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  1. Ishan Kishan is a grade A chutiyaa. Unnecessary stumping appeal after collecting ball in front of stumps like a baboon, and that led to umpire viewing it in replay and giving a no ball, and then letting 4 byes go. He should never be Indian keeper. And Prasidh should never bowl for India. Garbage bowler
  2. Match is free for everyone even without jio sim. World Cup was also free for everyone. And these are number of views, not viewers. Number of views in final was 35 crore I read somewhere.
  3. This. Team will top the league stage and sh*t the bed in final/semifinal. Just enjoy cricket instead of hoping from team to win icc cups.
  4. Rinku Singh is just Also this match is almost done. Australia 58-4.
  5. Don't worry, people will blame vaccines for these.
  6. Jio cinema what a motherfcking cnt of an app. Fcking asshles
  7. Amazing work @bharat_SSfor organising yet another awesome contest. I didn't think I will win this one too after missing a few predictions but . I mostly win whenever there is no money involved
  8. Yes Avesh Khan is massively overrated.
  9. Did I really win this prediction contest too???
  10. Pandya injury is one of the best things to happen in this tournament. Hopefully now we get Australia in final and smash them to win it, and complete the revenge of 2003 final.
  11. Match Day 40, prediction deadline at 2:00PM Wednesday, November 15 India v New Zealand Match = 1-0 50s = 3-2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Match Day 41, prediction deadline at 2:00PM Thursday, November 16 Australia vs South Africa Match = 0-1 50s = 2-3
  12. Do we have prediction for semi finals and final?
  13. We are giving bowling to Kohli (who got a wicket lol), Gill and now even Sky. They aren't taking this seriously. If 300 was the target it would have been much more serious and lethal.
  14. Ya its obvious from the cricket prediction thread
  15. Absolutely based by Sehwag
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