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  1. Yeah. Content discovery is almost non existent.
  2. All Hyundai cars have worse mileage than Maruti. And most Maruti cars will have worse build and interiors for a similar model at Hyundai. Pick your poison.
  3. Omron and Dr. Morepen are good brands. In general, get an upper arm BP monitor, not the wrist type. They are better at measurement. More or less, all brands are pretty decent now. Not much of a difference. Whichever you get, you can get it checked while getting a reading at a doctor's clinic. Minor variations are normal (2-5 mm of Hg). If you see large variation (15 mm and above), change it.
  4. And finished Marianne. If you like the types of Haunting of Hill House, Black Spot etc, this is a must watch.
  5. I just finished the penultimate episode and it's awesome. Really good stuff.
  6. Wait till Diwali. Even at diwali, Croma wasn't willing to give major discount. So I wouldn't count on them. For almost every big electronic shopping, found RD to be better. We bought our TV, fridge, washing machine etc from them. On every occasion they gave better discounts, and in general were more pleasing to talk to as compared to Croma guys.
  7. Marianne on Netflix is pretty darn good
  8. I think Sayonara Wild Hearts, Annapurna Interactive.
  9. Keep an eye on FK too. They had very limited time deals some weeks back on routers.
  10. Just use the Airtel one as modem, and connect a new router either in bridge mode or using a LAN port.
  11. As I said before, don't cheap out on routers man. They are your gateway to the internet, and you want it to be as smooth as possible. Ideally AC1900 and above is what you should look at. Most modern devices support MIMO, so if the router has it, you will get better thoroughput. Finally it should be able to connect to a fair number of devices considering almost every home as multiple phones, tablets, TVs etc simultaneously accessing the net. If you get r7000 for 5k, just get it. It's a very good router. Not sure if I understand the point about compatibility. For most ISPs (except Jio), you can either connect them in bridge mode, or simply connect the new router to old routers LAN port.
  12. Don't cheap out on a router. Netgear nighthawk series works very well. I'm using an R7800, great router, great range, excellent thoroughput. R7000 is also a good option. Wait for upcoming sales. R7000 went for 5k at Flipkart last time, which is crazy pricing.
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