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  1. I think an update should be able to iron out the issues. I dont think they would release something which has HW issues. So basically that guy on twitter was trying to create an issue out of nothing and basically fooling people ? Typical twitter.
  2. In the second screenshot was the phone charged in between ? I don't know if I am reading it right ?
  3. So it’s a grand theft
  4. Not very accurate in my personal experience. Dad had covid but test was negative. However, in my case it was positive in the home test as well as the rtpcr. So no they aren’t accurate the only way to know for sure is rtpcr.
  5. ANC is getting better every year, I think there is a lot of scope. Every single review says that the Bose are much better at ANC than the Sony. So I am guessing the difference must be obvious. Also, Bose has tackled human voices very well in their buds this time which has been a weak point for ANC since a long time. I don’t think the Bose can beat the Sennheiser for sound. So basically sound would be Senn>Bose>Sony and ANC would be Bose>Sony>Senn. It’s going to be fun to see how the new AirPods fair against them. But the Bose have just launched so time will tell. Also, sound is super subjective so it’s hard to judge. I for one can’t stand boosted bass on the Sony. Apparently the new Audio Technica TWS are supposed to be crazy good sound wise. Unfortunately available right now only in Japan.
  6. ANC - 100% I think any one can tell a diff. between good/bad ANC no ? I can easily tell you that the ANC on Jabra suck compared to Sony/Apple. Better ANC means you get less distractions from outside and you can enjoy your music. Also, you don't have to turn the volume up with good ANC so it is good for your ears/hearing too. Sound Quality - When I am just relaxing and listening to music - 100% but I mostly use wired IEMs/Headphones for that, just do a A/B testing if possible. Use any TWS and then listen to the same song with quality wired IEMs/Headphones like Moondrop Kato or Sennheiser HD 599 I can guarantee you that the sound will be richer as well as have better soundstage. Heck, you might hear instruments that you would have never heard before because the usual TWS have over boosted bass/treble etc. to please the general public who have never heard quality audio before. So when a TWS at least make an attempt to improve the sound I am 100% for it. Can go on and it will get very technical but I'll stop But at the end of the day ignorance is bliss, if you are happy with the usual TWS sound quality good for you. Trust me it is a rabbit hole and my wallet is always unhappy. I think this can be compared to switching from HD to 4K or from LED to OLED, if you want to draw parallels. If you have never experienced OLED you will be happy with LED.
  7. I am absolutely fine with not having wireless charging. Yes, not providing multipoint at $299 is a sin. Apparently they sound better than the Sony but time will tell. For me ANC and sound are the only two categories and if a TWS can nail those two I am sold. Going to wait for the AAP2 and then take a call.
  8. Bose Quiet Comfort II TWS apparently kill the competition when it comes to ANC. Almost every review mentions that these are the new ANC king and are much better than the Sony. I am sure Sony is working on their new TWS as it has been a year since the xm4. I hope Apple pushes the boundary even more with the AAP2 supposed to release in a few days. I guess the only place TWS need to catch up are sound. It is sad that $20-$50 Chi-Fi IEMs blow all these $200-300 buds out of the water when it comes to sound. I picked up the 7Hz Zero for 1.7k and they are magical if you like a neutral sound signature, hook them up to a Bluetooth DAC and you are set, obviously without the TWS features like ANC etc. Unfortunately even the Chi-Fi brands are not able to crack the TWS formula.
  9. SuperT

    Elden Ring

    Isn't mid September too early for GOTY ?
  10. Damn! Bigger than Yakuza 0. That would be insane.
  11. Any leads for Delhi/NCR ?
  12. HAHA... I meant 4500
  13. Best price for pre-order ? Rs. 5550 Rs. 4500 on MX2?
  14. It's a spin-off. Some characters are from the Yakuza games but they are playing completely diff. roles.
  15. My iPhone almost always unlocks even if I have a mask on, heck even if I am wearing light coloured sun glasses. iPhone’s Face ID is unparalleled. Family member have Samsung and they are mostly struggling. Never had an AW so don’t know about that but the Face ID is *chef’s kiss*
  16. Emmy's were pretty spot on but BCS and Severance got snubbed but I am guessing both will sweep it next year as apparently they both qualify for next year as well.
  17. What was your experience like with import duty ? The deposit collected by amazon upfront was used or did they refund ?
  18. I ordered something from Ebay shipped from China and it reached me in 9 days but they were clever they shipped it to Singapore and then the product was redirected to India from Singapore. The seller used 4px shipping.
  19. Honestly, after playing a lot of the AAA games to the point I am kind of bored, I am very hyped for Spiritfarer, TOEM and Chicory.
  20. Next gen update now live: https://wccftech.com/next-gen-re7-re2-resident-evil-3-remake-updates/
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