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  1. hello all say i need a 4k gaming pc, primarily for Gaming and video Editing stuff should i go for 4090? can any one suggest whole pc build for the same. and approx cost?
  2. I m guessing everyone is comparing it to dead space and might find it similar or worse in some section hence the low scores
  3. Same... i got the game from them on the release date itself... Gameloot
  4. ps5 pro will launch with wolverine game most likely....
  5. karthik ko kya ho gaya hai ...
  6. are we getting that Ragnarok controller here? is it coming? any info on this?
  7. nah jim itna time nahi lagayega pc pe lane me
  8. Playing this on ultrawide monitor on PC will be a BLAST!!
  9. Saw Thor and OH MY GOD!! This movie and SHE-HULK is just puke worthy content!
  10. App Cricket ke liye chaiye bhai... I haven't watched it yet will watch it tomorrow
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