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  1. Absolutely. What a gem of a show. ---------- Is hotstar still streaming tlou @1080p quality bc? If yes then f u hotstar. I'm planning to watch once the entire season is over but not in 1080p :/
  2. Completed first season of mindhunter. Really good first season. Also took some time but finally after a long time i finished stranger things s4. Cringe but was decent. Now watching Anne with an E. Really nice pilot episode.
  3. Thanks! Had seen few other Reddit threads as well. Reviews seem good. But forgot to buy it while at work. Now it’s listed at 115 dollars will get it. Next time
  4. Anyone here who watches movies in 4k ultra hd ? Can you tell me if this collection is worth it? These are old'ish movies but not sure how good will be in 4k. Usually the Nolan collection is priced like 70-80 dollars but it's now on sale for 38.42$ https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07H7VYDF7?creative=9325&camp=1789&linkCode=ur2&ie=UTF8&tag=slickdeals&ascsubtag=77cfe290957a11edbfd3f23d2a5cf8980INT
  5. Agreed. Thanks to game pass i got to play such a good game. The levels were so well done. It's definitely a must play for everyone.
  6. Yes. He can never come back to the expanse verse. So no movie i assume
  7. Agreed. Amos is the best character in the series. But I meant It’s difficult to replace Alex due to other reasons But I assume it’s better to start the books from the start
  8. I know right! What a show! Searching for similar show like expanse but unable to find one the novel has 9 parts? Damn they should try making a movie out of it but finding a replacement for cas anvar is difficult. Regardless though, the series is definitely worth watching Can't wait!!
  9. Completed the season. Damn, bleach back from the dead and its better than the original one. Cant wait for the next season!
  10. Awesome. Good to know that you didn’t already have this game. Glad you liked it
  11. Ask in Ragnarok spoiler thread SPOILERS - God of War: Ragnarök https://www.indianvideogamer.com/forums/index.php?/topic/66816-spoilers-god-of-war-ragnarök/
  12. Major spoiler. Don’t open the spoiler tag if you haven’t completed the game!!! Damn what writing though. They’ve subtely put so many hints in the game for this major plot twist.
  13. So damn true. I don't play RPGs but i loved ff7 and persona 5. That and there are so many waifu options
  14. Wtf man, it was actually decent. f*** you Netflix
  15. Got the 3rd package A framed poster of ichigo with his zanpakuto Bro it's so sick! Thanks @Vamos
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