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  1. They were supposed to launch the miniLED series this month in India. So maybe that can be what they are pointing at because apparently it will have HDMI 2.1 with VRR and ALLM. If they price it around 100 k it can be a good option for PS5/XBOX Series X owners.
  2. If you havent played a lot of games in 60 fps then start with fidelity if you don't find it jarring/clunky continue with it - its beautiful. But if you are used to 60 fps by now then Perf. RT is the way to go.
  3. I think this time around there should be atleast some more DE units, the same banner is up on GTS as well.
  4. Done. Brilliant experience and a very easy plat.
  5. Finished it last night - I haven't had so much fun in a long time. This game is a blast from start to finish and looks amazing. Now I'll go for the platinum - left with only 4 trophies.
  6. The update was supposed to be for all ps4 owners is what I remember as per the devs. tweet, I guess the PS5 version is for ignorant customers who are willing to pay the extra bucks.
  7. Loki has been pretty good till now much better than Wanda vision and The falcon and the winter soldier. I hope they don't mess up and keep it up till the end.
  8. If it's not in the box you should get an email from the shop.
  9. Just contacted them, they shipped the copies today and will share the tracking shortly. They did not get the copies yesterday from the distributor hence the delay.
  10. Nice! Which mode are you playing on ? Performance with RT or Fidelity ?
  11. That's what happened for many when Returnal launched. The launch is 11th June after all. But maybe they forget about the glitch and make it live.
  12. I think it will reset to 12 am
  13. Spoke with GTS just now they will recieve the stock anytime now and will ship it using blue dart today. Metros should receive it by tomorrow/Saturday.
  14. Oh, then I won't have any idea just call them up they should have the discs by now. Usually Gamestheshop delivers on launch day in metros or maybe the next day. Amazon and Flipkart ship on launch day and take around 2-3 days.
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