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  1. KnackChap

    Death Stranding

    The story is set post an event called "death stranding" where the living and dead world collide and humanity is isolated from each other. You have to go from the east coast of America to the west connecting different big and small settlements to the chiral network ( game's version of internet on steroids ). The delivery guys aka porters are the most sought after people in the game world because normal people can't move freely and they do everyone's day to day work. Think of it like interstellar where they say farmers are more important than engineers or scientists. Gameplay so far ( chapter 3) going from point A to while carrying everything from a pizza to a corpse. Sometimes you might encounter some resistance in the form of traditional enemies who want to steal your cargo, supernatural enemies who want to eat you or sometimes just the environments. Some of the best moments in the game are the ones when you are walking alone and a specially curated song starts to play in the background. The normal walking itself in not just push the joystick and hold it there but you have to maintain his balance and momentum and you also have to micromanage a lot of stuff like the stamina, his footwear, cargo weight etc etc. You'll also get access to bikes, trucks, hoverboard, exos etc later on.
  2. 4 fps more is way more than what they bargained for, even if they get 2 fps more, they’ll take cause........
  3. 2 Rs people can only release 1$ games. Match made in heaven.
  4. KnackChap

    Death Stranding

    When i heard the mule backstory i thought " chal be, kuch bhi" but after playing a dozen hours after that, I'm doing the exact same thing and sorta addicted to it. 😝
  5. KnackChap

    Death Stranding

    What's the use of the ex grenades. I used them on boss bt and it did no damage.
  6. KnackChap

    Death Stranding

    Timefall damages them over time and they get destroyed. Just reached chapter 3, if this was the slow part, i want to see what comes next. Also, the dialogue right before the first boss fight, which also could be the first mandatory fight on how you play. " aren't you getting Tired of the grind, isn't this what you were waiting for"
  7. KnackChap

    Death Stranding

    How do you take a piss? Love some of the attention to detail in the game, was treading through BT territory and inadvertently pressed the touchpad instead of start to bring the menu, Sam screamed & the hand prints wala bt started chasing me and the odradek was making a finger like formation and pointing towards it.
  8. KnackChap

    Death Stranding

    For a supposedly simple walking simulator, the moment to moment gameplay is pretty damn engaging and every single step matters. It's like an open world marble madness. Won't be surprised if the traversal mechanics are copied in future open world titles. The world building/lore grasps you right from the start, it's mysterious and i cant wait for it to unravel completely. Even the characters are interesting and we'll acted so far except GDT, his mannerisms feel completely out of place so far. Some incredible imagery going on in the cutscenes too. And finally BB, the game tells you not to be attached to those things but how can you not be. esp everytime it looks into Sam and makes that <3 shaped bubble.
  9. KnackChap

    Death Stranding

    Just navigating through the BT's is intense af. Just encountered them the second time in my playthrough. Playing it around midnight with lights off, the the sound of the rain and the bb making creepy a*s sounds while the radar thingy spins like crazy. I'm done for the day.
  10. Yup. I think I spoke too soon. Judging from the reactions on twitter from the ps dev family, Yoshida has a huge role to play next gen. My personal guess is that since Shu has such cordial relations with the 3rd party and indie Dev's I'm thinking they'll try to get a lot of them not just as exclusives but as day 1 launches on ps now since they can't/won't put their big AAA games there on launch.
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