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  1. Finished the story, loved the game. Returned to AC after Black Flag and the story, combat, map everything clicked. Going after the plat and holy tits the map is freakin huge, gonna take a long time to get the last trophy. And this is supposed to be the smallest among Origins, Odyssey and Valhalla!!
  2. True. It however re-emerged around Jan this year after the patent was filed.
  3. There's a rumor floating around that Sony is working on PS3 emulation on PS5, still in dev phase apparently. Also, around the same time Cerny had filed a patent for backwards compatibility using 'spoof clock and fine grain frequency control', whatever that means Anyway, we might get PS3 emulation in time, cell architecture only makes it harder it seems.
  4. Watched Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness. I swear, every time a new marvel movie comes up, critics go 'this is the best marvel movie yet'. That said, I liked the film, but wouldn't call it best one yet. 7/10 imo. I bet Thor Love and Thunder will also be called the best marvel movie yet 🙈
  5. 343i Franks topic really is a serious issue. If that were posted in VS thread, the same people would say 'this shouldn't be used for console warring'. It's happened before with Alex Kipman sexual harassment and also with MS studio Undead Labs sexual harassment allegations, don't post in VS coz it shouldn't be used for console warring, don't post here coz it's xbox series thread, basically don't post any stuff that might make MS and xbox look bad, and then call anyone who does a pony.
  6. Crysis Remastered seems to be showing up in classics catalogue, but with 'Extra' tag on it unlike other games in list which shows 'Deluxe'. It doesn't show in Extra catalog.
  7. bad joke.
  8. Dang, wonder what the size would have been if not for better compression tech on PS5, over 100gigs I guess.
  9. Still a pretty good deal imo. As for classic catalog, I'm sure they'll add more in time, something you have lot of, until then games catalog is pretty solid.
  10. That doesn't explain the 0 though.
  11. 11110 is 30 in decimal. Announcement on 30th perhaps? SoP for GoW Ragnarok next Thursday?!
  12. Whoever coded that message, prolly forgot to take different currency/price decimal points into consideration. Seems like it's adding a decimal point before 2 numerals like in US prices. So it's just the message/notification, these guys aren't getting extra/deluxe for 49.99/57.49 Rupees
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