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  1. Except explanation is there. If you listen to ICMR head, he believes that: 1) We are in local transmission and limited community transmission, so wide-spread testing is not needed 2) Wide spread testing can show many false negatives,n giving a false sense of security to those testing negative, going out in open and getting themselves infected. Now I do oppose both views (as in data and solutions exist), but that's why we don't have more tests. They believe they're testing wherever needed.
  2. Asking Hotstar to lower stream quality ? Are we going back to 360p ?
  3. Multiple simultaneous streams, video calls etc
  4. Trump just spoke a coherent sentence. The World is ending.
  5. I'm seeing it with multiple shows. Fast.com shows speeds upwards of 450mbps
  6. As others said, LG OLED all the way. Sony and Panasonic use LG panels, and if you really want top notch, go for Panasonic. Sony is just paying for it's brand name. WebOS UI is far better than the sh*t Android UI Sony serves (unless you are hell bent on downloading useless apps on your TV). The only 2 apps I miss on LG WebOS are Sony Liv and Apple TV+. Firestick 4k for those.
  7. Yeah. Happening with me as well. Suddenly streaming quality drops from 4k to 720p or lower. I am on a 500 mbps connection. Never ever happened before. Looks like they are optimizing bitrate and even resolution like in Europe.
  8. Read it many years back. Excellent book. Got me interested in other works by Jeff Lemire. Congrats !
  9. It originated in China primarily because of the wet wild animal markets. The (now withdrawn) Chinese law allowed killing and selling wild animals (even rare species), and if you have not seen any Chinese wet market, prepare to be shocked. There are multiple rows of different wild animals in cages, one over the other. The excreta and urine and other secretions of the top animals fall on the ones in lower cages, causing cross contamination in the long run. While almost every species has unique viruses which affect them, such cross contamination causes mutated viruses, which finally infected humans. So yeah, China is to blame. While they are now able to contain the virus, almost all countries throughout the globe are affected, thousands have died, commerce is affected, everybody is panicking. All because of a f**king stupid Chinese law. Zero sympathies for the country. We wouldn't have had these "novel" viruses like SARS, MERS, COVID19 had it not been for China.
  10. Currently reading Kaijumax and I hate Fairyland. Both are pretty fun. If you like Maus, buy anything by Guy Delisle. He is possibly my favorite writer/animator and I have read his novels multiple times. All based on true reflections when he travels all over the world with his wife who works with MSF (Doctors without Borders). He even gets kidnapped (in real life), and his latest book is about that - Hostage ! The Burma Chronicles is possibly my favorite work. As somebody else said, Perspeolis is a great option (anything by Marjane Satrapi) For some light reading - Death of Love by Justin Jordan - freaking hilarious. Same for Nimona, and anything by Julia Wertz (she's goddamn awesome) ! For horror - Wytches - f**king A ! Fables is another series which I highly recommend - Fairy tales on steroids - I don't think I have loved a fantasy GN more than Fables
  11. Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal was mythological all right.
  12. Did an LOTR EE marathon once in college. Me and 4 friends. Fun times.
  13. I log in once or twice a day. Don't mind if I can be of help.
  14. There's already a show on Chapo called El Chapo on NF. 3 seasons, and a pretty good show TBH. Plus how Amado f**ked Fenix in the last few minutes, and considering he was actually one of the biggest dealers and owned the most lucrative delivery route to US, looks like he will be the focus next season. Those will love Narcos would have watched it by now. Also, f**k THE FORUM. Every f**king reply ends up in an error.
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