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  1. *cough* *cough* Also, I used to run after the latest and greatest proccy etc whenever upgrading (all flagships), but after using the P4a, I just love the battery efficiency this processor provides. No lag, no bloat, zippy all around, and excellent battery. Like Apple says, it just works. Battery saver mode is just magic. I may never go for expensive flagships again except the Apple side. Moto G9/Realme 6i/7i (6i is better but a couple of grands expensive).
  2. Good to hear. I read somewhere Lucknow imported Covaxin. Maybe for general population.
  3. Arre Bling Empire dekhne ke baad sab Kelly Kaley ek hi.
  4. It's decent. The rating is on point. Strictly 7/10. Decent start. Mediocre finish. But Kelly. Started with..... Bling Empire (don't judge me, k ?). These peeps just live in an alternate world.
  5. Both Tribhanga and The White Tiger are really good watch. Pretty solid movies, good story, great acting.
  6. Crazy good - both the music, and the musician. Such an iconic composition.
  7. Yeah. I also got around 19k exactly a year back.
  8. Edit: They gave the report of an antigen test. That is quick. 5 mins sounds right.
  9. Damn. Scary AF. Let us know how it goes. My C8 is OOW now.
  10. WTF. Too good to be true price. The seller is Happy Cart, with poor ratings. Maybe offloading demo units, or even some other SKU. Or price error.
  11. Challenge is to prove its fake. Like you've seen on the thread, Amazon is not accepting returns till you are able to get a certificate from the manufacturer. Same things happen with other items like shampoo, soap, eatables etc. It's trickier to even prove some of them can be fake since you've to again contact the parent company and go through the grove. The reddit link I posted earlier goes into this rabbit hole when a guy got rash via a soap bought on Amazon (US), got it confirmed manufacturer that it was indeed fake, and then decided to find out what is happening. It's an issue of recent times, not of 10 years ago, and Amazon has no incentive to stop 3rd party sellers and inventory commingling as YoY they have increased revenues from 3rd party. Most people wouldn't be able to identify fakes anyway, so the reporting numbers are low.
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