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  1. Mumbai Idiots not qualifying will be sweet
  2. Finished midnight mass. Good series though it's quite slow.
  3. CSK What an innings by Jadeja KKhaaR
  4. Midnight mass isn't scary at all and it's quite good after first 2 episodes. Episode 4 Though haunted hill house is a way better show.
  5. All will converge into a team up in finale vs the two bad guys. The what if trailer has already shown the team up.
  6. Terrible loss. But at least we lost vs City, not like United who lost vs Villa
  7. And they are doing this just for less than 2k cases per day. Talk about paranoia. We have almost double the cases in Maharashtra and there are almost no restrictions lol.
  8. haaRCB CSK CSK batsman got out just to watch Kohli dance around like a chimpanzee.
  9. Just watch it. Story is really good that keeps you hooked and you start to enjoy the jumpscares. It's a really well made intelligent show. I usually don't watch horror shows but this was really good. The way it connects everything is really well done. Don't miss it.
  10. It is quite scary. @dante77jyada hero mat ban
  11. Ya its hilarious. The bickering between sibling is quite funny
  12. Someone tell MI that this is middle of IPL and not start of IPL
  13. The same author is a fan of Daily Mail writer: https://overmatter.substack.com/p/some-classic-michael-hanlon-pieces-at-the-daily-mail So her opinion must also be irrelevant?
  14. Are you implying that just because it's daily mail they created a fake Chinese guy story?
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