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  1. Raina should have stayed in chennai, still looks like a joker in front of good fast bowling.
  2. I think it's within 60 or 30 days best to buy it with phone or you need to send photos and stuff to activate, thi is for ipad might be diff for ipoon
  3. Amreikans!!! God forbidden if she gets into an accident tomorrow, should doctirs just let her be instead of giving her any medicine, so that her Pureblood is not adulterated.
  4. Congratulations you will receive a toffee signed by Tim Cook replica Himself.
  5. Best selling can be 5000 rupees Android phone too That said the iphone 13 is hardly an upgrade, good for new entrants, but any one with iPhone 11 and above should not bother, maybe even the one with iPhone X. The cinematic mode is the only good thing about the turd of a presentation. How many times does the Jokers use the word Ever
  6. good call, as a matter of fact time is not far he should quite T20I altogether, we need to revisit our T20I team, it needs hitters from word go not accumulators. Where in Kohli can accelerate end of innings for sure, but if he gets out before that it becomes an ODI innings then a T20I innings, hopefully he can sign off as a captain on a high by winning the tournament, though i have doubts.
  7. Oops, but if you have initialized the watch from same phone number and email id you placed the order from, download samung shop app. It has a section for you, the offer might pop up, as i guess they would have tied up with amazon too. Use the same phone number/ email id to register on samsung shop app, you used to buy the watch. It should show up after 1st october, you have three options, either to buy two bands, one sports and one extreme band at 499 or buy one extreme band and wireless duo at 599, or buy the new galaxy buds pro at 5999.
  8. ECG and BP monitor, I enabled both of them. Lack of Gpay is a big downer. Regarding replacement bands, I guess since you pre ordered, and if you did through samsung app / samsung website, you will be eligible to get two bands from Samsung at 459 rupees. That should be a good deal
  9. Please use the Laptop Thread. Done and this is locked too.
  10. Woah, but nice in a way. PM or WA me if you want any more details, I have sh*t load of accessories on Interceptor so can help you with that.
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