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  1. The Last of Us Day details: https://www.naughtydog.com/blog/the_last_of_us_day_2020
  2. Burn in is a know issue in OLED and not QLED. Samsung uses this as marketing and hence you see the warranty stickers for burn in for Samsung since they make QLED panels. But if you research online the OLED burn in is an issue which people have observed after 1000s of hours of usage. So I suggest you do your own research before making a decision.
  3. Yup the renting scene is great for someone looking to play exclusives. It makes even more sense this gen.
  4. I have been getting this website's ad for the past one month now on instagram - https://ploogl.com/Looks legit and economical. Also, here in Delhi the local stores let you rent gaming consoles and games. Currently for a PS4 Pro it's around Rs. 2500 with 2-3 games included.
  5. It just makes more sense to get the Xbox now and rent the PS5 when the exclusives release and finish them all in a month. I guess rent would be around 3-4k for the PS5 10-12 months down the line. Some rental companies even give the games for free if you rent it from them.
  6. Or buy the XSX and wait for GOW and HZD and other exclusives to relase and then rent a PS5 for a month and finish those games ? Do this every few months when good exclusives come out for PS5 ?
  7. If this happens it will end the confusion for a lot of people including me. But wait HZD and GOW. Nope, still confused.
  8. You're making the right decision! Say bye bye to social life though.
  9. @gamer_adi See if the budget is tight then yes you can start with the vanilla P5. But I strongly suggest you get straight into P5R if you have never experienced Persona. If you can wait then maybe prices will drop further on the P5R in another month or two. Also, before you dive in do note that these are 100hrs + games so I don't know if you'll want to play P5R again from scratch. Also, I don't think saved game files carry over from P5 to P5R.
  10. Persona 5 Royal is the latest edition (2020)and is the comprehensive verison of Persona 5. It has additional story and characters, quality of life changes, some battle changes and all the DLC of Persona 5. I think if you haven't played Persona 5 you should pick up Royal. It's the definitive verison and if budget is not an issue then it is the obvious choice. Whereas, Persona 5 Ultimate is the Ultimate edition of the older version of Persona 5 (2017) Includes all the DLC and extra items which you can check in the description also I think it unlocks a higher difficulty. But simply put it will not include all the additions made to Royal.
  11. I am sure all these games will be on sale again I would suggest that maybe finish a game or two. End of the year has some of the best sales, you might get P5R at even lower price in Nov/Dec. Even I have a backlog and I have somehow controlled and not bought a single game during these sales. Finally ended up finishing a couple of games from the backlog - it feels so good.
  12. I hope it lives upto the high expectations set by The Haunting of Hill House. That show was phenomenal and I remember I wasn't well and was on leave and I watched it all in one day. This comes out on a Friday so going to start it after work and finish it on Saturday.
  13. HP 2676 is what I bought for wfh 2 months back, I got it for around 6k on sale. Does evrything and is wireless so you can set it up anywhere in the house without worrying about wires. https://www.reliancedigital.in/hp-deskjet-ink-advantage-2676-colour-multi-function-inkjet-wi-fi-printer/p/491379538?gclid=CjwKCAjwwab7BRBAEiwAapqpTMneJzGuFBew8EGCWMZaAH-YR-TtNGcDCYm-DmB5Z1CfGE8Y4gQ1WBoCBWgQAvD_BwE
  14. https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B086WPNHN6/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=AT95IG9ONZD7S&psc=1 The Serif available for 65k after using the 10k discount coupon which is live now
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