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  1. Tunisia vs Australia - 1-1 Poland vs Saudi Arabia = 1-1 France vs Denmark = 2-1 Argentina vs Mexico = 2-1
  2. Group B: Wales 2-0 Iran Group A: Qatar 0-2 Senegal Group A: Netherlands 1-0 Ecuador Group B: England 3-1 United States
  3. Ronaldo's reaction during that almost fck up was priceless
  4. Finally Also what an ending to Portugal match. So close to a monumental f**k up.
  5. No my days of getting triggered are over. I just laugh at the stupidity of men especially Indian men. Earlier I used to care, but now I realised most men deserve such treatment because they are generally very stupid and ignorant. Watching chaos unfold from sidelines is way more fun than trying to stop it
  6. Pill isn't not needed, erection doesn't mean consent and sexual arousal. There are enough studies about this for both male and female rape victims. And men who say "it should have been me" "lucky man" on such news and other female rape news never assume that the perpetrators might be ugly af and someone the guy will not even look at. Everyone just assumes some hot female exploiting the guy
  7. This is why Indian men don't have any laws and won't have till foreseeable future Men are so desperate for sex that they rather get sexually assaulted & violated by random women instead of standing up for themselves and showing some sympathy for the victim
  8. Switzerland vs Cameroon - 2-0 Uruguay vs South Korea - 2-1 Portugal vs Ghana - 3-0 Brazil vs Serbia - 4-0
  9. Germany lost. Their protest pic is even more hilarious now Go woke go broke
  10. Even 5 consecutive 100s in list A cricket is a record. And CSK released him last week
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