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  1. that's called Fiction that's what the moral of the episode 3 was. find a reason to continue with life in an emotional way.
  2. Vietnam is lovely. Would love to visit again. I so wanna go to Ha Giang loops.
  3. No way. Out of my budget and my itch for Avengers is done for now.
  4. Was keeping an eye on this from a long time. Snatched it when it came for 40% off on Amazon.
  5. +1 for Apollo. App is regularly updated.
  6. mujhe kya main to Argentina se hu. j/k. Thanks for the thread. I will follow this tournament. Next match of India is against Wales on 19th.
  7. That’s so much better. I need to find a gang now for this.
  8. I upload the files in Original quality since I have 100 GB Space in Google Photos.
  9. I have around 4000 media files on my iPhone 13. What's the most reliable way to transfer these to Windows PC ? USB cable stop moving the files halfway through. most of those files are on Google Photos cloud backed up. Should I just go ahead and delete them ? Deleting from iPhone wont delete them from Google Photos cloud, right ?
  10. I went to policybazar and opted for the Care Explore policy. Costed me 553 rs per head. Vietnam is a fairly easy trip. Shouldn’t be expensive. Fun Fact : My CC hasn’t been charged yet for flights tickets. Don’t know what glitch this is. Booked on 10th October and travelling in November.
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