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  1. Tested them out for movies/show, youtube and with switch. Connected fine and sound quality felt pretty good, though I'm not an audiophille. Very comfortable, though it could be the new foam. Xbox wirless headset
  2. Thats a far fetched idea. They tried and didnt succeed. I can see too many ego clashes now, Nintendo especially doesn't need Sony at this time.
  3. The only way Sony can complete is if they somehow manage to bring Konami, Capcom, Sega under one umbrella, at the very least. Acquiring SE would actually make them extremely formidable in console wars. This kind of aggregation sucks a*s for gamers, but that's how MS wants to play this game, they are pretty clear about it. If you can't beat your competitor with content, just block out their access.
  4. He means dont actually click on redeem now. It should prompt you before executing the transaction. At least thats what MS store does.
  5. Yes but i think they are going for a black clark kent. Calvin ellis would be fine as he is his own character.
  6. Who's cuddling with who's snake?
  7. The bisexual superman is actually Superman's son and not clark kent. What's annoying is that DC plans to make clark kent black in movies instead of actually making a Static shock movie, lol. I mean there are so many black superheroes, just try and make them bigger like Marvel did with Black Panther.
  8. It could have been good, the movie definitely had some pretty scenes. Sadly the story just got too weird, imo.
  9. Hey man Thanks for reaching out. Appreciate it. Just to update, the order has been processed today and I have recieved the credits. However no acknowledgement mail was sent by the team, would request you to have that checked.
  10. Japan. Ordered directly to india. Didnt get the gameboy dmg. Only these 2.
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