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  1. Plus hope who is perma banned Plus Comingle, his account (plus content) was deleted at his request
  2. Looks great, will be a good addition to Scam Gang MP sessions
  3. Better than interactive slide show or well.. no games..
  4. Not sure if its him or anyone, but add him on Xbox... gamertag P3.. he is playing latest games most of the time
  5. Yep avoid it, most cringe acting ever in QTE based games..
  6. FireSticks these days doesn't make any sense. The TV apps are good enough..
  7. so still the best games from these folks is - Until Dawn ?? I played Quarry and it sucked balls..
  8. GoWR is still top for me but Quarry beating Elden Ring
  9. This is Jotnar edition, tte CE is still available on FK or Amazon..
  10. People here have had bad delays from him during GoW R launch so best to avoid him for Day 1 games
  11. He is more like an aggregator so deals with multiple sellers and PPGC is also one of them..
  12. Its similar to the first one.. won't deny that there is some chore of collecting Artefacts and Lores but good thing is they are short areas and you will get through them soon with a good guide.. The Berserker fights are challenging and keeps you going.
  13. These two sections, Goosebumps loaded and the last line - Loki Goes Atreus Remains
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