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  1. Broad should play ODI now so that he is on top in all 3 formats for giving maximum runs in an over.
  2. Rishabh Pant. Our best test batsman
  3. Saw RRR. What an epic movie. Also it's shot so brilliantly. RIP bollywood.
  4. Lucky to win lol. Good performance by Hooda. Clean hitting.
  5. Impressive batting performance. Poor debut for Imran.
  6. Yes MCU movies are popcorn flicks and need to be enjoyed in theaters with popcorn. Watching on TV no matter how good the TV and sound system is, has very less impact. No way home for example is like 25% fun if watched at home. The reveals have very less impact.
  7. Completed Season 3 of Umbrella academy. A bit slow and somewhat unsatisfactory ending but liked it.
  8. The ending of episode 6 was just too good.
  9. England These guys are unbelievable. They will probably cross 500 soon.
  10. And they shove love story and songs in every thing. Why do superhero movies have to revolve around love stories and songs? So pathetic. Captain America Peggy Carter love story is better than all action/superhero bollywood movie love stories
  11. Ya government had put pressure to send strong team in commonwealth because cricket was added first time. Sachin and Ajay Jadeja were sent there. And they deliberately played badly. More recently we had a test team in England and a B team which played in SL.
  12. Now I remember what those power color effects in brahmastra reminded me of. The neon powers from Infamous game.
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