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  1. CLIA - Tests Total Ab (IgM + IgG) CMIA - Tests IgG only If anybody undergoes RAT, preferably go through both these tests. Most labs will give you an option for both. They would generally check CLIA first - if that's negative - you have no ABs. If CLIA is +ve, they will recheck the sample of IgG via CMIA. If IgG is positive, that means you have a past infection (anywhere between 2 weeks - some months old), and you *might not* be shedding the virus anymore (can't be sure though). It does mean that you have delayed ABs in your blood, and you are most likely immune to the disease for short term. If CLIA is +ve, and CMIA is -ve, that means you have IgM in your blood, which signifies recent infection, and you should get a RTPCR done for final diagnosis. Central govt has mandated that now RTPCR can be done without a prescription, but some states like UP (MOTHERf**kER YOGI) have not implemented it. Infact, we don't even have home quarantine in UP. Only institutional quarantine. Beat that !
  2. Can you get me in touch with your uncle ? Just say a 36 year old kid needs adoption.
  3. Motherf**ker ! The most lucid I have seen him in...almost anytime. - China should be held responsible - Put your country first Damn straight. I am agreeing with Trump. HOLY sh*t !
  4. If anybody sees any deals on vertical mouse (Logi/MS or any other decently rated one), please post. Unable to find one at all. My medial wrist is f**ked, so need a mouse which will not tense that part of the wrist.
  5. BTW, A Short Hike is an INCREDIBLE indie. Almost a 10/10 game. Highly recommended:
  6. Oh man. Between this, Hotshot racing, Horizon Chase Turbo and Burnout, some great games on Switch. Will get this on a discount. Danke !
  7. Switch love this month: A Short Hike is must play.
  8. what the *bleep* man ! If the law does not do something now, these incidents will become commonplace.
  9. I'll pick it up now since there's no confirmation on availability of separate physical releases. Mexico is the cheapest so far. 1770 INR.
  10. Apparently porting started in March 2020. They couldn't add SMG2 since there wasn't enough time. NERD had to make the whole compatibility layer. Goddamn Nintendo.
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