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  1. can someone share a good recipe for homemade pasta (sphagetti style) ? the ingredients should be easily available in local supermarkets though. Also, which is a good brand of pasta to buy ?
  2. Anyone seen messiah ? the pilot seemed interesting. Seems to be having some similarities with Homeland , except that the lead actress seems more in control ! Also, Jamtara ? It's based on the phishing scam, but I kinda got turned off with all the gaalis and the setting , couldn't bring myself to watch beyond ep2. Cast seems interesting, almost everybody is a newcomer (except for that one guy who was also in InsideEdge). Not sure how the rest of the series go though.
  3. Ne0

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    The game really opens up around chapter 3 , most of chapter 1/2 plays like a tutorial. The random encounters in this game are on a whole new level, they are integrated so naturally into the game, you would be hard pressed to believe they lead you to an actual side quest !
  4. Ne0

    Metro Exodus

    Coz in real world, stuff breaks and you need to repair it or buy new ones, which is what they are simulating , expecting it to increase your immersion It's totally another story that the stuff you pick in witcher 3 is absolutely useless as you can always get superior stuff by taking part in those special quests !
  5. Watch out for heel pain and lower back pain, got myself some lousy pain by over exerting myself in the beginning. Eden I went back, I took it nice and slow. Mild walking, brisk walking and then jogging. For me it was important I worked out for 30 mins every weekday, not three died/distance covered !
  6. ^^ 575 calories on an elliptical in 50 mins What were your settings ? That's awesome, hope you've not stretched yourself to the point of injury !
  7. The character arcs started out very well, especially the first two seasons. But later you start to wonder where exactly were they headed ? The fat guy's number game didn't even make sense towards the end. Same goes for John lock, Shepard , the Korean couple, Jamie and Kate. They all start out well, reach a peak after which the story writers ran out of ideas to further them. Remember that scene where 'the others' are talked about and shown in the beginning seasons ? Towards the season finale they become as inconsequential as the plot itself ! As I remember, the last good episode was 'the incident', where I thought the show was finally getting it's act together, but, damn, I was disappointed !!
  8. Breaking bad is good, but its a slow burn. I know many people who gave up on the show unable to take in all the family drama. The Wire is good too (even better in many aspects), if one can be a little patient.
  9. ^^ wtf, LOST ? seriously ? that show had like the worst ending of any show in TV history. So bad that , anyone says LOST, i think of the bad finale. It raised more questions than it answered, became way too self indulgent, and in the final season, when they should be unraveling mysteries that they kept piling on in a layered fashion, they just decided to make the whole damn thing into a feud between 2 brothers ! Still remember everyone hooking onto that 2 hour series finale and everyone saying 'thats it ?' everywhere, including this forum
  10. Guys, what's a good pre workout and a good mid afternoon snack ? Don't want to gorge on biscuits and stuff, trying loose belly fat. Been going to gym and get hunger pangs like crazy when I'm doing cardio or post workout. I go to gym in the lunch time (12), and have lunch immediately after at 1. Have breakfast around 8/8:30. Get cravings while working out or mid afternoon around 4/4:30.
  11. The first movie was nerve wracking, to the point where I had to pause and take a break in between. This one seems a bit more fast paced and action filled, might be easier on the nerves
  12. Massive respect for mentioning The grand Budapest hotel and whiplash, I didn't think anybody bothered with such movies here.... ! If you like more offbeat movies check out tumbadd, triangle, side effects, blue Jasmine , haywire & coherence - from the top of my head.
  13. Ne0

    The Travel Thread

    tickets are already booked, decided to take the flight. But do let me know the good places to visit in and around candolim. Hotel is near to that beach.
  14. Ne0

    The Travel Thread

    Anybody drive from Bangalore to Goa and back, recently ? I'm planning to visit Goa during new year's , but read about bad road conditions due to construction work along the way. Let me know if it's a cause for concern.
  15. Awesome trailer, didn't understand sh1t, but I guess that's not a bad thing. Had similar feeling when I watched inception trailer for the first time. Would not watch any more trailers , let's see, maybe Nolan won't pull another interstellar on us 😋
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