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  1. WTF. wow. I read somewhere that EA wants you to forget canceling sub and get 5$ deducted from your card.
  2. Oh yeah. That reminds me, I tried it initially from US Account but failed. Eventually bought from IN Account.
  3. You can buy a 10USD PSN Gift Card from Amazon US.
  4. Shadow Tactics has to be my most random purchase ever. Gotta praise the Steam algorithm to suggest this, I liked this game a lot.
  5. My list : Spiderman , life is strange, Lara croft GO, Order 1886, Horizon Zero Dawn, Rocket League, Goat Simulator, Control.
  6. BFBC2 is the best game I have ever played. Still play it. Never uninstalled it.
  7. Sums up the handling of this situation in our country. But let's celebrate the joy of 59 apps getting banned and ignoring the fact that Corona is a silent and invisible enemy which we on personal level have to deal with.
  8. I didn't know What Remains of Edith Finch and Child of Light don't have plats. I did them 100% and they were a joy to play it. Sucks that they don't give plat after 100%.
  9. deal over now. I had a bit.ly link, I wasn't sure if it was allowed here or not so I didn't paste it here.
  10. Echo Dot gift twin pack (Grey) with Wipro smart white bulb @3100 Apply 4352 Off Coupon Loot Fast EDIT : Deal over now.
  11. Rocket League (if played with a friend) has the easiest platinum imo. Some other easy plats are - Life is Strange, Spiderman. I have 8 so far and Last of Us 2 would be my 9th.
  12. Tried everything. Finally figured out that I had changed my DPI settings. After setting it to default, it started working again. Can't believe there's no solution online to this small but annoying issue.
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