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  1. For the fans of Shaolin Soccer:
  2. Yes, I was referring to Fume Knight and Sir Alonne as two of the most memorable boss fights.
  3. ^ Can't tell by the image if you have also played Dark Souls 2 DLC or not.. but if not, do play it.. it has two of the best bosses in the entire Soulsborne series.
  4. Yeah, I agree. Style change on fly will make this awesome game even better.
  5. DMC3 always has been the best even without the style change feature. DMC5 was great but not DMC3 level great.
  6. But 'mandatory upgrades' were a thing of past for MS ecosystem and no generation anymore.. I wonder who expected that, oh yeah.. MS fanboys, so good at doing 180s like MS itself.
  7. Supporting games natively on XB1 and via xCloud are different things, what if some of their fans not interested in streaming. MS should keep releasing all their games on XB1 as part of play anywhere strategy, isn't it ?
  8. Only one year !! Wonder what happened to MS going to support XB1 till end of the world plan.
  9. GeraltOfRivia

    Persona 5

    I am gonna enjoy P5S irrespective of how the story is. I like musou genre and love P5 characters, so not going to pass on this game in any case.
  10. GeraltOfRivia

    Persona 5

    Why are you guys assuming that the story is going to be bad ? Game is not fully outsourced, P-Studio is co-developing it and it would make sense to think that their contribution is art and storyline (while omega-force handles the gameplay).
  11. GeraltOfRivia

    Persona 5

    This game has a new story, so you should be able to enjoy it directly I guess. However, the cast is same and there will be references to P5/5R, so playing that before this one is definitely going to be a better experience. Think of it like Witcher 3 for example, many of those who played it as their first Witcher game also enjoyed it, but those who played previous games enjoyed it more such as Letho side quest and other references. Regarding musou genre, personally I like the genre and also feel that Omega-forces' collaboration games based on other franchises are more fun compared to the vanilla Warriors games, but yeah that genre is not for everyone.
  12. GeraltOfRivia

    Persona 5

    Persona 5 - 2 aka Persona 5 Scramble looking good. I am now more hyped for this rather than the Royal edition. I hope Atlus announces a western release date soon.
  13. Missing 'save anywhere' feature has nothing to do with Y0 engine. Yakuza Kiwami also uses Y0 engine , yet allows to save anywhere.
  14. GeraltOfRivia

    Yakuza 0

    Yup, game's soundtrack is pretty rad.
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