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  1. Hmm i used that offer to preorder hogwarts legacy. Wonder if it applies multiple times
  2. I checked with him. 10% off isnt for discounted preorders
  3. E2z isnt getting it. I had locked my preorder before i came to know about gts offering the sb, i asked him later and he said no sb
  4. Fyi pokemon scarlet violet has done over 10 million in 1st week
  5. Ok, so more of a "feeling" to gauge the quality of games, as assigned by gamers, instead of real terminology.
  6. What's the full form of AAA w.r.t games? Curious as I've been hearing this term a lot the last 2 gens
  7. If break even is 2billion, fir to sahi bolra hai wo 2billion and 100rs aana bada mushkil hai
  8. I doubt even China can save a 2 billion break even. Lmao.
  9. Doom Eternal was good, but it felt too stretched out by the end. The last boss fight was boring and a buttom spam fest. Overall I preferred Doom 2016. Hot take-: I enjoyed Halo infinite's SP campaign much more than doom eternal. 2020 had better games, such as FF7 remake and trials of mana remake, even if we don't count Ghost of Tsushima (which in my opinion was much more deserving of Goty than tlou 2)
  10. Completed Sommervile. Can be completed in 2-3hours. Overall pretty enjoyable, though it does lack polish in controls and visuals here and there.
  11. Glad i preordered the ps5 copy, and skipped it on switch
  12. Not sure which platform this will land on so posting here. Looks pretty good
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