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  1. Same reasons why Sam doesn't do IVG orders anymore
  2. Buy It RP tech crashed why should GTS have all the fun
  3. As Sam mentioned read the sticky post and don't derail people buying it, not your money.. their will and wish.. Come back to this thread in 2022
  4. Lol that’s a very bad luck with grey maal.. I thought you had PS4 Pro? Time for PS5 upgrade bro
  5. Anyone else wants it please let me know guys..
  6. Please don’t hold them to it, not sure if Amazon has direct line with sellers inventory and logistics but FK promised things like this and didn’t deliver so I will not hold CC for any delays..
  7. Damn, I had seen bad.. but can’t even describe this.. Is this all true, some looked like captured on a very low end PC.. Mostly it’s all from the 1.00 version so much sh*t shipped out ..
  8. opened by mistake and saw half of it not coming here till Jin's tale is done
  9. I agreeeeeeeee, Khan Maykr was f**king tough man.. In the last one you had all the resources on had and it was such larger than life feeling everything throwed and you and you are still killing it... Did you also play the Slayer Gates?? those were effin awesome as well
  10. + RE4 type large outdoor environments..
  11. Its very much possible, the shipping will definitely happen so people get it on Day 1 because SC is going to deliver Day 1 to all their pre-orders/store pick ups..
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