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  1. left RDR midway 😳 do give it another chance bhai if you can , because the ending of this game is really mindblowing .
  2. Professional gamers twitch 😂😂
  3. The reviewer literally thrashed the game in every aspect . 2.5 seems higher after that review 😂
  4. how is the story shaping up to be is it any good on par with the previous entries ? and does the game characters and movement really looks that funny all the time ? looking forrward to pre order but the reviews are very mixed .
  5. This one is truly epic 😂😂😂
  6. so hyped after watching the exploration video of this game ,,,, its looking f**king amazing why ea is selling this game so costly 😡 like 4500 ...amazon k coupon ni ate kya ab guys ?
  7. guys what is so special in this game ? like 98 on metacritic and the lowest review score is 90 means does it have great story or great gameplay , whats the charm in this series ? i have never played any zelda game . just watched some gameplay footage i find it kinda childish type . and creatures or what they are called some bobakin looks very kiddish to me , why are people so hyped up about this game ?
  8. The whole game is a masterpiece, best uncharted in the series after 2 . Splendid storytelling & great graphics
  9. this happens when you come under EA .
  10. I am asking my brother to pick up ps4 from there . It is around 24k there . So i have few questions . 1. Is there any power supply problem ? 2. Ps4 Firmware update problem due to diff. Region ? 3. Dubai comes under pal territory so my indian psn account will work fine ?
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