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  1. I wish more of us were playing the Fantasy League. So much fun.
  2. Man one can see all the players are just happy to be back. Seriously f..k Covid.
  3. Is there one ? Can someone make it ?
  4. What an amazing game. England always get the best Cricket matches. It's so much fun to watch England play in England.
  5. Everyone loves free games. I told my friends to vote. I'd happily take Avengers for free.
  6. Same here. But it was a contest of recently recorded videos so all those you have seen don't count. I have better clips but they don't qualify as they were uploaded a long time back. I also think @kold_war video was good and deserves to win.
  7. Saw someone votes get tripled overnight. I was checking this page almost every 2 hours.
  8. Backing myself out of this competition. Used another account to vote for myself and also told friends to vote. It wasn't against rules but I realise it was unethical. Will win next month for sure.
  9. Sony can sell PS5 100USD costlier than Xbox and will still win this gen.
  10. Anyone playing the IPL Fantasy League on the official IPL site ?
  11. Until Dawn is a must play. Can be finished in one go. And even though the 2nd person gets to only watch, It's so much exciting.
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