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  1. Its a great combo. In fact the trio is great.
  2. There is a really great show on disney plus hotstar- Only Murders in the building. Do give it a watch.
  3. Give it a try, maybe you'll like it. I think games and movies are subjective.
  4. Played Sable for a couple of hours yesterday. The art and music is absolutely fantastic, but the gameplay itself is really boring so far. The game seems to be built around doing side quests. It was compared to Journey when it was revealed, but its very very different from Journey, which was a linear game with amazing setpieces. And the game is extremely buggy. Im playing it on series x and there is constant stuttering when using hoverbike.
  5. He called you an idiot right? I don't think he went further than this?
  6. SP campaign in avengers was amazing. Had they dropped the gaas model and made the campaign 5 hours longer, it would have recieved 8s and 9s easily.
  7. I meant for the people who don't own a ps4/5 at this time, Sable is also a very good option right now. Plus you don't have to pay anything if you have gamepass
  8. The mario movie is animated right, so how would chris pratt affect the look other than the voice?
  9. Its not, that discount is only available once technically. I dont think you can even spam it every month that way. Most people use it once to convert the live membership to gamepass ultimate for 2-3 years, Idk who is getting the option to spam it every month for a buck.
  10. There is nothing shady about letting people buy gamepass for a discount. But its absolutely scummy to confuse and trick people into paying more for the same game (because since the upgrade is free).
  11. Ive tried them, didnt have any such concern tbh. Im also fairly sensitive to fishy smells.
  12. Konjac noodles are actually 97% water. Very low calorie.
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