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  1. https://indianexpress.com/article/india/vaccine-volunteer-died-of-poisoning-bharat-biotech-covaxin-phase-3-trial-7139831/
  2. Few *legendary* gaming mice, on steroids (fully pimped for Quake and Doom )
  3. So RTPCR should be mandated before vaccinating. Those with antibodies (asymptomatic) should not be vaccinated
  4. To put all speculations to rest and to increase public confidence, I think the Mps and MLAs should get inoculated first. They can start the stalled winter session asap after that.
  5. I think we should take these vaccines with a pinch of salt. I m sure companies wont be calling employees anytime soon.
  6. Plus, fuel costs are saved. I am sure many would have saved enough (via this route), maybe way more than the price of a ps5 at launch in INR.
  7. HR ko chorke, dusre discipline(s) mein specialization
  8. Ask Xi Jingping. Their whole industrial/labour policy is based on this concept
  9. No/reduced HR== better price for the client
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