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  1. yup, space restraints, plus ain't couch/bean bag type of a guy, i like it upfront, str8 in my line of vision, large screen size would push my a$$ way back, for that, i got no room...
  2. Nope, not available at my pincode
  3. Unable to find lg c1 48 online
  4. The Fall, was beautiful! 1500 CE n 15500 PE, booked profits both the sides <3
  5. 16700 lvl pe mast play hua, but 1nce dat broke ....PE Profits were booked 😎
  6. ARW Dynamite was all sorts of epic, we r dawning upon on a new era in AEW, WWE continues to sink!
  7. started Double or Nothing...the opening match i hope they build Wardlow from hereon
  8. purchased 1 month PS+, again, too much time taken for a digital code, but genuine one, so far so good (didn't find 1 month on amazon, and didn't want to go for 3 months, as June is gonna give us a new PS+ services, so was looking for a month subscription only)
  9. i had seen that, it has seller 1 mnth warranty, 1 mnth is good enough me thinks! and official comes at 8k, difference is 1k only, better 2 go with warranty?
  10. Hello Guys, where can i find PS5 headset in a good rate online? or should i find locally? Anywhere in Mumbai/Thane/Navi Mumbai can be scouted for the precious. TIA.
  11. how much time does it take for them to email the digital code? if any1 has purchased, kindly answer, ty. had ordered psn wallet amount at around 3am, yet to receive.
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