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  1. kruzzo

    What you bought this week

    Shouldn't be a problem if you are starting out a new tank make sure to complete the nitrogen cycle before you put the fish in.
  2. kruzzo

    The Mobile Phone Thread

    Speaking of Pixel 3 vs P30 https://www.theverge.com/2019/4/1/18290215/huawei-p30-pro-camera-night-low-light-mode-photos P30 is the camera champ for now but their software and kirin chipsets are still a no go.
  3. kruzzo

    The Mobile Phone Thread

    S10 is a great phone no doubt but there are still few things it could have been better at. In screen camera for me is as worse as a solution as the notch. Other than the extra sensor the main camera is the same as last year's. The exynos chips this year and last year too are no where as good as the Snapdragons, for regular usage you will not find much difference but if you are paying 60k+ you would expect it to have the best especially considering the US version comes with it and last the price wish they had maintained the same price as S9 for the regular S10 and priced the S10e in the 40k range.
  4. kruzzo

    The Mobile Phone Thread

    S10E has a flat screen and also no in screen fp, headphone jack stays, exynos should be usual for non US markets.
  5. kruzzo

    The Mobile Phone Thread

    Got it on my S9 too.
  6. kruzzo

    The Mobile Phone Thread

    Alleged OP7 leak http://www.slashleaks.com/l/oneplus-7-leaked No top bezel, notch or holes.
  7. kruzzo

    The Apple Thread

    For once, I thought Apple invented something but nope lol. The list of things that Apple copied till now Gesture control - Palm OS and BlackBerry used it too Dual camera, App switcher and the aluminium back of iPhone 6 - HTC Notifications and Face ID - Android' s notification panel is much better and they had the face recognition software since KitKat but not as good though. Smart HDR - Seems to be using the same software as Google's stacking method of HDR. I must have missed a few more stuff too but where Apple wins is they steal stuff and make them and market them better.
  8. kruzzo

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

    Think he meant pro clubs where we did have to wait for 30 minutes sometimes to find a game but all other modes work perfectly fine.
  9. kruzzo

    Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    From what I read in the news recently Ebay.in will be back, Ebay's parent company bought back Ebay India's rights so this is just a temporary halt till they relaunch it.
  10. kruzzo

    Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    Thanks, we also get an another 1% off if we buy through the app. Also for those wondering how or why paytm gives such deep cashbacks. We have to remember that paytm is trying to compete with amazon and flipkart snapdeal tried and failed so the only way they can gain customers is through these cashbacks and they can afford to do so because their payments business has already started to generate profits and it is basically owned by Alibaba, China's biggest e commerce website.
  11. kruzzo

    The Mobile Phone Thread

    Got the S9 recently, the moto z play is a beast for sure when it comes to battery life but almost everything else is much better on the S9. The screen is one of if the not best in the market, the dual speakers are super loud and clear at the same time, cameras are a huge upgrade and the ton of features samsung provide are a huge value too though some are useful and some are not. For me the battery lasts a day easily and I get around 5 to 6.5hrs SOT depending on my usage.
  12. kruzzo

    The Football Thread

    It hurts but in the end its the right decision for all parties hope we win the the Europa league to give him a great send off. Sent from my HTC One M9 using Tapatalk
  13. kruzzo

    The Mobile Phone Thread

    If you have a physical mi store near by, you can get the phone from there on the day of the flash sale. Sent from my HTC One M9 using Tapatalk
  14. kruzzo

    The Mobile Phone Thread

    Got the note 5 pro from a physical mi store for my dad today. Overall design is much better than redmi note 4, sides are rounded, back is rougher and the phone is bit narrower with the 18:9 ratio so it's much easier to hold now. Camera has improved too but still no where relatively as good as the flagships. The portrait mode works well only when there is proper lighting. Initial impressions the phone was snappier than the note 4 but will have to see if it remains like that once all the apps are installed. Overall I think it's the best you can get for 14K. Sent from my HTC One M9 using Tapatalk
  15. kruzzo

    FIFA 18 Club IVG

    When we started the club it was only 3 of us, we started just so that we could find a couple of matches and then join back to club ivg when the rest of the team started playing. But then we went on a crazy winning run and within few days we were in division 3 which none of us thought lol. Anyways, like prime said join us when you are free, division 3 is tough and we need reinforcements [emoji4]