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  1. Exactly the the kind of quick/simple recipes I was looking for, thanks, will try it out tomorrow Do you have any good recipes for healthy snacks as well (to munch on between the meals) ?
  2. can ppl share some healthy breakfast recipes. All I eat is omlette + bread toast, makes me hungry within 2 hours Looking for something more filling while being nutritious !
  3. Ne0

    Grand Theft Auto V

    I would be overjoyed with the new GTA, but it would be good if R* can come up with some new stuff. All they've done in the past 2 generations is launch sequels to their popular games. Also, with the dev costs ballooning up, I think we're gonna have fewer AAA titles in the next gen. I mean we had 2 gow in ps2, one in ps3 and ps4. Same with GTA, 3 in PS2, 2 in PS3 and none in PS4 !
  4. So, saw this kannada movie on amazon prime video - kavaludari (translation : crossroads). It's a murder mystery - more of a classic whodunit. The pacing could've been better and the movie takes time to build up and introduce all the characters. Its shot in a classic noir style and the plot is quite complex, which makes it interesting to watch. Good one time watch if one's in a mood for a clever whodunit (since its on prime, you can get subtitles if you don't understand kannada).
  5. Ne0

    God of War

    Completed the game .... i think this is definitely the best in the series. The lore / story / character development everything is superb. The graphics are simply unbelievable, just play it on a big screen and its better than watching any movie. The scale/setting of the game is simply out of this world. There's some amount of backtracking which can get irritating at times, but overall you don't feel so bad when you complete it. I think the game has set the stage for the next game in the series, where the actual boss fights are gonna happen. Yet to complete the optional quests, but not sure if I would be doing it now. Can't wait for the sequel on next-gen hardware. I think it would just blow everything out of water. Also hope we get more than one gow title in next gen
  6. Ne0

    Far Cry 6

    yeah, this seems more like a just cause description than farcry. But I enjoyed farcry 5, despite all the repetitiveness, was a time pass. Like when you want to just play for like 15-20 mins for a quick break.
  7. Ne0

    God of War

    so facing is this the final boss fight ? Feels like that with all the sudden strength he seems to have got !
  8. setup config ? linky to the monitor pls ?
  9. Ne0

    Far Cry 6

    isn't this the guy from breaking bad ?
  10. I stopped westworld after the first season, isn't it how it was supposed to end ? What was the whole point of se02 ?
  11. Are these the kind of N95 masks to buy - it says reusable & washable : https://www.amazon.in/Reusable-washable-certified-droplets-pollution/dp/B08C67MQG5/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3P3ENYJEZBKCJ&dchild=1&keywords=N95+masks&qid=1594297791&sprefix=domex%2Caps%2C277&sr=8-1 there are others marked with NIOSH certified, but not sure if these can be reused : https://www.amazon.in/Magnum-N95-NIOSH-approved-pack/dp/B0895J88L7/ref=pd_sim_328_1/261-2261557-8953557?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B0895J88L7&pd_rd_r=6e7224ec-67c9-45d5-926e-d6e3789f4c3d&pd_rd_w=Tb2iY&pd_rd_wg=X0AGF&pf_rd_p=ab1ea959-cf01-41ea-8491-e7f4cc3d0a0f&pf_rd_r=76CDKF2PRFQVT04XSHKN&psc=1&refRID=76CDKF2PRFQVT04XSHKN Even if I want to buy one, I have little to no information on what to buy, what to trust and how to use it :-/
  12. how are you guys watching hulu in india ?
  13. Aren't N95 just single use masks ? They're not meant for multiple user afaik. Maybe someone else can clarify.
  14. Finally completed 'Dark' .... What a brilliant show. Everything is explained so beautifully in the end, that you cannot help but admire the ingenuity of the writers. It keeps getting complicated until the last two episodes and then suddenly, as if like a completed jigsaw puzzle, everything falls into place. The episode - 'in between the time' (s03e07) has got to be one of the best written episodes in a TV show of all time ! I wonder if the writers had the whole story in mind and jumbled it up or they made it along. Either way, one of the best sci-fi TV show ever made
  15. Saw this classic , Kramer vs Kramer on netflix. Had heard of it before, but finally got around to watching it. It has aged really well and some of the themes the movie focuses is so much relevant even to this day. It perfectly captures the dynamics of a crumbling marriage and the effects that it has the children involved. Would definitely count it among the best movies I've watched so far.
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