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  1. It has been good so far (touchwood). Ps3 i got the 20 gb one in 2007 for 20.5k. The 60 gb one with warranty was for 40k Ps4 slim 500 gb I got for 19.7k in 2017. Price for the one with warranty was around 26k-27k then. Other than that I've earlier bought ps2, 3ds, and recently switch from Palika. Same shop since 2005.
  2. Bhai Modi ji se bolkar jugaad lagwa BIS clearing ka. Teri baat to sunenge wo....
  3. Yes, they dont pay tax as not buying at a retail store.
  4. They get it wherever its cheapest. My ps3 was Ntsc-j version region 3, honk kong probably. PS4 same guy gave me was Dubai edition.
  5. Each character's combat is unique and very well done.
  6. See I told you. It only gets better and better. Some setpieces can put Spiderman to shame.
  7. US pricing is 37.5k. 41k is possible but very very slim chance at launch or even over the next 6 months, you are correct. At 49k for the indian version , they will either not import at all else there is no way they will be able to sell it for more than 41k without warranty.
  8. Depends. If the Indian release and pricing in announced soon, then they will charge reasonably for it. I might even go for it if its like 40k-41k.
  9. This time it will end up costing more than Indian prices. Off late Amazon has been levying 50% (customs+shipping) , total will come out to be 750 =~ 55k.
  10. Its a high protein grain you can substitute for rice or roti.
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