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  1. Remake on movies (that too shitty ones) remake of songs, nepotism, Bollywood is supershit right now, except for couple of good actors.
  2. On paytm prices started at 4000, no wonder so many empty seats. Greed in Bangalore is off the roof.
  3. Good Win, this is a good balancethough, i would prefer an all rounder instead of Pandey, bowling needs one more option. Hopefully pandya is back soon.
  4. Just checked only sbi credit cards no debit card, FK sale is starting you can use icici card there to save more money.
  5. Very mediocre, yes. Though the screen and camera triumphs anything that a mid ranger throws at you today. It will get Android 10 and that will be it as that will be third upgrade for it.
  6. Except that it is ageing, it's got a very good Camera and screen, so both your requirements are fulfilled.
  7. I think discount is only on credit cards. In case it is on both, yes you can split, but will still need to spend minimum spend required which is usually 3-5K
  8. Good releasing on my birthday, perfect birthday present.
  9. I don't understand how is Zomato Gold is bad for anyone who eats outside. Even with limited restaurants my one time 2+2 on Jager bombs cover my yearly sub fees, anything above that is great. We have got used to too much of freebies.
  10. ya there was none so i just uninstalled the app, did not want to hit too much head for just disney+
  11. And real test for SENA teams is in subcontinent, so let's make them play here with each other and we will go play there :p
  12. Na on the bike, and I would like my own video while riding. Anyway I think we have done enough OT, maybe a drone thread can be created once we have few of us who have it.
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