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  1. The positivity rate in Maharashtra is 20%. Damn.
  2. Homeschooling (for 6 odd months) seems like a better option. But reopening now sounds like insanity. Some state governments cant even learn from examples like Israel and US
  3. They have not optimised SM sunshine for the switch. Some are deeming the compilation as a quick cashgrab.
  4. Someone is "trying to" sell a pre ordered ps5 for 1,10,000.
  5. People have bashed this for its (over)price. Though play asia has listed this version at 38k as well.
  6. Yes. Official Limited edition print doesn't make much sense. Also the games have not been optimised for the switch system
  7. Someone is selling mario all stars collection for 8k on OLX
  8. Specially when next gen is around the corner
  9. I'm sure most of us have come across/encountered prices that are downright ludicrous, while browsing online classifieds. I could not find any thread documenting such prices so I thought of starting one. Some prices are so absurd and so worth a chuckle ( or two).
  10. The number of tests of few states have actually come down. This is being counterbalanced by some state(s) like UP. Though I really doubt the authenticity of those tests after a recent video leak. If you see the positivity rate has indeed gone up. Also, if the recovery rate is so high, how come the death rate is almost constant? Secondly, how come we see a sudden spike in recovery rates, though the infection spread is still 80k+. Without the advent of some miracle drug, this sudden uptick in recoveries is just not possible. As other conditions like infrastructure, temperature etc is almost constant. Another act of God?
  11. Precisely. Impossible to ignore them in toto. Purely due to their manufacturing heft. It is impossible to isolate china fully.
  12. https://venturebeat.com/2020/01/24/u-s-china-trade-deal-clears-way-for-playstation-5-and-xbox-series-x/
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