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  1. Hope perfect dark doesn't end up like duke Nukem forever.
  2. You don't have to own something to have opinions on it. He's voicing his opinions as a gamer. I thought that's allowed. Or only r* employees are allowed to do that?
  3. It's pretty evident that XGS has leadership problems. Games announced in 2019 can't be in pre production in late 2021. Re-starting reboots and bringing in partners when the game is years into the development cycle. Ps- I'm putting these concerns as a gamer. They'll end up destroying the franchises they bought (but did not build) this way.
  4. Lol reminds me of a duke Nukem forever trailer which aired in some E3. The final game launched a decade later.
  5. Almost 3 years in development, and not even a CGI trailer. Kojima shipped a blockbuster in 4 years.
  6. maybe you should practice what you preach...
  7. if im saying all, that means I have experienced all generations of the system...
  8. Kojima productions developed and shipped a game in less than 4yrs time.
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