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  1. Such a bad performance. Completely one sided.
  2. Massive numbers in Pune today. Much worse than Mumbai.
  3. They ticked all the checkboxes with Eternal casting: Gay black hero, Asian overweight hero, differently abled black female hero, Indian hero, strong but mentally unstable female fighter, ginger teenage angsty girl, South American strong female leader, Asian strong female leader, mixed race hero No points for guessing the race and sexuality of the villain It was the perfect diversity casting which must have made all the SJWs sleep peacefully at least one night. Unfortunately it is the worst rated marvel movie ever. Though I would definitely rate it above Thor Dark world and Captain marvel.
  4. I know we shouldn't laugh but this reply man:
  5. He had completely lost it by blaming tv broadcaster. Good that he stepped down. Hopefully KL or whoever succeeds him isn't as as him
  6. Ya I think infection is pretty much guaranteed if you are exposed to virus. Just that the vaccines are preventing severe illness and hospitalization in most cases.
  7. https://m.timesofindia.com/city/mumbai/open-letter-by-35-doctors-from-across-country-states-india-overdoing-testing-medication/amp_articleshow/88887028.cms
  8. Lost Rahul Dravid to be blamed completely for persisting with flops like Rahane and Pujara. Too much pussy footing cost the series.
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