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  1. Guys, suggest a power bank for iPhone 13 please.
  2. Yeah I used to do that while I was on Android. Apart from that, I need Wifi/BT toggle on home screen which isnt an option on iPhone. So had to use shortcuts for that.
  3. I learned about Shortcuts only recently and it's amazing (for iPhones). https://shortcutsgallery.com/ Have a shortcut for - msging someone on whatsapp without adding their number etc etc.
  4. I have a Business Regalia (not Regalia) which I dont think works for SmartBuy offers from HDFC. Are there any better options than Regalia in HDFC ?
  5. so untrue. Crypto are always high risk high reward.
  6. What a sweet time to buy. High risk high reward time.
  7. I wish I knew this a week ago. Bought the iPhone 13.
  8. Looks amazing. Will play this on PC but highly doubt that this would be priced reasonably. GoW was 3299 and expect this to be a 3k+ game as well.
  9. True. A good strategy would be to invest a little from time to time and maintain a sheet where one can calculate the avg cost per unit. It's super easy to track the profit/loss.
  10. Just completed one full day with the iPhone 13. Battery is ridiculously good. 4hr 15 mins screen time with 50% to go. Heavy usage which had insta, lots of calls, Google Maps for an hour & Hotstar as well.
  11. Hi WhiteWolf. I am fine. How are you ?
  12. I have played most of the PS Exclusive games on PS4 Slim and currently don't own any console. Thinking of buying a PS5 now. Will the experience be new and justifies the 50k expense ? I have a 4k TV (which I previously didn't have).
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