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  1. Servant Ted Lasso Trying Mythic Quest Call etc. Almost every series is above average.
  2. Do a couple of transacrions of whatever value before PS5 day. Should go OK.
  3. Game is so fun. Playing it between meetings.
  4. And that's why brands like Adata, PNY, SanDisk etc are untrustworthy in SSD space.
  5. Started in fidelity. Played for a couple of hours. Simply gorgeous stuff.
  6. Peeps, fidelity or Perf RT ? What's the verdict ? Will start tonight.
  7. Thanks. Do you have recent experience with this or do you know anybody who has done it after passing of last date ?
  8. Does anybody know what happens if you miss the last due date of 2nd vaccination as per CoWin ? My folks' due date is 25th June, but they have recovered from COVID just a month back. The portal obviously has no update about it, and I don't find any logic in vaccinating them so soon. If I miss the last date, can i still schedule appointment for a future day ?
  9. Laurus, Suven, Natco, Pfizer etc are showing excellent pullback. I don't think we will see any major correction in them. Strides, OTOH,
  10. Started Sweet Tooth. Pretty solid show, and ofcourse New Zealand looks like a fairy tale setting everytime. It's also a stark departure from the comic, thankfully. https://www.polygon.com/comics/22538573/sweet-tooth-comic-changes-creator-jeff-lemire-interview
  11. Anybody who has read Jupiter's Legacy comics should also try the new limited run. Part 1 is out now. Decent read. Takes the story forward a couple of decades.
  12. Started HSE. Pretty unique setting, inspired by real life events.
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