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  1. Dont worry. 6 april will give you plenty of time to download. I just left the ps4 in rest mode overnight and it was downloaded when I woke up.
  2. After making the purchase, there were 3 items for download - The theme, the summon and The game. I just selected each one and downloaded. It started downloading for me. Also I dont know if this is relevant, but I bought the game from the US store.
  3. Was about to post exactly the same thing. Im not sure how switching off power helps corona, but Why arent more people concerned during earth hour?
  4. They've already confirmed this many times. Not really new tbh. Only the preload was opened a week early.
  5. Lol Congress back to its usual scams!
  6. Since Rocketman is on Prime, gave it a watch. Absolutely brilliant movie! Taron Egerton is an amazing Actor. First Eddie the Eagle, now Elton John. And for some reason, I enjoyed I'm still standing in Egertons voice more than I did in Elton's.
  7. I dont really blame them for delaying. Sales would have been horrible given the increasing covid crisis ,especially in US and EU. Now I feel even FF7 should have been delayed, as I fear the sales might take a hit at this time.
  8. Why tolerate the f**kers? Just shoot anyone that's creating a ruckus for the medical staff.
  9. Why tolerate the f**kers? Just shoot anyone that's creating a ruckus for the medical staff.
  10. The original itself was short, not sure why they would cut more content. At 5 hours, it needed as much content as possible anyway.
  11. Official size is visible as 85.x GB on psn us. I'n holding off till release so that I can try applying a discount code (there are a few floating on different sites, dont know if they'll work). The preorder bonus theme anyway is mediocre.
  12. Dumb Americans. Though the situation here isnt really promising either. Apparently people are "bored" and need to "go out for a change". Damn idiots will take everyone down with them.
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