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  1. Bahane should take coaching from Sundar, Sundar seems to be much more accomplished batsman then him..
  2. Oh i forgot Axar, replaced him with Axar. pant gone...
  3. Take a bow Pant Boy has aged...
  4. Best 11 if all are fit, where i have posted two are the one who should be rotated. The one posted first will be my first choice. If Sub Continet Rohit Mayank/Gill Pujara Kohli Rahul/Vihari Pant Jadeja Ashwin Axar/Sundar Bumrah Siraj/Ishant If SENA Rohit/Mayank Gill Pujara Kohli Vihari/Rahane/Rahul Pant Jadeja Ashwin Shami/Siraj Bumrah Ishant
  5. Even Gill, if mayank can be dropped after 3 matches, why not Gill, there is no consistency and fairness. KL should be tried as middle order batsman instead of bahane, he is in good form and might shine there.
  6. rahane is just blocking a place, now he can't even play one good innings a series. What a disappointment.
  7. Ya bahane is still pending his one impact innings a series, hopefully it's today and he also does not flop the full series.
  8. Bholi only ate cornflakes in morning, anda ground pe khaya.
  9. guess everyone was writing essay on how bad the pitch would be that they forgot that they have to play too
  10. Number nahin dikhane ka logon ko Had removed it for shooting photos, need to still fix the rear one.
  11. Isn't she, was about to risk my marriage, was about to ask my wife, if we can throw the dining table and park her there instead
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