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  1. Bulovski

    Batman Vs Superman: Spoilers discussion thread

    This is my fundamental problem with the movie. There are tons of scenes from different storylines completely mixed up. It's as if the people involved decided - I like this panel from this comic book, let's use this - and told the writers, toe this line. That ended up making a mish mash Doomsday is Kryptonian - read the resurrection of Superman story arc. He was built to be indestructible.
  2. Bulovski

    Batman Vs Superman: Spoilers discussion thread

    It's as if he watched Darr I thought that was Wally West Anyways - honestly speaking, the movie was half good. Second half only. Too many mixed up storylines and imageries for one thing. It's as if the studio execs sat down and said - let's go through comic book covers one by one and start picking the best.
  3. Bulovski

    Movie Discussion Thread

    Just came back. It's worth a watch - if you enter after the interval. Good: Wonder Woman - nailed it (except a couple of times when she is all pensive) Music Suicide Squad trailer - I have seen this one so many times but Bohemian Rhapsody belting on big screen - yeeeeeeep! The painting in Lex's room - perfect if you figure out whom it shows Bad: Henry Cavill / Superman - bad acting, badly written character. Superman is a very strong character in the comics. The SFX and 3D - completely over the top. The movie should come with a warning for people who have seizures to bright flashing images. The 3D was so over the top I had trouble focusing most of the time. Script - non-existent Lex Luthor - completely wrong. Lex Luthor is a mastermind. He does not imitate the Joker, or get up to Joker-esque pranks Dream sequences Lack of Humour - except one sentence Longer by 30 minutes Could be better: Doomsday Ben Affleck / Batman - the warehouse fight is great Supes v Bats whaling on each other - Frank Miller did a better job The references to the future movies
  4. ITT we discuss which TV to buy. Argue all you want - plasma is the way to go.
  5. Bulovski

    This Damn Heat

    Mercury's crossed 42 and it's not even May. It's impossible to look outside because it will burn through your retinas. Electricity bills have quadrupled. Gurgaon power cuts are touching 6 hours per day. Road rage at its peak. Post your rants about the crazy summer we're having.
  6. Bulovski

    GOG.com - Download Classic Games

    Good old games www.gog.com is now in open public beta. You can get the classics really cheap and drm free - at $6 some of them are a steal.