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  1. Brazil President tests positive for coronavirus. f**king idiot had diluted wearing masks law on 3rd July lmao.
  2. I actually had a 0.99 dollar a month Hulu sub when I was in US. It was a great offer. Had to cancel it when I came back.
  3. The child actor is going places. Phenomenal acting.
  4. Holy sh*t this looks so good This is science, enjoy
  5. Yeah she is damn cute. Was looking forward to it as I wrap Dark S3. Ok cool. I am eagerly waiting for Umbrella Academy S2. Going to binge watch the sh*t out of it.
  6. Anyone saw Warrior Nun? The lead actress is like a cross between Ellen Paige, Jennifer Lawrence and Emilia Clarke lol. The trailer was dope. Trailer:
  7. Virus doesn't attack by looking at some hypothetical categories created by you. It doesn't operate like below: No it doesn't work like this.
  8. I am using Airtel broadband in Pune. 999 per month, 100 Mbps no data limit. Why isn't same Airtel plan available for you? They give kick-a*s router too, which gives great speed and range. Is it because you live in an area that doesn't have fiber network? Many areas now have fiber network though.
  9. Yes we are lucky that Tukaram Mundhe was controlling Nagpur else the Cs and Ds living there might have caused outbreak like in Pune and Mumbai currently.
  10. Don't care about insiders. Some insiders said xbox one has some hidden GPU There is no official confirmation yet.
  11. It doesn't create better seal. Try wearing a mask, and then try using a hanky. Then... f**k it I can't have this conversation, it's beyond stupid to even compare seal of mask with seal of a f**king handkerchief. 😥
  12. But do we even know about specs of Lockhart or even it's official existence? Everything is speculation. So saying some hypothetical console will exist, and then it will have x number of TFs, and it will be powerful and stable is too much of hypothesis and something that will be posted on zodkaBSsource.com which went down after last gen launch.
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