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  1. From a local sports good dealer. He has proper gym equipment,etc so the quality is decent.
  2. I mean, who is the idiot who even makes pricing decisions? And I feel for the idiots who will pay 300 for this Actually scratch that, aise c****o ka katna hi chahiye
  3. Hmm, so now anything and everything horror/survival horror has to be mandatorily first person. f**k.
  4. Wut? Ff7 remake looks awesome even on ps4, barring the textures at a few places.
  5. The DLC cost 1700, just fyi. You can always get it when its cheaper but the dlc rarely see price cuts imo. Its around 5 hours and yeah, the reviews are positive.
  6. But he's most likely talking about local remote play, cause the other one has horrible reviews.
  7. This is not a traditional FF game, its a soulsbourne game in FF world.
  8. Its not PS exclusive. So you are allowed to like it.
  9. Those are horrible though, totally unpolished to the point its jarring.
  10. Tried the demo, gameplay is very nice. Viusals are garbage, like demons souls on ps3 looks better.
  11. Tried the Strangers of paradise ff origins demo. Definitely souls inspired, gameplay itself is pretty good. BUT, the visuals are worse than Demons souls on ps3. Was literally shocked this could even be a ps4 game, let alone ps5. It needs extreme amounts of polish, which I don't think is happening before release.
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