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  1. Survive till lunch tomorrow, go for quick runs after lunch. Declare 15 minutes before tea to give them tempting target, attack and win. At least we won't lose.
  2. What are other good TV series on apple tv? Watching morning show and it's pretty good. Is Servant good?
  3. https://m.timesofindia.com/city/bengaluru/fears-of-deadly-third-wave-unfounded-say-virologists/articleshow/83736389.cms#_ga=2.22406072.2060067978.1622605233-amp-m_WUwnsb6xszxV8_cm7wj4zd3ZjzZZCbm24RcXB4k_GOTxJ1nLmgEOd08EFeoZrk Yay
  4. https://www.livemint.com/news/world/covid-vaccines-against-delta-variant-seen-losing-efficacy-who-epidemiologist-11624293720873.html Ummm
  5. FFS. I hope he gets mild symptoms and recovers fast. Havertz took a long time to be back to his best after Covid. These guys should have been completely vaccinated by now. Gilmour had taken only first dose
  6. They will CGI it. Placeholder abs mostly. At least they are going with a toned look even in post Snyder era. Also glad there is no skirt. The skirt wearing supergirl always felt weird. Wonder woman should wear pants too. Looks badass in Injustice.
  7. https://m.timesofindia.com/india/cooped-up-indians-throng-malls-and-markets-weeks-after-covid-surge/articleshow/83691522.cms#_ga=2.265596684.2060067978.1622605233-amp-m_WUwnsb6xszxV8_cm7wj4zd3ZjzZZCbm24RcXB4k_GOTxJ1nLmgEOd08EFeoZrk Read the excuses by the people. Complete idiots
  8. I hope conditions don't improve when they bat. Can see sun shining nicely now
  9. What a fun match though. Best match of Euro so far.
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