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  1. Adani ent going up. Is Adani buying his own shares?
  2. How are Oppo phones? I am looking for a 5G android phone. Preference is a phone that has flat sides and curved corners. Tired of this curvey back and pipe like sides design. Seems like only Oppo Reno phones are like that.
  3. Adani freefall continues
  4. I am waiting for this to come to India. Hopefully in next 4-5 years it will be here. Already approved in Maharashtra l
  5. Adani keeps falling. Almost all shares hit lower circuit today. Even Ambuja cement is down. He has fallen down to number 14 in world's richest list and lost $84 billion market cap so far. Damn.
  6. You didn't say only that. You didn't like a well made episode because of that. You could have just forwarded that like many of us did.
  7. I still feel uncomfortable when watching a kissing scene with my parents. I don't think I will ever be comfortable watching men kiss on tv or movies ever. No hate but it's just personal preference. I won't boycott movies or shows that show it or won't review bomb, but will forward or skip that part wherever possible. And if it's a movie like Brokeback mountain whose subject matter itself is Gay relationship, I will never ever watch it even if it wins all Oscars. It's just not my preference. Hopefully the lgbt guys understand the concept of personal choice and don't call me a bigot or hate me.
  8. Ya I too forwarded through the scenes. Same in Game of Thrones. I don't think I will ever get comfortable watching man on man action. Though overall the episode was really great and the emotional impact was huge. It won't have been the same if both were friends instead of couple.
  9. Wow reset era blocked this game? Then it's a must buy. Sold.
  10. Only interested in Superman, Lantern Show and Batman Robin. Rest all sounded meh. Waller TV show
  11. Regarding girl on girl action, slightly off topic, but straight men like to see girl on girl action and not man on man, but straight women don't like to see man on man action too, and are slightly okay with seeing girl on girl. Just shows that as long as there is a girl participating, it's okay for everyone to watch. Weird lol.
  12. He should have been warned instead of a sack. That was one of the most boring T20s ever. Even playing against pace bowling was tough.
  13. Ya she looked great in Split. She probably did breast reduction surgery too. Sigh.
  14. She looks really weird in The Menu and Amsterdam. Worst kind of makeover whatever this is called.
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