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  1. Amazon made Amex remove themselves from Amex's reward multiplier platform. Was an easy way to get 2x RPs on a decent sized Amazon purchase.
  2. Yes, If someone is watching the whole game, it runs like a single shot with not cuts even in cutscenes iirc https://www.google.com/amp/s/gamerant.com/god-of-war-one-shot-unbroken-camera-challenging-film-technique/amp/
  3. What's a more powerful dual band extender, that can be used as an AP, then the TP Link AC750? Need to replace the AC750 with some that has a larger range.
  4. Are there any good cotton based or soft masks that still offer decent protection? Need one to be worn about 6-8 in office.
  5. And I was lol. Just got the plat for the base game, now onto Iki Island.
  6. I'm thinking of upgrading my ICICI Rubyx, and I guess Sapphiro is the next one. Since I use ICICI's cards for max stuff, might get it. My Rubyx's limit is anyways around 7L....
  7. Is there any credit card that gives lounge access to the card holder's +1 as well? I may want to upgrade from my ICICI Rubyx CC....
  8. Would they even be issuing new cards? Since they got sold to Axis...
  9. Or this one just before the boss battle, when you know you're approaching one... https://youtu.be/q3nIItk0-wU
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