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  1. Learn the patterns. Every boss telegraphs his attacks, so you can opt to dodge. Ki management is essential. For me Raditz took 2 tries, Nappa took 3 because I was at less health after saibamen battle. Then for Vegeta I had healing items equipped so I took him out in one shot. Healing items are your friend. Overall, the game is fantastic in every aspect. Side stories are quite goofy.
  2. as I couldn't figure out wtf was happening. Attacks from everywhere. Defeated them but was on last bar of my health. No problem I thought, I will get full health in next battle. But then fight vs Nappa started with my health still at 1 bar. I managed to hold my own till he used his ultimate and killed me. Ok no problem, the retry option will start fight vs Nappa at full health? No, it's still 1 bar, I get destroyed again. So only way is to reload my save before saibamen battle and do it all over. I am not complaining, but this shows that you cannot take a single battle lightly. Always need to be on your toes. Just loving the combat more now.
  3. I played around 4 hours. It's very enjoyable. Also combat is good. You will get your a*s handed to you in boss fights if you don't play properly. The bosses and even lower enemies have special attacks which are telegraphed, so you need to learn that pattern to dodge or defend. The controls are the biggest issue for regular DBZ players. It takes a lot of adjustment because circle is for punches and square for ki blasts. Naruto gamers will feel at home though. The biggest plus is that game perfectly nails the DBZ charm. The world is wonderful, and cutscenes are fantastic. Overall a must play for a DBZ fan.
  4. Big Boss

    Mortal Kombat 11

    Animations still suck. When the f**k will they learn to animate properly? Only things that are worth watching are fatalities. They need to hire good animators. This video is still valid:
  5. Walking around with kid Gohan in the forest, so cute lol
  6. Big Boss

    Gears 5

    What a buggy mess. I am at Act 1 Chapter 3, I died and now after reloading the checkpoint I can't use any weapon. Both the guns remain on the guy's shoulders. He just cannot fire anything. I can use Jack's abilities and that's it. Restarting the game also doesn't work. Did they even f**king QA test this sh*t? f**king Xbox exclusives I tell you
  7. Shadow of the tomb raider looks fantastic though. Downloading Forza horizon 4 and gears 5 now.
  8. Oh is it? I thought there is no way a 2019 game will look this bad.
  9. Because games look like absolute sh*t on Xbox one. I played Outer Worlds and it looked like No man's sky on its first day of release. I hope other games don't look this bad. Fingers crossed for metro exodus.
  10. Yeah got it. Holy sh*t the collection is fuking insane. Metro exodus, Kingdom Come, Outer Worlds, Shadow of Tomb Raider, jump force etc etc. So many freaking games are free. If this continues I might by Scarlett earlier than PS5.
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