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  1. Bird Bird Bird

    Streaming Services thread

    It was mentioned quite a number of times when it was released. However, I couldn't watch past 4 episodes. Read everything over wiki. Saw the last epi. Done. Probably a 6 IMO.
  2. Bird Bird Bird

    Streaming Services thread

    It's 8.2 on IMDB. Not sure if that's called underrated nowadays.
  3. Bird Bird Bird

    Streaming Services thread

    Thanks a ton ! Already seen Money Heist, Train to Busan, Dark, Pan's Labyrinth. There's also a Spanish show, translated to Club of Crows in English. Pretty damn funny !
  4. Bird Bird Bird

    Streaming Services thread

    Aaand was trying to watch John Oliver's latest episode on Hotstar. This f**king error cropped up every time. It's so sh*t it's not even funny.
  5. Bird Bird Bird

    Streaming Services thread

    Absolutely agree. Kingdom was my first Korean show, and boy was it awesome. Care to make a list of shows in languages other then English which are probably must watch ? Will be very helpful.
  6. Bird Bird Bird

    Streaming Services thread

    Somehow I watch most of the content on Netflix as compared to Hotstar and Prime. Prime's content discovery is rubbish, and if I don't follow Justwatch, can't even tell when their library gets refreshed. Hotstar's stream are just getting better, but the ridiculous UI, lack of subtitles in many of the popular shows (Billions, TBBT -- might be just an issue with WebOS app) and erratic content syncing across devices does not make it attractive (though they have the most *famous* content, thanks to HBO, Star World, Disney etc). Don't follow cricket, so that part of Hotstar is moot for me. I kinda like many of the Netflix Originals (Kingdom, Triple Frontier, Our Planet, Black Mirror etc). Not every Original is a hit, but for every 2-3 sh*t shows, you are getting 1 pretty awesome show. And I reckon that doesn't come cheap. Add to that a great UI, good amount of 4k and DV streams and content discovery is top notch. On an average, if I'm watching 10 hours of TV, it's 8 hours of Netflix, 1 1/2 of Prime and 30 mins of Hotstar.
  7. Bird Bird Bird

    Streaming Services thread

    Yeah. For a long time now.
  8. Bird Bird Bird

    ~The TV Shows Thread~

    This is looking so good ! Isn't it an Indian replica of "The Night of" ?
  9. Bird Bird Bird

    The Mobile Phone Thread

    https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1472886-REG/huawei_vog_l29a_p30_pro_vog_l29_256gb.html US price of P30 Pro (256 GB) is equal to Galaxy S10 (128 GB). Here it is priced equivalent to S10+ Straight 10k markup compared to US pricing.
  10. Bird Bird Bird

    The Indie Games Thread - Out now: OUTWARD

    The first one is probably my most played game on Steam. Insane fun !
  11. Bird Bird Bird

    ~The TV Shows Thread~

    WTF is worth watching on Zee5 ? It's such a sh*t app.
  12. Bird Bird Bird

    Streaming Services thread

    Peeps using Hotstar on LG WebOS, can you get subtitles to display ? Even with the setting on, I can't get any sub to display with most of the shows (Billions comes to mind).
  13. Bird Bird Bird

    ~The TV Shows Thread~

    Too many sub services ? Will just give rise to more piracy.
  14. Bird Bird Bird

    The Mobile Phone Thread

    72k is DoA man. Unless they are selling double or triple digit numbers and calling that a success. There was a report yday i believe that the phone is OoS in China, but they can't expect the same numbers elsewhere in the world.
  15. Bird Bird Bird

    ~The TV Shows Thread~

    What's the verdict on Black Summer ? Very polarising reviews on IMDB. Watched the pilot and found it to be interesting. No soap opera like TWD.