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  1. Central contract of iyer and kishan terminated by BCCI. Well done. No player should be above the game. Pandya should be next. I think theyre just waiting till t20 wc
  2. london studio at one point was Sony’s biggest internal studio. Its a travesty that legit studios like evolution and liverpool got shut down while london studios was operating making tech demos for years.
  3. The delusion 😂 x360 will have a hard time finding a spot in the top 10 console list forget being the best or even in top 3
  4. So much of bazball is not just a way of playing but mindset yet english bowlers now bowling defensive line to slow scoring.
  5. Wasn't one analcyst making fun of the title before release
  6. Very happy for sarfaraz. Guy had to really slog it out in domestic circuit and the whole interaction with his father is so heartwarming.
  7. I hope satya increases security cover for lord pappu. These bot lunatics can go to any extent to harm him now. pappu ❤️
  8. Activision Blizzard to lay off 899 employees across Infinity Ward, Blizzard, Toys for Bob, and Sledgehammer Games https://gameworldobserver.com/2024/02/07/activision-blizzard-layoffs-899-employees-infinity-ward Microsoft activision owned toys for bob shutting down. Sledgehammer moving to a smaller studio & layoffs at infinity ward. bhasmasur strikes again.
  9. this is 100% a controlled leak. They’re just gauging the amount of backlash they’re gonna get and trying to soften the blow. Expect a highly curated statement coming out of their higher ups soon.
  10. Loving the denials by the delusional lot. So much of butbutbubu......
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