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  1. Damage control continues. Meanwhile Jason Schreier with the ether bomb.
  2. As India Preps Vaccine Strategy, PM Modi Warns Of Possible Side-Effects https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/as-india-preps-covid-19-vaccine-strategy-pm-narendra-modi-warns-of-possible-side-effects-2329672
  3. What he means is ..... we will add it to our new elite controllers and price them at 250$
  4. Even if PS5 or even 6 is manufactured here, you still won't get it day 1.
  5. Good luck getting it past customs. Even global stocks coming from china were held hostage by our custom officers and govt
  6. Think they invested in the bharat biotech vaccine (not sure though) ICMR is involved and I won't be surprised if it is the go to vaccine under various schemes if it turns successful. Agree with the other point, it should be a mix of both free subsidies for the less previleged and Paid for the rest. Initially might be govt provided only to prevent black marketeering.
  7. Bhai tu rehne de. Bluepoint engine powering the demons souls remake has nothing to do with the phyre engine that powered demons/dark/bloodborne etc. It's bluepoints proprietary tech built for PS systems. Godfall is running on unreal 4, technically a Last gen engine if you can call it that.
  8. Point 3: never eat fruits that look like it has been bitten or damaged. Nipah virus spread in india by people eating bat bitten & infected jackfruit.
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