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  1. This was pre covid at that time all my spends were on regalia so it was pretty high. I don’t think they do LTF for FD anymore because my friend tried but was denied. Is your DCB LTF ? If yes and the limit is 10 L or more then just drop them an email they might consider. Dad has DCB I dropped an email for him but they keep mentioning that limit needs to be 10L even though he has pretty decent spends. I had taken his add on to try and rake up spends on his dcb but that didn’t help they want the limit.
  2. I had Regalia LTF went to my branch one day to open a FD for my Dad and told them I need an upgrade then I’ll open the FD else I’ll go to some other bank. After a day or two they offered me Infinia LTF
  3. Check below literally ate up promised rewards. Also, my cozn is fed up he did not get the milestone points since almost 5 months now, multiple emails etc. and the reply is that fuel doesn't provide points but his argument is that it is for milestone not regular points which is true they never said that fuel spends will not count for milestone. Many more such cases all over the internet.
  4. Doesn't make sense then ideally even the normal points should be credited after 2-3 months if refunds are a concern ? Not the case with Amex. The milestone points are added in the same billing cycle, infact sometimes instantaneously. Just check online on Credit Card forums there are threads where people are waiting for the milestone points on Magnus for almost 4 + months.
  5. I meant the points which the bank adds to the card account. Specially the monthly 25k bonus points which one earns on spends of more than 1L in a month, those take easily 2-3 months.
  6. Agreed. The meet and greet is definitely a brilliant feature and among the only card to offer it. I think it’s a brilliant card but I don’t think it’s as good when the spends are not too high, if even for 3-4 months the spends are over 1L then it’s definitely a brilliant card. When it comes to customer care, I guess I am spoiled by HDFC infinia and Amex customer care. I am hating the axis Magnus customer care/back end experience. It’s atrocious to say the least. The air miles have been a hit or miss for me specially for domestic travel. Also, infinia is very easy to acquire as a ltf not the case with Magnus and the spend criteria of 15L is too high. Brilliant cards both of them at the end of the day but infinia has been much better value for me. Let’s agree to disagree. Would love some tips from you someday on how to get great value out of air miles. Cheers
  7. It’s very difficult to get 1 rs/mile nearly impossible checkout the Magnus groups on FB or Reddit. Even 0.8 is very difficult mostly it’s possible when booking business class for a few international segments. Also, axis has one of the worst back end and customer care team. Takes almost 3 months to transfer points. Heck, if you want an add on card you need to visit the branch that is just crazy. If spends are more than 1l/month often then Magnus is a no brainer.
  8. Below 1 lakh how ? Infinia each reward point is 1 rs against travel (70% of the travel amount can be used for points) Yes miles is a give or take sometimes you’ll get good value when converting to miles from Magnus but it depends
  9. Rent payment excluded from milestone benefit on Magnus card. Was bound to happen but disappointing none the less. I hope they don't target insurance spends next. This card is only good if monthly spends are 1 lakhs plus else Infinia is much better.
  10. Damn! What about MFs investing in US stocks ?
  11. Nahi bhai. Jurm yeh hai - why shove gay porn when i'm least interested. why cater this minority.. i puked out. So just because you don't like it you feel the 'minority' should not be catered to ? Also, I believe you are in the minority who did not like the episode, you could have just skipped that particular scene. No need to come out here ranting on how 'gay porn' was shoved in your face. Since, so many shows and movies now have 'gay porn' please read the summary and then decide to watch it so that you don't puke and also spare us the torture of your rants.
  12. As a gamer I would love more tv show adaptations of games that don't s*ck. And the shows will be good only if the game developers are closely involved specially with the direction.
  13. He literally checked her arm at the end as he is still in disbelief that she doesn't get sick. He wants to deliver her to the fireflies because he just lost someone close to him and is actually giving it a shot that she might just be the cure.
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