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  1. Wake Up Bitches Something to be really really excited for next 2 years.. Looks absolutely Bonkers.. Crazy f**king Trailer Cut !!
  2. Guys, lets not put out the full names..
  3. Nothing funny dude.. there are MANY Lead Dev's for a single game, Lead Dev doesn't mean he needs to have credit like the Houser's
  4. no idea what I always do is just take the codes running in the app when I am logging in new device
  5. Yep Signature R* physical...map will be included..
  6. It was known in the first leak only..
  7. These leaks are bad, Gonna delay the game More
  8. Yep and my bet is more like this Tweet, PS5 Pro might launch by then and game will make full use of the new hardware..
  9. Check now, I have temporarily disabled Authenticator
  10. Haath mein thodi hai dene ko lol Paid 14K since June and waiting Nahi aanewala hai Bhai..
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