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  1. Yup. I've 2 major gripes with the movie- absolutely f**ked up editing (there's no flow) and things just... happen (like the carnage at hotel, his "security" being master assassins etc). But really did enjoy it despite all the flaws.
  2. Arre by that logic half the Hollywood movies also don't work. This is not a logical movie. Its a fantasy alpha chads descent into madness.
  3. Views on demerger ? My bet is on scientific business, but not sure if I should sell off Borosil Ltd post demerger.
  4. Or walk. I think most HK-ers spend half their life walking (and are fit because of it)
  5. I think Bobby's story will be explored in Animal Park - there's no way such a loved character will not appear on screen again. And I also think this is because Animal's story is pretty focussed on a singular mission of a son needing validation from his dad. Everything else is means to an end.
  6. I blame locking of the babe thread. We want it back @Snake !
  7. Use Uber vs local taxis. Bonus since you will almost always get a Tesla !
  8. Oh yeah. Taxis are super expensive, and local taxi guys are super rude as well (only accept cash). Uber wi accept cards too, but nothing beats subway.
  9. Yes to former. I haven't used it at ATMs, so dunno. Check their site.
  10. Reviews. All false. The context and narrative was missing. I am surprised the reviewers are such dumb f**ks. Or they are scared of writing what they want.
  11. Yaar ek to BC trigger hone wala kuch nahi hai. All sex scenes are consensual - there is no rape. What happened to Tripti Dimri - was disappointed with Ranbir's arc when that happened, but then something else came to light and the entire thing made sense (with the most important theme of the movie). Except the violence which just keeps on increasing, which can trigger people, there's nothing triggering in the entire movie for a rational mind. I would say the old Govinda and Sanju baba movies are 100x more triggering than this.
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