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  1. Ne0


    So, started the game, completed the first chapter i think, pretty weird so far. The gfx are awesome though, playing 1440p with everything set to the highest. Don't have a clue to whats going in the game, just going with the flow for now ! Also, on a side note, being a fantasy game I think its a good break from the other reality mimicking video games
  2. Ne0

    Hitman 3

    the last of the ps fanboys has fallen.... 'hope' is all thats left of ps5 defense force now !
  3. arena shooters generally avoid sprinting, if that's to be added the devs would've to build larger maps with more open areas. And once you've larger maps, there're other things like no. players to be supported etc which needs a redesign as well (as a large map with few players would get boring fast). Once you do all that, the core gameplay of the game itself changes (its good or bad is subjective) ! Its like setting a game like DOOM in a limited open world like RAGE, can it be done ? definitely yes. But will it be the same game at its core - definitely not !
  4. vaccum cleaners in general are not really efficient to use on ceramic tiles. Unless you have carpeted floors / wood floors which have issues with dampness, there's no point in buying vaccum cleaners. Its tedious to use and doesn't even clean that well, not to mention the dependency on electricity. I've used vaccums when I was abroad since we didn't have a choice and the floor was carpeted, but in India, I feel regular brooms/mopping is much better and efficient !
  5. Halo 3 mp was awesome, i think cod 4 and halo 3 were really good in terms of mp on x360 !
  6. halo is a different game from a different generation (even I found halo 4's colorful terrains / villains quite offputting now, but remember having no issues playing these games on x360 when they launched). Also, halo is best experienced on higher difficulties, its really amusing to see all those colorful enemies hiding behind covers / flanking / dodging and what not , the AI really shines through on higher difficulties ! Gears is more accessible. Ignore the first 3, since they are quite old by now, and see if you can start from gears 4 onwards, i played it recently, and it holds well with amazing set pieces and stuff. But yeah , while the story is kinda better than games like doom & quake, they are not your typical uncharted/horizon kinda games , story is more of a reason to shoot aliens/monsters and the games keeps throwing more & more of them at you. I found Gears to have better set pieces and a better / more involved story compared to other games of this genre though.
  7. Ne0

    Hitman 3

    woah ! i guess if EGS continues like this steam will end up as the indie games store !
  8. Ne0

    Hitman 3

    dont see it on steam, on egs, its available for ~1400, is this only for few episodes ?
  9. I dont think either PS/Xbox/PC RTX cards can support 4k/120Hz, will let some expert comment on this though. I can only suggest that at 4k , 32" screen is better or if you don't mind wide screen monitors or look at widescreen options (WQHD/WFHD) if that meets your criteria ! Also, consoles are best with TV, most console games come (would come) with HDR support and i dont think the current state of hdr is that good in monitors !
  10. I'm not sure about that, I think its because it has downloaded the entire MCC. Also, there's hardly any option to tweak the visual settings, I can't even set the resolution .... :-/ Started with halo 4, i believe this is the direct successor to halo 3 ? Looks good, but yeah, feels dated. Struggling to play with kb+mouse though !
  11. for its time, the intro scene of the flood in Halo:CE was one of the creepiest in video games , made me jump out of my chair, I was like wtf is this sh1t I still think it's one of the worst/annoying villains in video games.... right along those nasty re-generators of re 4 !
  12. It's not on PC , and no news of coming to anytime soon either
  13. yep, heard halo 2 is the weakest of the series in terms of SP, as half its campaign is played as a covenant instead of MC !
  14. Yep, its downloading the MCC guess I've no option but to wait ! The first halo game is the best and also gives a good overview of the lore, esp the flood/covenants/MC/cortana and his allies and the concept of halo rings itself. Without knowing that, its hard to understand what's going on in the later games. I've played only Halo:CE and halo 3 so far in the series, and both games are really good. I'm mostly a SP guy, and not that interested in MP , but Halo 3 is the only MP I played for some time.
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