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  1. I fully expect them to release Flight Sim collection, and Forza collection soon and bots would gulp that down as raita they serve at langar.
  2. Your mechanical drive has not been programmed to understand/critique what was said so Ill let it pass.
  3. Next theyll say Spender help fund starfield
  4. The closest comparison that can be made with the new ps service is NSO
  5. Not one FULL/Finished AAA fp title on the service from Xbox game studios. all are gaas/ WIP
  6. You forgot to add the context. People would still buy PS games day one, in millions, which would then be utilized to make better games. PS gamers wont wait for a title to feature on the service, thus stopping themselves from making purchases... However this wont happen in GPs case. Psychonauts 2 was not even in the top 20 sales list after launch. People have stopped buying titles just because they feature on the langar
  7. Sonys sub services have been in existence since a while now, offering blockbuster games like UC4 and all. I am neutral to it as they have not diluted the quality of games they make. However its the entire opposite to Spenders strategy. He has made the rental as the primary offering and has severely diluted the quality of franchises like Infinite. Sonys services and GP are fundamentally different. For PS, new PS+ is a bonus, however for xbox, the entire platform is woven around the langar.
  8. Those who support/ are silent about Spenders bailing out of serial harasser Bobby Kotick, should not talk about women rights.
  9. Bold part from the starting statement, Para 1 and Para 2 completely contradict each other In the first para you are saying you have played first party games like halo, gears etc on GP Then you are saying you dont like Old games In the last para you are saying you have all consoles and play games day one. How can all be true at the same time , as xbox got no new AAA FP title till mid 2023. It has nothing but old games. People use it just to finish backlogs.
  10. https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2021/05/almost_half_of_playstation_gamers_are_women You dont have to release nailpaint based controllers to cater to women. This is a way of stamping them. Not all women like pink. I am pretty sure more men buy such controllers than women. PS- How many xbox first party titles have women as protagonists? Only Halo 5 and Hellblade. THere were more in og xbox and xbox 360 era, but those franchises have been discontinued. PPS:- PS makes games catering to women. But then, they get deemed as woke.
  11. Agreed. But I guess this has something for everyone. But nothing for langar lovers who want day and date!
  12. No day and date releases. Collection of top first party aaa titles. You still have to buy chef's special. The quality doesn't get diluted.
  13. Who said i love such services. But this is turning out to be the best deal in gaming who prefer those services.
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