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  1. Finished Narcos Mexico (which was slow as f**k for the 1st 5 epis, and went OMFGBBQ from E6). Great series, all the seasons. Not a single dull moment. I think all the stories, whether it be Escobar, Cali Cartel or Miguel, all of them were very well done. I wish we could see more of Cali cartel (like 2 seasons for Escobar). Started El Chapo, and while it's good, not really as fast paced as Narcos. Still worth a watch. Anybody seen Queen of the South ?
  2. The Morning Show E4. So f**king A ! I love this show.
  3. Real life horror man. I hate going into sleep paralysis. Can't imagine the horror you faced on a weekly basis. f**k. That's The Haunting of Hill House and The Ring rolled into one.
  4. Have had 3-4 episodes of sleep paralysis. That sh*t aint kidding.
  5. Reiterating - The Morning Show is tits. I didn't see the trailer, went without a clue, and got hooked.
  6. Kishore, the usual guy from whom I buy Switch games now a days.
  7. From the past month or so: Oakter remote - works via Google Assistant to control IR devices (like AC etc) Some new Joycons, Case, 1 TB SSD: 1,2 Switch (thanks @blitzkreiig) and a couple of Switch cartridge cases: They look amazing: 3DSXL Galaxy version: Link's Awakening, SMM2: And Ring Fit: Ring Fit is pretty darn great !
  8. Happy pollution week all ! Eyes and throat are choking.
  9. QLC is bad. Less reliable, and speed gains aren't to the extent of TLC. Difference is visible in real world tasks too (I comparef the Samsung qlc vs tlc). Plus the price difference ain't much. Don't see the point of QLC unless it goes for bargain bin prices (you still have to worry about reliability).
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