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  1. Too soon to say, we have only seen him play in India, I will be super happy to see him and jitesh perform in SA. Mr. Made of Glass will also be back as finished and by look of things Jaddu will be around too. Jaiswal Rohit (c) Tilak Verma SKY (VC) Jitesh Singh Rinku Singh Hardik Pandya Ravindra Jadeja Shami Bumrah Siraj This can be a good 11 But team will be Rohit Gill Kohli KL Doesn't matter anymore we already lost.
  2. Ya hopefully he performs in SA that will be a litmus test, if he does well, he should more or less book his place for WC.
  3. odd specially since you were offered before, I just checked again and it is showing Regalia Gold for me.
  4. They have kept increasing my limit without me asking them and I don't even have savings account with them, it is close to 10 times of what I started with 3 years back.
  5. then be happy with the limit, you won't be able to exhaust it anyway
  6. the site keeps glitching, try tomorrow. It shows me Regalia Gold when I checked last.
  7. AtheK

    Spider-Man 2

    people still waiting for this game?
  8. https://www.hdfcbank.com/personal/pay/cards/credit-cards/credit-card-services/credit-card-upgrade Apply here.
  9. Exactly buy kfc zinger burger combo at a decent price and idle time
  10. Eventually all LTF cards will loose Lounge access. Scapia might continue for sometime, how many users actually travel daily, I am sure if there are those users they are already holding super premium cards. I foresee maybe spending moved up from 5k to maybe 10K or 15K, which is still not too tough these days. Your point is valid get a super premium card and then stick to that one card, hence my push for the metal emeralde card. Also going forward even DCB and Infinia might not come as LTF but maybe at a discounted price.
  11. HDFC card only for 10% discount on sites now, no other use of Regalia. My RM told me that I am not listed for Private Metal Emeralde card, I have told her to get it done or stop being my RM or I can stop being there customer, let's see how long before she reverts. I can get the normal Emeralde card if i want immediately.
  12. Is this finally the sign of things to come, good to see Rauhl, Kohli and Sharma missing from T20I setup, they don't belong there anymore. Interesting team selection for SA series, let's see how the team fares.
  13. People are dumb Walsh, Ambrose, Warne, McGrath, Wasim, Waqar, Lee, Akhtar, Murali. There is not even a single bowler close to the skill of these bowlers in last 10-12 years, Sachin Lara are on another level. No Batting friendly rules, no rest time, no pressure of being a lone man army in a team of 11.
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