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  1. I can see myself getting my a*s handed as the difficulty increases. The fighting can get really chotic and fast at times. Raditz boss battle itself took me 4-5 tries to finish. The game itself plays well so far.
  2. MS is not devaluing their series x by releasing games day 1 on PC, though. It's just that as gamers we assume any random person will quickly switch to PC , but that ain't happening. Very few people have the time and patience to invest in a good PC.
  3. Nah, I think its some sort of font issue on my phone. Cause when I quote your post, the text displays fine while in edit mode.
  4. The Rs symbol totally coveres the 1 before 4990. Lol. And here I jumped to buy it for 4990
  5. PC Gamers didn't get to play the awesome PS exclusives this gen, so for them these are new games.
  6. How is this bad though? More sale on PC probably means more chances for a sequel. Just because Uncharted is on PC doesnt necessarily mean I'd be willing to drop 1000 usd on a gaming PC.
  7. I personally like E3. And as limited as their announcements are, i'm glad at least MS will be there. E3 has thousands of fans hooting and cheering, Directs just don't feel the same.
  8. SE probably has the worst project management in the industry. Every f**king game is delayed. I'm pretty sure the Kingdom hearts DLC will be delayed as well.
  9. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (Coral Blue, 64 GB) http://dl.flipkart.com/dl/samsung-galaxy-s9-plus-coral-blue-64-gb/p/itmf33a6qhrkyth3?pid=MOBF2VWVHDAZRQGH&cmpid=product.share.pp That is before any CC discount.
  10. I was actually screwed. The time I bought it we had to use some coupon to get 1000 cashback on the membership by paying 1800. I goofed up and forgot to add the coupon and ended up paying 1800 for it And now almost all of the good restaurants that had gold on delivery in my area have been removed. f**ked up policies by Zomato!
  11. Its actually a good thing imo, as not everyone has the dough /need to upgrade day 1. Personally I would love to buy ps5/series x within a couple of months of release, but with 500 dollar price tags that aint happening. Having said that , it's MS and we all know how honest their marketing is.
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