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  1. Good win. Harshal Patel is a worry though. Needs to get back in form ASAP.
  2. Title track keeps me going but this is nowhere near the season 1 of GoT. Hopefully it picks up in episode 7 like GoT.
  3. I am sorry this is serious news but the QTs on this one are hilarious. White people losing their sh*t when media tries to tip toe around criminal's race is probably my favourite thing on twitter:
  4. The replies to this tweet Everyone asking about their regional languages
  5. Kohli needs few more matches vs Afghanistan. Pandya and Sky were superb. Rahul was decent too. Let's see how bowling goes.
  6. That OST is magical. That's one of the big reasons I am watching this.
  7. Finished reading Planet Hulk+ World War Hulk comics. What a goddamn fun read. Holy sh*t f**k Taika Waititi and entire MCU for sh*tting on Hulk and the side characters. Korg and Miek are so badass and totally different in comics. After reading Gorr the Butcher story arc and Planet Hulk+World War Hulk story arc, I have finally realised that MCU is a complete waste of time. Clowns like Taika Waititi can ruin it all they want. I know movie adaptations of comics is extremely tough and it can never be 1 to 1 but what these idiots are doing is pathetic. With end game, everyone, even the casuals were onboard with comic book movies, but these idiots decided to dumb it down with absolute clownary. They are going to completely butcher Daredevil too
  8. Wishing them speedy recovery. Isolate them to avoid you getting infected. It's just like viral this time, should be over in 2-3 days, just need to control fever by paracetamol, but they can infect you for up to 7 days after symptoms. My parents are out of isolation. Luckily I again avoided infection.
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