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  1. Match Day 9 prediction Cameroon 0-0 Serbia South Korea 2-1 Ghana Brazil 2-1 Switzerland Portugal 1-0 Uruguay
  2. Match Day 7 Tunisia vs Australia - 2-0 Poland vs Saudi Arabia = 0-0 France vs Denmark = 1-1 Argentina vs Mexico = 2-1
  3. Match Day 6 predictions Wales v Iran - 1-1 Qatar v Senegal - 0-0 Netherlands v Ecuador - 0-0 England v USA - 2-1
  4. Switzerland vs Cameroon - 2-0 Uruguay vs South Korea - 0-0 Portugal vs Ghana - 2-1 Brazil vs Serbia - 4-0
  5. Match Day 4 Morocco vs Croatia - 1-2 Germany vs Japan - 1-0 Spain vs Costa Rica - 3-1 Belgium vs Canada - 3-0
  6. Match Day 3 Argentina vs Saudi Arabia: 4-0 Denmark vs Tunisia: 2-0 Mexico vs Poland: 0-2 France vs Australia: 3-0
  7. Match Day 2 England vs Iran - 2-0 Senegal vs Netherlands - 1-3 United States vs Wales - 1-2
  8. Similar thing happened to me, had ordered a Samsung sound bar. But the sound bar was DOA, the installation guy tried his stuff said to raise a return request but when I tried the doa option it just said go check with Samsung, tried chatting with CC they kept closing my tickets as resolved under flipkart “travel”. Second time instead of DOA tried with damaged option, this time it accepted but their representative will call and confirm and only then pick up. Got a call from flipkart rep telling that he is a Samsung rep and that I need to raise it with Samsung I told him to quit this BS and just accept my return. By this time I was sure they would cancel and started checking with Samsung but to my surprise they accepted my return got the pick up done the next day and got the refund in two days.
  9. He is lying, I remember him getting the lotr blue ray set sometime back.
  10. kruzzo


    Nice, waiting for it to come to ps plus extra.
  11. kruzzo


    Button prompts can be turned off in the settings, only issue is you can only jump where the button prompts show up so it’s easier to play keeping it on.
  12. Name: Kruzzo PSN: Stergent1 Team: Newcastle United
  13. Discs still have value, I had some ps4 games which I couldn’t sell during covid time traded them all in CEX to get GT7 plus some cash, wouldn’t have been possible with digital.
  14. Nice, I loved Ragnarok it was something different from the usual serious super hero movies at that time and by the looks of it this movie should be a fun watch too.
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