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  1. Thanks the details , let me check it out
  2. Is it just a regular camera or something special? And how much did it cost ?
  3. Ne0

    Death Stranding

    I'm in the middle of chapter 3 now i guess? Sam got order 27. I thought the game would've become monotonous by now, but surprised that it's managed to keep me engaged so far. Also, I think in chapter 3 the mules are a bigger nuisance than the bt's :-/. The story is still very intriguing though and is there main reason I'm pushing on. Also, this is nothing like any of the games I've played so far.... glad someone is making different kind of games and not just making the same old mass entertainment / sequels stuff. So glad gamepass has this, else would've easily missed this one! BTW, are the private lockers in the game region locked ? As in, the stuff that Sam keeps stays only in that location ?
  4. I also read in reviews that is too long a movie ? I think it'll recover most of its costs from the weekend collection and from ott/tv rights. Read somewhere that it's releasing in some ~9000 screens worldwide
  5. Ne0

    Death Stranding

    Ok, looks like now I'm slowly catching the rhythm of the game, still in chapter 2, but able to navigate around the terrain on the bike, escaped the mules and so on. Also after i discovered that Sam can offload his load on back to the bike, it's been quite a relief
  6. Ne0

    Death Stranding

    Woah that's big. I guess cut scenes would be like 10+ hours in that ?
  7. Ne0

    Death Stranding

    Even bridges, i took a pcc and went in that bike, tried building a bridge across a river to conserve charge, only to find out that the bridge couldn't be completed due to lack of metals. This seems quite a long game, how long does it take to finish ?
  8. Which one and how much is the cost ?
  9. Ne0

    Death Stranding

    I'm still in chapter 2/order 8 i think. The inventory system is really bad. I failed an order because i forgot to press some button after putting that chiral print interface into my inventory. I thought all was well, went back only to find it was not added and had to redo the order :-/ It's good game to chill out though, except when Sam is going thru bt areas, those sections suck. BTW, found a vehicle in one of the distribution centers, but it says it's not charged, where to charge it ?
  10. I bought it on ps4 and yet to complete this. The first game was outstanding and loved it, but gave up on this after a couple of hours as i felt the game was too demanding in terms of attention and focus. Also the mood was too depressing. Maybe I'll pick this up over a long weekend some day, when I've sufficient time, but from what i played this didn't feel like a game you could play over a quick break.
  11. Ne0

    Death Stranding

    In in the second chapter now and yeah the game is indeed weird, but i guess that's one of its USPs. I'm playing it to see how the story unfolds.... I might love it or hate it by the end, but I've a feeling it's gonna be a unique experience going by the gameplay so far. I mean, the game literally is a series of fetch quests and the one thing which one would often skip in a open world game (traveling long distances), via fast travel or something, is the core gameplay here .... Kojima is a risk taker, i don't think any other dev would've even greenlighted this !!
  12. Shhh, I'm at the climax fight now, where the hero fight off against a bunch of henchmen only to realise they were just 3D holograms/illusions
  13. So, watching this movie called heropanti2 , here's a snippet - so the hero, who's a hacker kills one of the villains by hacking his pacemaker and connecting it to a video game (one of those mortal Kombat types), and gifts it to the villains' family. So the family is busy playing the game and everytime the in game charcter punches/kicks the other one, the villains heart gets affected and finally the villain dies in real life when the family wins the level in that game! I'm speechless....😂
  14. The problem with 1000w PSUs, especially in India is the availability of ups to be able to hold off during a power cut. Most pc ups won't hold off more than 650-750w power for even few mins required for the graceful shutdown.
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