro had me thinkin the same, 'is that bad acting, or is it meant to be this way'.
  3. Watched it just last night. Overall, thought it was good, the last act was freaking crazy(in a good way). No nudity, lots of gore, really good twists and some odd score choices imo.
  4. Santa Monica also had a layoff between 2013 and 2018.
  5. It's starting to sound like a weird Tsundere plot between Radical and Trigger
  6. Pfff... Mach 99?! Don't be unrealistic now :/ PJ's aside,.. I agree. Without Kratos, GoW would be missing its soul, it would always miss something no matter how much they innovate and improve.
  7. Freya and Thor die, along with Kratos. Odin gets scared and runs of to Egypt to his pal Anubis and Set, who give him shelter. Game ends. Gods of War: Cairo Drift Atreus travels to Egypt, finds Horus and they assemble their own God team and face off against Odin and his pals.
  8. Noice, loved the first 2. They were anthology horror films done right imo.
  9. I member BF4...the horror. So bad, I skipped the game :/
  10. This in Cosmic Red (like the controller) would be fire!!
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