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  1. It's really good imo. Last light and exodus are to a certain extent open world It's not like resident evil level or other horror games kinda scary. I dont watch horror series or play horror games ....but i didnt find it that scary
  2. Guys please suggest a non Chinese wala phone within 20k. It's for my mom Preferably within 6.3 inch size phones.....all these new releases within 20k are so huge bc 6.7 ,6.8 inches....so big
  3. I'm in the same boat here lol Had the chance to get 6 from US for 450-500$ . But not worth taking the risk ....no after service in india for phones besides 4a Seeing that 6a rumours being floated around I'm wondering if 6a will release here . 5a released in April this year ,so maybe 6a will release by April 2022 , but I'm skeptical about it's availability in india though
  4. Oh ok ….you can also check out the Samsung frame tv series….you can get that within 80k but no 120hz panel but if u can bargain at offline stores and get Samsung qn90a within 80k ….that’s the best option at that price range
  5. If he can strech his budget a bit you can get lg c1. 48 inch oled tv or last year’s lg Cx oled samsung qn90a during sales you can get it for 75-78k.
  6. Super Mario Odyssey and Luigi's Mansion 3 have been my favorites on it so far If you want to try astral chain then definitely play Bayonetta 1&2 .... similar gameplay and it's so damn good im yet to try breath of the wild ....will try after completing Pokemon sword and shield but the above 4 mentioned games ( Mario Odyssey ,Luigi's Mansion 3 ,bayo 1&2) are really good oh ya and Metroid dread ( cos im a huge Metroid fanboy )
  7. Okay i thought the game was on gamepass. Apparently not so I will skip for now It’s a PS4 exclusive
  8. Definitely dude.... It's an amazing game. Don't miss out on it
  9. That lineup ….damn! So awesome I stopped watching dexter after season 6 I think Will I miss a lot of references if I directly watch new blood?
  10. Awesome!! Where did u get the champions of Europe poster from? I want to buy it too
  11. Done with ff7 remake and dishonored death of the outsider Now playing psychonauts 2 and pokemon shield
  12. awesome! Finished all the other Metroid games except super Metroid …will try it before dread
  13. They were offering 89k for c1 48 too at croma jp nagar during Diwali And online it was available for 89k between 2-7 November (10pm to 1am) + 3k off with Amex card
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