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  1. Oh i see. Ya I’ve heard of that happening frequently in US especially with PayPal chargebacks. Didn’t know it was possible here in India
  2. Is that even possible? Never knew this. How will the cc issuer find out that you got a defective product? Just curious
  3. The audacity of LG to not honour the scam done by the local LG store….goddamn.
  4. I ran it on mine (April 2022 purchase) thrice. Didn't notice any dead pixel.
  5. True. Definitely bro. Such a shitty move.
  6. Disgusting Overwatch 2 was released showcasing that pve modes would be added. And now they're scrapping it? So their sole intention was to introduce battle pass and shop to earn money via microtransactions. Pathetic
  7. Oh then I'll invest after learning a bit about it.
  8. Ya i made a call based on that. Let's see how it goes Ya i edited my quote. MO has better expense ratio. It's ok. Just to test out I've started this with a small amount+ sip of 1k pm. Will modify if it doesn't work out. Not investing huge amounts as it's only a start I'm a noob here. Find t-bills on exchange? Where? I checked on the coin app and mentioned the indicative yield rates
  9. UTI had better expense ratio and good aum ....so i went with that. Bad choice is it? Ah well Edit : Motilal Oswal has better stats than uti. My bad i guess T bills indicative yield is 6.89,6.98 and 6.99 for 91,182 and 364 respectively. Is that good?
  10. Invested small amounts in uti nifty 50, ppfas elss, ppfas flexi cap funds Let's see how it goes. Question: Are t-bills a good option? Wanted to try it.
  11. Noted. Will look into flexi cap options such as ppfas.
  12. Awesome will invest in nifty 50 and will look into flexi cap fund How are large midcap index funds? I see many good ones available All these will be long term. I don't mind even investing 10 years
  13. Haan I've been following india investments subreddit but wanted ivg insights as well
  14. I have been googling and searching on YouTube as well for good index funds to invest in and have shortlisted a few This is my first time I'm investing in this. I'll be investing a small amount to get familiar with the market and will invest more once i get familiar with all this Please suggest a few good index funds to invest as on date. Cagr 5yrs . 3yrs is fine as well but i prefer long term investment
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