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  1. It's a lot of stuff like getting invisible gear to increase character attributes, cosmetic upgrades like outfits and nameplates, etc etc it's just overwhelming. I am just ignoring all that. Spider-Man dlc will probably be released in 2021.
  2. People are claiming tests are lowered in Maharashtra. Any information on tests done?
  3. I have only reached till Iron man part. They have nailed the Iron man combat.
  4. SP is pretty fun. I am enjoying this game. Totally ignoring the GaaS nonsense.
  5. Is it coming under control now? Looks like it is.
  6. Sancho signing should fix these issues.
  7. Even if the game releases day 1, there's no guarantee you will have PS5 to play because Sony India has not even released the price, forget about preorders.
  8. Why? This is so f**ked up. I want to buy whichever next gen console available in India but now if there are such differences it becomes very confusing.
  9. This has been debated so many times. Xbots just find it convenient no matter how you argue. They are true masochists.
  10. Big Boss

    Crysis Remastered

    Yes that's why it was not added to the stores. Really pathetic of them to release broken game.
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