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  1. I bought sifu on discount sometime back on egs. Maybe my age is acting up but I found it to be quite hard and my hands used to literally ache after some 30 mins of playing. Uninstalled it somewhere mid way or before the mid way point and never got back to it.
  2. Saw couple of oscar winning movies, surprised to see that Sony Liv has a decent collection of movies : - The Help (Sony Liv): Drama depicting the life of black house maids set around the era of segregation in the Deep South (Mississipi). I think everyone played their roles to perfection, but I felt the performance of Bryce Dallas Howard (as the main antagonist) eclipsed everybody else's. I think she deserved it more than Octavia spencer (who won the award for best supp actress eventually). - Green Book (Sony Liv) : Stars Viggo Mortensen and Mahershrala Ali, I mean what could go wrong ! Again, set around the segregation era, it's apparently inspired by the true story of a black musician who tours the deep south with an Italian bodyguard/driver to protect him. Watching the above movies, I can understand to some extent on the popular inclusive culture trend thats ongoing in the US (often regarded as woke culture by some) and the intense protests like the black lives matter movements. I think those guys have suffered a lot through the ages (despite being in a first world country).
  3. Ne0

    Helldivers 2

    Got it thanks 👍
  4. Ne0

    Helldivers 2

    Embed tweet not working, any idea how to embed tweets ? https://twitter.com/wearejoel/status/1759413032273187300?s=46&t=XFFIS8aQy3UwSboaaeZsfA
  5. I found the bear to be too self indulgent. The camera angles, the colour palette, the pretentious emotional roller coasters or the frequent unnecessary close up shots of the actors…. I watched first season, but gave up on the show somewhere after couple of episodes in the second.
  6. Saw Dunki on Netflix. Except stellar performance from SRK, there’s nothing good about the movie. Cringy comedy, stretched out climax and a poor script with half baked characters. IMO, this is Raju Hirani’s weakest movie. I really feel bad for SRK as it looks like he has poured his heart and soul into the movie and it shows on screen, perhaps it’s his best performance after Swades. He definitely deserved a better script !
  7. So Xbox excl now coming to ps5 and ppl are complaining ? why complain lol, I would say it’s a good thing so that we can just buy one console and be done with it 😂 Also looking at the high cost of building aaa games and severe lack of innovation in the games being released (most are remakes or sequels) i think gaming industry in current size and shape might cease to exist in another decade.
  8. It’s decent enough for a video game, usual sci-fi tropes but kept me intrigued until the end. But what I really liked about the game was the amount of activities and side quests and the variety of environments in the world. It feels like a lot, but i felt all the side activities the game throws were fun to play. Also I felt that each and every aspect of the game has been tweaked and improved upon for the better compared to the prequel.
  9. Awesome, it’s a pretty vast game with a whole lot of things to do and many quests. My only tip is that the higher level upgrades in this are much more difficult to get than the prequel and mostly depend on drops from unique machines. Don’t waste valuable resources on upgrading to very rare (purple) , just upgrade to rare (blue) and then wait for the arena to open up and get legendary directly. Most purple ones are given as part of many quests too.
  10. Everything is bigger and better in the sequel. It’s one of the best open world games I’ve played. The world is so much more alive and breathing than compared to the prequel. I think the game released along with Elden ring and got overshadowed. I had way more fun with this than even gow:ragnarok. Looks like they’ve included even the dlc in the pc edition, which makes it more vfm. I’m not gonna double dip, but if someone’s playing on pc fresh I think they’re in for a treat (assuming it’s not very technically demanding that is) !!
  11. Will wait for discounts/arrival on gamepass. Will play the kiryu game already on gamepass until then …. Going by the amount of grind in the prev game, I don’t think I’ll play ng+ here 😂
  12. Ne0

    Indiana Jones

    As long as the traversal/platforming is in 3p, I’m fine with it. Intensive traversal/platforming mechanics for extended periods of time gives me motion sickness 🤮
  13. I use pc gamepass and don’t see so many issues with it for day to day usage. If one wants to purchase as a collector like cc said I can understand that, but I don’t think the app is bad enough to warrant purchasing games on alternate platforms like steam/egs !!
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