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  1. 12 lakh. That's how it generally is in the tracker. yesterday's tests = today's cases.
  2. It keeps fluctuating between 8 to 11 lakhs throughout the week. Yesterday we tested 12 lakh, the highest so far and today we have 85k cases
  3. For the last week it's averaging around 90k (±5k) per day. Could be better compared to other big and Populus states but who knows how many times f those tests are even legit. I mean for the last 2 days bmc is showing that they discharging 5k recovered patients daily. Only God knows how they're getting that number.
  4. Too early to say tbh. Only Andhra looks to be on a downwards trend so far.
  5. Amazon calculates and charges a certain amount for customs which is levied on your cart price. They (shipping company) clear everything for you and if any amount is remaining, it automatically gets refunded to your card.
  6. The gun sounds are so so bad. Hope they fix it in the final version
  7. 3rd straight day that active cases have gone down.
  8. Yes. Though they over estimate the customs charge and it generally gets refunded back to your CC in a few weeks.
  9. Is this the lowest total in a super over?
  10. I also never bought anything at launch day 1 except ps vita. Only reason i got ps4 at launch was because @CarbonCore preordered an extra unit from amazon us and offered me to take it. Was too good an offer to pass out on and even with the super high customs charge (150+$) and fed ex shipping i still got it less than the indian mrp.
  11. Ray tracing won't be avb on DMC at launch. Will be added at a later date. https://wccftech.com/devil-may-cry-5-special-edition-ray-tracing-xbox-series-x/
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