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  1. Is trilogy the remastered version?
  2. Can someone just make a list of all these games and tell me? So many posts to go through.
  3. In that price range, I would seriously just go with LG OLED. Sony OLEDs are way overpriced.
  4. I stick with Sony because of the Android interface but they have now started pushing ads (Google). So if that doesn't get fixed in future then I will also switch to LG and just get a fire stick or watch via Ps5/XSX.
  5. I can get the game for you from the local Vijay Sales store and ship it to you.
  6. Yeah, my next TV is definitely gonna be 65". Need it to make up for other things
  7. I would recommend to just buy the 55" model. You will be surprised by seeing how small an OLED seems as compared to another LED/LCD of the same size. 55" seems like a 50".
  8. No circuit breakers in US.
  9. A $2 increase in prices = $500M incremental revenue. Will be interesting to see how they balance the hike and the cut across geographies.
  10. Actually at 6x sales, it's not bad. Actually, much better priced as compared to the rest of the tech players. I might just invest too if it falls further. Also, Vimeo. I don't know how this 75% GM, 50% YoY business is going for almost 6x sales too. I might just invest in this instead. Such great opportunities but tax structure is way than the Indian equity.
  11. I don't know how Netflix can regain its past performance even if it ventures into gaming.
  12. Bought a Samsung Fridge last year. Makes knocking sounds in rainy season because apparently even at a temp. setting of 5-6, it's creating excessive ice. 2 service guy came and after that they stopped following up. No matter how many requests I put in, they never come. Should have just gotten LG but my mom wanted that extra space.
  13. Could have just expressed your views from the main ID. No one gives a care if you think others are naive or not.
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