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  1. I'm not sure what I missed, but there was absolutely nothing sinister nor evil about any of the supes in the show, except for maybe A-Train in the beginning. There were only a couple of times when homelander was being "really" evil, but that's nothing special to write about. I was expecting some kind of a gang of ruthless supes who've enslaved the city, but all we got were cookie cutter stereotypes with their boohoo background stories. Comparatively, I felt Butcher was the most evil and badass character in that show.
  2. 'The Boys' - trailer was much better than the show. Enough said !
  3. Ne0

    Darksiders III

    first one was ok, remember it being too long though !
  4. Ne0


    what is the ideal level for spider castle ?
  5. its not NF original, i think its from the same channel as arrow/the flash etc. I would expect lot of cheesy action and useless drama !
  6. On s02e08 of luke cage, and man, what a snoozefest it has been so far. WTF happened to netflix originals ? Moved onto jessica jones (s02) .... lets see how that holds up !!
  7. Ne0


    I cheesed nue using that shelter/spear trick
  8. Ne0


    Far from it actually, it's one of the most frustrating boss fights. The damn platform is so porous, you'll keep falling into water which is insta death, it's beam attacks are again insta deaths.... Took me like a dozens of tries to defeat this. The boss fight also killed any interest in the game I had until then :-/
  9. Ne0

    Dark Souls 3

    Main game is at a discount right now on psn. While I loved and completed bloodborne, didn't really like the first dark souls game. Let me know if this is worth a shot.
  10. Ne0


    BSB is an optional boss IIRC. If you perfect parrying, it's a joke. Also, better avoid that machine gun dude for now .... at a later stage, you can open a shortcut right below his bunker [hide] make him your ally or foe.... [/hide] Hardest bossfights for me were with master logarius and shadow of yarnham.
  11. ^^ yeah, thanks for that .... i didn't buy at full price , bought at a discounted price in one of those PSN sale events !
  12. Ne0

    Horizon: Zero Dawn

    HZD was awesome guys, don't hate it , one of the best games on PS4.... the gameplay was so solid, never thought a video game with bow & arrow could be so much fun ! The amount of detail in every machine was mind blowing, so was the variety .... felt so satisfying to take down a thunderjaw (esp those side quests as part of some challenge !)
  13. Ne0

    XCOM 2

    Awesome tips man, thanks a lot
  14. Ne0

    XCOM 2

    Just downloaded this from ps store. Any tips for a beginner to bthe series ? I didn't really understand the overwatch thing. Do we have to place the units in exactly the tiles marked for it ? Doesn't it expose your team to the enemies?
  15. Ne0

    Marvel's Spider-man

    If you think about it, a spiderman game deserves open world .... the whole USP of a spidey game is to swing across manhattan, leaping across tall buildings. So they had to put in that much of effort to create a open city if they actually wanted to do justice to the source material. Now, having an open world, without anything to do would also attracts lot of criticism , so they pad it with fetch quests (aka busywork). Have they said anywhere it's mandatory / blocks progress ? It would be mostly optional, and you should be still able to complete the game without doing any of it (my guess). Investing in story based side quests is most probably a budget decision, since it would require lot more investment in level design, voice over etc (assuming you are talking witcher 3 / fallout kind of story based of side quests). They are good, but not really necessary to enjoy a super hero action/adventure game. R* level of openness, again, is not needed in these kind of games. The city itself is like a character in R* games. The whole point of games like GTA is the open world. The story/characters etc are all something to just to play around with it(which also explains their amazing success with GTA V MP). But the focus of this game is Spidey, the villains, and most probably the story.
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