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  1. RAW intro pyro - check SD intro pyro - check SD intro theme changed - check WWE is getting lit aghainnnnn
  2. NG+ (?)
  3. done all realms 100% played GoW (2018) on NG+ and completed it (maxed out Zeus n Valkyrie armor sets) played Ragnarok again, man, i can only give so much of compliments on how the controls of both the games just, satisfies you, behind every kill, there's a guilty pleasure of executing the planned move, hubba hubba hubba cannot wait for Ragnarok NG+, when's it coming?
  4. Holy SH!T Firefly Fun House on SD! can't wait 4 The Fiend 2 eventually show up
  5. bow down beeches men, finished it it yesterday, what a game, what A GAME! gfx r amazing i played it with earphones, the audio gets u immersed in the games gameplay, smooth baby replayability now i am like, bc, khatam ho gaya, ab kutch nahi raha zindagi mein, but still playin', trynna complete everything
  6. started Survivor Series War Games, intro was lit af
  7. awesome man, m 23 hrs in, and i still feel i haven't reached even midway, lel, but might have been in midway, i just don't want this to end gameplay is just so satisfying man. SM has done brilliant job here, full paisa vasool game hain (and then some more)
  8. holy moly! m at Lvl 4, Nub lvl, lel, playing on balanced :/
  9. mahn, i am exploring the sheet outta the map, just like the last game, this time, it feels so natural! Santa Monica Kratos Boy i have altered the controller layout to classic, swapped circle to evade x to interact and joystick down + L3 press for instant turn and auto collect everything, Graphics Favour Quality and Target higher frame rate, locked at 119 fps at 4k on the C2, looks and plays like sax (motion blur and film grain to 1) (difference between 60 fps and 120 fps is very much visible ) Game is just epic so far
  10. halaluya
  11. holy sheet holy sheet holy sheet !!! men, i have stayed away from everything except for the reveal trailer, am gonna directly experience this piece of epicness!!! Preordered already
  12. yes congratulations snake, u jest went Liquid from Solid
  13. uninstalled FK app, ducker was sending unnecessary notif's, lel amazon ftw!
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