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  1. Brilliant collection bro. Honestly, nothing can beat the comfort and the soundstage of the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro, they are also brilliant for gaming.
  2. It goes to 22k many times. If you can wait then Diwali is obviously the best time to buy - it should go down to 19-20k easily by that time plus a few cashback offers. 15th Aug also there should be some kind of sale.
  3. I was only kidding bro... no way am I gambling in this current market scenario, I have just had one single rule this year - accumulate during the big dips...
  4. Making investments today basis your technical observations...
  5. So wait, games which are part of PS+ Extra will change every month or will they stay a few months at least like it used to happen for PS Now ?
  6. Not bad at all. Just one question - do the games stay in the library as long as we are subscribed ? It'll be awesome if they stay in the library as long as we are subscribed.
  7. https://www.thedrive.com/news/a-142m-mercedes-benz-might-now-be-the-worlds-most-expensive-car
  8. How did you come to that conclusion from his statements ? His statement was - If modern feminism is a problem acc to you, traditional and backward thinking still prevalent in majority of families regarding how women should behave and what is their social standing is also a problem.
  9. Samsonite is the better one. Victorinox is also very good.
  10. Why don't you google the nearest DTDC franchise contact them and they will be more than happy to do home pickups. You can negotiate if you regularly send out stuff. I have never had a bad experience with DTDC till date.
  11. Always take extended warranty. No matter which company you go for I think EW is a must. My cozn took the service pakage as well so I can't comment as he paid upfront. Once the package finishes in 4 yrs that's when the true cost of ownership can be determined if one plans to keep the car for a very long term.
  12. Doesn't take away from the fact that their cars are brilliant to drive and much better than the Koreans in this particular aspect. That and safety as well. The 1.5 TSI and DSG combo is They are also getting better with after sales support. Many of my frnds/relatives have had hassle free experiences in the recent past. They were horrible 6-7 yrs ago.
  13. I think it will take another 4-5 yrs for EV Infra to be ready for long trips in India. I recently went for a long road trip (1k kms) and everywhere I asked there was no charging points/chargers available for EVs. Also, most of the EV charging points in the city are used by people to park their cars I have seen it multiple times at prominent places in Delhi - CP, Lajpat Nagar etc. Right now it is a great option for people who want to use it as a daily city car and can charge at home. But hats off to Tata for taking the EV lead in India. Maruti needs to watch out.
  14. Honestly, Slavia and Virtus are the best sedan options right now under 20 lakhs. There aren't many options in this segment and these two are the best ones. If you like them just pay for the service packages upfront and take 6 yrs warranty for peace of mind.
  15. It was the case till about 5-6 yrs ago but they have improved. Also, they offer upfront service packages now and you can extend the warranty to 6 yrs. Obviously can't be compared to the no nonsense Toyota and Honda ownership.
  16. I had always driven Japanese/Korean cars in the past but having tried the Germans/Czech, all the Korean cars feel underpowered and lack the brilliant driving feel that the Germans excel at. The Germans/Czech have their own cons but man - they always put a smile on my face.
  17. If you have a policy then I think you can apply under two categories - Retail and Policy holder both.
  18. I got the OP Buds Pro as a gift. Pretty happy with them to be honest. ANC is decent and call quality is pretty good too. The white ones are going for 8k + additional cashback offers, very good deal in my opinion. Samsung Buds Pro is also a good option but the fit is a hit/miss. For a good fit - Jabra Elite Active 4, they are the best for running/working out.
  19. How will the discount apply to the policyholders of LIC during the IPO ? I know the policyholders had to update the pan details on the LIC website but I want to understand how it will work during the IPO ? Will the discount apply when the shares get allocated by checking the pan number registered with the broker and matching it with LIC at the back end ?
  20. Also, before certain individuals pounce, this was not a dig at MS or Sony. Just stating that it was an absolutely sh*t move by Sony.
  21. ScamPremiumPlus ? All the best for getting refunds, people bought cards from multiple different sources. Horrible customer experience all around.
  22. Honestly, most of the times there is always a logical explanation to all of these 'supernatural/paranormal' activities/sounds etc. Also, sadly in rural India mental illness is often confused with being possessed. My maid's son had schizophrenia - he used to have hallucinations about dark figures who wanted to kill him and are after him when he is alone. The maid went to all kinds of 'sadhus' to get him treated with obviously zero results. We forced her to see a doctor and he was on meds and got much better. Unfortunately, he drowned one day in a lake when they went back to their village, I am guessing they stopped his meds and it got bad again.
  23. Kia and MG cars have this, heck MG is gimmicky as hell and have 'internet inside' or something written on the boot.
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