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  1. Got it in whatsapp.
  2. BC!! ...why should I suffer alone. 🤮
  3. Here im not getting a single packet of maggi, where are these morons getting firecrackers from. no firecrackers in our area but some people were banging thalis and blowing shankhs.
  4. Getting worse day by day is Maharashtra esp mumbai. No way the lockdown or local trains will start running from 15th.
  5. no this guy is super expensive. 1500 first session, 1000 after that. Your first session with the doctor will last around atleast 90 mins and he asks you all sorts of weird questions. I was for hours once my friend finished his session and we were discussing about it.
  6. There is a homeopathy clinic right next to my house. He charges around 1500 per session and gives 10-15 days worth medicine/sugar pills. People are lined up till 11pm sometimes and he has a Google rating of 4.8. Recommended a friend to go there who had continuous cough ( before covid) last year for months and couldn't get it cured. He went to everyone from his family physician to a specialist, got x-ray and all other tests done and still had no relief. Finally visited this guy and got fixed in 2 sessions. Call it placebo or pseudoscience but some people respond to such treatment.
  7. COVID-19 Testing and treatment free for all 50cr Ayushman bharat card holders. https://www.financialexpress.com/lifestyle/health/free-coronavirus-covid-19-testing-treatment-under-ayushman-bharat-pmjay-by-modi-govt-details-here/1918923/ Excellent move.
  8. That won't be a problem, the Indian state has loads of experience for similar scenarios. For eg the polio drive, general elections or the census survey. The vaccination has to come out first.
  9. That is .... If it works right.
  10. http://newsonair.com/News?title=Bharat-Biotech-to-come-out-with-a-vaccine-in-form-of-Nazal-drops-for-COVID-19-soon&id=384712#.XoirfoxVZ7w.twitter Any idea who these guys are? Are they legit?
  11. Don't think it's random, must be tests for people with symptoms + repeat tests + testing for containment/quarantine zones. 1023 is the exact figure from today's briefing
  12. Which city? F2H is showing out of stock in mumbai.
  13. State govt also need to play a big role now. For districts which are none to least affected from this virus, a continuous lockdown would be unnecessary and people should be allowed their daily routine. They should however be very very careful about allowing inter district/state travel esp if one of it is an affected zone. The central govt must be very careful with railways and domestic flights. There will be a huge crowd whenever they open back so it has to be carefully planned.
  14. spraying water instead of disinfectants in Kurla, mumbai. And this is one of the more affected zones here.
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