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  1. Please let me know too. I am also in the market for an OLED preferebally around 1 lac.
  2. I don't think they're gonna reveal PS5 in that conference. More chance at TGS 2019.
  3. SE was also good apart from Nintendo. Biggest slap in the face was MS though.
  4. Yeah I can't confirm the burn in issue as I haven't had a hands on experience with OLeD. Maybe someone who has used oled for cable tv extensively can confirm?
  5. Why not go for OLED at that price? lg C8 range should be 1.20 ish locally. its going for 1.34 on amazon without any cashback
  6. You can use w3schools for free basic tutorials.
  7. I have a request- can we remove the new smileys that look like mobile phone ones and just keep the old emojis? Or at least put the older emojis on top? Prefer the old ones but i have to scroll all the way down.
  8. I am not able to stream most shows on hotstar properly on my LG TV app. The picture is too jerky and moves in frames. Some shows like live cricket and masterchef australia are streaming fine while most others are not Wrote to hotstar and they asked me to run a speedtest on a link. They are saying my Internet conenction is bsing routed through Denmark hence the playback issue. This seems wierd as some shows are running fine. Further those same shows are running fine using the same connection on my Laptop. Yet Hotstar is insisting its an internet connection issue. As far as I can see lg webos only has hotstar 1.0 version app. Any suggestions?
  9. Captain Marvel is a garbage tier character, at least in the Movie. Scarlett witch is much better imo.
  10. Disney should make new animated (2D ) movies like their classics. Forget this live remake crap. I like that to this day anime are still 2D.
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