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  1. Nah.. that's clearly Shawn Michaels with his Sweet Chin Music.
  2. They have mentioned about 2 stances : Stone stance and Water stance. Stone stance works well when fighting swordsmen, while Water stance is effective to create opening against shieldmen.
  3. Come on, at least don't pretend like I started with the comparisons to sh*t on a game unnecessarily. I want this game to do great and am going to be happy if it has great story, characters, meaningful quests etc. in addition to good combat.
  4. Well people calling it 'Japanese Witcher3' and comparing combat, so it was only fair to compare other stuff as well and what I said is true, don't expect this game to be anywhere as good as Witcher 3 in the aspects that I mentioned. That's why I don't get the shitpost about Witcher 3 combat in this game's thread.. why this game has to be compared with Witcher 3 and if someone will, then I will also compare it with Witcher 3's strengths. Tsushima is being labeled 'Japanese Witcher 3'... like it will ever be.
  5. Sucker Punch's efforts will be commendable if the game manages to reach even a quarter of the quality of Witcher 3's unique quests, characters, storyline and world-building.
  6. Publisher : Atlus (Sega) Developer : Omega Force (Koei Tecmo), P-Studio (Atlus) Platforms : PS4, Switch Release Date : TBA Genre: Hack and Slash, Action RPG Following the events of Persona 5, Phantom Thieves of Hearts gather once again to solve the mystery behind new change of heart incidents breaking out all over Japan.
  7. It needs stand for horizontal placement as well, not that I mind though as I am going to keep it on an open surface anyways.
  8. Awesome news, lets see if Toys for Bob can make something that lives up to the legacy of Naughty Dog's classics.
  9. @Assassins Creed I have reverted your edit and changed the name back to Horizon Forbidden West. II is just in the logo, both Sony and Guerilla are referring to it as 'Horizon Forbidden West' in all news and trailers.
  10. He and Daniel (@ZhugeEX) are still holding on to Silent Hill's existence. If true, it may get announced at some other event eventually.
  11. Even if they are not updating on how many games they have tested so far after the top 100, most PS4 games are expected to work on PS5 with no update.
  12. NoClip documentaries are really amazing, very well produced. I absolutely loved their coverage of the Witcher series.
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