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    Spider-Man 2

    I came back after eons of years to check on wazzup in games thread
  2. I almost always want to play handheld but a few days of playing it on TV, it seems that I'm inclining towards TV these days but the caveat is, if I'm playing on TV, I've such a huge backlog of PS games and I'd rather boot that up
  3. Okay lemme put it, I've worked in apparel sector for a long period of time and during this I've liaised with Ecom retailers like FK, Myntra & Amazon while working with apparel manufacturing brand(including shoe companies). As long as I was in the that sector (Until late 2016) there were no formal way of limiting an ecom retailer to stick with 'our discount' model. It's only on a mutual basis/ best effort basis. Legally if the brand tries to arm-twist the ecom portal or threatens to discontinue supply based on this, it will constitute an offence. Second, there are supply of kinda inferior shoes (not necessarily inferior but certainly corners cut in manufacturing) , produced in India or at some other low cost center and ecom retailers bulk buy these styles as their bread and butter model. Even in stores you have sections where shoes will be economical/heavily discounted but workmanship/quality will be a tad off. Look at the merchandise on lower shelves. Third, over a period of time, old style SKUs get accumulated and they are sent to factory outlet/smaller trade outlet shops in smaller cities/ around highways at a throw away price sometimes in flat rate against number of pairs/weight. Cost per pair in these lot can be as low as Rs 300 a pair against something that might be marked at 6K or even higher. Fourth, its only third party resellers that will have fakes and there's a very very slim probability of fakes making into official seller's inventory unless it gets mixed up at some warehouse/ staff collusion which isn't that common or at a scale which can be perceived to be serious problem. I haven't been in this sector for long time but if needed I can get further clarification if someone is curious.
  4. In Puma they do have that component added into CTC I'm quite certain that it will be about the same in Adidas
  5. Check the reviews and ratings... And I couldn't find the packaging size of this thing on the website either
  6. Channu


    This was crazy.... I peaked here, only down from here (for me) so much so that I left the game.
  7. Channu


    The one where the boss keeps playing a piano was such a musically charged environment. Such brilliance! Boss was easier to take down though but the next was the OP guy. Woaaahhhh.... exciting memories
  8. RDR on PS3 had very weird tearing issues(for lack of proper term) and I never could stick with it for long enough. People did tell me that 360 version was better but I never got a chance to play, guess now I'll be hunting some friend's xbox to borrow
  9. Oh... That's a game! I thought you were cussing Sony with some 'neat' word play
  10. Channu


    Firki the Boss 1! Ahhh.... giving me some serious fomo to get back to this asap. Probably this weekend
  11. Channu


    Flashed a SOS on PSN
  12. Channu


    @Assassins Creeddid some hand holding by guiding 2 of us in live gameplay when we were both stuck at the start of the game for 6 months. That helped me start with the game atleast and then push till Biome 4-5 but then there's only so much spontaneity & reflexes left in a man battered by the passing of time (Exhales deeply....) Where are my crutches, help me kill them all in co-op when ?
  13. Or the optical drive/media issue ? Curious if he tried other discs and found them to be working good
  14. Channu


    Huehuehue.... This reminds me that 2 years later I still have 2 biomes remaining to finish in this game
  15. Any advantage in opting for Deluxe tier ? Not interested in trials but rather older games but heard many of them are on streaming and hence not playable in India ?
  16. Ashwin anna ka dimaag chal gaya, 16 run jad diye for winning in same over
  17. Sriman DhwaniRaj Aapka daava galat hai ki aapney Dhruv ko Chand pe maara kyun ki chaand pe vaatavaran nahi hai aur aapki dhwani tarangein vahaan kucch nahi kar sakti! Commander Natasha's storyline with Grand Master Robo
  18. This is all I managed and still haven't beaten Returnal
  19. I had mostly been away from gaming in PS4 gen and had played this for just 2-3 hrs on my system but gave up since it couldn't handle the high settings smoothly and I had no desire to play this on lowered settings. I had been holding this off on PS5 ever since the news about next gen update came up. Been a reallllllllllllly long wait but then it's here
  20. While they are certainly reliable but what's weird is that they refuse to share pictures of the product at all, gameloot in my case, and I wasn't comfortable paying 23-24K without looking. Skipped.
  21. All nighter going on ?
  22. Love the tasteful lighting & decor of your place.
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