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  1. Ashwin anna ka dimaag chal gaya, 16 run jad diye for winning in same over
  2. Sriman DhwaniRaj Aapka daava galat hai ki aapney Dhruv ko Chand pe maara kyun ki chaand pe vaatavaran nahi hai aur aapki dhwani tarangein vahaan kucch nahi kar sakti! Commander Natasha's storyline with Grand Master Robo
  3. This is all I managed and still haven't beaten Returnal
  4. I had mostly been away from gaming in PS4 gen and had played this for just 2-3 hrs on my system but gave up since it couldn't handle the high settings smoothly and I had no desire to play this on lowered settings. I had been holding this off on PS5 ever since the news about next gen update came up. Been a reallllllllllllly long wait but then it's here
  5. While they are certainly reliable but what's weird is that they refuse to share pictures of the product at all, gameloot in my case, and I wasn't comfortable paying 23-24K without looking. Skipped.
  6. All nighter going on ?
  7. Love the tasteful lighting & decor of your place.
  8. You can easily fit a 55" in a sedan with a person to hold it. Some of my friends had come to Dehradun but had to go to ghaziabad for a week where there was no TV at home so carried a 55" from Dehradoon to Ghaziabad Roads are excellent so yes, that was a factor. Wouldn't have imagined doing that 5-6 years back. On an totally unrelated note, the TV met its demise the very same day on reaching Ghaziabad where it was kept on bed wrapped in a bedsheet and one idiot rushed in the room & sat on it. There it rests in pieces
  9. F'bad to Noida, why not in car ? Just wrap it up well & have someone hold it, won't be difficult.
  10. I think someone else too had linked to this product earlier and I had checked it out but reviews were not very good hence didn't check them out any further. Do you use these ?
  11. I meant non-oled & mentioned the codename for V1. V2 is called Mariko.
  12. Oh... I didn't know there were so many tradeoffs with Hori! I guess you had shared the link of that Spigen with me but it's only compatible with OLED but I got an Erista.
  13. Hey guys, what should I get ? A hori split pad or a skull & co grip ? I ONLY play handheld and don't go for docking. I have slightly bigger than avg palm size but playing switch in handheld mode starts to hurt pretty soon @Vamos @l33tmaniac
  14. It's a good photo to be not showing up in forum Had to click to see that one in new tab, embed it in page maybe ? You got it pretty soon ? Saw that you ordered it quite recently ?
  15. Channu


    Ah... yes. It wasn't adrenaline leech, rather some regeneration parasite which used to heal some % of damage dealt at the cost of blocking silphium. It was so perfect though! It's time, enough of this roguelike world.
  16. Channu


    I've got that leech thing very few times, although it blocks Silphium but was so worth it. That was the only time I cleared biome 2 & reached till biome 3 end in first go. After this run, took me atleast a couple few hour long runs to even reach the biome 3 boss Thermogenic is unlocked but I was avoiding it for carbine/hollowseeker with shockstream since it has got very few shots for now and took some bit of aiming else was missing targets. Will give it a go to see how it fares for me. Another weapon that I haven't touched is spitman & rotgland.
  17. Channu


    My sloppy a*s reflexes, 55 hrs in 16 months and still hurting at Biome 3 Stardew valley might be my true calling, lemme check it out.
  18. I was facing the same issue when I got the TV delivered to my brother in a kind of remote location. Based on few inputs, asked him to video record the entire process and and setup the thing. The technician was scheduled for a later date. Thank god for the video recording, the TV screen was completely shattered! Technician was informed, informed FK too, don't remember the detail as to why but the entire amount was refunded in a week instead of replacement. So yes, you can do it yourself but do it in front of camera. Edit - This was flipkart
  19. Google took me to a very wrong product page by auto searching what it deemed fit
  20. I don't think i'll be docking anytime. I'm only looking for portable gaming and switch is giving my hands a noticeable discomfort within just an hour of handheld use.
  21. https://www.amazon.in/Dockable-Case-Nintendo-Switch-Joy/dp/B07TDLRFKK/ref=pd_lpo_2?pd_rd_i=B07TDLRFKK&th=1 Are these grip modifiers good ? Playing in handheld mode was a pain for me
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