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  1. About 1.5 hours into this and yes, this game is awesome! Have begun exploring the castle and some surrounding areas, and the NOC dialogue is pretty good for me. Spell casting is decently intuitive and learning new spells isn't that hard tbh. Facial expressions are a hit or miss sometimes, but that's fine by me. Hearing Hedwig's Theme almost made me cry tears of joy.
  2. Just got add-on CCs for my wife: HDFC Diner's Black: She already had a HDFC account, so no KYC. Applied via the app, got it in 3-4 days. Same number, CVV as mine, only the name is different. Also says on the welcome letter that the unlimited global lounge access is on both regular and add-on cards, yet to test it out. Amex MRCC: My favourite card lol. Full KYC was done, and got the approval today. Will see how it comes out, post delivery.
  3. Yes Deluxe PS5 Edition. Was it supposed to be sent earlier?
  4. So GTS has shipped the game, and sent me the tracking ID. I was expecting it to be shipped one day before launch, so probably 9th. Strange...
  5. Nah, no index funds.
  6. I currently have the below MFs: Mirae Emerging Bluechip Axis Bluechip PPFC MO S&P MO NASDAQ If I want to replace only Axis from above, in a similar risk/reward/investment thesis MF, what are my options? Axis currently takes about 30% of my monthly investment.
  7. Do we have a separate thread for fitness accessories? Till then asking this here: What's a good fitness tracker (i.e. Not a smartwatch)? Looking at the Fitbit Charge 5, but open to suggestions. Apart from fitness stuff, all I need are notifications for calls, apps I allow and my work profile of possible.
  8. Does anyone have experience with registration of marriage? Preferably NCR.
  9. Just began Mordor and plan is to also play through this one as well. Linking it, but the 30 fps is a bit jarring on the PS5.
  10. Is anyone using a dashcam? Need suggestions and your experience installing them...
  11. Nope. They had declared everything on the packaging including the discounted price I'd paid, but no customs.
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