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  1. i actually logged in to say this, you beat me to it **in McMahon's voice** THAT SoB!
  2. SHOUTBOX FTW...i still have screenshots of some of the epic shoutbox replies, lel GOLD coins ... killzone123...epic clan battles on killzone mp i actually had met him, he stays nearby only... tr00 tr00...KILLZONE 2 launch event? man, we had an entire theater to ourselves...i'll have to dig up deep to get that pic, don't even know if its still there or not. have met your bro too once when he had came to Mumbai tr00 tr00 hello KZ2 was teh sh*t...that game, them memories...oh boy! have met few members too, Zeeshan, Ruzhan, Tanveer, Mohit, Sam, Rishi, CC, DaN, TheChairMan(thedribbler?), Polash...i have missed out some too...we had a meet once to watch football and had drinks (Mohit's potato juice), then once during KillZone2 launch event, there was a LG Event at mall where wherein they had a GeOW tourney, there was a GT5 tourney, where i had met one IVG'ian (Zinklo tourney, which i had won BTW), The inaugral PlayStation Experience, had went to Sam's place to collect the KillZone 2 steelbook (he had CM690 cabinet, the view from his window....man droolworthy stuff), had went to Hyderabad for a Job, met few IVG members there too (trip was good, had to exit "That JOB", and that was a very good call from my side, the overall experience was good, but the parting words by someone over there, left a bitter taste - If you remember what you had told me when i was leaving, CHECK MATE Fella, look where I am now, I wish I could come back to HYBD and shove those words down your throat buddy), then, met Bikram (the talli look guy), had a good a*s friendship with babloos and kunalkw( i still remember this from one of his chats - when in doubt, whip it out)....and i am sure i am missing a lot of memories connected to this forums (and yes, this is the only forum that i've been connected to, till to date, since the day i had joined) also....hello moi boiz
  3. the only thing you would want to breathe out from the mask are the gases and not the viruses
  4. BS! why do they want the virus to get out of the mask, and for uninfected persons, if they assume that the virus do want to get out of the mask, then what the F is it doing inside despite the mask in the first place? defeats the whole purpose of using the mask...stupid sh*t.
  5. Agreed, but EDUM KUL (BEI BEI) had the momentum going, and this was not needed at all at this point...good wrestler, yes, but f**k all timing, specially against EDUM KUL (BEI BEI)
  6. oh well...corona didn't kill me....but this reign of new nXt champion would definately do the needful....KILL ME PLS! SOB BC MC they f**king killed Cole's momentum for a niBBa who is best suited(maybe just averagely suited) and should have been limited to the NA Championship only....mid carder at the very best
  7. Dude wtf? This is some next level chutyapa, lel. On the other hand, my friend, who went to Karnataka from Mumbai, the entrie family was quarantined in Govt Hosp. there, but sadly his dad passed away in the hosp. itself on start of second week. Yesterday he received death certificate, there was no mention of cause of death. I informed him to get it rectified from the Hosp. as without cause of death, the death certificate remains invalid.
  8. karrion cross got no sh*t on edum kul (beibei)...dat cross n**** simply doesn't fit the main picture.....mid card at best lel
  9. there was an sbi card offer on amazon, but i had to pick it up from physical store as it was urgent...had to pay 500 bucks extra for that and also due to non-availability (speaking of availability, that shop guy had 1+ 8 which was cheaper than this, but i specifically wanted the 1+ 7T Pro, cuz....swag )
  10. i think i should stop watching wwe altogether, they have been spewing sh*t a*s shows lately.
  11. Pushy


    beech u fkd j/k if u have followed all the precautions, then no need to worry, but for added safety, quarantine your a*s mah niBBa
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