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  1. I played both. For me its TLOU2>GOT anyday. When you will start playing TLou2. right from start only everything in the game feels so serious and intense and there are many great moments in the game. I would recommend you playing this game on headphone. When you will start playing you will be blown away by seeing how much polished, detailed game this is. (characters, dialogues, AI Movements, how AI reacts to things differently etc.)
  2. GameAnalyzer

    Gears 5

    This quick resume is a lie for gears game. So basically even if you are playing on series x or series s or Xbox one x if you leave your gears game in Main menu and start another application then quick resume mode gears won’t work as the server of the game logs you out so basically I have to restart the game from all Over again. I believe this is gears game problem not series x. (Quick resume works good only for singer player based games)
  3. Gamepass and Series X optimisation made me purchase. I only play gears on Xbox but now things are changed. The gamepass alone makes it worth to own the console. Despite not having amazing exclusives like PS.
  4. GameAnalyzer

    FIFA 21

    This song. one of the best FIFA tracks ever. Used to listen this a lot back in the day. And today it came on my suggestion after years.
  5. Buying is no problem but I have never shipped a console before. And I don't really wanna take unnecessary risk in shipping a brand new console. During the transit even if there is a small damage/tear/dent it would be very awkward for both of us. Sorry, I hope you understand this . If you are willing to come to Hyderabad then I can book for you. Also imported version price will go little low once Indian Stock arrives. He also stated that. I will PM you his contact details.
  6. Same. I believe they are speaking truth because they are actually accepting pre-booking for Indian version. PS5 DE imported costs 80-85k here
  7. Just got a call from the shop guy. I’ll be getting my series x on 25th Nov. He has imported one too for 58k. Ps5 - 95k lol edit. And people are actually buying for 95k here damn.
  8. @Assassins Creed Amazing purchase. Congrats man!!
  9. Basically when I was playing for the first time. Before starting with Abby. In accessibilities I turned on the scanner which highlights item/collectibles near us. So most of them I had picked up already. So just had to hunt for the missing ones. And when I was replaying it for platinum I was playing on easy difficulty.
  10. Oh damn not sure how it took that much time. Played on normal difficulty. For me campaign took over around 24hours then took more 3hours for platinum.
  11. does this game supports some optimisation for ps5? Like better FPS/Graphics?
  12. So boring these days. Not playing/buying any new games because I’m in dilemma. I wanted to play all upcoming games on next-gen but not sure when I’m gonna get the next-gen
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