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  1. Please visit TV decision making thread to solve that problem
  2. No HDR on base machines, strange, I think 45 FPS is OK for the game on base machines, should have kept HDR..
  3. I had real nightmares playing RE7 in midnight hours.. so much so that in my head during subconscious (happens to me most of the time) I create a whole new level or replay the whole level and figure out how to nail the boss or route.. next day I get up and I execute it so well
  4. Stole this from me, but here we go anyway
  5. You can do it, I did a pure black tendency even before I killed the first Boss And then after I learnt the game well I did the pure white and Satsuke appeared in Body form in W4
  6. Download on PS5 na, ya we can do co-op..
  7. But kya, you can still run it on PS5.. I want to play it co op.. first level itself is hard even if you are leveled up.. They should remake the whole things Base Game plus Old Hunters.. would be a BOMB !! It's high time I give a serious try to Sekiro as well.. I play, Die and keep delaying it
  8. Second, after BloodBorne still Old Hunters left though... gonna do that soon..
  9. The other guy gets to play your game ?
  10. two full games in Mirror world Dude, have you started playing ?? waiting for your photo mode EPICNESS from this game
  11. Anyone got Penetrators armor.. I just learnt about it Looks like a proper grind..
  12. Aaaaaaad FINISHED !!!! ALL DEMONS VANQUISHED WHATTA a Journey that keeps you on toe and moves your anxiety levels Finished 1-1 without much worry then struggled and struggled until I watched first two videos of Fighting Cowboy, He is just Amazing !! I learnt some of the basic level up things you need to follow and there was no turning back.. To not spoil the surprises, I played each area with flow, fully explore and only then watch the walk through to ensure 100% completion was done as end goal was PLAT, The white and black tendencies are definitely out of my syllabus so the walk through really helps there.. The REMAKE is a blessing for PS5 owners, nothing has looked so gorgeous and on OLED it was pure orgasmic Each world is so unique and crafted to perfection.. Those are still waiting on edge definitely play it.. FlameLurker was the Best Boss, followed by False King and ManEater.. very less memories otherwise with others, the end boss was a biggest joke.. Overall I still rate BloodBorne more tough and a better game than this False King Proper 1-1 melee.. Special Thanks to @psinide for the initial guidance and black phantom. help, learnt a lot from him and the whole game mechanics of tendencies. PLAT Run: I am in a good position now overall for PLAT run, Need to play one full NG+ and 60% or less of NG++ per my checklist.. should have got the Eternal Warrior Ring.. The King Doran looks pain in the a*s.. For NG+ I will focus on getting Dragon Bone smasher upgraded and play with that, I also wore sad armor in whole game so time to pimp up.. Statswise will probably get Magic high to run NG++ on Magic build.
  13. So I will have the sword of searching crafted from Old Hero Soul Plus Schmitar, give that sword to Crow and get Provincial.. Wear Provin and farm the Purestone... Are you saying you need Pure Stone to craft 8+ in first place ?? Anyway can do second piece in NG+ right
  14. Anything for you ma man ! I have 3 lets do it next time we connect.. Damn how to Farm PureBlade stone for Longevity. Do we need to wait for NG+ I guess I used the one I had and now I am killing that black skeleton but doesn't drop.. EDIT, guess later wear the Providential ring and kill it 2-3 times
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