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  1. Strides bhi jayega. Abhi se hi darr lag rha hai.
  2. Someone will contact you soon. Can't say out in the open.
  3. 12. Bigger screen is a huge plus. Camera still majorly the same.
  4. Ohhh sh*t! I was afraid you are gonna say that. f**k this sh*t man!!! I am looking to buy a few appliances myself and even last year the offline prices beat out these sales handedly on Dussehra. Online there has always been a correlation with the proximity to Dusshera and Diwali, i remember that they extended the sale last time and few of the appliances in my watchlist actually got cheaper towards the end of those sales. But this can always not be the case.
  5. How is that not better? If someone wants to buy some items and is waiting for the sale. If it starts early, he can buy those things early! Unless I am missing the point here. Historically, the discounts have been lesser when the sales have been farther than the dussehra.
  6. Race completely turned around. Absolutely amazing.
  7. How is that better? Sales starts early for Prime members anyway and this is just classic Game theory. There is no way that the sales don't start on the same date.
  8. Lot of noise going around about ban of 2 Indian CROs by FDA including Panexcell which earlier used to be a partner of Laurus and Lupin. EU issued suspension for these CROs almost 2 years back, so Laurus and Lupin would have already conducted studies again and resubmitted the EU dossiers. Especially Laurus, since they said in last concall that their EU approvals were done. Laurus didn't use these CROs for USFDA fillings. Orange book till now doesn't show any TE change for Laurus but it does for Lupin. There isn't much substance to this news but knowing how the public will react with limited and false information, I will see blood in my PF on Monday.
  9. Technically mapping a single demat account across different brokers is possible but it's a headache because for each SELL order you'll need to send a DIS slip to each broker instead of just putting in a sell order. And also, majority brokers don't support this option anyway like Zerodha, Paytm etc. You can have as many demat accounts as you want, it's very common and not fishy at all. It's a common practice to have a long term compounding account, another one for a PF which requires tracking and a third for trading. Only limitation is that you can have only 1 demat with a single broker. You can buy the same stock from different brokers, the only difference is that they will be credited to different demat accounts and will be accessible to through that broker's app only. I personally have 2 demats, 1 with Zerodha and another with Groww.
  10. Lazer eyes and diamond hands. People might be taking this casually but with the recent crackdown, this seems like a real deal.
  11. China just deemed everything related to crypto as illegal activity.
  12. Real mature. It was just banter for me but now I truly believe that you two have no other purpose in life other than sitting here day after day, playing romance with each other. Spewing sh*t about other peoples' choices while having no first hand experience. I don't think I have ever even mentioned my education except in the Covid thread where you people wanted to sh*t about vaccines. But it's good that you remember as that shows you are keeping tabs without me even asking for it. You two can have all the recognition you want from this place, you won't get it anywhere else. But I bid the best to both of you.
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