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  1. Giroud with the bullet header ftw. I hope he stays in January.
  2. Prepaid gamer guy has confirmed him and even sent screenshot of stock lol.
  3. Hi man, go ahead with someone else. I am backing out. One more friend in same city wants to switch his pre-order as prepaid gamer is shipping his order by next week. Thanks.
  4. @Ne0 that's a lot of responsibility.
  5. Yes @WhatsInTheName check if they are allowing to change delivery address.
  6. When are you cancelling it? Post here first. I am ready with my login
  7. Thanks. Just submitted. At least I will have some part of PS5 soon
  8. Its a perfect 1080p 60 fps console if the devs bother with it. Microsoft did misleading marketing by saying its 1440p console and also limiting it's memory bandwidth. Probably they wanted to keep losses as low as possible and also make Series X a better alternative.
  9. Shows how much difference current gen makes when fps is just unlocked for last gen.
  10. https://www.livemint.com/news/india/maharashtra-makes-covid-negative-report-mandatory-for-passengers-from-these-4-states-details-here-11606132986231.html RTPCR test negative report MANDATORY for people coming from Delhi, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Goa to Maharashtra.
  11. Came here to post this. This is super cool and innovative way to discourage hacking by Microsoft. I am going to try this once I get my hands on Series X and use Series S for emulation.
  12. Give him time. At least 2-3 years like Ole.
  13. Now our new cases per day are more than recoveries. (Tomorrow numbers might be lower due to Monday and media circlejerk will begin)
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