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  1. You need to see the video and try to remember which ones you exactly do not have.. and try running to get that room.. this is easy once you have boiled down to 2-3 remaining. Biome 2 was real bitch there are two areas which is ultra rare.. There are specific things which you can get via that platform hitting the white orb..
  2. Its not Trial.. go to All Games section download it from there.. If you do a search it bugs out to show as Trial even if you have Extra.. I have downloaded both..
  3. Early Locking today... Go play new PS Plus tier games
  4. LOU2 is 100 GB + iirc.. So its clear they have used same engine and running it on PS5 than developing it ground up from scratch as a PS5 Native app which has compression
  5. Those who don't want to jump the gun, wait till October November... the discounts will be back..
  6. VS isn't just for Versus, All rants can go there..
  7. but at least for folks who don’t use Ps plus it would have been useful.. now if someone’s PS5 goes kaput and went for a replacement, they don’t have cloud saves their game progress is completely lost The only other way is to back up the entire PS5 which can’t be done occasionally either..
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