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  1. Can't believe we still don't have a pc or native ps5 version.
  2. Waiting for budget to see if anything regarding crypto is announced (taxation etc). Hopefully prices will remain the same or fall further.
  3. Deadline explains: “Painted by the animation artists behind the Oscar-nominated Loving Vincent, A Winter’s Journey is a romantic and epic tale which blends live action with CG and painted animation. The world of the film is the first to be built using PlayStation’s Dreams, developed by PlayStation Studios’ multiple-BAFTA-winning games studio Media Molecule.” You can see some of the work on the film’s official Twitter page.
  4. Rahul is sh*t. Better to make pant VC in odi’s. From what you can hear on the stump mic, he seems to understand the game and have a good head despite the shots he plays. and surya needs to play and play for the next 15-20 matches even if he doesnt score much. The way he walks to bat reminds me of viv richards from whatever little ive seen of his game. Full of attitude and self confidence. We need such players in the team currently.
  5. Bhuvneshwar bowling dollies at 120’s while tearaway quickies like krishna, saini and siraj are warming benches. gg.
  6. Pc is ported by another studio while PS5 version in being done inhouse by ND maybe that's why.
  7. Latest job listing makes it sound more like destiny/far cry
  8. Great innings by shardul again. This is the bowling allrounder we're looking for. Plays in the V, is a good striker of the ball and can bowl decently. Don't ruin him.
  9. First game not even announced and they already opened a second studio. Hmmm....
  10. KnackChap


    No idea if new mass effect is even coming. Wasn't there a rumor that ea is removing all traces of the announcement.
  11. Bhai no one is doxxing you. Only asking why you're using an alt account & fake id.
  12. Sir. Email bhi fake use karoge aur privacy bhi chahiye. Aise kaise chalega.
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