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  1. Microtransactions??? [emoji102]
  2. Check this out. How important physical games are to sony. Hence they can't afford to give away aaa for free every month I guess. Ps- I wonder how the percentages change when it comes to digital percentages.
  3. This must be happening in other parts of the country as well.
  4. Whenever I open new electronics and game discs...
  5. Can we play this completely offline via the disc?
  6. Wtf!!! Just imagine 40%+ people have been jabbed atleast once. Still....
  7. I think @Vaibhavp might try for this as well. He is pretty excited for this title.
  8. It'll come back in stock in few hours. Offline shops pe one s ki badh lagi hui hai. You can walk into one and pick one up. Can't say that for xsx / ps5.
  9. 3-4 units toh maine hi bikwaye hain abhi. I'm sure it'll be in stock in few hours again. Trying to create artificial scarcity.
  10. Who plans to unlock this achievement?
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