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  1. It's good fun but I agree it can turn out to be a dud if they keep stretching the 'mysterious' angle for too long.
  2. I think the cancellations which were done in the first five days after the pre orders were all of the cancellations. Whoever now has an order should ideally get it. Let's wait and watch.
  3. I also recived the same mail. If anything I think it means the order is now confirmed and should not get cancelled ?
  4. Looking good on that nato. You got the Oyster bracelet along with it because that is where it truly shines.
  5. Same here came up on the statement as a charge on 17th Jan.
  6. God knows what is on that disc and I can only imagine what will pop up on the screen after inserting that disc after a good 'rub down'.
  7. I would keep the disc away from the console.
  8. Any idea how long this one will be ? Some articles suggest around 30 hrs while some suggest 45-50 hrs. I personally would love the latter to be true, the longer the better.
  9. Cyberpunk - https://gameloot.in/shop/cyberpunk-2077-ps4-pre-owned/ 1999 pre-owned
  10. Damn! That is bad coz that is their own seller/warehouse. I have had a bad experience with FK with a book last month never ordering from them again.
  11. This was from their seller RetailNet or some other seller ?
  12. Great news I think now whichever order is still confirmed should get one.
  13. GOGOGO - https://www.amazon.in/Nintendo-Switch-Lite-Turquoise/dp/B07X98YH8F/ref=sr_1_3_mod_primary_lightning_deal?dchild=1&keywords=nintendo+switch&qid=1611048411&sbo=Tc8eqSFhUl4VwMzbE4fw%2Fw%3D%3D&smid=A3KRX5TNTPD3XP&sr=8-3
  14. Yeah man now its not there anymore. I suggest you keep checking till 23rd Jan (that is when the sale ends on Amazon). Rs. 15499 (with card discount) is a pretty good price almost similar to its actual price in the USA.
  15. https://www.amazon.in/Nintendo-Switch-Lite-Turquoise/dp/B07X98YH8F/ref=sr_1_5_mod_primary_lightning_deal?crid=2JP06EGC8PLFC&dchild=1&keywords=nintendo+switch&qid=1611040125&sbo=Tc8eqSFhUl4VwMzbE4fw%2Fw%3D%3D&smid=A3KRX5TNTPD3XP&sprefix=nintendo%2Caps%2C379&sr=8-5 Rs. 15499 (with card discount)
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