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  1. Butt n!gg@, R* ain't no most of the other channels, its R* ffs and when i do watch YouTube hdr videos, difference is def there, so what gives?
  2. R* be like, hold mui nutz 😂 But why no HDR trailer tho?
  3. they might somehow convert their character value into points, so that peepal can redeem them on their new services, or, they can merge the data on new one, they must've figured it out men
  4. yes yes, 8-10 yrs of Online MP milking, unki 7 pidhi set hain
  5. only nubz are discussing why it ain't on PC at launch, the Vets know why it ain't on PC at launch. erri1 knows, Consoles are superior than PCMR. let THE WAR GAMES BEGIN
  6. Men, this sheet is crazy, R* gonna make hell lotta money outta this 1. Just think: Pre-orders Launch day sales Then post launch sales Once this is done, shift to PS5 Pro(or any next ps5 hardware upgrade), release the next-gen version on those consoles, insta-money. (Or maybe they'll skip Pro and target PS6 for remastered) Then, re-mastered version on PS6 and those sales Fkrs r set for life, and i love every bit of it Also, the time to views and likes ratio is insane, R* power beeches
  7. World's gone crazy with just 1.23 min clip, and some langurs still doubting the success of GTA6
  8. I noticed few details in the trailer Gfx overall, impressive af, u can check the clothes detail on her when she is feeling the breeze in that car shot. Vehicle customization will be there The smoke gfx, the road details, simply superb U now have fkn sweat details, that scene on the beach, check girl on extreme left, her skin shows sweat
  9. FUK i was thinking only 1 yr left....it's a long wait now 2 more trailers in-between?
  10. it's official guys, R* can have my SOUL...i can die in peace need to say, it'll be a Day1, pre-order it is beeches
  11. YEESSSSSSSS when i opened the youtube, twas some 55x k likes, few seconds later, 560k likes, lel 562k as of time i write this, lel 564k bc, i wanted to write 49k+ waiting, all that numbers changed in few seconds, lulz today the Net will melt baybay. refreshed, 565k likes, LOL likes are going rocket rocket boom boom, just like our Index went, rocket rocket boom boom
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