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  1. I see, working from home is really serving you well :p
  2. Ne0

    The Book Thread

    'Y The last man' - remember reading it long time ago .... couldn't complete it, but whatever I read was engrossing. Watchmen on the other hand was quite boring !
  3. That i know, but there's no explicit word from NF that it'll focus on Amado. As I've seen, Narcos is more like an anthology , focus shifts to a new storyline/character after every season or two.
  4. Totally, narcos is one of the few consistently good series on Netflix. Saw s01 of 'the sinner' , liked it. Might start s02 sometime later. BTW, were did they announce the next season of about Amado ? I thought the next one would be about chapo.
  5. That's a nice setup. Is that your home office ?
  6. When my sleep schedule gets screwed up due to work/stress or whatever, whats worked for me is to sleep only when i'm completely sleepy, like i can't turn another page over, or watch another min of a tv show. Which also means, I go somedays with just 5-6 hours of sleep, but i make up for it in the 2+ hour cab ride on the way to office and back. Also, over a period of time, my body adapts itself and the rhythm comes back to regular. I've found that whenever I force myself to sleep in these situations, it always works counter productive and I end up staying far more awake. There were days when I've slept for 12+ hours and other days when I've slept for just over 5-6 hours, but on an average in a week, I'm sufficiently well rested. In short, I go along with whatever the body demands instead of fighting it !
  7. Once upon a time in hollywood is exactly what some crtitics described - tarantino's love letter to hollywood. If you watch it expecting a plot or something, one might get disappointed. I went in with an open mind, and damn, each scene oozes style and substance - whether that fight scene with bruce and cliff or the scene where leo gets back his acting chops , the short but hilarious snippets of his italian sphagetti's , and finally the finale to just bring everything into one gigantic explosion. I mean, I can't believe anyone else could've pulled this off except for tarantino. It requires a real genius to keep the leading lady completely disconnected from the main plot until the last 10 mins ! Might watch it sometime later or even buy a bluray .... felt its that good !
  8. can this be done in microwave ? or do u need the traditional oven ?
  9. I liked the new F9 trailer .... i dont know about you ppl, but if all i need is some popcorn entertainment. F&F series delivers it in spades. Is it over the top ? yes. Has it completely pivoted from the original racing genre ? yes. But still , most of the movies are a good one time watch in theaters !
  10. I've an old PS2, which I dont use anymore .... let me know if u wanna take it off my hands. I'm in blr though. PM me, if you're interseted.
  11. can someone share a good recipe for homemade pasta (sphagetti style) ? the ingredients should be easily available in local supermarkets though. Also, which is a good brand of pasta to buy ?
  12. Anyone seen messiah ? the pilot seemed interesting. Seems to be having some similarities with Homeland , except that the lead actress seems more in control ! Also, Jamtara ? It's based on the phishing scam, but I kinda got turned off with all the gaalis and the setting , couldn't bring myself to watch beyond ep2. Cast seems interesting, almost everybody is a newcomer (except for that one guy who was also in InsideEdge). Not sure how the rest of the series go though.
  13. Ne0

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    The game really opens up around chapter 3 , most of chapter 1/2 plays like a tutorial. The random encounters in this game are on a whole new level, they are integrated so naturally into the game, you would be hard pressed to believe they lead you to an actual side quest !
  14. Ne0

    Metro Exodus

    Coz in real world, stuff breaks and you need to repair it or buy new ones, which is what they are simulating , expecting it to increase your immersion It's totally another story that the stuff you pick in witcher 3 is absolutely useless as you can always get superior stuff by taking part in those special quests !
  15. Watch out for heel pain and lower back pain, got myself some lousy pain by over exerting myself in the beginning. Eden I went back, I took it nice and slow. Mild walking, brisk walking and then jogging. For me it was important I worked out for 30 mins every weekday, not three died/distance covered !
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