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  1. radicaldude

    Heart broken ppl's club

    you need to play a game called Catherine.
  2. radicaldude

    Heart broken ppl's club

    Are you what, 11. Looked at each other for two years? Lolwut. You sure you were not hallucinating or something? (As in you took a Rakhi for a friendship band?) 😛 ps :- no offense, just curious.
  3. radicaldude

    RAGE 2

    I tried some fpses on the xbox 360. apart from native xbox games like the halo series, other fps titles did not feel perfect/good. As in a mouse feels like an extension of your hand. navigating via controllers specially during tense situations (atleast in x360) seems jittery and imperfect. I so wish the next generation has full support for keyboards and mice....I do not get the logic behind restricting console gaming to controllers only...
  4. radicaldude

    RAGE 2

    I so want to like open world wasteland games like Rage 2 (Played the first one. Liked it only for id tech5- last engine from the legend, Carmack. It was beautifuuul). However, I believe such games should rely more on linear scripted narrative. There is nothing much to do in empty open world(s). Max Max was an exception though. PS:- The shooting mechanics look absof**kinglutely insane. But so not worth 4k! Also, hats off to those who can play such fast-paced fpses on a controller. I can never imagine myself doing that.
  5. radicaldude

    RAGE 2

    Your specs please?
  6. radicaldude

    The Indie Games Thread - Out now: OUTWARD

    The switch is turning out to be an indie gaming behemoth. Love it. The games are getting physical releases as well. And some of the titles have already gone rare on physical. This reminds me of the PS2 ecosystem which always had games on the pipeline. I reckon there are more than 1500 games on the ps2. Wow. But I hope the switch breaches that number.
  7. radicaldude

    What games are you currently playing?

    Adventures of little Ralph on the PS1
  8. radicaldude

    DOOM Eternal

    In Doom you dont deal with any ordinary gun. You deal with THE BIG F#$%ing GUN
  9. radicaldude

    DOOM Eternal

    If I recall correctly, even during the debut gameplay session, they changed from a controller to a keyboard-mouse combo midway through the presentation...
  10. radicaldude

    The PC Gaming Thread

    Sigh. Where can I find this copy
  11. radicaldude

    DOOM Eternal

    I hope they come up with something like this for the SEA regions as well Sigh. Never saw this here. I would love to get my hands on a PC Physical version of doom...
  12. radicaldude

    The PC Gaming Thread

    Did they launch this version in India? https://www.amazon.com/Bethesda-Doom-Pc-Dvd/dp/B00ZF32EO2
  13. radicaldude

    DOOM Eternal

    Phew! https://gear.bethesda.net/products/doom-eternal They are having a physical PC release. Yay!
  14. radicaldude

    DOOM Eternal

    Graphically, yes. But the satisfaction that you get blowing an imp's head with a shotgun by the click of a mouse =! the feeling you get when you do the same but you have to press the trigger buttons of a controller
  15. radicaldude

    Quake champions

    Hi. I was really excited for this title, being a huge fan of arena shooters. The hype somehow mellowed down. Is the game still in development or have they scrapped it? It is free to play on steam at the moment so can we expect a proper (physical) release on the PC in the near future? Also, any quake/UT heads here?