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  1. Oops i didn't go through the thread..just posted as soon as I saw it
  2. I have the s21fe Exynos version since 5 months. I don't game but I've seen no heating issues till date. Exynos too is as well optimised as SD. Battery life is decent if you tweak the settings a bit. I get 7 hours sot with more than 1.5 days on 60hz mode and just slightly more than a day in 120hz mode.
  3. Forgot bhai. Remembered only in the 3rd stage lol. Could have ended him quicker had I used the alt fire from the start I know right. Had I used the alt fire from the beginning , I would have melted the boss lot earlier lol. I usually prefer the blaster in biome 1 as there’s more close range combat but there’s chance to get hit by the enemies. 2nd biome involves maintaining distance as it’s open world-esque . The blaster feels useless in 2nd biome for me. I prefer carbine or hollowseeker there. im stuck in 3rd biome now and need to figure out how to get out of there lol. 12 hours in and I’m still in the 3rd biome bc
  4. Had like damage augment on, protection augment on , 2 large silphium vials iirc , an extremely OP hollowseeker with OP alt-fire and an astronaut figure with me. Played like a dumbass but still managed to defeat the 2nd boss Alt fire like melted like 60% of the boss’s health in 3rd stage of the fight Went to the 3rd biome , completed like 75% of it. but by mistake I happened to visit an optional room that had 3 sentients …..got my a*s handed to them and died in a glorious manner. Rage quit after that lol
  5. The music I still have it downloaded on my laptop and play it every now and then. So good Many people didn’t like that slot machine type special abilities. I really like it though
  6. Mando can’t wait Glad Disney plus bought the copyrights from Netflix Can’t wait!
  7. Ya lol. I'm a bit skeptical of Potter. Not sure how good he is. Wasnt there anyone else bc? Hope he proves me wrong
  8. Either he Seems to be as ruthless as Roman was or this was all pre planned. Doesn't make sense though . Why sack him after giving him these new players without giving any time to change tactics
  9. Hope you're doing ok? I don't stay in that part of the city but hope everyone is coping up somehow How has BBMP not come up with a feasible solution when they know this happens every year.....but this time its 10 times worse than the previous years :/
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