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  1. How long is the game to platinum? I haven't even bought it yet and might wait another few weeks for discounts or 2nd hand copies. That's why I usually don't read this thread regularly.
  2. For vegetarian in Japan: We went to Subway. Don't remember if burger joints had veg options though. Also, try the vegan food, it might be nice and w/o meat. There's an Indian restaurant in Tokyo (Ashoka in Shinjuku). We spend 1K INR for 2 people's buffet. Dal, naan, rice, etc. Pretty good food.
  3. He will retire if he cannot hold P2 and perform well in these final few races. One reddit post points to his retirement already being decided and to be annouced post Mexico. Let's see. Would be good to have a Max v/s Daniel in the RB next year, but doubt DR would beat Max. He's on another level planet right now.
  4. Same, not buying this at launch. Will either wait for PS+ or get a discounted or used copy some weeks down the line.
  5. Which card do you use and on what website? Also, if the rates online are good on 2-3 gm coins, can't I buy like 5 2 gm coins and get the discounts as well...?
  6. Has anyone bought gold coins or biscuits online? Or offline? How and where can you get these for like 10 gm with certificates? And who gives the best rates?
  7. Just began Demon's Souls Remake. This is my first Fromsoftware game and soulslike.
  8. Does Sony give discounts on digital pre orders? Also, does the Deluxe version seem worth it for the extra suits/skills etc?
  9. Now I see what exactly Amex is offering for referrals, got this mail today.
  10. Got it. Can you explain what benefits you're targeting from it? I keep thinking about upgrading my MRCC, but never found a good fee/reward ratio yet.
  11. Remember to sign up the MRCC for both offers i.e., 1K bonus points on 20K monthly spends and 1k bonus in 4 transactions of 1500 each per month. If you don't get the offer email, then out some spends on the card and reach out to Amex Chat.
  12. The fee is 45K right? Is that worth it for you?
  13. Yeah, but for a free card (low fee), it's pretty good.
  14. We talking about the Amex MRCC now? I just used that to book a Taj property for 22k at 8k (14K Taj voucher for 24k points.) Probably the best card I have up to spends of 20K monthly.
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