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  1. Incorrect. If you today, all of the large pharma companies demerge their India business, the standalone value will be higher than the current entity. It's entirely upto the company in question. For Borosil, it's a mauka for the people who wanted the good part only and believe in its growth.
  2. Because from today, you are only Borosil consumer business. Not Borosil Consumer + Borosil Scientific (the good part). Borosil Scientific will list separately and you will be assigned 3 shares of BS for every 4 shares you help of Borosil limited. So given that the underlying company changed, retails sold it and it crashed, it will settle down to what market considers a fair value. Obviously, punters who bought it just to get demerger shares, would have sold it as well.
  3. At 480ish, the price was already baked in, I am holding for now. But not expecting much gains, can sell the consumer biz, hardly single digit return on capital.
  4. There are tiers, basic one won't get you much. You will have to keep (I think 50kish) a certain amount to have the higher tier which comes with unlimited no forex spends. Works good as you can always take the money out after your travel. Otherwise, get Scapia. It's a CC, most likely you should get it. No forex, but you won't be able to withdraw cash. It's issued by Federal bank, just like Fi, will work fine.
  5. I was talking about reward points, apologies for the confusion.
  6. Fake item problem is there but on the cost part, one can pay minimum by HDFC CC to get 5k off and rest via Apay/ASV vouchers.
  7. Also, with RBI changing risk factor for credit, expect lower CL enhancements and offers for a bit.
  8. All of it can be done over mail if you have a banking relationship with them. I have always done it over the mail. Also, more usage won't necessarily increase your limit, if your card has been dormant but they see increased balance and inflow to your account, you will be shown a carrot with higher CL.
  9. Send payslips to Grievance and ask them to evaluate. If you a bank account and decent RM, ask them.
  10. @Bird Bird Bird Isn't it 5% + 5% on Croma if you buy via Neu App using Neu Infinity? Shouldn't it cost 64710?
  11. Yesterday, Amazon & RD were selling these for 75900 with further 5k off on HDFC. It's the same deal. Comes & goes. P.S. It's still live on Amazon & RD
  12. I don't think the focus of the conversation was bottom of the barrel lounges. Scapia or any other LTF/entry level card is not going to provide access to any of the decent lounges. A lounge which caters to such cards will become a langar. The whole point was about going up the card ladder so that you can get Premium CCs which provide better rewards and benefits. Premium Lounge access was just one of the benefits (with Priority Pass) ex: Dubai, BKK etc. So many people on IVG have posted about their international travels recently, it's not uncommon. If something has to be judged by the worst case scenario of one benefit, might as well give up all of your Credit cards or just pay up for the business class.
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