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  1. The feeling when the shares you hold are going down, and the ones you don't own are going up.
  2. Laurus ke to l**r* lag gaye. Around 14% PF is LL for moi.
  3. Rossman’s bike rides are always fun !
  4. Ted Lasso's most recent episode is FEELS ! Couldn't stop my tears during Rebecca's.....speech during the funeral.
  5. https://theintercept.com/2021/09/23/coronavirus-research-grant-darpa/
  6. I don't expect any deep discounts after the retailer complaints.
  7. Circle USA season 3 - NICK is the man ! How to f**k is he able to navigate through all the adversaries ? Epic season.
  8. Is it even affecting the BC price ? Not much change. Just 7-8%
  9. 1% down for me. Clean hit the 1st fib retracement. 2030.
  10. You gotta watch the France one. Superb ! The US S3 is ongoing, just the finale left and it's the 2nd best out of the bunch. Super addictive, man !
  11. Man, I am digging the new season of Circle. French one was the best buy far, and the US season 1 was the worst. But the recent one is really really good. Team NICK FTW !
  12. Googled a bit. Most common concern is that they smell and taste fishy. As a vegetarian, don't know if this will be worth the effort. Maggi is meh. Special Masala is not. I have many convertees who found Maggi bad, but were surprised with Special Masala pack. Never had the usual Maggi since the new flavor launched.
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