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  1. No one even knows if he has already decided to announce retirement. Everyone is just speculating
  2. Oh ok. Why not go for z1 pro? Its punch hole camera also looks good.
  3. It has that ugly notch right? I was so pissed off due to iphone x notch and was eagerly waiting for notchless design to become affordable. The Vivo Z1 pro, real me X, Asus 6z and K20 pro were in my shortlist. But spec and price wise (and my love for miui) made me go for K20 Pro.
  4. I picked Blue. Should have gone for black but always thought I can just put a black cover on it if I dislike the look.
  5. Mine still says ordered. It says expected packing date as 20th, shipping also 20th and delivery on 21st. Not sure if that’s what will actually happen.
  6. It has EIS like Pixel 3. Only thing I will miss from my iphone X.
  7. Yeah. There is no way in hell any Indian batsman who played with Sachin gets there first unless there is a rule that makes it happen.
  8. Cheers Which color? I went for blue. Let me know when yours is shipped.
  9. I too ordered K20 pro but 6gb, 128gb one. Can’t wait to get rid of this stupid iphone.
  10. https://twitter.com/ani/status/1151051367064231936?s=21 bcci has asked applications for head coach.
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