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  1. Mini led is expected to be cheaper than OLeD. I think you are talking about microLED
  2. Buy 1 digital month code from amazon/gamestheshop/mcube
  3. Bro you should watch some Ekta Kapoor serials. You'll then realise what actual amazing quality is.. your mind will Explode!
  4. Bc kyu mar rahe hai log itna zaada. I understand the impatience, but paying 75k and that too with so much risk. At least buy it from grey market if ready to overpay
  5. The SP campaign in this game is actually pretty good. Playing as all Avengers is fun, but Cap is on another level altogether. Also, some of the setpieces at the end can put Spiderman to shame.
  6. So basically ab literally china duniya ki g***d maar raha hai
  7. Hmm I kinda liked the trailer.
  8. Did you buy a ps5? If not, then it doesn't matter anyway. Also, game looks and runs phenomenal on ps4 pro. Played it on graphics mode and it was smooth AF. HDR is gorgeous. One of the best looking games on ps4, imo. As @Mysteryman mentioned, the ps5 upgrades seem incremental at best barring the yuffie DLC.
  9. Can't recall who recommended the honeywell 2.1 hdmi cable, but its so damn premium!
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