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  1. I think they'll give sanju samson a go ahead first. I know he doesn't have a great domestic record but every now and then he plays a special innings esp on top level. Looks to me like he comes to his own on the big stage.
  2. KnackChap

    Death Stranding

    Repeated use of the same path by multiple gamers will cause an in-game path to form over the grass, same with repeated use of the bike along the same paths. This will also apparently extend to the map once a path has been forged. - The "creature" fight that was shown was apparently with one of the weakest beasts in the game, and there are many more types of these beasts. - However, if this thing eats you, it will leave a crater and the city will be destroyed. - No boss fights were shown in the demo, which are apparently much more flashy. (likely to avoid spoilers) - You can customize the music played at different in-game checkpoints you create. - You can only see "strands" (in-game items created/left behind by other gamers) once you make the connection in that area. - You can connect to the Chiral Network in different areas to be able to use the 3D printer to create items. This seems optional for some areas. Which means you cannot print new items until you make the connection. - The majority of the demo was optional side-missions. - You don't have to actually sit in the hot spring and wait through the entire sequence, you only need to stand in it briefly for the same effects. - There are several "exoskeletons" - ones in the demo were "POWER" skeleton and "SPEED" skeleton, which consume battery. The battery can be recharged in multiple different ways. - POWER skeleton allows you to carry a heavier package load. SPEED decreases your max capacity (at least compared to POWER), but increases speed of traversal. - Trolling will be at an all-time high because you can leave items / signs for other players to follow. - However, you can ignore the signs and do your own thing. - Some enemies won't try to kill you, just steal your (and other Sam player's) sh*t. - The rope-gun is one way to restrain/hog-tie these enemies, and you can re-steal other players items back. - You can fight these guys with packages, but using your own will damage them so it's best to use other people's sh*t to fight with. - You can use your blood on the rope-gun, which allows you to hog-tie the BTs (ghosts). - The BTs disappear when you move, and re-appear when you stop moving. - You can hack other players lockers (or create your own). From resetera
  3. Yup. What a stupid player he is. Shreyas on the other end showed great maturity by carrying his bat till the end.
  4. KnackChap

    Gears 5

    GEARS OPENING WEEK (UK) GEARS OF WAR: 100K GEARS 2: 220K GEARS 3: 323K GEARS JUDGEMENT: 80K GEARS UE: 40K GEARS 4: 92K GEARS 5: 23k https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.gamesindustry.biz/amp/2018-11-13-phil-spencer-game-pass-leads-to-more-game-sales
  5. And why did Aussies Play Siddle? What a useless bowler that guy is
  6. KnackChap


    Yup he even said man of Medan is tracking above control which no one believed and yet here we are. Both NPD and pal charts show mom tracking well above control.
  7. KnackChap


    Sony should just negotiate with rockstar for the Max Payne ip and get remedy to do a reboot of the series.
  8. KnackChap

    Shenmue III

    Yu sukuzi is literally the creator of the 3d fighting genre and the combat system in s1&2 is based of virtua fighter 3, a series which is considered by many as the best in business. Its just that the combat system hasn't aged well at all. Even in yakuza the older vf games are janky as hell while tekken still holds up. Here the fighting looks a floaty and dumbed down. And I don't think that book stack stuff was a mini game, it's a pain in the a*s yes but it's a classic martial art movie trope where the master makes to do some odd random stuff for days before teaching you a special move.
  9. KnackChap

    Death Stranding

    Yup. Kojima tweeted earlier that if you trust him go blind into the game. Kinda wish I did that. Didn't understand a single word (was in Japanese) but the 50 mins just flew by. Started off as a slow burn with similar mission as the gamescom trailer ( new job celeb reveal) but then it becoming crazier and crazier. Dark souls shared messaging stuff but here you also share equipments and even bikes, a bit of minecraft where the stuff you build can be seen/used by other players for eg a rain shelter, a bridge across a river etc. Mgs 5 stuff like base infiltration, stealth and combat gameplay, and a boss fight in an insane environment. Lots of survival stuff, lots of systems at Play and finally huge huge inspirations from Zelda breath of the wild when it comes to traversal.
  10. KnackChap

    Yakuza 7

    Official title. Yakuza 7: like a dragon english release confirmed and trailer
  11. Tgs live stream. DS next
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