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  1. Highlight for me was... he coming on stage at e3
  2. any update on when we can expect the next big update for PS5 OS? which will have NVMe support.
  3. so they basically showed a Engine Tech Demo and called it a teaser. Don't think it will be ready by 2022, but lets wait for the gameplay trailer.
  4. I can understand the loyalty from the cultural standpoint. But hideo takes things lightly a bit seeing his development cycles of games he should be more loyal to getting the things done on time rather than delaying it and then saying Oh I thought this way it will be better and now its delayed due to that. And I get that from him being a passionate game dev. But there are business giving him money to do things on time. And him delaying things will not work on his way no matter its sony, ms or konami.
  5. Dont say that it never was... since it was ps exclusive up till the pandemic... no matter what the case is, its about hideo going xbox... he can do what ever he wants untill sony offer to buy them. But seeing Hideo Past record no one will be doing that.
  6. Dude!! Sony just release their First Party MLB on Gamepass, imagine they are not charging 70$ but gave it for free... so Hideo ko ghanta farak nahi padta... about loyalty
  7. US or Indian... indian psn plus games should be up... if they dont show then just search for the game in app and it should give you the option to add to library
  8. for some reason... I think Falcon and Winter Soldier was a movie at start... and they thought now we need to convert this to a show so that ppl keep subscribing to our Disney plus...
  9. No its not... I became a fan after I played A Crack In Time and two new ip which came from them one being Sunset Overdrive and Resistance. They are one of the best devs out there along with Naughty, SuckerPunch.
  10. \ Bought outriders!! Lets see how the end game is
  11. No matter how premium it is.... that custom duty is absurd and the reason why I cancelled my order. Doesn't make any sense to give 2k extra on damn plates. Also Chinese knock off will be coming soon.
  12. If Snyder Cut was a success in India... then Apple tv is your best bet
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