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  1. lmao,. Made my day. Also this tour felt like honeymoon for Rahane and Pujara. Can't score and can only drop catches.
  2. Shubman Gill all guns blazing is anyday better than Rahane jisko Run nahi hai banane. One can expect him to be picked over Rahane for next Test India will play.
  3. Fingers under the ball. Clearly out. But yeah Lord falls. Dark day in the history of Cricket.
  4. Why the hell is he still there in playing XI is beyond everyone imagination. This should be clearly his last test series.
  5. Anno 1800. Saw it priced 501 rs on epic sh*t launcher and couldn't resist. Had one eye on this game from a long time. Already 20 hours in this game and I feel I have just scratched the surface. Amazing mechanics, Graphics and Animations. Can easily see it in my Top 5 games list.
  6. Damn. Thanks for the coupon update guys. It works multiple times in same cart. Getting Death Stranding + FC6 for 1900 rs.
  7. For some strange reason, my application is still in processing state on unicards. It's been 7 days and customer care doesn't have answer why. SliceIt claims to provide 2% rewards on payment of bill and same policy of splitting bill in 3 instalments Anyone using it ? edit : applied for sliceit and stuck at same process. wtf is this sorcery. My credit score is 671.
  8. I once won a 1000 rs. cashback but when I was receiving 8-9 rs, I stopped using CRED. Directly paying via NetBanking is less hassle instead of paying in parts for 8-9 rs.
  9. Only if the amount is 1 Lac and above ? That sucks. Amount in my case never exceeds 30k.
  10. CDPR literally hyped the game to expect us to be mind blown. No expectation was unrealistic. They are devs of Witcher 3, If they can't deliver the stuff they promise then who is to be blamed ? You will of course like the game since you had no expectations. Same goes for every other game out there. "Expect nothing and you won't be disappointed". - Kratos , God of War, 2018.
  11. The cash giving person keeps your card and uses it instantly somehow. The transaction can't be reversed. A friend told he has like 100-200 credit card at any given time.
  12. A friend I know has exhausted all his cards. I came to know that there are shops which provides services like - Deposit your Card and they will pay you in Cash. It's like paying for a time bomb.
  13. Woah. I just applied but it's stuck on "Processing. This is taking longer than usual".
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