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  1. AtheK

    Movie Discussion Thread

    581 bucks for iMax ticket in yelankha, tickets are available as of now.
  2. AtheK

    The Cricket Thread

    Ya I think we are 100 short.
  3. AtheK

    The Cricket Thread

    But he did win test matches, which Dhoni never could. But I agree, as Dhoni struggled with his captaincy in test match. Hopefully we do well in WC, cos if we don't bholi would need to step down as captain, maybe that is the plan.
  4. AtheK

    The Mobile Phone Thread

    Yup seems like the future, with time tech will get better and cheaper. Remember when note launched, everyone said such a huge phone, look at what it did.
  5. AtheK

    Streaming Services thread

    Correct hotstar delivery has to get better, but that said at 999 its also as awesome as prime. Netflix if you are not sharing, is extremely expensive, and you can't even consume that much content.
  6. AtheK

    Days Gone

    TP material.
  7. AtheK

    The Last of Us 2

    This will be RIP PS 4 TITLE, so now a launch title and then RIP title.
  8. AtheK

    The Mobile Phone Thread

    Looks pretty awesome, sure Sammy will iron out niggles, and anyway first iteration of such products shoukd usually be avoided. Where in the new iPhone have faster bionic processor looking exactly like phones from 2 year back, and this is there best iPhone yet. Seeded apple employees burst into applause.
  9. AtheK

    The Cricket Thread

    Ya this year has been a disaster, also i really hope this does not screws up Bholi's confidence going in the WC, we need him to be at his best if we have to have any hopes to win the cup.
  10. AtheK

    The Cricket Thread

    Toss is very important, it will decide if we will lose by runs or wickets 😛
  11. AtheK

    Streaming Services thread

    Stack up for 3 years if that is possible 😛
  12. AtheK

    Streaming Services thread

    They have a marvel section, and have pretty much all the movies.
  13. AtheK

    ~The TV Shows Thread~

    saw Criminal Justice on HOtstar, i think it's a very well made series with solid performance from all the actors. Could have been an episode shorter though, but neverthless a good watch. Recommended.
  14. AtheK

    The Cricket Thread

    Ok my second team won
  15. AtheK

    The Cricket Thread

    Lol ya, and also pant needs to tighten up his game and skills behind the wickets, 4 yrs is a long time, all it took Vijay was 3 months to displace rayudu. You never know who will suddey rise.