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  1. Nope, for example Forza... Gears DLC was included because Ultimate Edition was part of GP
  2. my game pass game getting a 12 GB update.. Is the DLC free .. Almost done with the campaign, will pick the season pass in November sale..
  3. Rare scenario where other teams want RCB to win now to bring their teams up Anyways would be best to win today and get close to play offs, we should be definitely looking to be in 1st or 2nd for that extra change in finals..
  4. Check tonight, it might come back again. When you click the link it won't take you to the offer.. You need to see below and select the one from "Appario Retail Private Ltd" only this guy was giving discount and it said "In Stock" on November 22nd. so all of us who have ordered still not sure if we will get it. Amazon can still cancel and refund us.. I bought yesterday and cancelled it as Bank confirmation was taking time, it went OOS and came back right after and then it went through. I was very skeptical to buy as I am going to use this in PS5 but thought lets just buy it.. I can always sell it for same price.. I was also thinking to buy the below ones, same price and is ready to plug and play on consoles. The speed may be less but should do the job on XSX and PS5 Samsung T5 1TB Samsung T7 1TB
  5. Says delivery 24th November, they won't flip right ? Anyway I don't need this immediately
  6. Looks so good, I searched so much and then read they are fan made but very well made..
  7. I swear FFF this sh*t, can it run games well that's all I care.. like gamers are going to be extra productive in those 30-60 seconds that is being saved... I know they are trying to show hardware capability but its getting too much now I am kind of OK with decent load time, that is actually the time in your mind you strategize a good boss fight where you keep on dying
  8. SD may be, although I have hardly watched 1% of SD content. HD will look top notch.. HD channels + 720p content too. Put gaming in perspective > PS2 does look bad on a 4K screen but PS360 looks so great..
  9. How do you open this link ? Need VPN or something?
  10. So effin good !! Totally worth paying 3500 customs on so much drool worthy stuff..
  11. Except Hooda and Singh I got 9 players right in my Dream 11.. just playing with small group of offc folks but might have made a little $ yesterday on the mega contest.. Anyone else playing here ?
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