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  1. I think the second season is phenomenal, specially some of the individual episodes with just one character and how they evolved from the first season. But I get what you are saying some of the intense scenes can get a little over the top. However, I loved those intense scenes and I get why they went for emotional punches throughout the season. BTW I also did not like the first 3 episodes of season 2 but man - Episode 4, 6 and 7 were exceptional and the best series episodes I have watched in a long time. If you ever feel like it, give it another go.
  2. Yeah, that is what I thought, it is too raw/amateur for an official trailer.
  3. The Bear is awesome, specially season 2. Check out Severance on Apple TV if you haven't, it is a little slow the first 2 episodes but really picks up post that.
  4. I think partly because the guy is the problem and not his movies ? Many times in his statements and interviews he has justified abuse in relationships, I remember once he said - 'What is a relationship if there is no slapping or some sh*t and it lacks emotions'. He sounds like a highly toxic guy to be honest. I mean the other people in the industry are not saints but yeah I kind of get why he gets hate. Wait found it - https://www.facebook.com/brutindia/videos/502378310566735/
  5. How bad were the recent glitches on Zerodha ? A lot of hue and cry on social media.
  6. Because Ranbir has daddy issues and instead of getting love/affection or therapy he turns into an animal and goes on a killing spree.
  7. Damn! More reason to stay away. Also, the hassle of declaration during ITR ?
  8. Not a good idea if it is for short term gains, afaik you will be taxed as per the tax bracket so if you fall in the 30% bracket then the tax on the US stock will be 30%. LTCG I believe is 20%. Many good opportunities in the Indian stock market, just my opinion do not consider this as an advice, do your research before investing in US stocks.
  9. Also honestly the kind of ‘adult’ jokes they tried were so flat and unnecessary. Specifically, the sequence with the underwear which RK had with his staff was super weird and uncalled for or the therapist when he has just recovered and sitting with his entire family and doctors. They just put in these weird sex talks or underwear/penis jokes for the shock value I guess ?
  10. Watched it today, overhyped movie of men on toxic trips. I know I am in the minority but this movie was so unstructured and all over the place with weird pacing, the action sequences felt flat and artificial maybe because I have watched john wick 4 and old boy recently.
  11. I think if it is something like a one time ELSS and there is no rush it’s okay to wait ? MF or SIP equity obviously no best time.
  12. You might get more chances before year closing, wait for it and grab it this time.
  13. On the other side there is HDFC, good time to accumulate maybe
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