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  1. Must be that time of the month.
  2. Where in Baleno/Glanza are brilliant VFM cars (we have baleno Alpha), the driving pleasure is just not there. The rubber band effect is too much, it's only for sedate drivers.
  3. saw this trailer before DS2, it hardly looked anything great. I liked the trailer of Anek much more then this.
  4. There management might have mistakes earlier, but they have improved considerably, that 1.5 tsi engine is brilliant to drive. Cars atleast till now have been safe unlike Kia Seltos which scored 3 in safety rating. Yes Hyundai/Kia have tons of features, but they are more like jack of all trades, master of none. you can definitely call seltos a better package then kushaq or taigun, but no way are they the best driving cars in compared to the other two.
  5. Let me know if you want me to WhatsApp you some spoilers.
  6. No doubt, spooked my 8 year old, I hope he sleeps well tonite 😬
  7. Paid 700 for three tickets for first day first show at INOX
  8. Decent movie, a lot of references to old movies and a lot of fan service and also to What IF. Without getting into details would rate it 8/10.
  9. 6-7 in city?? Get your car checked for clogged air filter or fuel filter, Vento nwith same 1.2 TSI engine bloody gives me 10 - 11 on normal days and sometimes 9-10 in very bad traffic. 6-7 probably I will get if I keep it in sport mode and above 4000 RPM in city I Sa Slavia the other day, it really looked handsome from outside. Virtus might better it.
  10. First you get the visa
  11. But in all honesty tough to find anyone who can help, maybe talk to some agent. Go to some place where you don't need visa, maldives maybe, if i understand correctly wwhy this trip is being planned!
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