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  1. Are they still taking orders for this ? I want to buy one too.
  2. I have the Dark Horse one which is on the right. Boy this CE statue is huge.
  3. Feeling sad for Willaimson if NZ loses. Guy deserves the cup after what happened in 2019 Final.
  4. He made it to the crease in 1:55. This Al Hasan has been an idiot since ages now. From abusing umpires in Domestic cricketers to acting like this at the Int'l stage, nothing has changed.
  5. AFG on fire. Warner gone. lmao. Also What the F did Shakib Al Hasan do ? I would pray for him losing every remaining match of his career. If he would have timed out Kohli, He would need Z protection.
  6. Spider-man 1:1 Wearable Helmet & Ironman Dreadnaught Edition 1989
  7. Exactly the same phones. Even if the difference is only 4-5k, It's wise to go for 13.
  8. Translation : “I have still not decided I wanna live or not.”
  9. iPhone 13 @ 49k is still a sweet deal. 46.5k (after cashback) if you use ICICI Amazon Pay Card.
  10. Congrats. Please send the link to the wallpaper.
  11. Business Regalia First CC to drop these features. Now I need to search for a better CC. Suggest one please.
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