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  1. https://indianexpress.com/article/cities/kolkata/bengal-covid-19-amid-vaccine-shortage-doctors-warn-of-post-poll-strain-on-health-system-7271033/
  2. It was/is. Calling out huge rallies when 1000 ppl are losing their lives each day and 1.82 lakhs are getting infected was totally avoidable. On top of that a flawed vaccine rollout policy. Complacency is not an excuse.
  3. Don't need to look that far. If they lose UP in 2022, they are done for good.
  4. One thing I'm sure of, they are losing votes of 1000 odd * number of family members of each bereaved family, each day. I'm sure any logical person who has lost a family member (in bjp ruled state) won't vote for bjp ever again. Numbers may be lying but this was an avoidable humanitarian crisis and nothing they say can deflect this fact. Further, they are alienating vote banks such as students, farmers, traders in some parts of the country etc for good.
  5. Only the last moment surgical strike saved the govt in 2019. Usually anti incumbency sets in from the 6th year of a govt. That's what's happening/will happen here as well. Ps- I am ruling out rampant corruption for swinging votes.
  6. Core constituencies atleast in cities are getting alienated fast.
  7. Dafaq. Reality is slowly drifting away from the cabinet. I wonder what would have happened if there were parliamentary elections in india in 2021.
  8. Check the positivity rate. Around 30 odd percent
  9. Guess with the introduction of expensive vaccines this problem will get compounded more.
  10. The way I see it, this has been a collossal failure on part of governments (both center and state) with regards to handling the disease. I mean when there was a spike in the US, they allowed postal ballots even. Here, massive rallies are being conducted. We lost the edge we had with regards to lesser mortality and infection rates. Whatever is happening at the moment makes no sense what so ever. Govt is allowing ppl to get infected. Ps- we have no idea about the long term impacts of this disease. Still we are behaving as if this is just a common flu.
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