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  1. If hitman bats till lunch tomorrow, we can set them a target.
  2. Go for the kill. A target of 250 with 40-50 overs for kiwis to play should be a cliffhanger final day.
  3. why shame just these poor folks. Very soon celebrities will post their vacation pictures to keep themselves in the limelight
  4. Till recently PS4 was tracking above PS2 in year to year sales. PS2 had a super long tail combined with and incredibly low price (both hw & sw) which helped it in smaller growing markets (+ piracy too)
  5. He's saying the annual sales record of 22.5 million in a year which is held by PS1 not lifetime record.
  6. Technicals wise avoid it right now. Trading well above 15% in 20 ema ( even more in 50 ema). Wait for slightly lower levels as it might retest it's breakout. If you still want to enter keep 700-710 as your SL with targets 825 & 925.
  7. Bought PNB at yesterday's dip. Already 6% up, thinking of booking profits.
  8. Shyam mettalics ipo allotment out. Check status here. https://evault.kfintech.com/ipostatus/ Didn't get it.
  9. Final count for today is 82+ lakhs. Hope they keep up this pace for the next few months.
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