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  1. I remember it going for around 400 sometime ago.
  2. They put it inside another Xbox and called it Lockhart aka series c. Everyone knows what the C stands for. 😝
  3. Won't blame him some of these xbox fans are crazy and make up stupid rumors. like there was some guy here saying ninja theory has 4 games in production when they've just 80-100 ppl working for them. When a dev says that they've multiple projects in the pipeline doesn't mean all of them will go or are in production. Use common sense.
  4. This is what happens when you have nothing to play on your dabba. Xbox boss has to go and play pre release builds of PS games. Xbox's boss is Sony's beta tester.
  5. Nothing of that sort will happen. Microsoft tried that with gta 4's standalone dlc and nothing happened.
  6. Biggest is Netherrealm studios. Mortal Kombat + injustice and can put games out regularly in a short span of time + dlc. Just what services like gamepass want. Others are SP studios who take their sweet time to put out games.
  7. Not just that but Ellie is fighting the infected ever since she was 13-14 and she has gone from one eastern corner of America to Western one so I doubt anyone doubts her skills. Also, in a conversation with dina, she says that she has killed more infected in a single run than ellie so it's not like she's some rookie. As for Mel being pregnant and being part of the hit squad, one must remember that those guys (Mel, owen, Manny, Abby, etc) are also friends and that's why all of them are part of same squad in the first place.
  8. A few of them still think Abby is a trans. It's one thing to believe them pre release but even now after the game is out.
  9. People are stupid AF. I went to buy some poster colors for my kid and took my car even though the shop is just 5 mins (walking distance) away from my place since it was raining. I sat in the car for 20-25 mins cause the people lined up were complete morons with no social distancing and everyone standing in very close proximity to each other. Even saw a lady with 2 kids, her children wear not wearing any masks but gave them a single dupatta to cover both their faces and they were playing with it. why bring children outside and that too when it was raining so heavily. Padhe likhe unpadh.
  10. I understand her reasoning but personally as a father of a baby girl IRL I cannot look at it from any other pov. Nothing matters more, not even the whole world. Only way their stories are interconnecting again is if the fireflies still want to make that cure and send Abby to get her. Otherwise her (Ellie) story is over.
  11. Loved it. The game does what it sets out to be. Felt sad , wanted revenge, felt miserable while playing as Abby etc etc but where it really got me is when it looked like the game will end at the farmhouse chapter with dina and baby and yet I wanted revenge but 2 hours later when you finally get to meet and fight her again i didn't mind letting her go. The cycle of violence is broken not only just in the game but also in the player's playing it. Even if a few playing it fell the same way, I think they achieved what they set out too. And that guitar scene at the end, I thought I was strumming the ds4 touchpad incorrectly only to realise what the game was trying to do. Gameplay wise too I think this is the strongest ND game yet. Abby's chapter imo is much better than Ellie's and has some phenomenal sequences like the sniper, hotel descent, hospital etc. Huge props to ND's level and assest designers, every single section or even encounter has multiple ways to approach even if they all later coverage and flush you into a single path. While it is all smoke and mirrors, no other game gives you this illusion of freedom unless they go full open world.every single room, every single encounter, every building etc feels different. These guys truly are wizards. As for the characters, I really didn't like Ellie's character arc in this game. From being pissed off on Joel to being in revenge mode & then feeling jealous when Jesse meets dina. She looks like the confused teenager who doesn't know what she wants. Her issue with Joel is also something I fail to understand. You're the one who came close to him in the first part and when he started caring again you expect him to let you die. Loved the scene where he flatly says to her that if he gets that chance to go through it again, he would save her again. Dina, I didn't like her either. Jesse, Tommy were ok. Abby on the other hand will grow on you by the time the game ends. This part also has much more likable characters like lev, yara, Owen etc. Her charcter also shows no regret for what she did. Would have been easy for ND to ease it out and gain fake sympathy for the character but they avoid it. And finally Joel, Troy Baker puts in an incredible performance everytime he appears on screen. You can feel the pain in him in his scenes with Ellie or the lighter moments he shares with her in the zoo. His whole death scene and the scene which follows is also so well done. Goodbye friend you'll be missed. Tbh I would've preferred if they had bumped off Ellie and had Joel go on the path of revenge, this would have felt even more personal for us as we had played as Joel for the majority in the first game.
  12. Finally finished the game. Took me 31 hrs 11 mins. It's like 2 game + 1 dlc all rolled together. Well done ND, well Fkin done.
  13. KnackChap

    God of War

    And then the so called reviewers would complain that the game is too hard and unfair just like they did with the gow ascension level which they patched and made easier. Most of the reviewers play the games on easy or very easy to meet the deadline. Saw one review of tlou 2 where some guy was playing on very easy with auto aim turned on and then complained that the game plays like uncharted.
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