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  1. You aren't alone. For quite a while I was very bullish on India and Indian education, that's why I didn't take up my bachelor's abroad. Also regretting not going for MS which would have made it miles easier to settle down abroad. I will probably jump on the next opportunity I get, hopefully my employer provides an opportunity in future.
  2. If you have Ps5 then wait until next-gen patch comes.
  3. I booked a slot day before yesterday for the end of May. That will be almost 10 weeks after their 1st dose. Although I am not very concerned, pretty sure govt. will follow up with a 12 week schedule, data clearly shows that it is the better choice.
  4. Everyone who was eligible to get vaccinated in the initial phase but didn't, thought the same way and see where we are now. And I don't think you know what efficacy really means. It's not for "mild to moderate cases", it's the % chance an individual will develop an immune response to covid, doesn't matter if the infection turns out to be mild/moderate/severe. Also you can take multiple vaccines, taking one doesn't mean you can't other down the line. But god forbid if someone gets corona while waiting for a "better" vaccine and it doesn't end up going very well. You have seen people dying, right? You have seen experts asking people to get vaccinated, right? You are ready to wait 2 months and then there might be another news about Pfizer and Moderna and you will pin your hopes to wait a little more. If even after all this you want to wait because you want a better vaccine then there isn't any conversation here.
  5. Dr. Fauci said something very different. Unnecessary panic here.
  6. Well, you don't have a choice. Get vaccinated with whatever is available. Clotting risk of AZ is much lesser than the chance of developing a blood clot in a year. I am not sure why people are still thinking that they have a choice or will have a choice.
  7. Quite a lot of these available. One study found out that in a 5000sq feet restaurant, one person sitting at one extreme end was able to infect another person sitting at another extreme end in a matter of 10 mins. The evidence of virus dispersion via aerosol was always there.
  8. People are already loosing their sh*t here. Almost everyone knew this was gonna happen. Sucks big time because even deliveries aren't happening. Almost everything is being sold off at a hiked up price while my friends in US keep sending videos of Stars War Land in Disney World.
  9. Lockdown extended again in Delhi. Seedha 1 mahine ka hi kardete, kya dheere dheere badha rhe hai.
  10. I have done that too but then the TV doesn't respect game mode. I can still tolerate the increase in latency but you will still be restricted to BT4.2 bandwidth and also Ps5 doesn't output 3D audio to TV yet. The latter is much more noticeable to me than anything else.
  11. Have personally used and consumed Daawat's brown rice and I find it to be quite good. Can't say about Kohinoor.
  12. 7X are good. You won't get a better headset for gaming on consoles unless you find one which connects via usb or a dac.
  13. After Two Doses of Pfizer-BioNTech, Israel Data: Compared to unvaccinated, vaccinated stands at (The Lancet): 1. Any SARS COV2 Infection: 95.3% effectiveness 2.Asymptomatic Infection: 91.5% effectiveness 3. Symptomatic Infection: 97% effectiveness 4. Covid-Related Hospitalization: 97.2% effectiveness 5. Severe/Critical C19 Hospitalization: 97.5% effectiveness 6. Covid Death: A) 715 (unvac) vs 138 (vac) b) 0.6/100000 person-days (unvac) vs 0.1/ 100000 person-days C) 96.7% effectiveness. Marked differences hold at all age groups. Vaccination prevents symptomatic and asymptomatic infection, severe illness, hospitalizations and deaths. Source: Daniel Goldstein, MD I have personally verified the numbers.
  14. Covidshield and Covaxin have a temperature range of 2-8°C so it's not that hard to maintain the temp. A normal fridge or ice box can easily do the job. Even then storage temperature and inoculation temperature are different things. For example: you can't just directly administer Pfizer/Moderna vaccine which was stored at -70°C.
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