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  1. Gts already shipped it yesterday via bluedart. It has reached most people who preordered
  2. Weren't you at one point calling Nintendo kiddy sh*t games? That is from your original account as Hope
  3. What an amazing game, so underrated
  4. Overlord isnt a bot though. He is an avid nintendo gamer too
  5. Hmm didnt realize Aerith's tits were that small
  6. Nah, there will be plenty of copies in the market. Demand is less for these
  7. Ppsspp has been running great on Android for several years, no better to use a phone lol
  8. Starts slow but gets really interesting from chapter 2
  9. Finished it today. It was an okay experience, environment variety is very poor. Same enemy design over and over again. Sections where enemy just keep popping up suddenly to trigger difficulty spikes. Switching between guns is a pain in the a*s. Visually its top notch but gameplay is strictly average
  10. Its getting bad reviews though. People say its way too tight
  11. This is still proprietary bluetooth codec right? Via the usb stick on ps5. Sony is doing everything in it's power to stop people using generic Bluetooth headsets. Even Nintendo went with generic Bluetooth lmao
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