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  1. Who's alt was it? Lets take asses and kick names
  2. That rumour is the equivalent of the secret GPU news on xbox one.
  3. Keeping TV switched on 24×7 isnt normal usage though. Even stores dont keep demo units on that long.
  4. 0 chances of releasing on this date
  5. It was solid 4k hdr for me. I used the app on my TV.
  6. Yeah its selected automatically based on the connection quality
  7. Doctor Strange 2 is great. The picture quality of disney plus content has increased drastically after the 4k hdr upgrade.
  8. Where did you get this figure? Even assuming less than 50% americans own a 4k tv, the assumption here is that probablity that gamers will necessarily overlap with people who dont own a 4k tv is more than 50%, which seemd doubtful.
  9. This game looked mediocre at reveal. I'm not sure why it was so overhyped.
  10. Finished RE3 remake. Game is amazing, I don't recall Nemesis being this agressive in the original game, though i only played that with a friend in bits and pieces They could have added approx 3 hours of more content in the form of puzzles, and it would have been perfect.
  11. Yes lol correct. There are a lot of other games too, switch is amazing for pixel art games
  12. Xenoblade chronicles 1,2,3 Eastward (console exclusive on switch) Skyward sword hd The collection on Nintendo switch online is amazing too. That's the only way to play Earthbound (which looks glorious on switch btw). It costs only 350 per year approx if there are 8 members sharing the family sub.
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