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  1. GameAnalyzer

    Gears 5

    try the drop shot execution. Watch him fly 😅
  2. GameAnalyzer

    FIFA 20

    Oh. I wish they had cross-play enabled ----
  3. GameAnalyzer

    FIFA 20

    Are you going to get this game on PS4 or PC? Lol sadly I bought FIFA 19 for xbox 🤣 never again though. No issues with the game it’s just all friends are on PS4.
  4. GameAnalyzer

    Days Gone

    Completed the game. Beside technical problem and quest designing. Over all game experience is really good. Story picks up after spending few hours in time. There will be so many time I felt like the game is going to end but something new comes up. Secret ending is WTF.
  5. GameAnalyzer

    Gears 5

    Search the profile you want to add. When the profile pops up ; open the profile then you will see the "Add Friend" Option
  6. GameAnalyzer

    Days Gone

    Just saying please avoid posting spoilers. Many people haven’t completed the game.
  7. GameAnalyzer

    Days Gone

    Damn. How much hours you put into this game to platinumed it??? I am stuck at last horde story mission I have insufficient ammo and craftable objects. Idk how to pass through with very little ammo. In near by places I can’t even find ammo or any other things
  8. GameAnalyzer

    Days Gone

    Oh. I will give it a try again once I am done with days gone and dmc5.
  9. GameAnalyzer

    Gears 5

    Thanks for the heads up.
  10. GameAnalyzer

    Days Gone

    I have reached thé Part where they introduce horde. Can someone tell me how much more hours is remaining? For main story line?
  11. GameAnalyzer

    Days Gone

    I have reached a quest where I have to clear a horde and its mandatory.
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