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  1. I also want to play this game. I have it on xbox though. But i can get ea play 1 month on PS. And I mostly play on weekends :|
  2. GameAnalyzer


    I got this game for ps5 beside playing initial few 5-6hours afterwards games becomes boring and stale. There are only 4maps to play. There is barely any immersion in gameplay.
  3. I also picked this game. True that. The main menu theme is itself pretty nice. I am playing 1080p monitor ; I’m using performance rt mode. It runs smooth. I also like the changes they have made.
  4. I got myself a ps5 finally. But right now I donot have ps5 exclusive game to play. Neither I can think of one. I am not much fan of miles morales game so not interested in playing it; neither returnal because I heard it’s a rouge like game when you die ; you have to restart all over. I don’t play games like sackboy; neither demon souls remake. Is there anything remaining on ps5 which I am missing? Any other recommendation for ps5 games would be appreciated. right now I am playing days gone again on 60fps. It feels good but I wonder why they didn’t patch haptic feedback for it. I also got death stranding directors cut to play that game again. Is there haptic feedback included in that game? Beside playing older games looking forward to play persona 5 strikers finally. I had never thought I would ever play a indie game other than limbo. But Astro playroom game is completey mind blowing. I like how they have put so much effort to showcase their controller. After holding ps5 controller ; Xbox controller feels outdated and big. also is watch dogs legion worth on ps5 for 1.8k?
  5. GameAnalyzer

    Persona 5

    I also didn’t get any codes.
  6. Oh. This is surely gonna look better than FIFA 22. I am a Fifa fan but I really like games that are made up on unreal engine. Because the facial animation, graphics are really top notch. Best examples are Gears 4 and 5. Only game which is close to Unreal Engine (in terms of facial animation) is Death Stranding. But looking forward to see how they utilise unreal engine when playing in broadcast mode because I think max potential of unreal engine will be achieved when playing Solo Pro Career mode.
  7. First time PES being made on Unreal engine? 😮
  8. Same. Neither I have any expectation from this game knowing Ubisoft is developing it. 🥱 and I think the movie was praised mostly because of it’s CGI. They achieved some next level CGI stuff in 2009.
  9. This game truly looks next-gen. Can wait to play it. And knowing it’s coming to Gamepass Day 1. 🥺
  10. I am more excited for this game than starfield.
  11. It’s one the best trailer I have ever seen in long time. That JET Scene is purely satisfying to watch. 🤯
  12. GameAnalyzer

    Persona 5

    Same. Gentle Madman and Out of Kindness are my all time fav. I still listen it and don’t feel bored.
  13. GameAnalyzer

    Persona 5

    I mean you have already played original P5 so you know most of the things. But for the best ending you need to fulfill some criteria. Otherwise you won’t get it. Make sure you do that. I almost missed it but somehow I reload my old save and had to do it all over again. Welcome to the awesomeness.
  14. is the above video scripted ? I am just wondering why people aren’t hitting him back?
  15. This game is worth playing even for the second time. The enhanced version is years away still. P.S. I have completed this game thrice.
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