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  1. Yeah Kuvera works that way, there is no demat and the money is dealt directly with AMCs
  2. Oh great they finally resolved it, I remember my friend complaining a couple of months back about Coin. On Kuvera it has always been - UPI (Bank Mandate)
  3. I haven’t used coin but kuvera has been great - super smooth with sips every month, no ads/notifications and no hassle of demat this might not be a major point for many but I think it’s a bonus. Also, do check regarding the manual intervention required with sip every month on coin it was an issue a few months back I don’t know if they have addressed it.
  4. Kite for equity and Kuvera for MF is my go to. But please do your research.
  5. Does this impact foreign equity funds?
  6. SuperT

    Resident Evil 4

    Brilliant reviews all around - 94 on Meta with 55 reviews. It was expected it'll be good but this good.
  7. It was a fun watch and was quite layered, you'll either love it or hate it. But yeah the competition was a little weak this year to be honest.
  8. Everything Everywhere took 7 including best movie and direction. Brilliant movie with a great message.
  9. The show doesn't have any more dialogues after that it is just the two of them walking away the show had the almost exact dialogues as the game before they mute it. I am not getting the logic, if it is that the game had more impact in general then I 100% agree. Games will always have more impact as they are one of the most immersive mediums for storytelling. But kudos to the show creators one of the best games/book/story adaptation I have seen lately.
  10. There were dialogues no ? I clearly remember as I just played the remake a few weeks ago, in fact almost the same dialogues. It has been an awesome experience to play the game and watch the series side by side. I think the show has done a phenomenal job especially Episode 8. TV Ellie was fantastic in Ep. 8.
  11. Agreed. I would suggest give Andor another chance it really picks up pace from the third episode. Mando ofcourse is brilliant from the get go.
  12. How many episodes are there going to be there this season on TLOU ?
  13. Congrats and welcome to the deep deep rabbit hole. Enjoy it and don't stress too much. Is it a blue switch version ? I have a brown switch version of the same keyboard and it drives my colleagues sitting next to me crazy sometimes but I love the sound of it, I can't even imagine what they would do if it was a blue switch. Edit: Just read it is the red switch version.
  14. Available on almost all sites if anyone has missed out should pull the trigger now.
  15. Severance is brilliant. Pachinko and Shrinking are good too.
  16. Yeah decent deals but these sales don't excite me anymore specially because most of the games are on PS + Extra. I have stopped buying games since the time Extra came along, I only pick up the big releases which I cant wait to play like GOW, Hogwarts etc.
  17. SuperT


    Any headphone is capable of outputting 3d sound on the PS5. The 3d sound is a console feature not a headphone feature so don't restrict yourself to the Sony Pulse Headset.
  18. Huge if true. Usually his leaks are accurate.
  19. Checked iCrest they also have the same deal. They have a few stores in Delhi/NCR and I have purchased from them before so it looks like a legit deal.
  20. Looks okay, as most of the apple authorized resellers have the same offer running.
  21. Damn! That is crazy. How are they not getting the basics right ? It's like the back end is run by mindless teenagers high on weed.
  22. Axis has to be the worst when it comes to customer care and back end ops. Applied a CC for Dad on their website person came and collected the documents the next day. Dad got a message after 3 days that the credit card is approved and will be dispatched in 3-5 working days. Surprisingly on their website when we were tracking it showed dispatched since many days. It has now been almost 12 working days since the approval message and now on their online application tracking page it shows that the application doesn't exist. Customer Care has no clue and is saying to wait for another 3 working days.
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