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  1. https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/nintendo-has-now-dominated-japanese-sales-for-its-18th-year-in-a-row/ The fact that people are still buying 3ds in Japan tells a lot.
  2. Consoles are doing great in Japan, but only if the manufacturer is Nintendo. This is because Nintendo understands a home console will not work in Japan, those people spend a major chunk of their life outside home. Portable gaming has always been popular in Japan. Neither MS nor Sony has a portable console. Ps vita,which bombed everywhere, did very well in Japan and has so many japan only games.
  3. They have time to release a DLC but not the patch. Awesome
  4. The ps1 versions have tank controls, and are nearly unplayable now. You can try the RE 1 and 0 remaster if you have an itch to try the tank controls.
  5. Im hoping its good, we desperately need a good space sci fi game. Just hope its not a grind fest like most western Rpg games.
  6. The amount of hope people have placed on Starfield is disturbing. Imagine if the final game sucks, although so far trailers look pretty good.
  7. This game keeps getting better with every video. Holy cow
  8. Is this game like those narrative experiences? Until dawn etc. Cant tell from the video.
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