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  1. I feel this CE will go down in price soon. Seems like there's an oversupply after the initial demand.
  2. Proper launch should bring better speeds. Getting these in Bangkok right now
  3. You can for photos. But WhatsApp and phone backup is on iCloud only.
  4. Congrats. iOS has a native transfer option when you start setting up the phone - that's the easiest way. Google services work well on iOS, except Assistant (which is not default, but can be assigned to a widget). I'm pretty much on the same boat, and primarily on Google services. Be warned - basic iCloud account is 5gb, and with WhatsApp and full phone backup, it'll quickly annoy you in the settings app to upgrade. The Apple one plan comes with 50gb and other stuff, and is decently priced, and many perks can be shared with family IDs too.
  5. No. Stable. In Bangkok at the moment. 5G works here on stable.
  6. And here is le me with Pro Max. 9 am to 5 pm, 100 to 20. 5G is a battery killer.
  7. Pai Pai kamai zod ke shauk poore kar raha bc.
  8. Lego for the whole family - including Tallneck from Horizon ! And upgraded from Sony TWS:
  9. I've a tough time explaining in Thailand and Malaysia. Vietnam will be a long game of dumb charades ! Even Burger King has now stopped serving veg in most Asian countries. The only stuff I see is vegetarian beef patty, which tastes gross to put it mildly. McD in most Asian countries don't carry veg at all. In Bangkok currently, and there's no veg except hash browns and cold drinks at any QSRs. Idea acha hai. I'll go, not eat anything, lose 20 kgs and come back.
  10. Vietjet promotion ? Everybody seems to be going to Vietnam ! I'm even afraid to ask - how does a vegetarian family survive there ?
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