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  1. watched avatar re release on pvr 4dx. still holds up amazingly well after all these years & daughter loved it too. 4d effects were neat except in the climatic battle. do wear some wollens as it gets quiet chilly when the wind and water effect start esp if you sit in the aisle seats.
  2. what too much cricket? most of our stars only play ipl and even pick and choose international matches. some only play overseas matches or some just home matches. they dont play domestic cricket or county or any other overseas leagues and are still injured half the year. compare this with players who play t20 leagues world over and are still ready to go most of the time.
  3. even most of the backups are injured.
  4. KL in powerplay played over 4 overs for 11 runs.
  5. KL must already be sh*tting the pants imagining an inswinger from the SA quickies after watching deepak and arsh swing the ball.
  6. i just removed the back cover of my s20fe and checked for any bump after watching this video.
  7. 2nd is good but its a plain ps3 remaster. gameplay wise it's fairly basic but story is good with interesting characters. 3rd is dogsit
  8. its a mafia game only in name. the character, setting and tone have none of that italian mobster drama feel.
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