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  1. DmC the one with emo Dante? Its a nice action game, very fun. Just that they should haveade it a separate action game instead of calling it Devil may cry and sh*ting on fans.
  2. Ok I saw that price. I thought he was able to negotiate a better deal with him.
  3. Can you pm me details on the pricing for the series x from hg world?
  4. He isnt puttig his ps5 in rest mode cause there are reports of consoles bricking in rest mode due to a bug.
  5. Nice! Will finally play Doom eternal and DQ11 in True 4k 60fps come January
  6. Yes its quite difficult, but probably the best in the series. Boss fights are amazing though couldnt continue pqst the first vergil encounter.
  7. Nope. I dont think any of us is interested in one without warranty, at least Im uncomfortable at this time given the launch issues being reported.
  8. Yeah true, plus they are fun to play with friends. Although any day I personally prefer long linear SP Japanese ARPG games.
  9. casual gamers who pick up games here and there with their friends on their phones /tabs. People normally play these on their travel using metro /bus/cab.
  10. So basically the ps5 owner need not have ps plus, as long as my account has ps plus active and is attached to the ps5, it will have the games?
  11. Just curious, do we need an active ps plus sub to continue the benefits of ps plus collection on a ps4 account ? I mean do I need to have ps plus activated on my account if I want someone to redeem the ps plus collection using his ps5?
  12. The man who invented christmas- Really nice movie on Charles Dickens and the Christmas carol. A good watch in the holiday season.
  13. They are mostly from ME (PAL units) or Hong Kong/Asian (Region 3 NTSC)
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