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  1. You enjoyed Open World in HZD? What about RDR2? if you have played it.
  2. GameAnalyzer

    FIFA 21

    Is this game going to be released day1 for series X with next-gen graphics?
  3. The best open world game in recent years. SETS benchmark very high for upcoming games. Games which released afterwards RDR2 still cant cope up with the sheer beauty of this game. Excellent in every field (Graphics, Narration, Lead-Quest, Detailing, Dialogues, Characters, Soundtrack, Environment, Encounters with strangers etc...). You might find the starting bit slow because the game offers alot of things to understand and how things work. But after chapter 2; the game picks up the pace. Also Arthur Morgan is the best protagonist for me. played almost all of the AAA Games from 2018 till now. Still no match up for Arthur Morgan.
  4. Yep. stay away from this thread until you finish the game. There is so many things yet to come.
  5. My matches are done. winner is @Arthur Morgan
  6. GameAnalyzer

    Persona 5

    Does anyone here know when Persona 5 Scramble releasing in the west? Cant seem to play any other games these days after Royal. Just waiting for cyberpunk and ps5.
  7. I wonder, how you managed to evade the most basic spoiler of this game till now.
  8. GameAnalyzer

    FIFA 21

    Every year i think of this but eventually I end up buying because there are no other football games out there. Also, newer version has more players to play with and no matter how much copy/paste they do but this is the only good football game available. Can't play PES at all.
  9. This game is coming way to early than expected. So much HYPE
  10. GameAnalyzer

    FIFA 21

    I want to see next-gen gameplay. :| this is same as 20 :|
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