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  1. Wow! This will be another good reason to get a switch(been eyeing it for a long time since I'm unable to game on PS5) but I guess the OLED ones may not make use of it for a 'very long' time ?
  2. Channu


    Got this game shortly after launch, gonna be 1 year soon & still in Biome 2. I've no 'gaming' bone left inside me
  3. Channu

    Persona 5

    I tried playing P5 for a bit and wasn't quite comfortable but heard there are quality of life kind of improvement in Royal ? Already have P5 which I haven't played, worthwhile to get royal ?
  4. What a coincidence, i came looking for a robo vac thing and this is the post I find! So how's the cleaning performance especially the mopping part ? If it's slightly more than mere a checkmark for the feature being included then it will fit my needs although pricing at 40K seems a bit steep! Also, do you think it can be handled by elderly parents without much of a fuss ?
  5. Been watching QNT & HBAR. HBAR looks like an impressive project. I have a decent holding in DOT on which I took a leap of faith so big that I've locked them up for 2 years in slot auction for Acala & Moonbeam. Meme & sh*t coins, I've invested in quite a few with small token amounts but the only one in big profit is Baby Doge Catgirl, I have & I'm down by approx 99% on it Reflecting back on my choices, I've turned quite conservative in this degen space (or so I assume) & spend more time watching than actually buying into projects.
  6. I've spent some time and found these projects to be good to invest for this year 1. Near - At its all time high currently but the marketcap is still quite low compared to others in the same game 2. Harmony One - Again peaking currently but the ecosystem is growing at a fantastic pace & the price potential over an year or so could be much higher 3. Fantom - Amazing traction in last few months & I expect it to only grow bigger from here 4. Polygon/Matic - The amount they are spending on technological upgrade is insane and that is a reason that their price is not seeing a major upswing since almost all the money is raised by selling of matic tokens. 50% in BTC & Eth is the way to go atleast when starting and another 50% in well researched ALT coins. Market behaves in quite obscure manner and it has been 2 months of consistent slide down when a big November followed by massive December was expected. January has also been a letdown mostly. People seem to be expecting a major bullish upward swing in market in later Jan & following months. I'm inclined to believe so as it's also lining up with numerous events that can be a potential catalyst for upswings but then its at best a guess. If you are about to invest, this could be a good time since overall the market seems suppressed for sure but I'll also suggest going only in with only 40% of capital and deploy the rest later as you see and observe the market more.
  7. Came on amazon but too late to click. Never showed in cart. Have it added in my cart on shopatsc but its not proceeding any further
  8. There were talks of having custom title hence
  9. In line for a friend on Amazon & shopatsc. Messaged official scalper @rushaboswal saar for help at last moment but guess he is MIA today Trying to use the amazon link that opens when stock comes in and added to wishlist as well. Lets see.
  10. Channu


    Said every partner ever, while continuing the abusive relation
  11. It was a good watch after such a long break in the series but seriously, that finale could put GoT finale to shame! So rushed, so many untied loose ends.
  12. Channu


    And I thought Biome 1 was meant to be it since I've only managed to beat it last week after sitting on the game for last 6 months
  13. I'll join too when slot available, tried my hands on it last night, looked fun!
  14. Channu

    Doom Eternal

    Will playing Doom 2016 before taking on this add any worthwhile backstory or is this like mostly a standalone title ?
  15. 2.5 K is the max that one can SIP in it ?? Why would they do this ?
  16. Do we have a dark mode for the forum ? Not able to figure it out
  17. Same & most of the people who did see a PS5 on FK never got to see their purchased one.
  18. Channu


    Yes, I think I need to watch some videos. Had a session with @Assassins Creed but it all looked too easy then
  19. Channu


    No sword yet, Biome 1
  20. Channu


    It's difficult to admit how poor a gamer have I become (or always was, idk). Spent another 2 hours on this and result, nil....nada....ZERO !
  21. Channu


    Hahaha... Guess this will keep me going. Made some inroads last night but was too tired to game for long hence gave up after dying on 2nd run.
  22. I haven't played this series at all. Have the free base version but it's not worth spending time on it ? I mean, should I drop it and get started the Royal version only when available on sale (not currently, its Rs 3499)
  23. You wont need it actually. Just go in with your understanding, its almost intuitive.
  24. Haha... Same. Scoured up one LL disc for Jan 28
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