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  1. If you're spending that much, go a tad higher for C8.
  2. What ? P2/3/A, all have OIS. Nokia 8.1, Asus 5z, OP6T, all sub 30k with OIS.
  3. Primary differences are GW has a slightly upgraded processor, double the RAM and about 90 mAh bigger battery. The screen, OS etc remain the same.
  4. Congrats ! I felt that the price is out of range for Xiaomi. Hitting too close to OP7, and OP7 definitely has better UI. Camera remains to be seen.
  5. Not really. Burn in issues are almost non existent since the TV keeps on micro-moving the logos (along with changing their brightness - not noticeable at all). All OLED burn in issues are just magnified by competitor marketing. Unless you are ONLY playing a single channel for months and years on end, burn in should not be a worry at all.
  6. Came home yday to a surprise gift from wifey:
  7. Who the f**k in USA plays cricket ? Who the f**k in USA watches cricket ?
  8. Hotstar has sh*t devs. I'm having issues with subtitles not playing for most shows, and they just said wait for an update. This was months ago. 😕
  9. Nintendo in India ? Heh. Everything is overpriced man. Either e-games or get physical from UK/US/Japan.
  10. Have heard good things about this. Waitlist has begun.
  11. QCY True Wireless Earbuds are on sale on Aliexpress: https://qcy100.aliexpress.com/store/1455660?spm=2114.search0104.3.4.40c5615d0FbNQN Using a QCY QS2 right now now with foam earbuds (Signature Acoustics), and goddamn they are insane value for money.
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