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  1. You will have to pay it eventually.
  2. T&C states that 10k can be bought per mobile number per month. It is stated that the user should use the phone number associated with their Amex account. In order to buy >10k, you will use a different phone number which is not linked to your account. You are technically using a different Gyftr account when you use a different phone number. Technical loophole exists but that they doesn't mean one has the right to exploit it. T&C clearly dictate the boundaries.
  3. Also, not all insurance companies are on Apay or allow Apay, even then, there are limits to how much you can pay via Apay.
  4. You can but Amex will catch up sooner or later. So tread very carefully, they do block for life.
  5. I just bought 10k Apay voucher from Amex Gyftr. Add -> View Order -> Pay -> OTP -> Pay -> Payment
  6. Watched it live. Max has really grown and sharpened his skills. Made Gaetheje looked stupid. Also, I don't think they live streamed early prelims and prelims but it's available as a replay. Figueiredo destroyed Cody, was a great performance. Kayla performed beautifully as well. Jiri was in his usual form. Great card.
  7. Mil toh rkha hai, no idea kab actually list hoga. Delay ho rha hai
  8. Amex Gyftr works on/off, try again in 24hrs and it should work. Try ordering two vouchers of 5k in 2 txns, next time. Not many hacks, CC companies have scaled a lot. Only thing is to maximize your spending on Amex Gyftr for just about everything in your life.
  9. I wonder how many of those Mexican supes he was on. Must be juiced up to his head.
  10. Yeah, they reduced the limit to 10k from 25k and it is on the basis of mobile number. You can use another number though, although I am not sure when Amex wakes up and checks this.
  11. This news was out 2 days ago and this was 100% expected. Context: Laurus acquired a facility from Phalanx, an intermediates facility in 2020. This facility was already in the US FDA black list since 2016. It was a given that US FDA will give some action because they always look at the past history and situation of the facility. LL has never received any action otherwise. Same was the case with Neuland Unit 3, although it was not under import alert. This facility is any HIV based and hardly has any contribution. I hope it gets a warning letter, making the stock tank. Given their culture, LL will fix this.
  12. Anyone who is currently pursuing or has recently completed an international MBA? Have some doubts, would appreciate the help.
  13. No consultant. Will just wing it through my friends who are already at these universities. I don't think I have it in me to work with a consultant and also pay them a good chunk. Admission requirements for the new rounds aren't out yet, once they are out, I will start working on them. Are you applying/have applied as well?
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