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  1. Bird Bird Bird

    Movie Discussion Thread

    The difference between those 2 posters is staggering ! 🙁 Too much Endgame man. 🤣 So basically nothing worth watching. Godzilla on 31st it is then.
  2. Bird Bird Bird

    Movie Discussion Thread

    That's an awesome poster !
  3. Bird Bird Bird

    Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    Looks good. Also check with your IT to see if your employer is registered with MS. You can get pretty good rates under Home User Program (MS-HUP). Edit: https://www.microsofthup.com/hupasia/home.aspx?country_id=IN (1099 INR under this program)
  4. Bird Bird Bird

    Random stuff from the internet.

    Ummm..don't go buy your food stuff from a mall. Go to a kiranewala or thok/bulk market. For veggies and fruits, go to local shops rather than Big Basket or Big Bazaar etc. Carry your own bag. Waste free shopping. ❤️ Both my parents were raised in small townships, and they hate all the online grocery shopping. They will scout the local market for all the best shops and buy from them. Very exploratory, you get the freshest stuff, you can bargain and you'll find food items that aren't available online. Not to mention veggies and fruits are almost always cheap and better locally as compared to online.
  5. Bird Bird Bird

    Movie Discussion Thread

    Oh, such an awesome movie. Christoph waltz is just amazing, amazing, amazing at his role. I watch it every 3-4 months. And Django Unchained too. CW is such a gem. He can be alone in a movie and I'll watch it.
  6. Bird Bird Bird

    ~The TV Shows Thread~

    At the same time, it spoke so much about socialism vs capitalism.
  7. Bird Bird Bird

    ~The TV Shows Thread~

    Chernobyl E3: The most depressing episode ever.
  8. Bird Bird Bird

    The Mobile Phone Thread

    Anything with a SD 660/670/710 and 4 gb or upwards (ideally 6 gb) RAM. You have RN7Pro, Realme 3 Pro. Can also look at Nokia. Avoid Honor as Huawei's fate is unknown now given the sanctions.
  9. Bird Bird Bird

    The Mobile Phone Thread

  10. Bird Bird Bird

    Movie Discussion Thread

    2021 is already looking like an awesome year - Avatar 2, JW4, GoG3, Jurassic World 3 among others ! ❤️
  11. Bird Bird Bird

    The Mobile Phone Thread

    US sanction against working with Huawei. Google beinf a US company has to abide by the rules.
  12. Bird Bird Bird

    The Mobile Phone Thread

    https://www.reuters.com/article/us-huawei-tech-alphabet-exclusive/exclusive-google-suspends-some-business-with-huawei-after-trump-blacklist-source-idUSKCN1SP0NB f**ked. No Google apps access to Huawei anymore.
  13. Bird Bird Bird

    ~The TV Shows Thread~

    Same here man. Have watched both the episodes twice. It's such an emotional horror roller coaster.
  14. Bird Bird Bird

    Movie Discussion Thread

    Whom will Pattison be fighting: http://collider.com/the-batman-villains-penguin-catwoman/
  15. Bird Bird Bird

    Movie Discussion Thread

    Anybody sitting on the fence about John Wick 3, please watch it. It's pure entertainment from start to end ! There are obviously tons of plot holes, the usual action tropes (baddies coming in ones or twos, not killing JW when they had the chance etc.), but I couldn't help but have a grin throughout the movie. And the crowd was amazing !