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  1. Won't let you test. If you get a bad set then you have to contact them back or the brand.
  2. I think that is limited to 300/400 bucks but make sure you are careful with it, Paytm has a history of randomly changing charges on wallet load and cc payment.
  3. Absolutely. Login to netbanking and go to Billpay, it will open another window. Register your credit card as a billed, wait for a few days for it to get activated and then pay your bill using your HDFC DC (should be auto populated), it will take 2-3 biz days for payment to reflect in your CC account. If you have Plat DC then you will get 1% cashback upto 750/month in 48hrs of your payment as DC reward points.
  4. Yup, you can't do that via HDFC Billpay. You will have to do that using 3rd party offerings but that wouldn't get you cashback points.
  5. Millenia does work but it's cap is lower. You will have to check. Login into netbanking, go to Billpay, add your card and wait for activation, post which you can pay bills. Also billpays takes 2-3 days to pay bills and you can't pay for HDFC cards.
  6. Bumping this to 15%. P.S. You can get Gold coins from Tata Cliq.
  7. Don't go via Visa PP cards or any apps, it's not worth it. 2.5% charges + GST is too much for the effort and any follow up in case of failure. Only decent option is if you have an HDFC Plat/Imperia DC then you can use HDFC Billpay to get 1% cashback of upto 750/month. That's what I use every month.
  8. I ordered a Disc, Horizon bundle from Amazon on last drop. It's an extra. If anyone wants it, can take it at MRP. Preferably Delhi (will be delivered by 26-30th).
  9. For me, Savings bank interest << Pay CC bill on Day 1. Also, not 1cr needed. Some can do it under 30L as well. Depends. But that's what I said, takes time to accrue and then pays off at once.
  10. A person I know did a trip worth 6.5L recently, entirely on points. Obviously, it takes years of spending (careful spending) to accrue enough points but goes to show what you can achieve out of it.
  11. Plenty of people have got 10k as CL. Many people have gotten 1L as well. It's purely random afaik.
  12. Not really. It was quite known that SBI is doing this. It's supposed to be a secondary or even tertiary card, that's why the RR is 5% but cost is minimal. If one wants a primary card then there are plenty of others. Convenience of UPI vs RR of CC, that's a tradeoff one has to make and comes down to an individual.
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