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  1. Tata play is superb. I switched from airtel to Tata play after frustrating experience and haven't experienced any downtime at all since 9 months or so. Airtel went down almost monthly. Both provide almost similar customised router, but Tata play one had more options enabled. Almost everyone in my region have switched to Tata play.
  2. Yes KL is sh*t too. Shreyas Iyer seems to be only decent option now.
  3. Indian cricket also needs to completely drop the idea of Pant as a captain very fast. He single handedly lost them the place in the playoffs. Pathetic captain.
  4. Thanks. G1 has same panel as C2, the Evo hd whatever panel Prices are going to increase since June 1st week. https://www.news18.com/amp/news/business/tv-fridge-prices-to-hike-firms-face-high-input-costs-on-rising-inflation-cut-items-weight-5165875.html Saw this video and made my decision to get it: 1.32+5k cashback. Will be delivered in 5-7 days as they are bringing it from Hyderabad. No stock in Pune.
  5. If you check this video then G1 seems to be better now than C2 unless they fix the brightness and tone mapping in firmware update:
  6. G1 has same panel as C2 he said. The evo panel whatever
  7. @KunjanPSDHow is G1? He is offering me G1 at 1.35
  8. Ya rather wait unless I get it for 1.20 or less.
  9. C1 55 inch was minimum at 1.35. No offers. Will wait for C2 which will be available at 1.50 and buy during some festival offers. Croma guy said it's almost out of stock everywhere and will see if he can get C1 for me at 1.15.
  10. Can't wait. Best Netflix superhero show.
  11. When's this becoming mainstream in India? I can't wait
  12. Anything which reveals the biased laws and how women are misusing them is misogyny according to her. Tell her that misogyny is just a response to misandry. She will be super pissed Also:
  13. Happy Birthday SA Also what a match
  14. If a man doesn't apologize for other man's mistake on social media, how will she notice it? There was one guy on twitter who had pinned tweet which gave his phone number and address etc, and it mentioned his area. It said that if any sister is afraid to travel in public transport, he is available to accompany them for free as safety support. Later on, his tweets and DMs were exposed and he was thirsty and desperate af. One girl even posted her sexy pic in micro mini skirt or something, but since she had blocked him, he was replying to some other guy asking for pic by using choicest of vulgar slurs. Most of the guys who exhibit such behaviour are extremely creepy and thirsty for some action. Bill Burr sums them up beautifully. Watch from 1:12 onwards:
  15. Absolute ownage. A narcissistic person always gets exposed in court of law.
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