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  1. Finished chapter 7. The game is becoming even more intense and full of curiosities. Kojima 🙏
  2. That’s really good. Most of the user negative reviews for this game on metacritic are from the people who have played this game for like 4-5hours. 😅
  3. did something similar like this ended up getting caught with BT's and vehicle got destroyed. Never bothered again then. Trike is the best for me.
  4. Yeah but the game will become 2x hard in offline mode. I can't imagine playing this game in offline mode anymore lol. Because i will miss
  5. The only reason I hate BT’s It’s so annoying when you carrying something fragile and this sh*t happens.
  6. I would recommend not skipping cutscene when you just completed a main story mission and afterwards if you are heading to private room then sometimes there is cutscene which you can miss related to game’s story. while doing side quest you can skip though. Reached chapter 6 the game’s story is picking up pace and getting better. The villains are too OP. 😑
  7. its the standard price online and local retailers edit : In hyd they are selling for 3400₹ with poster , pre-order bonus and a wrist band.
  8. Nice. And I don't understand how people have managed to complete this game around 40hrs :| Looking at my stats I have spent 16hrs already and still in chapter 3.
  9. Apparently no, it doesn’t have messaging system. You can just add reactions (likes) and create sign board.
  10. Yes there are total 14 chapters. Even I wondering that. I am also in chapter 3 :| so many things unlocking but crafting trike is the best so far.
  11. No I mean I redeemed the codes how to equip those in game?
  12. Normal standard edition from local store.
  13. Normal standard edition from local store.
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