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  1. Trek is not easy as it is advertised. There's no camping allowed in Valley of Flowers so if you leave your hotel/homestay for VoF, you have to come back same day (before 5 PM). Day 1 is 9kms up. Day 2 is VoF is 7.5kms up and then down 7.5k. Day 3 is Hemkund Sahib which is tougher (6kms up and 6 kms down) even though there's a proper staircase made for you. Elevation is 4300m. You gain 1000m in a matter of hours which gets tough. I highly recommend taking a dip at the lake. It was 1 degree temperature but that didn't stop me. I booked via Thrillophillia. Sent from my Pixel 4a using Tapatalk
  2. I don't know why people keep buying iPhones. It doesnt looks like one is missing anything with an Android. Pixel 4A release has been a blessing. I hope 5A releases as well.
  3. Mutual Funds topups done in April are sitting at +22%.
  4. Came back from Valley of Flowers trek 2 days ago. What an amazing experience. It was my 1st solo travel trip and thanks to my wife she allowed me to go. Landslides stopped us a lot but we managed to come back after plenty of delays. Here are some pics. https://www.instagram.com/p/CTu_W0yhXlg/
  5. So this time Root won the toss and decided to Bat and Bowl both on the same day. But in a good way.
  6. I invested some lumpsum amount in April thinking that I have topped up at peak point.
  7. Hitman 2. Can't believe I let this sit in my library for so long. The satisfaction of a 5-star marksheet after a mission is too good.
  8. This will be Rahanes last series for India if he fails to give a match winning performance. Too much competition in Indian cricket and these are exciting times. Gill, Mayank Agarwal. Even Ashwin and Bhuvi can bat if 20 runs is all what Rahane has to give.
  9. Stats this series so far. LMAO !
  10. DP for 195th time on this forum for me. (Yes I am counting).
  11. I bought it at 27k at launch. You should easily get one at the same price during a sale using Cards and Cashbacks.
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