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  1. Guys what's the best I can get in a modest budget (under 25-30k) ?
  2. to make money, why else ? Also, just my observation, ppl tend to watch movies with more confidence when they're sequels / prequels of a known movie. Same reason why we've the terminator franchise still alive even with a string of duds after t2. Ppl still are interested just coz its a terminator movie, wouldn't draw the same attention if they make it into a standalone action movie !
  3. that's not what underrated means, underrated movies are usually those who don't get their fair share of recognition and usually go unnoticed by the mainstream media and the masses . They go unnoticed or underrated because either they were ahead of their time, the ideas presented was for a very niche audience or the makers didn't have the budget to publicize it etc. Dhanadhan was advertised well, had a stellar cast and everything a usual bollywood masala movie has. The reason it flopped was coz it was a badly made movie,despite getting it's fair share of publicity and stuff. It definitely doesn't deserved to be called 'underrated', it was properly rated for what it was !
  4. Ne0

    Death Stranding

    I just don't get as to how ppl enjoy 20 hours of cutscenes in a video game. If you really want to watch something (instead of playing) why not go to a movie !! Also, one of the main reasons I hated MGS 4. While the gameplay itself was good in parts, the half-hour cutscenes in between and the 2 hour at the end, really left a sour taste overall.
  5. Talking about dangal and dhan****goal in the same sentence, are you high dude ? Also, just FYI, dangal was a original, dhan dhan whatever was a poor remake of, guess what, Goal !!
  6. Ne0

    IGI : Origins

    intresting, not heard of this tool. I bought a 6600 card soon as I got a job and re-played almost all of the previous / and the then current games on that. Later I invested in a x360 + TV. After that it was pretty much console gaming. Did upgrade my PC once sometime down the line (maybe around 10 years ago I guess), with a core i5 and some ATI card, but with a PS4 purchase, PC gaming has more or less gone away at my end. Damn, this thread brought back some good memories. These days, I don't even spend 25% of the time that I used to spend playing games on my x360. Last game I played to completion was RDR 2 (over a span of 3-4 months :P)
  7. Ne0

    IGI : Origins

    Haven't played the second, the first one was memorable mainly due to the hard difficulty - fail and restart all over again ! Gamers these days would throw a fit if there's no checkpoint every 2 mins. Agreed with the varied locations, the game also gave you a sense of being isolated in an enemy territory, which added to the game's atmosphere.
  8. Ne0

    IGI : Origins

    u sure painkiller ran in that ? Iirc, on my friends pc, it used to crash out saying h/w t&l is reqd to run the game, same with serious Sam. Even he had an igp. Don't remember the chipset though.
  9. Guys, any good recommendations for a decent living room HT setup? Would prefer a brand where the company's technician comes home and sets up/tunes the HT, based on the room. Also, how're the built in Sony HT , which comes with a soundbar ?
  10. Ne0

    IGI : Origins

    Well for many ppl who studied btech in late 90s/early 2000s, monthly pocket money was Rs.100. Most or those guys even bought their first computer on a loan. Some got their text books xeroxed or depended on scholarship funds to buy academic books. So, it was indeed out of the question to buy video games. One of the reasons why IGI was famous was cuz it was one of the few games that ran very well on PC's with no gfx card. Even a P3/128mb ram machine ran it quite well, and the gfx was quite good for those times. The other games like serious Sam or painkiller reqd you to invest in a moderately priced gfx card to play it decently. Just my 2 cents. Also, for the record, I did enjoy IGI, although I got seriously interested in video games with GTA 3 and halo.
  11. Ne0

    Death Stranding

    went through GS review, the game does look very different than the ones around, but doesn't really seem like my cup of tea. Would be interesting to see how others on this forum receive it though.
  12. Ne0

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    ^^ Same here, I enjoyed the game to the hilt, the first 1-2 hours were a little hard , mainly due to the slow start, but it picks up really well after that. The quests in chapter 3 , especially that one near the end of chapter 3 , where [hide] dutch's gang ride to the braithwaite manor [/hide] was one of the finest moments in gaming ! PC trailer looks good, any idea the config of the rig reqd to run it at 60 FPS ?
  13. Ne0

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I played the game to completion on PS4 (the slim version, note even pro), over 100 hours, it was nowhere as bad as you're suggesting. There's some sluggishness in character movement, but other than that, I didn't find anything distracting. It did take a lot of space though.
  14. Ne0

    Borderlands 3

    not bad, will buy on ps4 once I'm done with fc5 and they sort the perf issues !
  15. Ne0

    Borderlands 3

    How long is the solo playthrough ?
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