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  1. damn so much dedication ✊️
  2. +1 to that. It so good. Some of the encounters are insane and funny at the same time.
  3. Cyberpunk will be as long as Witcher 3 or maybe more than that. Its something which will take good amount of time to complete. By the time people will move on from Cyberpunk; Avengers will be old lol. And you're absolutely right; Avengers will just sell because of the name on the box.
  4. Just saying, should have tried rdr2 over control lol.
  5. RIP Avengers. Feeling bad already.
  6. nope. There are few players who are having issues with their game performance.
  7. You haven’t played RDR2?
  8. Not meet. You can just see them throughout your gameplay. No interactions except pressing the touchpad. Also if you hold your touch pad in pause menu and move your controller the screen will dynamically will move; how you are moving the controller.
  9. Hold L1. It will show where you have to go. And when you open map you can plot your own route how you want to go(thinking which areas to avoid when there’s BT) [this is very efficient throughout the whole game. Plotting your route]
  10. Yeah. I hope it doesn’t collide with Ghost of Tsushima.
  11. GameAnalyzer

    Days Gone

    It surely it is. It is easily one of the most underrated games of 2019. Really enjoyed playing this game. Amazing visuals , more than a decent story (atleast better than Control), some great detailing to environments, protagonist role is very good he gave such an amazing performance.
  12. GameAnalyzer

    Days Gone

    They removed few elements (For example, environment object based killing) from the final game compared to demo. It's not exactly as same as E3 2016 demo though.
  13. You will have this feeling till the credits roll at the very end lol (black background credits I mean ). And try watching few videos on YT "Things to know before playing death stranding" this will really help you through out the game. When i played for the first half of the things i didn't even knew i can do that lol.
  14. GameAnalyzer

    Days Gone

    yes. And all ps4 exclusives are meant to be designed to run on base Ps4 model then later comes graphics enhancement like 4K.
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