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  1. Lol. Visual artists, programmers, testers, sound guys etc are all part of the dev team. Heck even producers or the receptionists at the studio's office get credited as part of the dev team in the credits.
  2. But with the ps5 specs they might finally have the raw power to brute force the cell and get a native emulator up & running.
  3. They already said they're adding psp games. At this point if Sony is really serious about the service then adding games from PS1,2 portable, Vita catalog is the least they can do.
  4. Watch till the end. And no the kid doesn't break the tv.
  5. Upgraded to delux for 800+. 112 days remaining. First game ill download and play is disaster report 4.
  6. Mafia 1 remake, Mafia 2, last of us remastered, uncharted Drake's collection remaster, gow 3 remaster etc etc. Basically everything that hot a remaster from ps3 to ps4 is added in here. Could be an error but with these guys you never know. Need to check other region stores.
  7. PS1, 2, psp games right now and hopefully psvita and ps3 native in future. They've also added a bunch of ps4 remasters in the classics catalog instead of extra catalog but I think this will get fixed soon.
  8. Games remastered for ps4 are not part of extra game catalog but are in classics catalog and part of top tier. What a scumbag move.
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