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  1. HZD was a good game, I really enjoyed the gameplay, fighting with all the robots. I felt the bow/arrow mechanics was a nice change compared to the usual swordplay based combat in other such rpg games. Story being interesting was a bonus, I enjoyed the game otherwise too. Only gripe i had was the underdeveloped open world, which simply served as a backdrop and nothing more.
  2. Ne0

    Cyberpunk 2077

    So, patch 1.3 got installed yesterday, it's a humongous patch close to 36gb on steam. Felt like there are some new animations introduced , there were some minor improvements to menu, and the fps seems to be consistently hovering at almost 50-60fps at ray tracing ultra settings even at outdoors , which is impressive (earlier it would drop to 40+ fps in some outdoors). Not sure about this, but I think the traffic/civilian density seems to have been reduced. Played only for like 30-45 mins, so not 100% sure.
  3. Ne0

    Cyberpunk 2077

    https://www.cyberpunk.net/en/news/39092/patch-1-3-list-of-changes Woah that's a pretty steep list. I'm in act 3, not sure how much of those would help me, it would be good if they had made the world some more interactive .... I'm just moving from quest to quest, without actually fooling around in the in-game world as there're hardly any interesting activities to partake in. Not something ppl would expect from a open world game !
  4. Most recent streaming movies have poor quality CGI as compared to the movies made for theater viewing. I'm not sure why, but maybe it's got something to do with the fact that ppl are working on it from home
  5. Godzilla vs Kong - what an amazing movie, the special effects were literally jaw dropping, that final fight between Kong/Godzilla/Mecha was really something . Watching it on prime video didn't do this movie justice, would've been far more amazing to watch in theaters !!
  6. Ne0

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Graphics wise, the game is at a whole new level on PC. I'm mesmerized at how awesome the visuals are at some places, I keep stopping every now and then, sometimes even in the middle of quests, to take in the visuals. There are few quests where V goes to rooftops of some buildings and the draw distances are so good ! Visually, I don't think there's any game, as of now, that's as good as this one. Feels like a real next gen game, graphics wise. Also, I've only have a 2k monitor sans HDR. Can only imagine how awesome it would look on a 4k 55" oled with a 3090
  7. Ne0

    Cyberpunk 2077

    So, completed this quest called 'sweet dreams', despite confronting the bad guy at the end, v didn't get back the 20k eddies he swindled in the beginning of the quest, is this some glitch ? No way to recover lost eddies in this quest ?
  8. Ne0

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Completed the quest 'play it safe'. Man, the visuals in the quest was at another level , the floating visuals, the crowd, the whole atmosphere/quest design was sublime. The fps dropped down below 30fps though lol !!
  9. Yeah this is a pretty niche genre. I just chanced upon it thanks to gamepass. And the game is hard, you need to plan a lot and retry multiple times. I feel it's not something you play like stress buster but more like a puzzle game, so I'm not surprised many ppl have just ignored it. Anyway, I'm on third level now, loving the roster of characters that had been introduced so far. Also saw some posts about this game in the previous Page, nice to see others have enjoyed this game as well
  10. So started with this game called 'Desperados 3'. Amazing game I must say. Reminds me of this game called 'commandos' which I used to play really long ago. Didn't see any thread for it, so guess there are not many fans here 😔
  11. Why do you need a ps5 carry bag, especially in times of this pandemic ? Travel would be far lesser than normal I presume !
  12. Ne0

    Cyberpunk 2077

    All those things matter. Things like open world, characters, main plot, rpg mechanics, they all play a role in the overall game experience. It's not like w3's quests were bad, they were really good.Just that cp quests has been designed better(after the game launched like 6 years after w3). Also, w3's open world was quite immersive for me, it actually felt like a living, breathing world. I remember spending so many hours collecting armour sets or playing Gwent with strangers. I just don't get that immersion in this game. The whole neon lit City seems to be a background wallpaper and nothing more. Quests are good, gameplay is decent and that's the reason I'm still sticking to this game. But as an overall experience, w3 was a much better game. Agree, it's not a bad game, I've spent close to 45 hours, but I feel it was a lost opportunity. The main plot is kinda boring though. In act 2, and I've been playing mostly the side quests (which the game keeps throwing at me).
  13. Ne0

    Cyberpunk 2077

    The game is good in terms of quest design and gameplay in general is decent. Maybe even better than Witcher 3. But the open world is bad, like really bad, it's the most lifeless and useless I've seen in such games. The bugs are still present, I recently had to reload a past save as the game suddenly started blasting a single tune even out of vehicles, and into other quests, making it difficult to hear the lines spoken. Also the whole cyberware/ripperdoc is highly unutilized, the skill trees are badly designed, perks are kinda useless, many times I had forgotten to even use points and hardly saw a difference. Except for the gorgeous visuals, interesting quests and the engaging gameplay(sans the rpg elements), the game is a downgrade from Witcher 3 in every aspect, IMO.
  14. Started with this Netflix show called '13 Reasons Why', I'm having a real hard time watching this beyond one episode in a sitting. Can't believe the whole education system is so messed up in the West.
  15. Ne0

    Cyberpunk 2077

    So, upgraded my nvidia drivers with GeForce experience, and the game has started stuttering .... Any way to revert the driver to the previous version ?
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