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  1. looks spectacular. Incredible art direction by KP. just YouTubed the new content story and that massive homage to mgs 1 (seen in trailer) and mgs 3, right at the end. 😍
  2. Bhuvi bowling at just 115~118 in his quota. Didn't even cross 120 in his 4 overs today. Is he still unfit? They must replace him as ind are going in with just 3 seamers in the wc squad + Pandya who himself is unfit half the time.
  3. KnackChap

    Spider-Man 2

    No one knows what the current deal between sony and Disney is. The orginal deal with marvel was that as long as they (sony pictures) put out a movie every 5 years, the rights would be with them. That's why the first Garfield movie was shot and released in record time after the cancellation of Raimi's spiderman 4. Everyone is just assuming that they gave up the rights to get the game rights or its some quid pro quo deal with Disney. Right now everything is under wraps and sony have hinted that Spidey may appear in the venom movies which is an in-house project of sony pictures & they're also working on an extended Spidey universe movies (without spiderman) which tells you that they still have the rights to the character.
  4. If anyone wants it both xbox series X & S avb at Viviana mall , thane (mumbai). On 3rd floor opposite cinema hall.
  5. Much more. His mother, sister and other family members were abused, casteist remarks were made, he was told to perform sexual acts with mods among other things. You know the funny part, the people who are acting "holier than thou" & taking moral high ground in that other thread were the first ones to like that post instead of reporting it.
  6. Don mattrick was their most successful guy tbh. Only time xbox was not in last position was when he was the head, kinect was a big success and was the only time it started to capture casual audience. xbox division was posting records after records without being clubbed in some other division. Dude also signed a bunch of exclusives and tried to build a first party studios to make new IP's but the 3rd console curse hit him bad and took him down. If bot market gang want to champion a loser like Pappu Spencer as the savior of brand xbox then good for them but mattrick was 👌
  7. Just 1 game entire gen compared to Table tennis Midnight club Gta 4 + expansion Gta 5 RDR + expansion Max Payne LA noire Etc + all. The game's they made for handhelds. Even their publisher take 2's output has been sh*t.
  8. And don't post with alt id. Ban length will only increase.
  9. Jaffe going for the jugular
  10. Xbox influencers were comparing the initiative with rockstar.
  11. Even Kotaku piling on initiative. https://kotaku.com/square-enixs-crystal-dynamics-also-working-on-the-new-p-1847735646
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