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  1. he already said that he's not available for the next 2 months and wants to serve in his military regiment. To me this sounds like a deal has been made between the selectors and MS. skip the WI tour and be spared the embarrassment of being dropped and you get a farewell game/series when south africa tours india next.
  2. Because ..... 1. He did the same to other players. 2. He says he doesn't want to play ranji and give chance to a young player while blocking that slot at national level. 3. His current playing style (not form) doesn't fit the way modern cricket is played. 4. What's the point of picking him when he won't play the next world cup. Better to groom a young player(s) And never forget how he quit test captaincy midway in a series and retired immediately while 2 test matches where remaining. Had he been the legend his fans say he is, he would've played the remaining 2 tests and retired once the tour was over.
  3. On the contrary rohit is a lot closer to dhoni than virat. If he gets the boot then i think it will be under kohli and not rohit.
  4. 22nd July. Thinking of getting it myself by my 1½ year old op5t is still blazing fast(8gb variant). Hoping that these Chinese manufacturer jump on the 21:9 bandwagon like the Xperia 1
  5. The guy who refuses to play for his home state in ranji saying that he doesn't want to block some young kid's place is doing exactly that at the national level. Shame
  6. So how many boundaries did eng and nz both hit?
  7. Both boundary and fewer wickets rule are not fair. They shd've shared the trophy of given another extra over to play.
  8. Greatest wc final ever and one of the best odi matches in cricket history. As everyone said England had all the luck today. That hand/bat of God moment changed everything. NZ fielding was imo one of best ever showcase in a cricket game by any team yet the catch on which Boult stepped on the boundary rope and that throw which ricocheted from stokes bat showed how unfair sports can sometimes be. Feel like crying tbh. Haven't even felt that way for team India
  9. What a great catch by Ferguson. English batsman's having a brain freeze
  10. I don't think he'll even make it into India's current T20 squad. World Cup is still far away.
  11. Grandhommie is playing like sh*t. Can't connect bat to ball.
  12. If the toss is going to be so crucial that it can cost a team dearly then why not have knockout games (or all) in the day-night conditions. The only reason I think it because BCCI must have pressurised them as the timings would not be suitable for s asian viewership.
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