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  1. No way to fix it. It varies game to game as well. GTA 5 was pinned to 200-250Mbps for about 80% of the time but dips to 50-80Mbps for the rest. While FH4 remained stuck at 80-100. Just put it in rest mode before you sleep and check it the next day. Idk if this is some hardware thing (probably not because One X worked fine) or CDN thing but Ps5 completely stomps over XSX in this area.
  2. Logo ke sentiment ka market sentiment pe asar koi nhi bata sakta. I'll mainly look to add to my existing positions.
  3. Ohh, thanks. That means I should add some funds in demat to be ready on Thu.
  4. I am looking to buy one from Dr.Trust Just couple of days ago that model was being sold for 1700 on Amazon and now even after a limited time deal, it's being sold for 1800 (waitlist full) with regular price of 2k. The same device was once available at MRP of 1400 and sold for upto 4500 last year. Distributer literally looting people. I'll go the pharmacy tomorrow and get one.
  5. Can someone tell me if it's a legit lockdown or only lockdown in essence? Missed the news but I see that deliveries are allowed.
  6. Is Amazon legit enough to buy an oxymeter? Or should I get it from my local pharmacy.
  7. Portfolio recovered all of the yesterday's losses and some more. Patience rewards so much.
  8. I get the feeling that this thread is turning into post 11PM History 18 channel with all the controversies people are bringing up. Big Pharma, dirty tactics, all of this is because of the aliens.
  9. I don't understand what you mean by 3 months. It's 50 bucks for the first month and it converts the rest of your Gold sub to Ultimate. I am playing FH4 and GTA5 right now. After that will check out Nier, Doom and Gears.
  10. Exactly. That's why I just end up using "Asians" to describe us ever since I got into a pretty heated argument with one of my professors. Too much trouble to explain it all.
  11. I regret missing the Crypto boat but the damn thing seems illogical to me. Someone came up with a token with limited supply and suddenly people agreed to use it as tender. But it doesn't matter because the value of the token is still being assessed in terms of fiat. Take Tesla for example, it changes the car prices in BTC acc. to ongoing conversion rate. In case you buy a car via BTC but end up returning it, they will only pay you back in BTC if its value relative to USD has fallen since the time you bought it. If BTC went up, then you will be refunded in USD. So it all comes back to fiat. All these hedge funds and banks investing in crypto will be the first ones to book profit and call a shift back towards fiat. BTC or any other crypto will only be legible to me when assets are priced in them and the price remains static. Although, in its current form, nice way to make money.
  12. I meant Indians as well but wanted to use a more general term, have been bit because of it before
  13. You will get an extra month if you turn recurring billing off. I don't think there is any way to get 3 months.
  14. Pfizer and Moderna had a decent representation of Asians in their sample so I am hopeful that their efficacy will hold. SII might just ditch CShield after the obligations are fulfilled. It will most probably concentrate on Novavax in future. Thing is, Pfizer and Modern are already under pressure for fulfilling their current orders so India might not get imports for around 4-6M. Also, these vaccines aren't like Paracetamol, technology transfer while keeping control over the IP might take 4-6M. It took almost 7 months for Sputnik's tech transfer to Panacea. So we might not see them being manufactured in India right away as well. For short term, we will still need Sputnik, Novavax, ZyCov.
  15. Exactly, find the word thodi chal rha hai.
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