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  1. It won't. It's already in UK. I give it 5-10 years till it's here. Most Indians love aping the US. It was almost here in 2021 but dropped after significant outrage: https://theprint.in/india/education/gender-neutral-toilets-cisgender-agender-what-junked-ncert-manual-for-teachers-explained/762868/
  2. In this case killing is being justified:
  3. Voting in polls will require blue tick wtf???
  4. Wtf SA chased 258 vs WI in 18.5 overs
  5. https://comicbook.com/irl/news/jonathan-majors-arrested-for-allegedly-assaulting-woman-in-new-york/ https://twitter.com/tim_nicolai/status/1639785028711329792?t=JdHS_Hu93l8SqDHbzdvGrA&s=19 Let's see how fast he gets cancelled. People were too fast to jump the gun on Johnny Depp, Henry Cavill and that Rick and Morty guy.
  6. Exactly my point. It's baffling how they don't even consider that this might be due to ill effects of COVID itself but they rather blame the vaccines.
  7. If you see any heart attack death related video of Indians on twitter, 90% of the replies will be blaming the vaccine. This was asked to government too but they refused to associate vaccines to it. https://m.economictimes.com/industry/healthcare/biotech/pharmaceuticals/eminent-heart-doctor-flags-issues-with-covishield-says-worse-than-mrna-vaccines-in-terms-of-cardiovascular-effects/articleshow/97702087.cms https://zeenews.india.com/india/coronavirus-vaccine-behind-rising-heart-attacks-govt-study-to-clear-the-confusion-2555552.html https://m.timesofindia.com/india/no-vaccine-link-to-sudden-cardiac-deaths-lok-sabha-told/articleshow/98744422.cms
  8. Big Boss

    Resident Evil 4

    Pass. Will wait for sale. How difficult was it to keep the OG dialogue
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