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  1. Yeah , I don;t have Shenmue 1 & 2 neither interested in buying it. Will probably watch story highlights on youtube. Thanks for the headsup.
  2. lol i recently bought shenmue 3. Not able to find shenmue 3 thread so thought of posting here. I always wanted to play it but didn't want to pay full price so picked this game for 400rs on PSN. I played this game for 3-4hours. I donot quite understand what exactly to do in this game. all I do i just walk , walk and walk and then knock doors and ask people for help. The fighting/combat style is bit weird to me. Will take time to get used to it. Has anyone played Shenmue 3? Is this game good? What exactly is this game famous for? this is my first shenmue game so don't know about this game. Does this game becomes interesting or it's just very slow pace? I already have quite backlog of games to play cp2077, DL2, HFW and now this.
  3. Are you playing this on PS5? I am thinking of getting the PS5 version but i saw reviews that this game has alot of bugs to ruin you experience. Is it true? Should i wait and get it later?
  4. Anyone who has played directors cut.. is it worth playing the game again on PS5 considering I have completed 100% already on PS4. What exactly is the difference ? I mean Ps4 pro already had 60fps thing… I am thinking of buying the directors cut but not sure already have too many games in pending to play. But I really liked this game when I played so curious.
  5. I mean it’s possible to some certain extent. But you have to clear all the BT areas. But you can’t playing songs while playing traversing. I wanted this feature too. Are you playing it for the first time ? Or playing directors cut again on PS5?
  6. When the game gives you choice to pick dialogues does this affect story or characters stats in anyway? I started playing this on easy difficulty. Gameplay is okayish. Combat also feels very repetitive; and nothing new.But the game looks visually so good; bright and flashy. I recently upgraded my monitor from 1080p to 4k. It looks really great tbh. I am playing in Ray Tracing mode. But I have only 27inches monitor. Does quality mode make any difference if you used?
  7. Free games has zero value. I barely play any gamepass games despite having gamepass till 2024. Infact i only play one game on xbox Gears 5 multiplayer. that too i own it and spend money on buying characters. No interest in playing AAA xbox games which they make it free.
  8. GameAnalyzer

    Lost Judgment

    these extractions were totally worth the grind. The starting one IIRC is Aurelian Sol.
  9. I just loaded a old save from my first playthrough. I don’t get that option. so I thought I have yo beat the game first. How do I get or unlock that option to change Colors?
  10. Not sure if anyone else is aware of While playing for the second time I noticed "BRIDGES" lettering (on the BIRDGES Facility Building) changes during day/night.
  11. I finished the directors cut version i want to play it again but I was curious how do I change the color of Sam's suit? As far as I know you get option to change sam's suit color once you beat the game. I thought there would be new game+ or something but there isn't any. I just had to start a new game from all over. Any idea till what chapter I have to play to get that option?
  12. Looking forward to play this game after LJ. Is there any beginner tips i should be aware of? How much time it takes to complete this game? I have got Judgment1 PS5 version to play but thought of playing this first.
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