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  1. wow excited for this... my interest in gaming started once I played Mafia 1.. it was a great game
  2. Outlook

    Grand Theft Auto V

    finally after repeated failed attempts on PC, Xbox & PS4 I have managed to finish GTA V story mode 100% on PS4 what an amazing game....
  3. Outlook


    Karnataka which was doing good all these days suddenly seeing a raise in numbers from past 4-5 days and today we have 99 cases which is the single day highest spike so far. most of the these cases are from people who have come in from other states, Gujarat, Maharastra, TN
  4. guys how is Peakey Blinders TV series ? is it worth the time for 5 seasons ?
  5. Hey guys, My brother had saved GTA V save files & profile on an external USB stick couple of years ago. He recently bought a new PS4 and installed GTAV and restored the saved games from USB drive, but once the GTAV game is started those saved files dont appear he had a GTAV game progress of 35% when he had played it last time. The PSN profile is same and even trophies are appearing but somehow he is not able to load those save files in the game Any way to fix this ?
  6. People, do watch Caliphate on Netflix, its excellent, just 8 epsiodes.
  7. Outlook


    nope, private vehicles (bikes) have been allowed, CM confirmed it.
  8. Outlook


    Karnataka state decides to allow IT companies to start functioning with 50% workforce from 21st April... no passes needed for people to travel to work. seems like a disastrous move for now
  9. Outlook


    https://www.indiatoday.in/india/story/coronavirus-lockdown-violation-karnataka-siddalingeshwara-fair-1667669-2020-04-16 38 positive cases in Karnataka today, biggest ever single spike for Karnataka
  10. thanks added these to my watch list , I remember watching thees movies during VCR times
  11. Outlook


    34 positive cases in Karnataka today, biggest ever single spike for Karnataka
  12. Jackie Chan movies are available on which OTT ? especially the Police story series
  13. someone here suggested Snatch movie on Netflix... thank you Superb movie, super fun, absolutely loved it..
  14. Outlook


    dude u need to relax, its a passing phase... we shall overcome this I hope u have not post this message from a Chinese manufactured phone
  15. Watched "Asur" on Voot its a mediocre TV show with too many flaws, the technology aspect shown in all the episodes (used by CBI team) are a joke.... and the ending was crap
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