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  1. I think yahi hope hai real life main.
  2. Pata nahin bhia kahan chips ke rakhi hai technique, dikhti to nahin.
  3. Take a bow Hardik and jaddu, beautiful batting. Batting in all three matches got above 300, so can't blame the batsman much.
  4. Iyer huge disappointment, should have probably tried Pandey this match. New gen of players like gill, iyer seem to have now adjusted game just for T20, they just don't look cut out to play long innings.
  5. but that boy does have talent.
  6. Kohli completes 12000 runs and becomes fastest to do so in 251 ODI and in 242 innings. In comparison, it took Tendulkar 309 matches and 300 innings to reach the mark.
  7. Imagine typing that for Xbox console on this forum, the first person to write a huge post will be you :p
  8. AtheK

    Days Gone

    https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2020/11/pro_days_gone_player_is_beating_entire_hordes_without_firing_a_bullet This is amazing defeating the entire horde without firing a single bullet.
  9. Ya generally that is how it goes, I don't foresee FH5 before 2022, if not later.
  10. isn't it, i don't know how many hours i have put into this and i still return evey thursday for the weekly challenges just to have few more hours with the game. I still have Doom eternal to finish, but after one hour in, i feel like going back to forza The DLC just adds more content and is a blast too. This has to be my Game of the last generation, jut for the amount of time i have put in.
  11. They should rest both Bumrah and Shami for next match, injuring them in a dead rubber is just stupid. Even Dhawan should be rested and Gill should open with Mayank, if they want they can try samson also instead of KL and give KL also some rest from keeping. 2-0, 3-0 doesn't matter.
  12. White ball he is pathetic, Test kohli is an average captain. Problem is Dhoni set the standard so low with his test captaincy, that it was easy to surpass that. Problem is everyone has suddenly made Kohli the talking point then the team, it's as if kohli is the only one playing in RCB and only one playing in India team now. This is a sorry state of affair. He has been very good with bat in recent times, but in T20 he is probably a non starter in majority of the teams. Time we made the odds even and either give the White ball captaincy to Rohit or to KL if they want to groom a new capatin. T20 WC is in india next year, and we really need a better captain then Mr. Chimpanzee. Also it will free him up to play better.
  13. Kohli made 3 & 34 in the first match we won and 82 and 0 in the other one we won. So i don't think he would be missed that much, on the contrary maybe rahane will be a better captain then this good for nothing captain.
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