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  1. Big Boss

    Yakuza 7

    Holy sh*t a Yakuza game with turd based I mean turn based combat? Extremely easy to completely avoid this game altogether.
  2. Big Boss

    Death Stranding

    The f**king font size needs to be bigger. We are not playing on our computer screens ffs.
  3. They really did redo him. Looks much better now.
  4. No it will be on Hotstar and they are going to take their own sweet time. Till then it's Ahoy matey.
  5. Good luck selling 7 hours sp only game at $60.
  6. Big Boss

    Death Stranding

    What a sh*t game. It's high time Sony provided refunds like steam.
  7. Big Boss

    Death Stranding

    Played this for 4-5 hours. Everything reminds me of MGS V. The art, the music, the cut scenes, the gameplay. It just pains me that we are playing something else rather than MGS6. f**k KONAMI.
  8. Why even go back that far? They were 7 points ahead of City last season at Christmas, and still bottled the league. They are fully capable of doing it again.
  9. Still if any team can not win the league from this position, it's Liverpool.
  10. 2nd penalty not given. Pep has lost it on sidelines.
  11. Lollerpoop have all the f**king luck this year. Clear penalty not given after 1-0.
  12. PS3 was also region free, just DLC was region specific just like PS4
  13. Big Boss

    Death Stranding

    It would be great if we piss in the game then we don't have to piss IRL and can play this forever.
  14. Wow that's some amazing caching.
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