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  1. I have a US PSN ID which I used to buy a game. I planned to play it on Indian ID after downloading. Now the problem is, I want a refund. Thankfully, I haven't started the download so I'm eligible for refund. But I'm unable to connect to US PS Support team. Twitter support ain't responding as well. Any one have any prior experience of refunding a game from US ID while their primary PSN ID used for playing isn't a US one ?
  2. eddy4823

    Cricket 19

    Saved on PS4. Will upload and share here in a while.
  3. eddy4823

    Cricket 19

    Just witnessed a bug which doesn't count wicket. I dismissed someone and got the wicket again on the very next ball. Only 1 wicket was counted. Googled and came to know it is a known bug.
  4. eddy4823

    Cricket 19

    Scored my 1st hundred today.
  5. Kohli gonna drop whole team after 2 matches and will let U19 team play against NZ.
  6. Pak lost last 6 wickets for 54. Typical Pakistani collapse.
  7. Finished watching JAMTARA. I expected it to be a documentary as I didn't watch any trailer of it. It was still a good one with a good story.
  8. agreed. Unfortunate for me though I got a bad screen on my OP7 arrival. Didn't bother returning because it was only visible at night. Now I regret it. Planning it to RMA just before warranty ends.
  9. Compiled some of the best I could do and uploaded them as wallpapers. https://wallhaven.cc/user/eddy4823/uploads
  10. Mouth Watering pics. Sent from my GM1901 using Tapatalk
  11. Mouth Watering pics. Sent from my GM1901 using Tapatalk
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