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  1. you only have to put him inside a room filled with gold coins on the floor
  2. RAW - Blissy Bliss vs Asuka was cool af also, they now don't censor the A$$ word anymore Vince McMohan have turned HEEL permanently it seems, not giving fans what they want, lel! ain't turning back here for Vinny K. also, this year's WM gonna have crowd, and they have announced 2 more WM's venues n sheetz!
  3. HUBBA HUBBA HUBBA The Hills Have Eyes, Hostel, FD, SAW, Wrong Turn, heck the previous Slasher Horror were some funny a*s stuff, but these got real, real af, first time i saw FD, was like WTF! that was like outta nowhere
  4. nXt NYE was good opening match was good last woman standing match was good gurrgunu match was ok (didn't watch it fully tho...fast fast beibei) main event was, again, good...the end was abrupt tho nXt again topping sh!t azz RAW....only good thing about RAW was backstage segments with rKo...oh and the P1 entrance
  5. yeah, he dead...i was watching a video of wrestlers banned by WWE, in which his name was there, and on insta i got notif by wwe about him passing away...
  6. quoting w/pic for this one, cuz this is teh sheetz!. this is the reason why my console gaming started in the first place, back when I was a lil'Pushy aaah men, multi tap connector was the sh!t...so much fun with that...nipple H, oldberg, taker and my fav pork lazer, me n my friend was like nipple H/oldberg vs Lazer, but when party used to hit, it was all wild also nfs under ground 2 (riders on the storm), men, dem mimuriz still fresh af iDunno, that main event match the least fav of mine, will give it 2/5 (1 for fiend's entrance - dat decapitated head is back, and 1 for the specialty match, specially when the inferno is revealed, dat was sumthn spl, visually) the match itself was, well, meh....randy looked like a duplicate randy (also the way he strolled around was sketchy af) and dat last shot before randy doing his thing, clearly showed the fake azz thing in there....liked the creativity, but execution was flat out lame so how was TLC? Titman would give 4/10 also, wtf have they done with Asuka, from nXt look to this? same with Nakamura, Zayn....but among them (and few more who moved to the main roster from nXt), Asuka is a laughing stock, give her a manager FFS! make her female client of Paul Heyman and get that cartoonish green azz makeup go away also, RAW Legends night 2 weeks away, no Rock, Austin? F U McMohan
  7. War Games was lit the main event could have ended in a much better way tho...
  8. STING on AEW was some epic sh33t right there...BTW it's gonna be WARGAMES time beeches, i think this time TUE will win it
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