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  1. Siraj bats as if he's scared of the ball. Doesn't even get behind the line.
  2. Mayank, Rohit, and gill should be our 3 openers on rotating basis. Rahul and vihari have to come in for bahane. Jadeja once back should be played as a genuine allrounder and told to bat above pant.
  3. BC got dividend also today so 9% profit. Also, Got irfc dividend too so all loses covered.
  4. Precision wire 10% circuit. Had it from the last 15-20 days. Sold at 8% profit. 😍 It's still going up.🚀🧿
  5. Bhai iss se accha hai koi bhi adani stock pe laga de. All of them are one way traffic.
  6. nothing. keep holding. also apply to MTAR ipo.
  7. Did u sell Indigo or still holding it.
  8. Oki. 11.50'ish should be your support level if it manages to close above it this week.
  9. Do they give out any certificate or slip telling you which vaccine you got? Don't want first shot to be from one vaccine and the second to be from another brand.
  10. Don't do intraday myself. Even yesterday bought all at cash but the jump was so good that I decided to sell it. I would say success depends on your experience but anyone getting 7 out of 10 calls correct is very good.
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