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  1. The FE version from RP tech.. Haven't you heard them sending out emails for ppl who had clicked on send query but my sign up was in like December.. I also scored one before this in Jan during a flash sale which I gave it to fellow gamer here..
  2. It's otherway round.. there is no attack in this game that is unavoidable.. It happens very quickly but everything can be avoided..
  3. AfaiR there is only dash.. if you sprint and dash it feels longer.. All attacks in the game can be dodged you just need to time it. For the bat.. when its glowing yellow shoot it to stop or you can still dodge it..
  4. Kya baat kar raha hai.. He is one to finish the game in fastest time and least deaths here.. and not to forget discovering the potential of Electropylon Driver.. Flip few pages back before my long posts
  5. Just a matter of them patching if ppl spam Insolniac Twitter If you remember, remastered was not supposed to carry saves of the original.. then lot of ppl demanded and they made it happen..
  6. Yeah this was actually more annoying in usual world, helps well during Boss nailing..
  7. Let me guess.. Falling down in water, or from the ledges, not able to jump into right spaces ?
  8. Don't ask me source, Believe in what I say Lulz, even I just saw.. looks like PS5 will have some features but not too much as firstly its not a GFX heavy game.. Its ORI in 3D for me Demon Souls khel mard ki tharah, kya Spiderman khel raha hai..
  9. Happy Birthday Bro ! :cheers:

    1. STICK3Rboy


      Thank you so much bud! :bigyellowgrin:

  10. what did I miss.. Is it the door inside House
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