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  1. Picked up my first oled TV.. The LG 55 inch C1 for the room.. Such a game changer. Also picked up a gaming/office chair.. The Razer Iskur..went with the all black color. Sent from my LYA-L29 using Tapatalk
  2. Got me one of those controller face plates. Tried it on the midnight black controller. Will probably use it for the white one though. Sent from my LYA-L29 using Tapatalk
  3. I was about 4 hours in on the series x version .Dint continue playing after they announced the next gen patch.Now that this is on ps plus and reading your impressions on the dual sense controller looks like i will start again with the PS 5 version
  4. Jake


    Played a couple of games on the PS 5, game will be revealed on 21st july as per ad boards in the game.Looks like they are going for more of a simulation game which is good.
  5. I am in game pass ultimate, however when I redeem the code I get a message saying that my account belongs to a different region. Never had this issue before
  6. Its 3 month digital game pass code got it in discount from Amazon US prime day sale. I understand the 1$ offer you are reffring to is usually for new game pass users and doesn't apply to existing game pass subscribers. How do you usually extend your membership is it through the store or you purchase chase redeemable codes
  7. I bought a 3 month game pass code to stack up, however get an error that my account is of a different region. I usually buy codes from Amazon US without any problems, any idea how to go about this?. How do you usually subscribe for game pass?
  8. Got the midnight black PS5 controller few days ago. Looks really nice, matches the black PS5 plates
  9. Tried the game on the xsx , not much of a difference to be honest .There are still some frame rate drops
  10. There were very few in stock here (dxb) released just yesterday.... managed to get one at the store.
  11. Picked up the official Microsoft wireless headset for my series X. Had to tweak the eq settings out of the box. They sound pretty good for the price along with the Dolby Access app. Cool thing is you can power on the console from the headset itself
  12. Jake

    Disco Elysium

    It's out in the ps store
  13. Yea May was quite far off so picked these up for now.
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