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  1. i think yaha pe standup comedy karne aaya tha KC didnt like his jokes and kicked him
  2. oh my god!! imagine getting to hear all that for modding a gaming forum... a freaking gaming forum... wtf man!!
  3. Killzone lore was even more amazing...
  4. KrIzAliD

    God of War

    Don't think consoles can or going to support UW.. let them first achieve Native 4k with 60/120..
  5. So in feb state of play... Sony Spartacus Discord Integration Horizon FW Gameplay GT7 Don't think they will announce any thing new or upcoming in this state of play
  6. I am hoping for that since they added sony india psn... and i am still waiting...
  7. so feb thing is confirmed i think and they will announce this in that state of play...
  8. KrIzAliD


    No and i dont have a pc
  9. KrIzAliD


    would have bought it for 1999/- on ps5 at launch... its not worth more than that....
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