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  1. It has been close to 2 months that I'm away from my PS5 with a backlog of 10+ games. If I'm not returning back to it very shortly then will put it up for sale :-/
  2. The shutting down thing really irks me a lot :-| I don't put it on rest mode, need a complete shutdown and it takes quite a few extra presses to get there and then add to it my disability, many a times it goes in rest mode when I'm hurrying past and then have to wait for it to resume and then do a shutdown.
  3. Hahahah... My ONLY psn friend knows what I've been running away from Need a session this weekend if you are free.
  4. Yes been hearing about these for a long time but no concrete news. Need to finish off these soon This seems like a sensible approach. Will get done with my 60FPS backlogs first and then will take these up ig. Good to hear that people are on same page else I was wondering if some snobbery has got in my head
  5. I'm having a difficult time starting with Bloodborne & HZD both of which I would like to play/finish. 30FPS seems quite a disturbing experience after 60FPS on a trot. Is expecting a 60 fps patch (soon) too much to ask for or sticking with 30FPS with the obvious discomfort will ease the things in a day or two ? I tried switching to fidelity in R&C and it while it looked awesome the FPS drop made it feel like stuttering so very shortly had to switched back to performance RT.
  6. So just now a PS5 got added to my amazon account which was in wishlist and shows delivery by wednesday in Noida and is staying there since last 15 mins ! If anyone wants to give it a shot then PM me Edit - Stocked out now after staying for around 20 mins
  7. How much should I expect to pay for Director's cut on PS5 if I have a PS4 disc with me (in INR) & will it reflect only post release of the game ? Preorder show for 4999.
  8. Channu


    Thanks, added
  9. Channu


    This.... tell me more pls I have shelved the game but on and off feeling like giving it a go again
  10. From all accounts I've come to understand that the thermal paste needs to be changed WITH Thermal pads for it to be addressed in a satisfactory manner. Opening will anyway give you a good opportunity to clean up the buildup on heatsink & fan which should help too. Some people do change the fan for a quieter variant from later models too but repasting & thermal pad change should suffice.
  11. Channu


    Played a bit yesterday on PC. Can save when you clear a chamber. Since I just started, they were quite easy & manageable.
  12. They call it 'film' . Check my post above with my experience of ordering these from Chamunda. I did this on my DS3 but it was certainly a pain to have it all back & working well. My advice will be to be extra careful with disassembly and maybe even make a video. I had difficult time in assembling back since I did it a bit impatiently & then had difficulties in getting the assembly back. I had to endlessly skim through youtube videos for a small part that goes inside the dpad of which I was not having a clue & incidentally only one video had it covered.
  13. Buy only from them on their website/whatsapp else they just don't take any responsibility of product sold from amazon. I ordered a conductive film for my DS3 and they were pathetic. Returned them twice and then finally opted for refund on Amazon. One didn't have conductive lines on it, another had it but was just a clean wiped plastic at the connector end ! Their number & name was present of the package so I contacted him. First time he was a bit reluctant but then agreed to send me a replacement via amazon but again I received a completely useless film so I contacted him but he refused to accept that it was his film ! I cut the chase and asked him to forget this BS & tell me straight if he will send me a good film if I place order with him, now he agreed. Paid him on gpay & then he sent me a product that was usable. Good 15-20 days wasted.
  14. I recently got these thumb grips so that I don't eat out the analogues before I pass on the PS5 to my brother but this things just doesn't holds up ! I tried fitting it numerous times but one session of R&C and it pops away ! Any suggestions ? https://ibb.co/JnMhn50
  15. It's Bose QC35 II. Switches off as soon as the wire is plugged in.
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