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  1. And this guy could hardly play for RCB
  2. Oh we have a thread like this, I hardly platinum though but did ghost of tsushima yesterday.
  3. And easy win, good innings from faf and rayudu, and the blinder from Sam Curran. Decent match.
  4. AtheK

    Ghost of Tsushima

    Platinum done. Decent game, looks great with different ways to play, liked that part. Lot of repetition though, story is thin as paper, I kind of enjoyed odyssey much more then this. But a good send off to PS4.
  5. Would have loved to, but just no time to invest regularly.
  6. Hitman is timing it real well. Na don't think it's on the ground.
  7. Background crowd sound seems to be well synchronized.
  8. Fan made. Sent from my HD1911 using Tapatalk
  9. Let's do it. Sent from my HD1911 using Tapatalk
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